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It’s been a long time coming but here is the sequel to Mel. I would advise you to read the first episode so that you get the feel for the characters. I am not usually an incest writer but I felt I needed to write the first one just to see if I could do it, this follow up is done more by demand than knowledge. If you’re a hardened incest reader I would appreciate your comments and ideas.

It had been three months since Mike had gone. Although he rang regularly he had only visited once to pick up the rest of his clothes, things had seemed a bit strained, probably because Mel thought she was pregnant with Mikes baby. When she found out that she wasn’t she was both upset and relieved. Mostly relieved

Since Mike had gone Mel had to admit it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. One thing it had done is make her feel more of a woman. She had completely changed her life; she went to the gym regularly and had bought herself a whole new feminine wardrobe. Her body had hardened and taken on a shape that turned heads, something that she never thought would be possible.

Her ex husband had been a violent man, both verbally and physically, he repeatedly beat her when he got drunk. In the end he had made her believe that she was ugly, it wasn’t till Mike left that Mel started to believe that she had something to offer the world, not just as a mum but also as a woman. Thank god Mike had thrown him out

When Mike had broken up with Cindy and moved in with her she had been without a man for a long time and what had happened had been more from lust than love, but however she looked at it Mike was the only man who had ever treated her with love and respect and she adored him for that.

Did she love him? She had asked herself that question many times; at first she had given an unequivocal, Yes! But as time passed she realised that she loved him in a totally different way to the way you loved a ‘man’ and totally different to the way you loved a ‘brother’. She decided that the way she felt for him was unique, unfathomable. She had no regrets about the way she had ‘raped’ him in his sleep and admitted that given the chance she would do it again, although she did decide that it would have been a whole lot better if he had known what was happening, and she hoped a lot more enjoyable as well. Still, that time had passed and even though she missed his being around, he would call every week to see how she was and they would talk for ages about nothing in particular.

Mel looked at her reflection in the shop window as she passed, she liked what she saw and knew that men liked her as well, she would catch them looking at her firm breast’s as she walked, knowing that without a bra her nipples pressed against the material of her top, the hours at the gym had made her breast’s firm, but had not lost any of there size which was more than ample. To say that she loved herself may sound conceited but after years of abuse she was very happy with who she was and even happier about how she looked. ‘The men can look’ she thought, ‘but I don’t want any of you, it’s my turn to be cruel’

For sometime after he moved out Mike still dreamt about his sister making love to him, sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night shaking having had a wet dream. To begin with he hated himself for it but after a while admitted that she had been there for him when he desperately needed someone, so it seemed only natural for him to transfer his affection. In a way he wished he did have a woman like Mel as a partner. After a while the dream faded.

He had finally sorted himself out, sold his home and squared things with Cindy. While he still missed being with Cindy he put it more down to being alone than without her. It had dawned on him while they settled there estate that he had been nothing but a meal ticket for her, now she had a bigger mug to take care of her, or a bigger bank balance.

Mike rang Mel every week and enjoyed there silly chats, most of the time he didn’t even know what they said, just that they laughed a lot and seemed to have fun. He had rented a room in a boarding house for a short period. Now he had to think about getting a place to live. He was going to set up his own internet business, working from home, and needed the freedom and space to be able to operate 24/7. He had three weeks left at work before the holiday and then when he came back he would have to do some house hunting. The business was already operating and doing really well, but his landlady was getting a bit annoyed at the hours he spent moving around at night or tapping away on his keyboard, luckily he had his own phone line, if she saw the bill she would throw him out on his ear.

He smiled to himself as he thought about his drink problem. He still had a drink, and had even been drunk, but at least these days it wasn’t to block out anything, just for fun. He even had a girlfriend, of sorts. They had fun, and even had a reasonable sex life, they had even booked a holiday to Spain together, zümrütevler escort bayan but Mike felt that the relationship lacked something, probably a degree of commitment from him. He didn’t feel ready to commit himself to any relationship just yet,

Mel picked up the phone, “Hello”

“How’s my favourite baby sister”

“What do you mean favourite, how many baby sisters do you have hidden away” she said with a laugh

“Damn, caught me out again. Listen what you doing tonight.”

Caught a little by surprise Mel stammered “W….w….well nothing I suppose, Why?”

“Good! Get a baby sitter and meet me at the General at eight.”

“Mike I don’t know if I can get a sitter so soon.”

“Cause you can, that old bizzy body next door will do anything for you and you know it, you got my number any problems call me, 8pm don’t be late.” and he hung up

He was right of course Linda was always telling Mel to go out and have fun, “I’ll have the kids” she would say, “Your only young once you know” and then go off on one of her tirades about when she was young and if only….

But what was Mike up to, he had never asked her out, for dinner or even a coffee, and at the Generals as well, that was going to cost a bit. She ran next door and Linda eagerly agreed to sit, she looked a little disappointed when Mel said it was with Mike, but said that she was just happy to help out.

Mike sat at the table waiting; he had arrived early and was already part way through his first drink. He was surprised at his good mood, after all he had just been well and truly dumped by his girlfriend, for all the usual reasons, going nowhere, didn’t pay attention, never noticed how she looked and all those other female reasons that were totally unfathomable to a man. If he didn’t know better he would have said he was glad, but no man can admit being glad to be dumped can he.

He sat looking out of the window as the people passed; half way up the window was a frosted band that made everyone passing headless giving those inside a degree of privacy. Mike couldn’t help watching admiringly as some of the women passed by, and the old joke about women and ‘From the neck down’ came to mind making him smile. Then he saw a dream figure walking past, slim confidant and a body to die for. Tight top with nipples showing through and a short flared skirt. He felt a twitching in his loins and smiled.

He watched the body as it went passed, and was still watching as it walked into the restaurant, he was still watching as the body was led to his table and his mouth was still open when Mel sat down.

“Mike, you ok.”

“Err… yes fine. What the fuck have you been up to, you look wonderful, well you know you look really nice, you’ve changed a lot in the last couple of month’s sis?”

Mel put on her coy look and said “Why thank you kind sir.” and laughed.

Mike waved to the waiter and then ordered drinks “So who is all this for then Mel, you got a new man then?”

“No chance” she said sharply, “This was for me, what do you think, an improvement?”

Mike was a little embarrassed at his initial reaction and a quick flash of a lost dream jumped into his head. “You look stunning sis, and I get the feeling you know it you naughty girl.”

“Now your embarrassing me,” she laughed “I just thought it was time to think about me for a change, be who I want to be and not who someone else thinks I am.”

“Well I pity all the men you’re going to take it out on.”

“Oh, no men Mike.” she said quietly, “Well not for a while anyway.”

Mike called the waiter and they ordered their meal. All the while they ate they chatted about everything and nothing, like they did on the phone, old times and new times. But all the while Mike’s eyes kept glancing at her breasts

Finally as the coffee was served Mel said “Ok Mike, what’s tonight really about.”

“Well” he started, “I have a surprise for you.”

Mel half closed her eyes and glared at him”Yeeeeees.”

“Err….yes.” he said slowly and then let it gush out, “Mum’s coming to stay at yours for a couple of weeks but don’t worry cos she will see to the kids and get them to school while you have a great time in Spain, with me. If you want”

“Spain.” she screamed, “Are you mad? What do you mean with you? I thought you were going with what’s her face. Any way I can’t just go off to Spain Mike, I’ve got the kids to think about. Spain?”

“No Mel.” he said, “That’s what I mean, I rang mum and told her that what’s her face had dumped me and I was thinking of asking you to go. She said it was a great idea, and that you haven’t been away for years, Mum said she would have the kids and you didn’t need to worry. Mel, all you have to do is say yes, it’s all paid for if you want it.”

Mel looked wide eyed at him, “Your not kidding are you?”

“No Mel I’m not. I would love to take you, I owe you so much for putting aydınlı escort bayan up with me, and I will never be able to repay you.”

“Ha ha”, she laughed, “Well you’ve made a pretty good start, I would love to go, when is it.”

“Two weeks.” he said, “I can get everything changed over to your name tomorrow and then we’re ready to go.”

“Ok you’re on. God I better get some new clothes, and a new bikini, I can’t wear my old one it’s ancient.”

They spent coffee and brandy chatting about arrangements and the fun they were going to have and then Mike called a taxi and dropped her off. He watched her all the way to her front door; it wasn’t his sister he saw but a full grown independent gorgeous woman, he sighed deeply as the car pulled away.

She was so excited she couldn’t sleep. The following day she rang her mum to make sure everything would be ok and her mother repeated what Mike had said. The next two weeks she spent getting things ready and buying a whole new wardrobe, including a very skimpy bikini or two.

Mike too kept busy but not buying clothes, well not many anyway. He was busy working and getting ready for his final jump into his own business, getting everything set-up for when he came back.

Mike picked Mel up on the way to the airport, he felt excited but Mel was on a super high, right until the plane took off she couldn’t believe that she was going abroad; she was actually going to have some real fun for a change.

In the early hours of the morning they were given the keys to their room and as Mike opened the door he said “Oh fuck, I didn’t think of that. Shit!”

“What’s the matter Mike” Mel said pushing past him into the room “Oh, yes I see, could be a bit of a squeeze if I bring someone back.” she laughed.

“Mel I’m sorry.” Mike said, “I didn’t even think of changing the room to singles.”

Mel smiled, “Don’t worry, we can change in the bathroom and this is two singles not a double.” She said splitting the beds with her knee. “I’m going for drinks anyway, come on lets not waste time over trivialities ok. After all Mike it was me that was stripping you off when you came home drunk and you used to change my nappies so it’s not like we have much to hide is it”

“It’s not quite the same,” he said “But we’ll manage, first drink is on you. We’ll sort this stuff out when we get back” They rushed off to the bar and started there holiday in earnest.

An hour later after lot’s of laughs and a few drinks Mel said, “I’m shattered I think I’m going to bed if you don’t mind.”

“No I don’t mind I’ll come and sort the beds out.”

“Oh don’t bother we’ll do it in the morning, you stay and have another drink, I’ll probably be asleep in two seconds flat.” she pecked him on the cheek and went to their room.

Mike watched as she walked away, even though she was dressed quite formerly he couldn’t help but notice the sway of her buttocks as she walked and the confident air about her even when two men she was passing made what Mike thought was probably a lewd comment, he smiled as she just ignored them but he couldn’t help feeling guilty about the effect watching her had on him.

Another hour and several drinks later he went back to their room sure that he was going to fall straight to sleep. As soon as he closed the door he realised how wrong he was. Mel was laying on top of her bed wearing a loose fitting very short sheer nightdress, she lay on her back with her arms by her head, the balcony doors were open and the breeze blew the net curtains in a dreamy flow towards her, the moon lighting the room showed a clear outline of her semi naked body.

“Oh fuck!” Mike gasped under his breath. He looked away and went into the bathroom throwing cold water into his face; he stripped down to his boxers and then keeping his back to Mel slipped into bed. Covering himself with the flimsy cover he tried to put Mel’s naked body out of his mind and force himself to sleep. When sleep finally came it was a nightmare of sexual orgies, all with Mel as the central figure and himself as a participant, but not the only participant or even the main one. When he woke up he was horrified that he could think of Mel in that way, even when he was asleep.

“Morning sleepy head.” Mel said as she walked out of the bathroom, “You had a rough night didn’t you?”

Mike looked at her as she walked past, towel on her head and holding another towel to her front, her naked back on full view. “Mel please,” Mike whispered, “cover yourself.”

“Ohhh grumpy” she said with a laugh, and made no effort to cover herself, “You better cover your head or get a shower or something co’s I will be naked in a minute till I put some clothes on. Anyway, you can talk” she said looking down his waist as she started to move the towel

“No!” Mike screamed, “Let me get in the bathroom first” He dived out of bed laughing as he tripped over the bed clothes which were on the floor. Suddenly he realised he gebze escort was uncovered and had a huge erection making a tent in his boxers, and Mel had made it quite plain that she had seen it.

He closed the bathroom door behind him and leaned against it, gasping for breath, ashamed and excited at the same time, emotions so mixed up that he felt he could explode in anger. Pulling himself together he took a cold shower and then turning it to warm, he sat under the flowing water going over his nightmare. He had to admit that initially he felt guilty but if he was honest he had to admit that the whole thing turned him on, even Mel walking around the bedroom half naked turned him on. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop looking, and it made him feel so guilty

Mel had woken early; she knew he had a restless night so she decided to leave him while she showered. She wondered if he had looked at her in the night, she had deliberately chosen that nightdress knowing that it hid nothing, she had tried to stay awake but eventually exhaustion got the better of her.

When she came out of the bathroom Mike was on his back and the first thing she saw was his erection. Memories came flooding back. She felt the urge to touch him but knew that this was not like before, she blew it a kiss.

She placed the towel so that it covered as little as possible, “Morning sleepy head.” she said, and “You had a rough night didn’t you?”

As he rushed to the bathroom she laughed, she was thoroughly enjoying herself and was determined to make the very most of this opportunity, she was feeling in a wicked mood.

While Mike showered she unpacked their cases, leaving some clothes out for him to wear, she put a light shift dress over her bikini. “Come on Mike or we will miss breakfast.” she shouted. She heard him grunt in reply and few seconds later he appeared at the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. “I’ve put your trunks and some clothes out for you.”

Mike reached out to pick up the clothes, meaning to dress in the bathroom, Mel giggled. “What you laughing about?” he asked.

“You!” she replied, “Were going to spend two weeks in this room practically sleeping together and your hiding in the bathroom to dress.” she was openly laughing now.

Mike grinned, “And what am I supposed to do then,” he said, “dress out here in front of you I suppose.”

“Mike!” she said, trying to sound motherly, “We’ve been here less than twenty four hours and I’ve seen you with a hard on already, and not for the first time either I might add, what else is there for you to be embarrassed about.” The look on his face was a mixture of shock, embarrassment and laughter.”

“You bitch” he said, laughter getting the better of him, “Ok ok, but you are my baby sister and I do have some modesty you know. So stay over there” He sat with his back to her and dropping the towel grabbed his swimming shorts and slipped them on, quickly followed by the rest of his beachwear.

“Come on then you brazen wench.” he said grinning, “Lets get breakfast.”

As they sat at a vacant table the waiter came over and gave them the menu. Mike ordered his meal, “Thank you sir and your wife?” the waiter said.

Mike looked shocked “Oh she….”

“She would like the same” Mel interrupted

“Thank you madam” he said with a smile

As the waiter walked away Mike said, “He thinks were married.”

“I know,” Mel said with a smile, “Everyone will probably think the same and it’s too much trouble to explain otherwise.”

“But they will get the wrong idea,” Mike said, “What if they find out and say something.”

“Mike!” she said a little exasperated, “Have you told them we are married?”

“No! But….”

“Then it’s there mistake.” Mel said sternly, “And anyway I would have thought it would sound a lot stranger if you told them we were brother and sister and that we were sleeping together don’t you.”

Mike smiled and said, “I suppose it would.”

“Anyway” Mel said as she ran her fingers up his arm, “Don’t you like them thinking that you have nice young sexy wife. I would have thought you would be flattered.”

“Well I suppose it could be a laugh and it’s not doing any harm is it.” Mike said, lifting his fruit juice he added, “Here’s to Mr and Ms Drake.”

Once they had finished breakfast they went outside to have a look around, Mel slipped her arm through Mikes and they walked around the area to see what entertainment would be on offer later in the evening and any other facilities that were around. After about an hour Mel said, “Well I could do with a drink and a dip in the pool, coming?”

“Yes why not it’s getting a bit hot.” Mike said, and they headed off to the poolside bar.

Mel asked Mike to get her a drink while she looked for somewhere to sit, or better still somewhere to lie. Mike dutifully got too tall glasses of something and then searched in the direction that Mel went. He found her pulling two sun loungers together; he put the drinks on the floor and said, “Well done Mel, I didn’t think you would find loungers free.”

Mel laughed, “I pulled this one from under some guy’s bum, he wasn’t very happy but I just fluttered my eyes and he gave up.”

“Yes I had noticed the way you do that to a man.” Mike said, with a grin “You just be careful who you do it too though.”

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