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Chapter 15 – Son puts mom in her place

Barbie watched as Jay’s partner practically fucked him right there in front of everyone and he seemed to be enjoying it so much that he did not even notice her dancing right behind him. When the song ended Jay went back to their table but when Barbie’s partner politely thanked her for the dance and started to walk away she did not let go of his hand pulling him tight against her for the next song.

If Jay liked a woman grinding her pussy against a hard dick two could play that game. The music started, a slow seductive melody, the lyrics sexually suggestive; Barbie moved in front of their table where Jay was sure to see her.

Until now Jay had forgotten about the egg inside Barbie’s pussy and him having the remote, when he sat down after dancing with the redhead his hand brushed against the small plastic box in his pocket; he discreetly pulled it out and placed it on the table under his hand.

Barbie pulled the top of her dress open baring her large breasts to her dance partner, of course he did not object; nor did he have a problem with her placing his hands on her exposed tits. She then pulled her dress up around her waist and began grinding her naked pussy directly against the growing bulge in the front of her partner’s slacks.

Jay saw the smirk on Barbie’s face when she looked at him as she dry-humped the man in front of her. Jim and Karen had no idea the reason Barbie was putting on such an erotic show beside the table; but Jay knew all too well what she was doing and why.

Her simulated sex act grew even more lewd as Jim and Karen cheered her on, then Jay pressed the button on the remote control. Barbie nearly fell, if she had not had her arms around her partners neck she would have went to the floor.

Jim and Karen stopped urging her on fearing Barbie was in pain by the expression on her face. Karen turned to Jay expecting him to rush to Barbie’s aid; they were surprised to see him sitting calmly, smiling mischievously.

“Jay, aren’t you going to help her?”

“No, she will be ok; just watch” and Jay showed Karen what was hidden beneath his hand.

Karen smiled, “Oh, you’re a naughty boy; I like it!”

Karen turned back to watch what happened next, she tapped Jim on the shoulder pointing toward Barbie “Keep watching, this should be good.”

Barbie was no longer grinding against her partner; instead she was using his shoulders for support; her thighs were clamped tightly together with a grimace on her face. Jay tapped the button again.

Barbie’s legs buckled, her hands slid off her partner’s shoulders grabbing his waist as she went to her knees. Her face was at the same level as his hard cock which was straining against the front of his slacks, she would have been staring at it; that is if she could have opened her eyes. She actually placed her forehead against the bulge as she moved her hips in a humping motion responding to the stimulation from the egg inside her.

Jim asked Karen what was happening and when Karen whispered in his ear he smiled as he turned his attention back to Barbie’s strange gyrations on the dance floor. Jay pressed the button a third time and Barbie went to her hands and knees; her exposed tits hanging from her chest, her dress still around her waist as she flashed her bare ass and quivering pussy to everyone behind her.

Her head was down and she moved her hips back and forth as if an invisible man was fucking her from behind. Barbie looked at Jay, her eyes pleading with him to stop the sexual torture; but he wanted to make sure she learned her lesson. He clicked the button a fourth time switching the egg to its most intense setting; it was like a rocket went off in Barbie’s cunt.

Everyone stopped what they were doing staring at Barbie; she screamed as a powerful orgasm caused her arms to collapse, her D tits hit the floor. There was no doubt what was happening to the woman with pink hair wearing the sexy blue mini-dress; she was having an earthshaking orgasm in front of everyone on the dance floor.

Karen told Jay he should stop but he responded “Just one more.”

With the egg buzzing in her pussy Barbie rolled onto her back, her hand cupping her cunt as she screamed again from the second orgasm. Her breasts heaved on her chest as she struggled to breathe. Jay clicked the egg off and Barbie’s body went limp. She lay on the floor, her legs spread wide; one hand still holding her spasming pussy the other thrown out to the side.

The on-lookers feeling the show was over started to bahis firmaları applaud Barbie’s explicit display of sexual pleasure. Jay put the remote in his pocket then went to assist Barbie off the dance floor, her legs were like rubber as Jay helped her to her feet; putting Barbie’s arm around his shoulder he led her outside. Jay straightened her dress pulling it down over her ass as well as pulling the thin fabric over her breasts

“Jay, that was mean; you’re an asshole.”

“What you were doing with the man on the dance floor was uncalled for.”

“I wasn’t doing anything different than the redhead was doing with you; why is it ok for you and not for me?”

“Because I was not doing it for spite like you were; if you were doing it because you wanted too, because you wanted to put on a show then it would be a different issue. But you were doing it for revenge to get back at me.”

“Jay, I was jealous; I remembered how you responded to my auburn wig and I was afraid you would have the same reaction to the sexy redhead. I was afraid you would leave me for her.”

“Barbie, I thought you trusted me. Both of us have been playing and flirting all night; but what you did was wrong.”

“I’m sorry Jay, it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, I don’t mind if it happens again, I have to admit it was a pretty good show; but next time it better be for the right reasons.”

“Oh, it won’t happen again, I promise.”

Then her regret turned to anger as she remembered how Jay had embarrassed her by making her orgasm… twice, in front of everyone! The alcohol gave her a false courage causing her to snap at Jay.

“But damn-it Jay, you didn’t have to embarrass me like that. You’re a fucking asshole; that was just plain mean.”

Jay didn’t say a word; he simply reached in his pocket and pressed the button on the remote. Barbie went to her knees in front of Jay; to anyone passing by on the street it looked like she was giving him a blowjob.

“Turn it off Jay, please turn it off!”

Still not saying anything Jay clicked the button again.”

“Oh fuck Jay, I can’t take it anymore. Damn-it, turn it off. It’s not funny anymore.”

“Do you see me laughing?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then it must not be a joke huh?”

“Evidently not; please turn it off.”

Barbie felt the vibrating pulse from the third setting; he over-sensitized cunt burst into orgasm.

“Oh god, I’m cumming again. Oh fuck, turn it off Jay, please turn it off.”

But Jay was proving a point; he clicked the egg on the highest setting.

“Oh fuck Jay, I’m cumming again, I can’t stop it, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Barbie orgasmed two more times before she felt the egg stop vibrating; she was trying to catch her breath when she looked up at Jay. She started to say something but he cut her off.

“Obviously we need to set some ground rules; Barbie, I am in control. Don’t ever talk to me like that again and don’t ever pull a spiteful stunt like you did on the dance floor a few minutes ago. Consider this a warning and mild punishment to what will happen if you ever do this again; do you understand?”

Jay had never spoken to her this way before; she was stunned at how firm his voice was. He definitely got his point across that he was in control. The only response Barbie felt appropriate was…

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Being a horny slut is one thing, I’m ok with that; but I will not tolerate a spiteful bitch. I thought you trusted me. At first I thought you were just playing, having fun, then when you looked at me I knew what you were doing and why. Unlike you I can control my urges; I wasn’t going to do anything with the redhead except what you saw on the dance floor. I admit it, it was fun; everyone likes attention and knowing they are wanted, but what you did is unacceptable.”

“I’m sorry Jay. I promised you would have a wonderful time and I ruined things again. I don’t blame you if you hate me. You deserve better.’

“Barbie, I don’t hate you, and I am having a wonderful time. Watching you submitting to the power of the remote was very exciting. And you’re right, I deserve better; but I don’t want anyone else, I want to be with you. I deserve better from you, there is no one better than you.”

“Yes Sir, you’re correct; you do deserve better from me. I have a lot of making up to do don’t I?

Jay could not disagree, she had said she would make up for the many things she had done. He could not forget all that had happened in the past; Jay felt Barbie still needed to prove she could be kaçak iddaa trusted.

“Yes you do, and most of the time you do very well; but then you do something irrational and it sets you back having to start all over again. Let’s get a few things straight between us; you will do what I say without questioning me; everything, and I mean everything you do will be to please me. You said you are mine, you belong to me, and I am taking you at your word, literally.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You best never disrespect me again the way you did on the dance floor a little while ago. If you do, I will not give you the pleasure of letting you go; you will face punishment from me at my discretion for your actions much like you did just now. I love you Barbie, I love you too much to let you go; I want to keep you but I expect a certain level of behavior from of you. Now… you can either agree and we will be ok, or you can refuse and we will leave right now; the decision is yours.”

“Yes Sir”

“Yes Sir… what?”

“Yes Sir I agree with everything you said. I said I belong to you and I meant it, I agree I belong to you. Everything I do from now on will be to please you; and if I don’t I understand I will be corrected and punished for my actions. I love you too Jay, more than you could ever imagine; and when I say I will do anything for you I mean it, anything. I understand I deserved what you did to me and why; I brought it upon myself. I’m sorry Jay.”

“I am going to hold you to it; it’s your choice to adhere to my requests or you can leave.”

“Jay, what you are saying is not too much to ask; I should have never acted the way I did. You deserve better from me and you will get it. I am yours to do with as you please; whatever your desires may be they will also be my desires. May I ask a question?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I think I understand what I am not to do; if I have any questions I will ask you first. When you said ‘Being a horny slut is one thing’ what were you saying? I don’t want to assume I know what you meant and be wrong.”

“I am saying I don’t mind you being a horny slut, it is the way you are; I couldn’t change that about you if I tried. I have learned to live with it, actually I kind of like that part of your personality, it is one of your better qualities; I want you to feel free to be who you are. What I need from you is to know you will be loyal to me and not act on your urges without me. I expect you to come to me anytime you feel you are losing control to the slut inside you.”

“I will be loyal to you and only you Jay, that is not hard for me to promise you; and anytime I feel I am losing control I will come to you, I promise. But let me make sure I have this straight, so me acting like a slut sometimes doesn’t bother you, you’re saying it’s ok for me to be the slut that I am; am I hearing you right, you’re actually encouraging me to be a slut?”

“Yes, that is what I am saying. I believe I have already told you I like it that you are a horny slut; I know you can also be a classy lady and will only let the slut side of your personality come out when appropriate. But I do have something to add; you will also be a slut on request; when I ask you too. You won’t question me; you will do as I ask without arguing with me.”

“I don’t have a problem with that; I look forward to making you happy; like I said I will do anything for you, anything you ask.”

“Now, let’s go back inside.”

“But Jay, I am so embarrassed; everyone saw me cumming on the dance floor, how can I face them?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, I don’t think they expect you to be embarrassed. From their reaction it’s just the opposite, you gained instant fame and respect for your performance. I don’t think many women would do that in front of a crowd.”

“But Jay, it wasn’t me doing it on my own; the egg in my pussy caused it to happen.”

“Barbie, does it really matter? The main thing is you gained respect and notoriety from everyone that saw you squirming on the floor.”

It did not go unnoticed by Jay how comfortable Barbie seemed on her knees looking up at him the entire time they were talking; or how quickly she was willing to submit to him. For Barbie, kneeling in front of Jay felt surprisingly natural, this is what she needed, a man to take control; in this position she was willing to do anything Jay asked.

Jay offered her his hand helping her to her feet. Once she was standing she threw her arms around Jay, hugging him tight giving him a passionate kiss.

“Thank you Jay, thank you for not kaçak bahis giving up on me. Now let’s go; I believe I promised you a wonderful time at the party.”

When they returned to the table Jim asked…

“Is everything ok?”

“Yes, Barbie just needed to cool off for a few minutes.”

“That’s putting it mildly, after that performance I thought you two had gone back to the hotel; or Barbie went to take a cold shower, that was fucking hot.”

Jay laughed; Barbie smiled, her face turning bright red because of Jim’s comment.

Karen playfully slapped Jim on the shoulder “Jim, what they do is none of your business.”

She turned to Barbie “Don’t worry about it honey, you were very impressive, everyone enjoyed it. You would not believe how many people came by asking who you are; you’re practically famous in our little group now.”

Just as Karen finished her comment a couple walked up to Barbie “Hi, we are Bill and Sue; we just wanted to thank you for the show. Sue said she wished she had the courage to do what you did, that was fucking hot as hell.”

Barbie blushed, not comfortable with being praised this way “Thank you, I am Barbie and this is my…”

Jay extended his hand answering for Barbie as to the status of their relationship “her boyfriend Jay; it’s good to meet you. She is pretty amazing isn’t she; I’m proud of my Barbie.”

She did not immediately comment on how Jay introduced himself to Bill and Sue; but inside Barbie instantly swelled with pride that Jay would say he was her ‘boyfriend’.

One after another, couples came by to congratulate Barbie on her performance and to find out who the sexy woman with the pink hair was. By the time the ball dropped on the big screen TV announcing the beginning of the New Year more than half the people in the room had stopped by their table.

Everyone danced with their respective partner to the traditional ‘Auld Langsyne’ and after the song ended some of the couples left the party; Jay and Barbie started to leave too even though the party was scheduled to end at 1:00am. But as they were gathering their things Jim begged they stay.

“Come on guys, don’t leave yet; the party usually gets… uh-hmmm… more interesting after midnight. I think you will enjoy it, it will, at the very least, be entertaining; and drinks are now free to anyone with a hotel key.”

While Jim wanted the new couple to experience how the party changed after midnight, his motivations were not completely altruistic, he hoped to see more of Barbie’s sexy body. Jim went to the bar returning with drinks for the four of them, he was curious how more alcohol would affect Barbie’s attitude.

Barbie had been well on her way to letting the alcohol erase any inhibitions about being sexual in a semi-public place surrounded by people she did not know; but the discussion with Jay outside in the cold air had quickly sobered her. Sure she’d had drinks earlier, as well as the small glass of complimentary champagne at midnight, but now she was well aware of her surroundings and what was going on; that is until Jim challenged Barbie to either drink or answer questions, questions he knew she would choose to drink rather than answer. By 12:45 she was finishing her third cocktail since having the champagne with a fourth sitting on the table in front of her.

Quite a few couples had left the party; the ones that remained had gathered in small groups or were dancing. Barbie had been so preoccupied with Jim’s challenge that she had not noticed who was still at the party or what they were doing. When she heard cheering from a group across the room Barbie turned to see people standing in a circle, she asked Jim…

“What’s going on over there; why are they cheering?”

A veteran of the parties Jim had a good idea what was happening, it was the reason he and Karen did not leave after the party was over; but rather than tell Barbie what he assumed was taking place, he offered to take her over to the crowd.

“I think I could guess, but I’m not sure; do you want to go over and see for yourself? I will go with you.”

“Jay, do you mind?”

Jay saw no harm in letting her go with Jim; other than staring at Barbie’s tits and ass all night Jim had been very respectful of both he and Barbie. As Jim took her hand to go in the direction of the rowdy mob Barbie leaned down and whispered in Jay’s ear.

“I’m pretty drunk, the horny slut wants to come out and play.”

When Jay responded ‘So let her play’ he thought it would only be flirting, maybe flashing her tits or ass, at the most Barbie might allow someone to feel her tits much like what happened earlier on the dance floor. Jay could not have predicted the ramifications of giving Barbie permission to let the slut come out and play.

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