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I was lying in bed watching my beautiful wife prepare for bed. She had just stepped out of the shower. I was admiring the beauty of her nakedness as I could easily watch her toweling off. Her breasts were medium size with a firmness that allowed her nipples to point forward. Her torso was very shapely with a narrow waist line. After giving birth to our son, she had exercised to restore her original curves. I could see the slight crease of her shaved pussy while she was in the standing position. Her long slender legs always looked so sexy when wearing a dress. Now I could see the full length from her toes to her crotch. I looked up to see her face. Her lips looked so desirable to be kissed. Her long blond hair flowed down the sides of her face and back. I’m so lucky to have her as my wife. She will soon be in bed with me.

While watching her, I started to reminisce. When I was a boy growing up with my mom and dad, I was very curious to see what a girl looked like without any clothes. I didn’t have a sister to peek at. But, I was always tempted to catch a glimpse of mom.

I took any opportunity to glance at a girl, young or old, when any hidden flesh became exposed.

Several times Dad noticed my bold stares and said, “Son, you know you should respect the privacy of others. I know you are curious, but you should be more discrete. Someday, you will have a wife to satisfy all your curiosities.”

I was always shy around girls in High School and was not popular with them. Therefore, I rarely dated but I always liked to look. Graduation day came when I was eighteen and I was still a virgin.

Mom was becoming disgusted with me for my attempts to peek at her when partially clothed. Then one night Dad came into my bedroom to say, “Your mom and I have talked about your habit of peeking at her. We know you are just curious about girls like most boys are at this age. We feel that it will be a healthy thing for you to actually see. You are old enough now to understand about sex and the female form.”

He continued, “Come in the bedroom with me.”

I followed dad into my parents bedroom. bahis firmaları Mom was dressed in a nightie. She was sitting in front of the mirror combing her long hair. Even though she was “an old lady”, my cock was instantly hard and pushed out my pajamas.

Dad said, “Mom is going to show you what a naked girl looks like.”

I just stared as mom continued to brush her hair for another minute, then got up to face me. She lifted the hem of her nightie up over her head. Her breasts were pointing straight at me. I knew I sucked on them years ago, but they had not been exposed to me in a long time. I quickly looked down to see the hair at her crotch. I was mesmerized and just stared. This is what I’ve always want to see.

Dad said, “Guess this is a big surprise. You’ve been trying to get a glimpse of her for a long time. What do you think now?”

I was too dumbstruck to answer, but continued to stare.

Mom smiled at me, then said, “Maybe I should get over here on the bed to teach him about a girl’s body.”

She laid on the bed and spread her legs. “Come on over here for a closer look.”

I moved to the edge of the bed. I was embarrassed because I assumed they could see my cock trying to burst out of my pajamas.

Mom ran her fingers down over her pussy. Then she spread the lips for me to see.

She said, “Now if you look closely, you will see my hole.”

I moved closer but didn’t touch her. She moved her finger up and down her opened lips, then I watched as she put one finger in her hole. I felt like I was about to cum in my pajamas I was so turned on.

She watched my face to see my reaction. “Now, would you like to feel and put you finger in?”

I was so nervous and excited as my shaking finger felt up and down her slit, then put my finger in her.

Dad observed, then said, “Son, what do you think now about a girl’s body?”

“Wow, this is exciting.”

Mom said, “There’s a little more I want to show you.”

She moved her finger up her slit, “See this little button. This is the spot that really gets a girl sexy. Lightly rubbing kaçak iddaa this will do wonders for a girl.”

Dad looked at mom, then said, “I think this young man has learned a lot tonight. It’s very obvious with the bulge I see in his pajamas. What do you think we should do about it?”

Mom hesitated a few seconds then quickly responded, “Oh…, No…., you don’t really mean…….” Her words trailed off.

At the time, I didn’t know what they were talking about.

Dad continued to talk to Mom, “It would be a learning experience for him and you are on the pill”

Mom hesitated as if in deep thought, then said, “I guess it would be alright.”

She looked at me to say, “Your dad wants you to learn some more. Take your pajamas off.”

I was a little embarrassed because I had not been fully naked in front of mom in quite a while.

Dad reassured me, “Take them off like your mother said. You’re really going to get a thrill.”

I took off my top first, then lowered and stepped out of my pajama bottoms. My very hard cock was pointing straight at mom.

She took it in her hand to squeeze it, “My darling little boy, you have a very big one. And it is rock hard. You have really grown up to be a man.”

She continued, “Come on up here on top of me. I think you will like what we are going to do, and I think I will like it too.”

Mom spread her legs and helped me move on top of her. She said, “Put your weight on your elbows so that you don’t mash me. Now I’m going to aim your hard one.”

She put her hand on my cock and tugged for me to move it toward her. Her hand was just too much for me and I began shooting cum on her hand and crotch before I could get it in. I was panting and groaning as my body pressed on her. I could feel my cock pushing near her pussy, but had missed the hole.

She laid still with her hand holding my cock until I recovered. She gave me a slight push to get me off of her.

She softly said, “Don’t worry about it. I can understand. Dad, get two towels for us so we can clean up.”

Dad gave us the towels as mom cleaned herself kaçak bahis and I did the same without a word being spoken.

Finally, Dad broke the silence, “Let him try again. I’m sure he can be ready in a couple of minutes.”

Mom had her legs spread while cleaning up. I could clearly see her pussy and ass. My cock was already beginning to get hard again.

Mom held it in her hand to squeeze and jack it a little. She then lowered her head to take it in her mouth. That was the most erotic feeling I ever had. My buddies had talked about this, but I didn’t think a girl would do it. My cock was now very hard.

Mom said, “I think you are ready again. You probably won’t cum as fast this second time. Lie on your back and let me get on top this time.”

I was so naive I didn’t know about this position. I had always assumed the guy would be on top.

Mom was squatting over me as she lowered herself. She held my cock this time and I didn’t shoot off like I did a few minutes ago. I could feel my cock entering her warm body. It felt so good. Once she settled fully down on me, she squeezed my cock in a pulsating fashion. I was thrilled and thought I would cum soon.

She started up and down movements and rotated her body on me, too. She was beginning to breath hard as I watched her finger rub the little button she told me about. I knew I was about to cum, but it surprised me when she started screaming and gasping for air. I thought I had hurt her. Her pussy was grabbing at my cock causing me to shoot spurt after spurt in her. Soon, mom’s body stopped quivering and jerking. She slumped forward with her breasts pressed into my body. I glanced at dad to notice he had been intently watching us.

Mom rolled off and laid by my side. “Sonny boy, you are now a man. Your wife is going to love sex with you someday.”

Dad said, “Alright, son, you have had your lesson for tonight. You can go to your own bedroom now.”

I was brought back to the present time as I watched my beautiful wife walk out of the bathroom to get in bed with me. I will always cherish that wonderful experience with my mom so many years ago.

As my wife and I had sex that night, I wondered if she would give our son the same experience when he grew older to understand about sex and a girl’s body. I would be willing to watch them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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