Michael Bk. 01 Ch. 06: Evaluation

Gina Valentina

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Michael – Book 1 – Chapter 6 – Evaluation

Michael and Lisa can’t wait to try on their new clothes and test drive a few of their new toys.

Michael and Lisa were both impatient to get home to try out their new toys but Michael insisted that they stop at a specialty manchester store so he could buy the waterproof mattress protector for their bed. He found the one he’d had in mind. It was made from a breathable material that allowed air to circulate from beneath but prevented moisture from penetrating from its upper surface. It was certainly nothing like the rubberised incontinence sheets he had seen on his paternal grandmother’s bed when he visited her in the hospital during her final days.

While in the store, he also bought a new set of satin sheets – these ones in a deep shade of burgundy – and matching pillowcases. He also bought four new bath-sheets in a complementary colour.

Recognising that this was Michael’s way of contributing to their spending spree, Lisa didn’t argue when he insisted on paying for his purchases.

After parking the car in the garage and carrying their purchases up the short flight of stairs to the living room level of their home, the two lovers embraced and kissed each other for the first time since leaving home that morning. It was no, ‘it’s-good-to-be-home’ kiss. It was a full-on saliva-swapping, tongue-wrestling, ‘I-want-to-fuck-you’ kiss that told the story of hours of sexual frustration. A frustration that was further stimulated by their encounters with Jessica and Angela.

‘Thank goodness for the panty liner,’ Lisa thought. ‘I doubt that I would have managed to get through the day without it.’

And then, another thought crossed her mind and she broke off her kiss.

“Oh, my God!” she said. “I’m so sorry, my darling. I forgot to ask whether the Manchester store was where you wanted me to take you after Angela’s, or whether there was somewhere else you needed to go.”

“It’s okay, Mum,” Michael said. “Angela’s place was perfect. That’s exactly where I wanted to go – or some place like it. I had the same thought as you’d had. If I was going to be able to satisfy you in the way a male would do, I was going to need to have a penis. The only way I could see that happening was if I invested in a strap-on dildo. Mind you, I would never have thought of getting one as big as the one you bought. But, then, I’ve never really seen a real penis – except for Frank’s, that is – so I’ve nothing to compare against.

“The one you’ve bought for me to use on you – if I were to have to guess – would probably be about the same size of the one the priest rubbed up against me when he hugged me.”

Lisa’s eyes widened a little upon hearing that piece of news. Her husband’s cock was nothing spectacular – she would have said it was average – and Frank’s was smaller than her husband’s; if a little fatter. It certainly stretched her vagina more than her husband’s did. But if the priest’s cock was anything like the size of the dildo she had bought for Michael to use on her, it must be around eight-inches long – Lisa was old enough to still think in imperial, rather than metric measurements. Michael would probably have thought of it as being twenty-centimetres.

‘I might have to arrange for a counselling session with the priest sooner, rather than later,’ she thought.

“I’m pleased that the ones you bought to use on me are a bit smaller. I don’t think I could manage the bigger one, certainly not up my bum,” Michael said. “Just the length, alone, would have its head right up in my stomach. And I don’t know that I would be able to handle its thickness.”

“Don’t worry about that for the moment, my darling. There is a lot of work to do before you will be ready for even the smaller penises. We will slowly work on stretching you so can take them without experiencing any pain. I want you to enjoy your sexual adventures, not fear them. Besides, I am no more experienced at these things than you are – well most of them, anyway – so we will be learning as we go.

“My first anal experiences were anything but enjoyable and I don’t want you to go through that. But, after a time, I found that I was enjoying it. Certainly, it is different from vaginal intercourse, but different isn’t always bad, just different. I can still reach an orgasm from anal penetration, but it is a different type of orgasm. Quite often it is less intense than a vaginal climax but my anal orgasms last longer. Your father tells me that his orgasms Kartal Ukraynalı Escort also last longer with anal sex. He says it’s because he can feel my sphincter pulsating on his cock while I’m in the throes of a climax. Maybe it works both ways.”

“How did you first experience anal intercourse,” Michael asked.

“Your father came home from one of his trips and was unusually horny,” Lisa said. “It was about six months after he had vaginally raped me and I was going through a particularly heavy menstrual cycle. Although I satisfied him a couple of times by giving him oral sex, it wasn’t enough.

“On the third night, he just threw me over onto my face, grabbed one of my jars of moisturising cream, slapped a heap of on my arsehole and went at it. There was no foreplay, no loving, no subtlety; just straight in. It was rape in its most blatant and painful form. I was powerless to do anything about it. That went on for the next three nights. Then, he packed his bags and off he went again. As usual, there was no discussion about where he was going or when he would be back.

“I remember it so vividly because it was the most demeaning thing that I had ever had done to me; not to mention the most painful.

“Up until that night, I had thought that having you was the most painful thing I would ever experience. The joy at the end, however, made it all worthwhile. So much so that I would have endured it over and over, had your father made me pregnant again. But the night he anally raped me was so painful and so joyless that I thought about ending my life. It was only the thought of you being left in his care that prevented me from doing it.

“It was also the thought of you being left in his care that allowed me to endure his future attacks on my arse. The thing is, though, that each time he invaded my anus he stretched it. And, each time he fucked me in that way – which, for reasons known only to him, soon became the only way he would fuck me – the less painful it was. It finally got to the stage where I was starting to enjoy it – in a perverted kind of way. The night I had my first anal orgasm, he knew he had won. That was also the night I knew I had lost my self-respect. From then on, I became a hole for him to fuck.

“It was around that time that you came out and declared that you considered yourself a boy. I could see that he was already starting to eye you off. But that seemed to be the icing on the cake for him. I honestly don’t know how he has managed to hold himself in check around you when he is home. Admittedly, those home visits are becoming fewer and fewer and the length of time he stays is becoming shorter and shorter. But I don’t really know what is holding him back. His attacks on me prove that he’s capable of anything. And I know that he’s as cunning as a shithouse rat. But I just don’t know what is going on in his head.

“I think it’s about time we started finding out what he is up to. I’ll start the ball rolling first thing Monday morning. I’ll call his office and see if I can find out what his travel schedule is.

“Anyway, enough of delving into the dark side. Suffice it to say that, when done properly, you will be able to experience one of the more exotic forms of sexual gratification a person can enjoy. The way you were playing with my ring last night showed me that anal play can be done in a loving way. I was enjoying it, rather than fearing it.

“Now, let’s get these things upstairs and unpacked.”

It took two trips up the stairs to the bedroom level before all their purchases were sitting on Lisa’s bed. The first to be unpacked were the clothes they had bought from Jessica at her Buttongrass Boutique. They had decided that, although Michael would spend most nights with Lisa, he should keep his clothes in his own bedroom; if only for appearance sake. It would also suit as a dressing room, should the need arise. Of course, they wanted to leave as little visible evidence of their arrangement around for those occasions when her father deemed to grace them with his presence. They had also agreed that, if Lisa was to continue her affair with Frank, their sexual activity would be confined to the guest bedroom.

During the past twenty-four hours, Lisa had pretty much made up her mind that that affair had run its course. She would make her mind up after her discussion with Frank on Monday, but she didn’t really see how she could maintain her relationship with Michael without Frank finding out about it; even accidentally.

After emptying the bags onto the bed and separating and removing the price tags and labels from the individual items, Michael started to fold his purchases in preparation for their being packed into his dresser. He found that Jessica had added four more pairs of the lacy panties he had selected, giving him a whole week’s supply of the soft, sexy under-garments. When he checked the sales docket, he found that Jessica had charged him for five pairs so she could add another two pairs Kartal Üniversiteli Escort for free. She had then covered up for the additional cost by giving Michael a special discount. On the handwritten docket, she had noted it as a ‘fitting’ discount.

Michael smiled when he read the explanation. He understood exactly what was meant.

After showing his mother his little windfall – explaining its meaning, which brought a smile to her face – he bundled up his new underwear and clothing and took it into his room, where he made space for them in each drawer. Returning to Lisa’s room, he found that she had also packed her clothing purchases away.

Now it was time to open their special purchases, most of which were sealed in hard, clear plastic wraps. Michael raced down to the kitchen and returned with a large pair of scissors. Destruction, they both knew, was the only way to open such packaging.

The first package to be opened was Lisa’s large dildo, which was designed to be fitted to the strap-on harness she had also bought. They both felt the texture and ran their hands up and down its length. Michael had never felt anything like it, of course, but Lisa let out a small moan as she wrapped her hand around its girth. Her fingers barely met. It was thicker than she had thought it would be and couldn’t wait to try it out. As they examined the base of the dildo, they noticed that there was a hollow cavity in which Angela had added her own little gift; a vibrating bullet. Lisa pressed the button on the base of the bullet to find that Angela had even fitted a battery to it. It burst into life and, as Lisa continued to press the button, the vibrations changed. She was not new to such devices and finally held the button down to switch it off.

“That is going to be interesting,” she said to Michael, who had felt the vibrations through the imitation penis as, just as his mother had done, he had encompassed it with his hand.

The next package they opened contained the strapless strap-on dildo that Lisa intended to use on Michael. Rather than being held in place by a harness, this device was designed to be fitted into the vagina of the pseudo-male. Its shape held it in place against her pelvic wall, putting pressure on her G-spot, this stimulating her while she fucked her partner with the penis that pointed upward in the same way as that of a man in full erection. It also had a small soft but roughened gel-pad which, during intercourse, would rub against her own clitoris. Lisa was looking forward to trying it out. It looked like it would be able to bring them both to an enjoyable climax.

The third package contained another dildo, albeit smaller than the one to be used on Lisa. Like that dildo, it fitted into a harness to give the predominant user full control over the moulded penis. Like the larger dildo, this one, too, had a hollow cavity at its base, into which Angela had fitted another vibrating bullet. Once again, Lisa pressed the button at the base of the bullet and they felt its vibrations through the soft plasticised skin of the dildo. Being shorter than its companion, it was also somewhat thinner; a point that Lisa had taken into consideration when planning for Michael’s needs. Once he had become used to this one, she would buy him one that was both thicker and longer.

In addition to oils and lubricants, Lisa had also bought herself a new rabbit vibrator and a manually controlled vibrating dildo, which she planned to use to stimulate Michael’s clitoris.

She had also picked up a large box of condoms and something she hadn’t expected to see in the store: a can of Mace. She had decided that, regardless of whether her husband wanted vaginal or anal sex when he came home for his irregular visits, she would insist on his using a condom. She was sure that he was getting his jollies somewhere – she had given up caring about that – but she didn’t want him bringing home any unwanted little presents; particularly with his growing propensity for anal sex. She had decided to take the advice of the old HIV advertisements: “If it’s not on, it’s not on!”. Hence the Mace. If he decided that rape was an option, she’d give him pause for thought.

‘Nothing says NO! quite like a spray of Mace in the face,’ she thought.

The last of the purchases to be released from its plastic wrapping was the set of five training butt plugs. All of them were about the same length but they ranged in girth from not much thicker than a man’s middle finger to the diameter of, say, a golf ball. Each of them had a rounded or tapered end to allow easier insertion before flaring out to stretch the anus. Once the bulb was fully inserted it narrowed down to a thin neck and had a soft, flexible cup-shaped base to prevent it slipping all the way into the rectum. They were designed to be used during stretching exercises or could be left in place for long periods. The soft base could be used as a suction cup to affix it to a hard surface if personal anal stimulation Kartal Vip Escort was desired. Some people, Angela had told them, liked to wear them all day, finding that it added a little secret sparkle to their day and an extra spring to their step as it moved around inside their body.

Angela had agreed with Lisa’s plan of slowly introducing Michael to anal play. It was much more pleasurable to enjoy each step of the process than have to overcome the trauma of a forced introduction.

“Losing one’s virginity,” she had explained, “can be traumatic. But that was a matter of necessity and was a one-off experience if a girl was to go on to enjoy vaginal sex.

“It’s a different story with anal penetration. Aggressive first-time anal penetration can cause long-term mental and physical scars that some people never get over.

“As a result,” she explained, “they never get to experience a really enjoyable part of lovemaking; mainly due to the fear of more pain.

“Take your time,” she said. “And enjoy each step. When you finally decide to take the plunge, you will be amazed at what you’ve been missing. Just don’t rush things. Let them happen at their own pace. And, most importantly, when you decide that the time is right, relax and let it happen.”

Michael compared the size of the training plugs against the size of the dildo his mother had bought for him. He wondered how long it would take before he would be able to take the dildo?

Lisa and Michael agreed that, with the exception of a packet of condoms and the can of Mace, their new toys should be kept in Michael’s room so that his father did not accidentally discover them if he came home unexpectedly.

After their long shopping excursion, the day-old lovers decided to shower before settling in for an early night. They agreed to do so separately to avoid stirring each other up too early and, while Michael showered in the main bathroom, Lisa ordered a large Mexican takeaway meal. She then cleaned-up in the ensuite off her own bedroom.

By the time she came back downstairs, dressed only in another of her seemingly endless supply of satin wraps, she found that their meal had been delivered. Michael, also dressed in his satin wrap, was setting out the chimichangas, tacos, salads and sauces onto a serving platter on the benchtop, where everything had begun the previous afternoon. Lisa wrapped her arms around her son’s waist, then slid them up to his little breasts as she ground her pubic bone up against his tight but still developing derriere. She looked forward to the day when she could do this with her strapless strap-on fitted in place and could rub it up between Michael’s butt cheeks before sliding it down and pushing it up into his body.

Michael leaned his head back onto his mother’s shoulder. They both turned their heads so their lips could meet. As they started to kiss, Michael turned towards his mother. He put his arms awkwardly around her and pulled her to him. His fingers were covered in sauce and onion juice from the meal so he couldn’t hold her properly, but it didn’t matter because Lisa was pulling him into her so their bodies were tightly melded. From breast to groin they ground their bodies together. Once again, Lisa wished she had worn her strapless strap-on. Had she done so, however, she didn’t believe she could have prevented herself from driving it straight into her son’s vagina, which she knew was something she had to avoid doing. There would come a time, she knew, when Michael would want to know what it felt like to be a girl. But that time wasn’t now.

‘I just hope I’ve got the strength to resist that temptation when it presents itself,’ she thought. ‘He might even want a real penis when that time comes. I’ll be all right with that, too, just so long as the real cock isn’t attached to his father; and just so long as the penetration is not forced. I think that, if either was the case, I would take a gun to the person responsible.’

They finally broke their kiss and their embrace, both of them short of breath. Their rubbing and grinding had opened their wraps so that their naked bodies were now touching.

“If we don’t stop now,” Lisa said, “we won’t be able to. And all this food will go to waste. How about you take the food over to the lounge and I’ll pour us a glass of wine each. Then we will see what happens after dinner. I know I’m not going to be out of bed for long. We’ve had a big day, today. What do you think, my darling?

“Sounds like a plan,” Michael said. “I also don’t think I’ll be staying up very long either.”

With dinner served they snuggled up together on the settee and watched the news – saddened to hear, once again, of the deaths of four people in a road accident on the other side of the country – and laughed their way through a half-hour sitcom while they snacked on their meal and sipped on their wine.

Neither of them was a big drinker; although Lisa had consumed her share during her teens. She did enjoy the odd glass from time to time, however, and there was usually a bottle of Chardonnay chilling in the fridge. Michael had shared an infrequent glass with his parents – on those rare occasions when they all sat down at the table together – but it was not something he craved; not like some of the girls on his sporting teams.

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