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Sherri and Robbie reluctantly disengaged from each other’s bodies and while Robbie straightened out his uniform and began to get dressed, Sherri went into the small bathroom to freshen up. She came back out as he was fastening the top buttons of the tunic he had never taken off. Quickly she changed into her traveling clothes…with one exception; she kept on the pantyhose she had been wearing – still soaked with cum and pussy juice.

“I can’t wait for Don to suck our love juices out of them. I’m getting all hot again, just thinking about it. So, why don’t we go see if he has made Darla as happy as you’ve made me?”

They left the scene of their incest initiation and went in search of Sherri’s new husband and Robbie’s new step-father. They found Don and Darla sipping champagne in the reception lounge adjacent to the wedding hall. If ever a woman looked “well and goodly fucked,” Darla certainly did. And perhaps only slightly less so than Sherri, herself.

“Well, Darling, was it everything you hoped it would be?” Don asked as he pulled a chair out for her. He knew from the exhausted looks on their faces that it must have been, but he had to ask anyway.

“Oh God! And then some,” his wife replied. “Don, you are, without a doubt a great lover…” she began.

“I’ll drink to that!” interrupted Darla, raising her glass above her head. “Honey, if you ever decide to get rid of this guy, you just let me know. I’ve never had a nicer “bridesmaid present” in my life. I just hope I left a little for you to enjoy on your wedding night. But from the looks of you and that handsome hunk of a son of yours, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

“As I started to say before I was so pleasantly interrupted,” Sherri began again, “you’re a great lover, but there is something about fucking your own son that words just can’t describe. It was absolutely fantastic.”

“And I’ll drink to that,” said Robbie enthusiastically. “Although I’d have to substitute ‘mom’ for ‘son’, but I think you get the idea.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it,” sighed Don, “since I’ve never had the opportunity to ‘fuck my son’…Of course, if things work out like we planned, I may just GET that chance pretty soon,” avcılar elit escort he said, looking meaningfully at his handsome new step-son. All Robbie could do was duck his head and smile as his face turned red before the suggestive gaze of the older man.

“I guess it’s settled then?” asked Darla with a wicked grin on her face. “You’re all going on the honeymoon together? God! I’m envious. But maybe you can ALL make it up to me when you get back?” she asked hopefully, while also eyeing the young Marine.

“Count on it,” said Don and Sherri together. Robbie just smiled shyly. But he did begin to look at Darla with lecherous eyes as he contemplated the possibilities. He hadn’t noticed before, but she was obviously as beautiful as his mother…And besides, he’d never fucked a black girl before and he realized that he had another adventure to look forward to before he had to return to the drab regimentation of the Marine base.

“Well, that being the case, I guess we’d better get a move on if we’re going to catch our flight,” said Don. “I took the liberty of making reservations for three, since I was pretty sure that no self respecting Marine would be able to resist the wiles of a woman as beautiful and sexy as your mother…Even if she IS your mother. And it seems we were right, so what do you say we get going? Darla, it was great, and I’m really looking forward to our “home cumming” party when we get back.”

“As I said, I’ll drink to that,” replied Darla as the other three got up to leave. She got up too and gave each of the “honeymooners” a tongue swirling kiss that was intended to make sure they didn’t forget their promise and slipped away from the happy 3-some.


As they settled into the large, comfortable, first class seats aboard the jumbo jet, Robbie asked where they were headed. Don replied that they were going to an island off the coast of New England where he had a large, old beach home that he had inherited from his parents.

“I think you’ll like it Robbie. It’s really beautiful this time of year and there aren’t any nosy neighbors close enough to bother us, so we can be avcılar escort as free and uninhibited as we want. If we feel like fucking on the beach under the moonlight or in broad daylight, we can…It’s that secluded. Of course, we don’t get very good television reception, but I have a porno tape library that you wouldn’t believe and a stereo system that’ll blow you away. I doubt that any of us will get bored, but we can always go into town and find something or ‘someone’ to amuse us if we want to.”

“Oh, Don, you’re hopeless,” laughed Sherri. As if you thought Robbie and I weren’t enough to keep you entertained. I doubt very much that any of us will be ‘bored’ for the next couple of weeks. We may never want to come back even.”

Robbie was more than a little nervous about the situation he found himself in now. He knew that he loved his mother passionately, and could hardly keep his hands off of her. He wanted to fuck her again – right then and right there in this huge plane cruising thirty thousand feet over the dark countryside below. “Wouldn’t THAT be a way to join the ‘Mile High Club’,” he thought. But, unfortunately the plane was pretty crowded, even here in first class, and that cute flight attendant couldn’t keep her eyes off of him…Or the uniform, he wasn’t sure which. Of course, the male flight attendant wasn’t much better. He couldn’t seem to make up his mind who he wanted of ogle the most; Robbie or the gorgeous woman he was obviously traveling with.

Pulling his thoughts back to the immediate future, he again experienced a mix of excitement, curiosity and apprehension. He had had sex with other men a few times and had enjoyed the experiences tremendously. But that had been with guys his own age, school chums and Marine Corp buddies. It had never amounted to much more than mutual masturbation and an occasional blow job. He liked sucking another man’s cock and getting sucked in return…But anything more than that, he wasn’t too sure about. The fantasy was fine, but he didn’t know if he would enjoy the actual experience of fucking another man, or even more scary, being fucked in the ass himself.

“Oh, well,” he thought as the plane droned avcılar eve gelen escort through the night. “I’m into it now, so I can hardly back out at this late date. Besides, its the only way I’ll be able to sink my dick into mom’s sweet pussy again, so, I guess that’s just the price I’ll have to pay…But I’m still nervous.”

He looked closely at his mom’s new husband, sitting next to her with their hands discretely hidden under a blanket. He was sure they were feeling each other up in the dark of the cavernous plane and he started to get hard just thinking about it. He remembered that his mom was still wearing her cum soaked pantyhose with the open crotch under her short skirt and he imagined Don’s fingers sliding in and out of his mother’s slippery cunt and had to ease his growing cock through his tight trousers. Of course, BOTH of the flight attendants happened to look in his direction at that precise moment, and give him a knowing smile. “Damn!” he thought to himself. “If I keep this up, I’m going to have to go to the head and jerk off to get some relief.”

Instead, he returned his attention to Don, once again. He was definitely a good looking guy. Robbie could see why his mother had fallen in love with him. Robbie hadn’t gotten to know him very well in the short time since they had met, but he certainly seemed nice enough. He was dark complected, but certainly not what you would call, “swarthy”. In fact his complexion was only slightly darker than Robbie’s. He was sophisticated, worldly and experienced and his charm and affability were equally obvious.

There was no doubt in Robbie’s mind that Don loved his mother very much. Perhaps even as much as he himself did. And in Robbie’s mind, that counted for a lot. But did HE want to have sex with the man? Again, there was that sense of excitement tempered with more than a little apprehension. He must have fallen asleep as these thoughts coursed through his mind, because the next thing he knew, their imminent landing was signaled by a few soft “gongs” and the sound of the massive wheel assembly descending into place.

As they entered the nearly deserted airport, Don said he would arrange for transportation out to the island while Sherri and Robbie collected the luggage. He assured them that it was only a short taxi ride to the pier where a launch was always standing by to take late arrivals across the short expanse of open ocean. And Robbie knew that he was committed to whatever came his way. He wasn’t about to turn back now.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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