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All of my stories are quite unrealistic and niche, combining elements of mom son JOI with vintage sex comedies and burlesque-style dancing.

This particular story is fairly short and contains a decent amount of word repetition, such as mommy and bush.

Heads up in case that isn’t your thing.

Hope you like it — comments welcome! All characters are over 18.

“My goodness, son, it’s not even breakfast yet and you’re already having a boner boy masturbation session!”

My mom stood next to the TV while I sat on the couch with one my hand in my pants. She had on high heels, black thigh-high stockings and a matching garter belt, high-waisted satin panties that left a bit of her bush sticking out of the top, and a corset that barely contained her big, wobbling boobs.

She was wearing lots of make up, had hair done in a poofy 80s style, and finished off the outfit with a big bow on her head.

“And what are we making messes to today?” my mom teased while making jerk off motions with her hand in front of her panties.

“Let me guess. Bikini Babes Save the Car Wash?” she asked while bobbling her chest at me with a big smile.

“Or is it Jerky Boys at Megabush Manor?” she teased with a wink and a couple of hip thrusts.

“Speaking of megabush, looks like part of mommy’s is on display for your stroking party!” She looked down at her panties, pulled them forward a bit and then put one hand on her slightly open mouth to feign surprise.

“Haven’t you watched these bushy booby babes enough, mister number one masturbator? How about mommy encourages you to spray lots of jizzy cummies with a singalong strokeathon instead!?”

“That sounds spunk-a-rific!” I exclaimed.

“Ok Mr. Spunky Monkey, grab that boner, get set, and start stroking!”

To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Stroke, stroke, stroke your boner

up and down you go.

Jacking, spraying, masturbating

go ahead and blow.

I shot several loads in the direction of my dancing, singing mom, hitting her bobbling boobs.

“Wow, son! You have such great aim, splashing your masturbation mommy’s wobbling whoppers with your boner spray like that. I’m so proud of you!”

She continued on with the next verse, shaking her panty clad buns at me in unison with her singing.

Spray, spray, spray some more

cover mommy’s tush.

Stroking, jerking every day

look at mommy’s bush!

After shooting another big load, this time hitting her buns and stockings, she turned around and rewarded me with a silly panty dance.

Traipsing back and forth in front of me with a big smile on her face, she pulled her panties up and down, bakırköy masöz escort revealing large portions of her big bush several times.

She left it pulled halfway down and put one hand on her hip while wagging her finger at me with her other hand.

“Is my jerk off champion peeking at mommy’s panty bush!? Where did I ever get such a naughty son?” she chastised with a big smile and a shake of her boobs before starting the next verse.

Spunk, spunk, spunk your load

make the cummies spray.

Squirting, jizzing all about

it’s a masturbation day!

“You’re doing so great, son, stroking and shooting on your mommy’s boobies, bush, and buns. But by the looks of that big hard boing! in your hand, we’ve got a ways to go until we get all of that poison out. Time for the next singalong boner song!”

To the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The naughty little stroker

jerked off every day.

Out sprayed the cummies

heading mommy’s way.

“Keep going son! You’re such a trooper, squirting your messes on mommy like that!”

She pulled her big natural knockers out of her lingerie, pressed her forearms against them, so they squeezed together and danced around.

Out came mommy’s boobs

and jiggled all about.

And the naughty little stroker

sprayed them once again.

She took her panties off and smiled at me, clapping above her head like she was applauding me.

Shaking her boobs and alternating between clapping and making jerk off motions, she thrust her bush at me—encouraging me to spray on it.

“Gee whiz, son! You sure do love making mommy’s megabush all messy. That’s my little soldier—a true masturbation champion!” she exclaimed, giving me a salute when she called me her little soldier.

After that, mom went upstairs to change. She came down a few minutes later donning white high-heel boots that came up past her knees, elbow-length satin gloves, a cowgirl hat on her poofy brown hair, white high cut lacy panties with a satin back, all finished with a pink frilly satin top.

Her boobs bounced comically as she danced around to show me her outfit, shaking her panty butt and clapping high above her head with a big smile. Her bush stuck out of the top of her panties even more than it did in the last outfit!

She turned around and looked back at me through her slightly spread legs, smiling and waving.

“Is mommy’s cummy cowboy ready for more singalong strokeathon fun?! Hold on to your cattle prod, it’s jacking time!!”

To the tune of Old McDonald

Mr. Boner sprayed his load.


And with that load bakırköy otele gelen escort he covered mommy.


With a stroke stroke here

and a stroke stroke there.

Here a stroke.

There a stroke.

Everywhere a stroke stroke.

Mr. Boner sprayed his load.


While she was singing, she tipped her hat from side to side while kicking her legs up like a can-can girl, her gazongas bouncing wildly under her satin cowgirl top.

Then she pulled her panties to one side, exposing most of her big bush. She peered down and halfheartedly tried to cover up, still leaving much of her big triangle exposed while pretending to be embarrassed.

“Heavens to Betsy! Mommy just can’t seem to keep her bushy wushy covered up! Guess I might as well just leave it out for my silly blastoff boy.”

She continued jiggling and shaking as she moved on with the next verse.

Mommy thrust her bush about.


And with that bush she teased her son.


With a jizz jizz here

and a jizz jizz there.

Here a jizz.

There a jizz.

Everywhere a jizz jizz.

Mommy thrust her bush about.


Hearing mommy sing about her own bush sent me over the edge. I sent torrent after torrent her way, soaking her hair, satin shakers, megabush, and legs.

“Great shootin, Tex! That’s my cowboy! The best boner stroker in all the West!”

With a big smile, mom unbuttoned her top to reveal that her boobs were being held up by a flimsy lace bra, which just barely kept her globes contained.

As she skipped back and forth in front of me, mom threw in one of my favorite moves, holding both knockers up a bit from the bottom while dancing and bobbling.

She stopped after a few minutes and put her hands on her hips, smiling at me while I continued to stroke furiously.

“Is megabush mommy’s super sprayer ready for the last song of the singalong strokeathon?!”

“Spunk yea, mom!” I exclaimed while shaking my boner back and forth at her.

“What a silly sprayer mommy has for a son. All of that jacking must have made you thirsty. I’ll be right back in my final outfit and a drink for the grand finale!”

Mom headed to the kitchen but stopped as she got the entrance, spread her legs and looked back at between them.

“Don’t *blow* anywhere! Oops! I mean go anywhere,” she tittered with a smile, wink, and shake of her panty buns.

She came back after a few minutes carrying a beer on a tray and dressed in a truly incredible outfit—black high heels, high cut jean shorts that bakırköy rus escort were pulled way up into her buns, leaving most of her cheeks hanging out.

In the front, her shorts accentuated her big milfy mound and were unsnapped, leaving just a hint of her megabush exposed. The waste of her shorts came up almost to her belly button and were connected to suspenders, which came down over her shoulder and covered just a small part of her jiggling jugs.

“Wahoo!! You look bonerific!” I cheered, waving my wiener about wildly.

“Heavens to Murgatroyd! My son is such a silly willy whacker. Mommy is so proud of you, shooting and squirting every which way,” she said while making jack off motions with one hand and shaking her maracas about.

“Now its time for the final song. Is my masturbator ready for a gooey good time?”


“I cannnn’t hear you! Is mommy’s good boy ready for a boing, boing, spurt!?”

“Stroke yea!! Jerky boner boy, reporting for squirting!”

“Then grab that bush blaster and get spurting!” she commanded before beginning her last strokeathon song.

To the tune of the Wheels on the Bus

The boobies on the mommy go up and down

Up and down

Up and down

The boobies on the mommy go up and down

For her boner boy

She pressed her knockers together with her hands and stuck her elbows out, alternating moving each boob up and down in unison with the lyrics while rocking a bit back and forth.

“Gee wilikers, son! Are you jizzing your joystick to mommy’s suspender shakers?! I don’t know if little boys should be doing that!”

She shook her cream catchers back and forth, winking at me and miming giving a blowjob.

“I guess if you’re going to do that while your very own real life masturbation mommy bounces about, you’d better not make messes all over the floor. Jerky squirts go on mommy only, young man!” she said with a big innocent smile.

“If you insist, misses spunky mommy!!” I exclaimed while spraying all over her.

“Another seamless squirt job from mommy’s boner blaster! Great going! You deserve another verse.”

Mom loosened her suspenders, pulled her shorts down, and began singing.

The silly jerky boy makes a mess

Makes a mess

Makes a mess

The silly jerky boy makes a mess

On mommy’s bush

While singing, she played peak-a-boo with her bush with one hand while squishing her boobs together with her other hand and forearm—shaking her whole body wildly about.

“See, son? You don’t need ‘Boobie Babes Save the City’ when you’re making naughty messes with your cummy cucumber! You’ve got your very own masturbation mommy, here to give you singalong strokeathon songs any time you want! Doesn’t that sound great, my little masturbator?!”

“Yahoo!! That sounds spurt-tastic!” I exclaimed, standing up and shaking my boner back and forth with my hands on my hips.

“You showoff! Welp, that’s mommy’s jizzy jack off boy. A boner blaster through and through.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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