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It was a bad idea from the start, but she really wanted Jen’s father to like her. She accepted his invitation for drinks just assuming they’d become friends and have fun. Some things are too unpredictable.

It started off okay, they were talking about Jen and how happy she is that they’re together. He also said he’s never seen Jen so happy, and that she seems like a great catch because she’s smart and good looking. She should have seen through the compliment, but it didn’t hit her how inappropriate it was until she was a few drinks deep. He started to get increasingly obvious with the remarks, he’d say her dress is gorgeous, it hugs her body in all the right places. A drink later, he stared at her cleavage and he didn’t even care that she noticed.

She was uncomfortable, but she couldn’t risk pissing him off, maybe it was just him having fun. He is married, how likely is it that these passes are even real? So she stayed longer, and had more drinks, and she felt more relaxed, enough to joke around with him checking her boobs out too much, to which he laughed and said, “You’re the one putting them in my face!”

The bar that they were at seemed to quiet down, maybe it was because they were in the back of it and out of the way, or because it was getting so late. Time flies when you let yourself relax and have fun.

They slurred and bantered back and forth, he’d say a quick comment like he’s jealous that Jen gets to fuck someone so hot, and she’d laugh it off and say she’s the lucky one because Jen is hot. She didn’t compliment him or flirt back in any way.

That’s why it was such a shock when he reached under her chair and pulled her closer. They ended up side by side and she looked over at him, smiling because she thought he wanted to tell her some kind of secret, instead escort bostancı she got his tongue shoved in her mouth.

Her hands flew up between them and against his chest, but all of the alcohol seemed to make her self control and strength just fall away. At least that’s her excuse, it’s really her only one. She felt his hand on her back, and the other sliding across her stomach and they pulled her closer to him, raising her up off the chair until she was willfully straddling his lap and kissing him back with a desperation that still surprises her.

He kept groaning and grunting into her mouth each time she’d rock her hips, she didn’t understand why at first, not until she felt him beneath her. She always grinds against Jen and it doesn’t stimulate them both, it was strange to feel something growing there.

Two hands tightened against her hips, urging her to grind if she’d been still for too long. She’d find his bulge beneath his trousers and try to get it in the right spot, sighing into his mouth with a soft moan whenever she did get the correct position.

Their kiss only seemed to get hotter though, she expected that he’d just cum in his pants or that she’d wake up from the crazy drunk haze she was in and run away, instead they kept grinding and making out, tilting their heads every few moments to try and get at each other’s kiss in a harder way.

She felt one of his hands releasing the pressure on her hip, leaving her with tingling skin as it traveled up her side to the front of her dress. His hand covered her breast and squeezed quite firmly, then in a quick movement, she felt his fingers hook into the top of her dress and the cup of her bra, and he pulled until her whole breast was exposed for his hand to press against. Skin on skin made everything ümraniye escort hotter, she moaned loudly into his mouth and he started grinding himself against her.

If she could go back in time, she would have stopped herself from reaching down. She can’t even blame him, she was the one who was undoing his trousers, she was the one who pushed her hand into them to find his hard cock, thick and throbbing in her hand. He grunted at her and started pumping himself through her hand.

It happened fast, probably too fast considering the pain. He moved his other hand from her hip and worked her dress up out of the way, and because she’d never been with a man before, she slid closer to him and directed his cock to her. She was wet, she knew that much, she even felt it when she was tugging her panties to the side, she touched herself quickly just to make sure she was ready for him. That was, until she was trying to take him.

The thickness was more than she’d ever had when it came to toys, and maybe he didn’t take notice of what her hesitation meant, he gave a thrust and sent himself into her. She inhaled sharply because it felt like she’d just been split open, he didn’t give her the chance of getting her used to the feeling, he wrapped his arms around her body and started fucking her.

Her response was to sit there and let him hold her body, pump back and forth against her as she holds his shoulders and tries not to whimper. He grunted and breathed loudly against her ear, it was loud but she was more focused on the lessening pain and the increasing slickness. He was getting her wet. She was actually fucking her girlfriend’s father and getting turned on.

She let her fingers curl against his back and ended up with fistfuls of his shirt, she held on tightly as her body kartal escort bayan bounced against his thrusting. She felt his thickness moving in and out of her every time, he didn’t slow down at all, he fucked her without control, it was like he had to. She liked that, to think he needed this, even though she’s been dating his daughter for years. She wondered how many times he’s thought about fucking her, while he was doing it. She temporarily drifted off into her thoughts and paid less attention to the way he felt, to his grunts and fast paced breathing, to the thickness grinding through her tight soaked walls.

Her mind kicked back into gear, maybe a second too late, she had been too busy searching for signs that he had these inappropriate thoughts about her, that she missed the signs that he was close. His thrusting became laboured, he started to hold her tighter, grunt with a deeper tone, thrust with a slower but harder roughness.

She didn’t know what was happening, not until he slowed down to a stop and let out a long exhale against her ear. She stayed still, wondering for a moment if she should ask why he stopped, but when she felt him sliding out of her, no longer thick and hard, she felt the warm cream following. It dropped onto his cock until he reached underneath her dress and covered her with her panties.

She was in shock for a while, and he kept kissing her neck and lips without any response from her. She just let her girlfriend’s father fuck her without protection, and he came inside of her.

“Fuck, that was hot.” He whispered against her parted lips.

His confirmation that it really happened seemed to snap her out of it. She stood up quickly and brought her leg over his lap. She didn’t say anything to him, she turned quickly and walked for the exit.

Her first stop was to get the morning after pill, just to be safe. Then she wandered around, sobered up enough to feel overwhelmingly guilty and called a cab to go back to her girlfriend’s parents home. She hated that they were staying there for the holidays now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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