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Over coffee on Friday morning, Michelle sighed slightly.

“Today’s going to be my last normal day at the office for at least a little while,” she said.

“Oh? Why’s that?” Eric asked.

“The boss is having my office remodeled,” she revealed. “I’m going to try to find a temporary office, but you know we’re so crowded right now that it may be pretty much impossible.”

“What about telecommuting until the work is done?”

“I wish,” she said. “I could do some of my work from home, but you know that for a lot of it, I’ll have to be in the building.”

She paused, stirring the cream and sugar into her cup. “Oh, well. I’ll do what I have to do–just like always.”

“Maybe it won’t be too bad,” Eric tried to reassure her. “You work well under pressure–maybe you’ll be especially productive while the renovations are going on in the background.”

Michelle smirked. “Why are you always so optimistic about everyone else, but when it comes to your own stuff, you’re an eternal pessimist?”

“Dunno,” Eric shrugged. “Just talented, I guess.”

They both left for work, though they were never very far from each other. When things weren’t busy at one or the other’s office, they frequently texted back and forth. Sometimes it was strictly small talk, just to pass the time; other times, things got pretty steamy. Michelle would steal off to the restroom to snap a quick phone photo of her cleavage or, if the opportunity presented itself, she might shoot one up her skirt or with her top spread open and her breasts all but revealed. She knew that while Eric had seen her naked body literally thousands of times, he also loved getting sexy photos sent to his phone on occasion.

For a while last year, Michelle had an intern who started out seeming pretty cool, and turned out to be a real freak. Kate was only too happy to help her get those hard-to-accomplish ass pictures, or a shot of her boobs squished together and overflowing her lacy bra. Once they even managed to get a hot photo of a pussy spread wide, glistening and pink. The lips were held open by a woman’s index and middle fingers, the nails carefully manicured.

Giggling, they had sent it to Eric. The shot had exactly the desired effect–Eric was almost 100 percent positive that the gooey cunt in the photo was his wife’s, but he was equally certain that the fingers were Kate’s. It made him wonder just what was happening while he was busy at work.

With such thoughts running through his head, he found himself growing hard beneath the edge of his desk. Seeing that no one was close by, he grabbed his phone and, trying to disguise the bulge in his pants in case someone spotted him, he headed for the bathroom.

Safely inside with the door locked, he unfastened his pants and allowed his now-fully-erect cock to spring free. He opened his camera app on his phone and took a photo of his throbbing rod, then sent it back to his wife’s phone.

She responded quickly, saying that she and Kate had enjoyed the view immensely. By this time, Eric had his fist wrapped around his shaft and took only a few minutes to bring himself to orgasm. He took another photo of his cum dripping down the outside of his fingers, cock still firmly within, and sent that one as well.

The next photo he received made him even more certain that the earlier photo from the girls had been Michelle’s pussy and Kate’s fingers–because this one was obviously Kate’s cunt and Michelle’s fingers.

On that Friday, Eric and Michelle were both pretty busy. They sent texts every now and then, mostly innocent and demure. In the background of each of those sentences, though, was an undercurrent of sex. After all, the weekend was only hours away, and the two of them relished their weekends together. Michelle craved cock like no other woman Eric had ever met and Eric? Well, he was a man. And there’s nothing more dangerous or creative than a horny man who has a willing woman at his side.

The texts got a little sexier as 5 p.m. approached. The two of them planned to go out to dinner, then head out to a movie. Dessert would be after the movie–the two of them devouring each other in bed.

The end of the work day arrived, and the couple met at home, changing into more casual clothes before leaving the house again. Dinner was fine, the movie was halfway decent, but for some reason Michelle was extremely horny. On the way home, she reached across to Eric’s belt, unfastening it and then opening his fly and coaxing his hardening cock from inside his boxers. Jutting up from his lap, she licked her lips and then leaned over, slipping the head of his penis into her hungry mouth.

With her sliding her lips and tongue all over his cock, Eric decided to get off the highway–believing the surface streets would be safer for him to traverse. He saw a dark and quiet parking lot and headed that direction, but when he pulled into it, Michelle noticed the change in lighting and looked up.

She smiled. “What? You’re shy all of a sudden?” she said. “Actually, I could use some food. See if you can find a drive-through escort ataşehir open.” She winked.

Realizing that his wife was indeed hot to trot tonight, Eric decided not to think too much about it. He pulled back onto the street and drove a few blocks, seeing a fast food joint with an empty drive-through lane.

He pulled in and Michelle removed his cock from her mouth long enough to place her order at the speaker, then went right back to gobbling his rod as Eric pulled forward to the window. Pulling up next to the building, he saw a cute girl–he guessed she was 18 or 19–getting ready to hand a sack of food to him. As he rolled down the window, he saw the girl’s eyes widen as she realized what was happening in his car.

Michelle looked up and grinned mischievously, holding Eric’s sizable cock so its tip was just barely touching her tongue, then swirled her tongue around his swollen head.

“Thank you, honey,” Michelle told the girl in a teasing voice. “This kind of stuff makes me SO hungry.”

Eric pulled away, leaving the girl with her own mouth open in an amusing imitation of the woman she had just seen. He knew that as soon as he was gone, she was going to tell everyone about the BJ she watched through the window, and at least her male coworkers would be absolutely green with envy.

The rest of the weekend went just like most of their weekends. During the day they ran errands and did odd jobs around the house. In the evenings, they settled down with TV shows or a movie, then fucked like bunnies. They were married and they were no spring chickens, but they knew how to enjoy themselves, and each other.

By the time Monday rolled around, Eric had just about forgotten about the renovations at Michelle’s office until she texted him.

“Wow,” the text read. “Maybe this situation won’t be so bad after all.”

“???” he texted back.

“Steve is a hunk.”

“Steve?” Eric wondered if he had missed a text. Sometimes their phones didn’t fully cooperate, and the occasional text was delayed or didn’t go through at all.

“The contractor guy,” she responded. “NICE.”

Eric tried to imagine what Steve must look like, and found it extremely difficult. His wife didn’t have a “type”–some women liked bad boys, some liked men in uniform, some liked nerds, some liked scruffy kids with shaggy hair and rail-thin frames. His wife had expressed an interest in all kinds of men, but the looks were less important than the mind and personality. A guy who could make her think, make her laugh, make her feel sexy–that was the guy who would catch her eye. And the longer he was around (providing he didn’t act like a complete douche-bag), the more she thought about how he would look naked and in her bed.

So he had no idea what this Steve guy must look like.

“That good, huh?” he texted back, trying to keep it simple but still showing an interest.

“Yum….I mean, yup,” she wrote, adding a winky face.

The rest of the day, they continued to text and Eric noticed that time and again, her messages went back to sexiness and double entendres. He was a little eager to get her home alone that night.

After supper, they started up the DVR and settled down on the couch. During breaks in their shows, Eric asked about Steve.

“Oh, man,” Michelle said. “Don’t worry–he’ll never replace you. But he’s nice to look at, and nice to think about. He’s not a keeper, though.”

He knew what she meant. They talked about people in such terms. Some couples thought it was a big deal to have “THE LIST”–the people, usually celebrities, who were so hot that, if ever encountered, the spouse had a blank check to fuck. Eric and Michelle had gone far past that many years ago. They fully acknowledged that they were married, not dead. Attractive men and women walk through their lives every day, and it was stupid not to realize that. However, some were keepers and some were not. A supermodel or movie star might be awesome to look at, but they both knew that the looks would eventually become a burden.

But when the shows were over and the loving started, Eric goaded Michelle into fleshing out her thoughts.

“Describe Steve to me,” he said as his cock sank into her waiting cunt.

“He’s average height, his hair is maybe a little long,” she said softly. “His eyes are a soft brown color and so gentle. But he has an easy way about him. He has a physical presence that’s unmistakable–like he knows exactly where everything is and how it all affects him.”

“So that’s why you like him,” Eric breathed, stroking into her pussy and feeling the heat starting to build.

“Yeah,” Michelle said. “He’s cute, but a lot of it is that he always seems to be aware of everything around him. I glanced over at him as he was measuring the corner space, and saw his shoulder muscle get all thick and hard, like I like. But I had only been looking for a second or two when he turned and saw me. And his eyes looked right through me and they KNEW that I’d been looking.”

She closed her eyes, and Eric sped up his strokes. kadıköy escort bayan A few minutes later, he felt his balls tighten and his cock stiffen a little more, and he pulled out, spurting his seed all over his wife’s heaving breasts. She scooped up the droplets with her hand, slurping them down and leaving only a light glaze to remember the climax.

“Yeah….” she said softly. “I think I can probably work from my office most of the week. There’s room for both of us in there.”

They fell asleep, entwined together. Eric’s cock soon softened and rested heavily against his wife’s thigh; the skin of Michelle’s breasts and upper chest puckered slightly as the remnants of his cum dried there.

On Tuesday morning, when Eric got to the office and sent his first text of the day to his wife, he knew exactly where to start.

“Steve back?” he wrote.

“Not yet,” she responded. “I hope so.”

“Me, too.” he said. And he meant it. A horny Michelle was a fun Michelle.

“No one is working on it yet,” she said, then followed up with, “I’m pretty sure Steve will be back. Think he’s an ind contractor, not part of a team.”

Eric sent back a winky, then focused on his work and let Michelle focus on hers.

A short time later, his phone buzzed. “He’s here,” the text read, followed by a smiley with hearts for eyes.

Eric smiled. A less confident husband might freak out a little. But he knew Michelle could “love” without actually LOVING. He had seen her do amazing things with dicks, but there was only one–his–that she came home to at the end of the day. She’d rocked the world of a few pussies, too, but again, when it came down to it she was a happily married woman.

“And he’s in a tank top,” she said.

“Nice,” Eric texted back. “Keep me posted.”

They went back to work.

A short time later, a text came through. “He’s cutting some boards,” Michelle wrote. “I think they’re for studs.”

“For studs, or by studs,” Eric texted back.

“I think both,” she responded. “You should see…oops. He just caught me.”

“Really?” he said. “You must be mortified.”

There was a pause. Then another text came through. “If by ‘mortified,’ you mean that my pussy just got a jolt of juice, then yes….mortified.”

Eric grinned. Steve was making his sex life VERY interesting indeed.

“Yeah. THAT’S what I meant,” he texted back.

The texting stopped for a while. About half an hour later, his phone buzzed again.

“He just caught me looking again. Do you think he knows what I’m thinking?”

“He’s thinking it, and hoping you are, too,” Eric said.

“???” she responded. Apparently, he could have been more clear in his message.

“You are a sexy woman,” Eric wrote. “Steve keeps looking at you because you’re nice to look at.” He hit send.

“And when he looks and catches you looking, I’m betting he’s hoping you feel the same way,” he added.

“Oh, I do. I DO feel the same way,” Michelle wrote. Eric could almost picture her sly smile.

Then things got busy and the texting slowed to a trickle. Before Eric knew it, the day was done and they were back at home.

Over supper, they talked about Michelle’s newest interest.

“So, have you talked to him? Does he seem nice?” Eric asked.

“Well, of course,” she said. “You know there’s no quicker way to turn me off than to be an ass. Though actually, we’ve only talked a little. Introductions and niceties, mostly.”

After supper, they watched a movie–a foreign film about a couple that meets an attractive gigolo while on vacation. With the attentions of both men, the wife truly enjoys a vacation to remember forever.

Making love before bed, Michelle suddenly rolled Eric onto his back and sat atop him, straddling him with his cock deep inside her hot pussy.

She leaned down and kissed Eric, then ran her tongue along his jawline. Pausing at his ear, she breathed, “I wish Steve was here.”

“I’ll bet,” Eric answered. She continued breathing into his ear, then said, “I’m spreading my ass for him. I hope he doesn’t mind taking me in the back door.”

Eric realized he felt one of Michelle’s hands on his shoulder, but the other was behind her back and low. He knew just where it was.

“Oooooh….there he is,” Michelle moaned, and Eric knew that her fingertip had just penetrated her tight asshole. “Oh, shit….fuck me…..”

Eric grabbed her hips and began thrusting up into her. Michelle sat up, began kneading her breasts with her left hand, and Eric could tell her right hand–while out of sight–was mimicking what she wished Steve was doing behind her.

Her bucking cowgirl act sped up, and Eric imagined her ass-fucking finger moving at lightning speed as his cock matched it. They came at the same time, Eric spurting thick ropes of cum into her cunt.

Michelle rolled off Eric and spread her legs, scooping his creamy white cum from her oozing snatch.

“I hope Steve is bigger than that finger,” Eric said, offering an exaggerated wink.

“What finger?” escort bostancı Michelle said innocently, as she gobbled up the dollops of seed she collected.

“The finger you had in your ass, pretending it was Steve.”

“Oh… mean the THREE fingers I had in my ass?” Michelle grinned.

Eric felt his cock hardening again. Michelle spotted it and spread her legs wider, offering up her still-gooey snatch for a second round.

On Wednesday, Eric decided to play it cool. But true to his expectations, Michelle texted him by 10 a.m.

“Awesome. Actually TALKED to him,” she said.

“And?” Eric wrote back, leaving the conversation wide open.

“He’s nice. Wanted to know my name. Said I’d been easy to work with.”

Eric hesitated for a minute.

“That’s it?”

“Well, he also said he has a girlfriend, but it’s not serious.”

Aaahhhh. And so the reality of the situation sets in. And it’s just as Eric suspected. Steve is in a casual relationship, and obviously thinks Michelle is a hottie. And, of course, he’s absolutely correct.

“So is he working now?” Eric asked.

“Yep. He’s putting up drywall.”

“Oooohhh….sounds exciting.”

“It is…” she responded. “Looking at his ass in those jeans makes it much more interesting.”

Eric teased for a while longer. “So, you should tell him how you feel,” he said.

“Pretty sure he knows.”

“How’s that? Because he caught you looking a couple of times?”

“Well, that, and the fact that I told him already.”

“Really?” Eric had to admit, he was a little surprised. But maybe having spent a couple of days in the same small office space, his wife was getting bolder.

“Yep. Told him he was a total hottie and his girlfriend was a very lucky woman.”

“LOL,” Eric wrote.

“??? Why LOL?”

“You actually mentioned his girlfriend as you were flirting with him? SMOOOOOOTH….” he joked.

“Don’t question my tactics,” Michelle wrote back. “I know cock, and I know what I’m doing.”

The texting that day dropped to almost nothing, but that night it was almost as if Steve were in the room with them.

“FUCK,” Michelle said as Eric ate her pussy. “He looks at me with those eyes, and I just melt. He HAS to know what he does to me.”

“As a guy, I can guarantee you that he is hoping he has that effect,” Eric said in between licks. “In the right mood, a guy will fuck almost anything.”

He climbed up her body and placed the head of his penis at her opening. “And when ‘anything’ is as hot as you are, the desire to fuck is amplified, like, a thousand times.”

Michelle looked up at him, her eyes betraying her feeling that he was pulling her chain.

“A thousand times? Really?” she asked.

“Well, I haven’t done the calculations myself,” Eric admitted as he slid his cock home. “But any guy who says he DOESN’T want to sample this delectable morsel is a lying asshole.”

That night, when his orgasm neared, Michelle begged him to put it straight into its destination. He pulled out and she opened her mouth, accepting the throbbing, spongy, slick, aromatic cockhead with the finesse of a woman tasting the finer things in life for the first time. Her swirling tongue brought forth several strong spurts of cum, and she gobbled them all down. Then they went to sleep.

Thursday came early. Eric was at work a full hour before his regular time, but too busy to text until a little later in the morning. And once again, Steve was back at his post, bulging shoulders and arms hard at work as he continued the renovations. Michelle, for her part, was busy at her desk as well, but she soon realized that neither of them was probably as productive as possible. After all, she found herself a few times having spaced off, gazing Steve’s way as he worked. And more than once, she caught Steve looking at her, as well—which wasn’t surprising considering she had worn the top that was cut to the absolute lowest level while still being appropriate for the office.

As lunchtime neared, Michelle decided to extend a friendly gesture.

“So,” she said, “how is the work going?”

She could see that it appeared Steve still had a ways to go, but she had seen enough construction projects to know that the underlying work takes all the time—once that’s done, the finishing touches can come together quite quickly.

“Oh,” Steve said, looking over what he had done and what was still ahead, “I think I might be able to wrap it up by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Really?” She tried to sound nonchalant, and hoped the disappointment she felt wasn’t reflected in her voice. “That quick?”

“Yeah, I think so. I can finish most of it today and tomorrow morning, then the last bits tomorrow afternoon. Why?”?”Oh, no reason,” Michelle said, going back to her work.

A few minutes later, though, she looked back up. “Ummm…would you be interested in grabbing a little lunch?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve got a sandwich from home,” Steve said, then he looked thoughtful. “But if you want to step out to get something, I could probably be convinced.”

However, Michelle didn’t want things to look untoward. She explained to him that her coworkers sometimes gossiped a little bit, and she thought maybe it would be better if they left the office separately and met up elsewhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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