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This story is dedicated to my friend, Joe, in Ireland. May his mother, Beatrice, rest in peace.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, Joey finally sees his mother in her panty in bra. He finally sees her topless. He finally sees her naked.

Review from Chapter 3

As if he was her man and she was his woman, instead of him being her son and she being his mother, he cupped her pussy mound through her panty while sliding a slow but forceful finger to tickle her camel toe and to trace her pussy slit. Still in shock, he couldn’t believe he had his mother’s panty clad pussy in the palm of his hand. He applied more pressure to his index finger and pushed down on her clit while rubbing it through her panty. Hearing her gasp and watching her squirm, he couldn’t believe he was fingering his mother’s cunt through her panty. He couldn’t believe his mother was allowing him to finger her pussy albeit through her panty. He couldn’t believe his mother was becoming sexually aroused by his kisses, his touches, and his feels of her hot, motherly body.

Sensing that her panty felt a bit moist, tempted to push her panty aside and finger her, he wondered if his mother was as wet as he was hard. So wanting to push her panty aside and enter his mother with his finger, he didn’t want to scare her by rushing his attempt of seducing her. He only wished he had the nerve to stick his hand down the front of her panty and cup and finger her naked pussy. He’d love to feel a whole handful of her pubic hair in his hand. He’d love to finally know if she was shaved, trimmed, or bushy. Only, not wanting to frighten her into recoiling and putting a premature stop to this incestuous lunacy, he didn’t want to rush his sexual seduction of his mother. Instead, taking his time while still French kissing her, he felt her in all the places he had imagined feeling her while masturbating himself.

With his left hand still feeling his mother’s breasts while fingering her emerging nipples through her blouse and bra, he couldn’t believe she was allowing him to feel her breasts and finger her nipples. He couldn’t believe she had allowed him to feel her ass through her short skirt and panty. He couldn’t believe she allowed him to lift her skirt and to feel her panty clad pussy while still allowing him to French kiss her. He couldn’t believe she wasn’t stopping him from having his wicked, incestuous, sexual way with her beautiful body.

Kissing and kissing her, he couldn’t believe he was making out with his mother while feeling his mother’s hot body through her clothes. Kissing and kissing her, not stopping there but instead taking the next progressive step, he took her by her wrist and lowered her hand down to feel his erect cock through his jeans. He placed her whole hand on his bulging penis and then took her fingers in his for her to feel the girth of his penis, trace the length of his prick, and to feel the hardness of his cock.

Expecting his mother to pull her hand away from feeling his engorged prick through his jeans, when she didn’t pull her hand away, he squeezed her hand in his for her to squeeze his cock. Then, shocking even him, without even having to hold her hand there, she traced the head of his jean clad cock with her manicured fingers. Seemingly, she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. Sex, sex, sex, they were going to have sex. Naked, naked, naked, he was finally going to see his mother naked.

In the way he was feeling his mother’s cunt in the palm of his hand through her panty, she was feeling his cock in the palm of her hand through his jeans. In the way he so wanted to push her panty aside and finger her cunt, he was so tempted to unzip himself and pull out his cock. He so wanted to feel his naked cock in his mother’s hand before feeling his hard, hairy prick in his mother’s wet mouth, and before burying his huge erection in her warm, wet pussy. He’d love nothing more than to make love to his mother before fucking his mother. He’d love nothing more than to finger his mother’s wet pussy while licking his mother’s wet pussy. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to suck his cock and allow him to cum in her mouth while watching her swallowing his cum.

With her leaving her hand there on his engorged prick, she made no attempt to remove it. Seemingly she enjoyed feeling his cock through his jeans as much as he enjoyed her feeling his cock through his jeans. He couldn’t believe his mother was feeling his cock through his jeans in the way he had just felt her ass through her skirt, her breasts through her blouse, her nipples through her bra, and her pussy through her panty.

“Mom, I want you sexually,” he said dizzy with incestuous horniness. Going for broke and going where no son should ever go with his mother, he proposition her. “I need to see you naked. I need to touch you and to feel your naked body while you touch and feel my naked body. I want ankara escort to have sex with you.”

* * * * *

Chapter Four

As if coming out of a drug induced daze, she broke off their kiss, removed her hand from his cock, and stepped back from his hug. She abruptly ended their mother and son sexual embrace and instantly stopped him from inappropriately touching her and feeling her. In the way that she recoiled from him, she acted as if he had been groping her without her consent when their kisses and touches were mutually consensual. She looked at him as if he had lost his mind before her face confessed that she had lost her mind too.

Now feeling foolish and vulnerable, he wished he hadn’t said anything about wanting to see her naked and wanting to have sex with her naked body. Having awakened her from her trance like, sexual seduction, he wished he had remained quiet. He wished he had kept his thoughts to himself. What was he thinking? Going too far, too fast, he knows his mother better than to show her his cards. Anytime he’s too blatantly honest in his incestuous, sexual, lustful desires of her, acting more like the mature adult and acting more like his mother instead of his lover, she balks and takes a step back in the way she just did now. He should have known that was going to happen.

‘Well, at least I got to French kiss her. At least I got to feel her ass, her tits, and her pussy through her clothes,’ he thought to himself. ‘And at least she felt my cock through my jeans. At least I have more to masturbate over my mother than I ever did before.’

He should have just gone with the flow and shut the Hell up. Instead of telling her what he wanted to do with her, he should not have told her how he sexually felt. With his mother in a dream like daze when kissing him and allowing him to feel her body, seemingly she forgot that what they were doing was incestuous. Even just temporary, seemingly she forgot that she was his mother and he was her son.

He should have allowed his mother to confess how she sexually felt about him instead of him saying how he sexually felt about her. Instead of shooting off his big mouth, allowing her to take the lead and to lead them where he so wanted to go, he wished he had remained silent. Now, he’ll never know if his mother sexually wants him as much as he sexually wants her. Obviously, she sexually wants him enough to allow him to kiss her and feel her but he could never pull the plug on her sexual feelings in the way she just pulled the plug on his sexual feelings.

He wished he had kept quiet and had his lips do all of the talking when kissing her. He wished he had his hands do all of the talking when feeling her. Had he not said anything, maybe she’d still be feeling his stiff prick through his jeans. With everything so perfectly beautiful, he wished he had continued kissing her, touching her, and feeling her while she felt him. He just hoped he hadn’t ruined things between them before they even started.

“I know you want me sexually and sometimes I want you sexually too Joey, but we can’t,” she said looking deeply in his brown eyes. “I’m sorry Joey, but we just can’t. I’m your mother and you’re my son,” she said lightly touching the side of his face in the way she was just feeling the hardness of his cock. “We can never be together in that incestuous way. It’s just wrong Joey. Something that’s so forbidden, it’s just so very wrong. This is all my fault for walking around you while wearing my sexy nightgowns. I should have known better. Now, that I know, I can’t allow this to continue,” she said looking up at him with sad eyes.

After allowing him to French kiss her and feel her through her clothes, he didn’t understand her reluctance now to continue their making out session. It was just kisses, touches, and feels. It wasn’t as if they were having sex. Yet, something that he couldn’t tell her now, with him sexually wanting her before French kissing her and feeling her through her clothes, after making out with his mother, he wanted her even more now. He looked at her with incestuous lust before looking at her with confusion mixed with undiminished sexual excitement and before looking at her with obvious sexual frustration. When she seemingly was just as sexually excited as he was, he didn’t understand how she could just stop.

“Then, I don’t understand,” he said looking at her as if he wanted to take her in his arms again and kiss her while feeling her and most certainly he did. “Why did you kiss me? Why did you allow me to feel you through your clothes? Why did you feel me?” He looked at her as if he was about to cry. “I love you Mother. I really love you and want to make love to you.”

She looked at him in the way that any mother would look at her son. She looked at him with compassion, understanding, respect, and love. Only with her unable to hide her sexual excitement and with him able to see the sexual excitement she was trying to hide behind escort ankara her look, he saw a glimmer of hope that she would soon submit to his sexual seduction. If only by the sexual passion behind her kiss, it was apparent to him now that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. If only by the way she held him, hugged him, and kissed him, it was apparent to him now that if she’s allowed him to go this far with her beautiful body that she may allow him to go even further.

Obviously, he needed to take things slower. Obviously, he needed to give her more time and more space for her to wrap her brain around what just happened. With the ball in his court, it was up to him to change her mind about not wanting to have sex. It was up to him to convince her that what they did was right and not wrong. Perhaps with a little wine, candles, and soft music, he needed to romance her. He needed to more slowly seduce her and allow her to open up to him in the way of a sleeping flower.

It was up to him to sweet talk her into giving him what he’s wanted for so long. Forget about celebrating her birthday on Nude Day at a nude beach, they were already beyond that tickle and tease of stripping naked in front of one another on the pretense that they were at a nude beach. Forget about just seeing her in her panty and bra, topless, and/or even naked, all he really wanted to do now was to have sex with his mother. All he wanted to do now was to make sweet love to her before fucking her, really fucking her hard enough to make her cum.

“With today my birthday and with you giving me this wonderful birthday gift…,” she said looking from him to look at her bedroom wall.

As if she was thinking about all that just happened between them, she fell silent while staring at her wall before looking at herself in the mirror. She looked at if she was about to cry.

“Yes, Mother. What is it? Tell me. You can tell me.”

He took her hands in his and looked deeply in her big, brown eyes.

“With me unable to give you what you really want, my naked body and sexual intimacy, I got carried away with lust, passion, and sex. I’m sorry Joey, but I’m human too. I have sexual needs, wants, and desires too and it’s been a long time since I’ve been sexually intimate with a man,” she said taking his hand in her hands. “Even though I’m your mother, I get horny too. Sometimes, I sexually think about you in the way that you sexually think about me.”

In the way that he normally looks at her with lustful, incestuous, sexual excitement, this time he looked at her with rejection, disappointment, and sexual frustration. This time he didn’t look at her as if she was his mother. He looked at her as if she was a woman rejecting him. He couldn’t believe she was ending this little incestuous, sexual affair that they were having before it even started.

“I understand,” he said not really understanding why she made this sudden and totally unexpected one-hundred-eighty degree turn.

How could he feel so sexually excited one minute to feel so sad the next. He felt rejected. Was she purposely sexually teasing him or was it just like she said, she got caught up and carried away in the moment of lust, passion, and sex? Only, he would have liked to see how far this would have gone. He would have liked to have sex with his mother, if only once, at least just once, before she pulled the plug.

With his brief incestuous dalliance ending too soon, he would have liked to know what it was like to lay with her with the both of them naked. He would have liked to know what it felt like to have his cock held in her hand, taken in her mouth, and buried deep in her pussy. He would have liked to know what she sounded like when she was getting sexually excited enough to cum. He would have liked to see her have an orgasm. Yet, now that he had a dream of her being gangbanged by a dozen men, he had a sense of what she would sound like and look like when having an orgasm.

He remained undaunted in his sexual desire not to continue in the sexual and incestuous seduction of his mother. Persevering in his hoped for mother’s lust for him, he wondered if his mother told him that she hasn’t been sexually intimate with a man in a long time as her hint for him to be sexually intimate with her now. With him not an expert in reading women, confounded and now sexually frustrated, he wished he knew how his mother truly felt about him, about him hopefully seeing her naked soon, and about them possibly and hopefully inevitably having incestuous sex. Wishing he was more sexually sophisticated, he wished he could read between the lines to discern her real meaning and why she suddenly stopped when he so wanted to continue.

Confused by her actions and then more confused by her words, did she sexually want him or not? He wished he could volunteer his sexual services to her clinically without all the feelings of the forbidden and the guilt of incest. Yet, with her ankara escort bayan his mother and not just some woman he picked up at a bar, he didn’t know how to broach that subject with her without sounding perversely ridiculous. No longer on the same page, with their brief physical, incestuously, sexual interaction, there was now a stone wall between what he felt and what she was obviously feeling or not feeling. Only, instead of encouraging his sexual, incestuous behavior, seemingly she closed the door on that chapter of their mother and son relationship.

* * * * *

Maybe he’s too nice. Maybe because she’s his mother and he’s her son, he’s too respectful of her. Maybe she wanted him to take her. Maybe she wanted to be taken by a man and by him, her son. Maybe she likes it rough. Maybe she wanted to and needed to be forced a little bit. Maybe her no meant yes. Maybe he’s giving up on her too quickly. Maybe playing a bit hard to get, she’s playing a game that he didn’t even know he was playing. Maybe he’s just a pawn in her game of sexual chess and he had no idea where to move his king next before being taken by the queen.

‘WTF? What should I do now? Should I make a move or play it cool and wait to see if she comes to me?’

He had no idea what to do other than to respect his mother’s wishes and cool his jets. Only, in the way that she instantly, sexually excited him, she instantly turned it off just as quickly. As if she had a sexual on and off switch, he changing her mind happened that quickly. He’ll never understand women.

He’s still reeling from her kisses. He can still taste her in his mouth. When he was rubbing her pussy through her panty, he wished he had pushed her back on her bed and stripped her naked. Maybe that’s what she really wants. Maybe she wants to be physically used and sexually abused. Maybe she needs to be forced to preserve her role as the respectable, moral, and modest mother. Maybe she wants the responsibility of their incestuous affair and the sexual onus on him. If he chose not to take no for an answer then she’d be free of guilt and remorse and he’d be guilty of forcing his mother to have sex with him. Obviously, with him not yet knowing the rules, this was a game that he needed to play to master.

How can she go from making out with him and allowing him to touch and feel her in a sexual way to telling him what they experienced was a mistake and is wrong? He didn’t understand how something that felt so good could be so wrong. He didn’t understand any of it. Only, with him kissing her, French kissing her, while feeling her hot body through her clothes, even if he never kisses and touches his mother again in a sexual way, he’ll take that memory to his grave. He’ll be masturbating over all that he touched and felt of his mother. He’ll be masturbating over her hand feeling his erect cock through his jeans.

“You’re my son and I’m your mother. This must never happen again. Okay? You mustn’t kiss me in that sexual way,” she said fluttering her eyelashes while seemingly swooning by the thought of him kissing her.

If he wasn’t so confused and had the presence of mind, if only he was more sexually experienced and knew more about women, he would have taken her in his arms and kissed her, French kissed her. Yet, because of all that she said in not wanting to continue their incestuous relationship, he didn’t take her in his arms and kiss her.

“Okay,” he said agreeing not to kiss her when he suspected that she wanted to be kissed.

She looked at him seemingly disappointed that he agreed not to kiss her.

“You mustn’t touch and feel me in that sexual way just as I must never touch and feel you in that sexual way either. We must control our sexual impulses,” she said looking at him with wanton desire as if she wanted him to touch and feel her when she just told him that she didn’t want him to touch and feel her.

He was as confused having this interaction with his mother as he was confused when buying a used car at the used car dealership. After a while with the salesman talking to him and talking at him, he was willing to sign anything just to leave. Now he felt the same way with his mother. He didn’t know if he should leave or stay. Embarrassed, sexually frustrated, and feeling rejected, he just wanted to run to his room and hide. He just wanted to watch her undressing from behind the two-way mirror while masturbating over French kissing her and over all that he touched and felt of her beautiful body.

“Okay,” he said. “I understand Mother. I’m sorry.”

Still feeling sexually frustrated, a huge understatement, with her seemingly the innocent one and with him the pervert soon to be peeping at her undressing, he felt responsible for making an incestuous pass at her. He felt guilty for parting her lips with his tongue. He felt perversely perverted for feeling her ass through her short skirt, her breasts through her blouse, her nipples through her bra, and her pussy through her panty. With her so innocent, so good, and so morally modest, how dare he take incestuous, sexual advantage of his mother? He could never look her in the eye again while thinking of her feeling his cock through his jeans.

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