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I chased a lot of girls growing up, I lost my virginity at 13 to the next door neighbor. She was 28 and taught me a whole lot. The summer of my 18th birthday came then mom came down the hall way with a little towel that just covered her Big titties and her pussy. I just came in from football practice and mom must have thought I was still out. She smiled at me as she heard me say “shit” as her little ass floated by.

I went to my room and started taking my clothes off. As I headed for the shower I hear “shit” as I went down the hallway, I blushed cause I knew mom had see my dick still hard from her little show. No matter how cold or how hot the water was it just did not help my problem! So yes I stroked it till I came all over the show wall. Then I went to bed and slept, the sight of mom danced in my head.

The next morning Mom acted like nothing had happened. The next Wednesday after practice I walked in and found Mon standing in her room, door wide open, bent over and brushing her long hair with only a pair of thong panties on. I guess I should describe Mom, 38 years old, 44 EE, yes EE (checked her bra), a 34 waist and a ass that literally can stop traffic. I though I was being quiet while I watched her, but I must not have because bahçelievler escort she stood up straight and turned to face me took a deep breath and said” Do you think Momma has nice Titties? Not to big.” She looked at my hardon and smiled. I stood there in shock and stumbled to my room and collapsed on the bed. Sometime later I took a quick shower and dressed and head downstairs for supper. Mom had order a pizza and was headed out for a date. She came over to me a leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, My eyes were glued to the neckline of her dress and her breasts falling out of them. She took my face in her hands and brought it up level with her face, kissed me on my lips and then lowered it to her bulging neckline as she took a deep breath almost touching my lips with those big nipples. Then she was off, I said to myself “Somebody is going to feel those tonight.”

I feel asleep watching TV, I was dreaming of Momma and her beautiful body. My dick was getting big, then I realized Mom was back and cleaning up the living room. Through half opened eyes I watch her glide around the room, bending and twisting around watching as she came up to me and studied my crotch. Then I got bold. I moan and rubbed bahçeşehir escort my dick through my jeans and said “ooh Momma.” She reached out and placed her hand on it and smiled really big. She kept it there and squeezed it real softly and never let her gaze leave my dick. Her breathing quickened and she reached under her dress and shortly started to shake and moan.

Watching Mom with her hand squeezing my dick and her cumming was too much as I shot off in my pants. When she came back to earth, she felt my wet pants and slowly lowered her face to my crotch and stuck her tongue out to the big wet spot. The she shook me a and said for me to get up and go to bed. She helped me up and I leaned on her chest acting like I was still a sleep. Her breast were warm and smelled of flowers. She helped me to bed, laid me down and took my shirt off and tugged my jeans off. Before she covered me up she took the front of my briefs and pulled them down to see the cum on my cock, that smile came back on her face as she held it and then she licked the cum off of her fingers and went to her room.

I heard her moaning and snuck to her door and listened as she came saying” Yes baby fuck you Mommy whore’s tight pussy, bakırköy anal yapan escort fill it up.” I fell asleep with that on my ears, over and over. I woke up about 5:00 that morning hard as a brick and wanting to explore more. Not knowing for sure what I would or wouldn’t do I snuck up to her door which was half way open and gazed in. There was my beautiful Momma in a black baby doll nightie lying on top of the sheets. I could smell her pussy from when she came earlier, it filled my very sole and made me light headed. I tiptoed in to her room and decided turn about was fair play. I touch one of her large tits and I could actually feel the nipples get hard and throb between my thumb and finger. She wiggled her fine ass in the bed, I jerked back and headed for the door sure I was caught, but she never opened her eyes. I turn around and went back, I figured this was a once in a life time thing I better enjoy it.

I set down beside her and stared between her now widely parted thighs, just a hint of her red pussy hair sticking out on each side of her black panties. I lowered my head and licked at her crotch, which was already soaked. I moved the panties out of the way an found the object of my affection, smiling back at me. I could not help but stick my tongue out and gently taste her pussy. I licked it for hours, probably no more than a minute and Momma thighs closed around my head as she screamed as she came and then went limp. With a satisfied smile on my face and a hard dick, I went back to my bed.

Momma’s Baby Boy 2 Momma makes me a man coming soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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