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On a warm, summer morning, I drifted in and out of that hallucinogenic plane between wakefulness and sleep. Cocooned in the warmth of soft, cotton blankets, I sensed a body spooning next to me, ample breasts pressing against my back I shifted, turning to face the woman, and I could see her nakedness. She moved closer, offering her swollen breast, with its red, pointed tip, for me to sample.

“Here, my love,” she whispered. “Take it.”

Without hesitation, I drew as much of her flesh into my wet, warm mouth as I could. Her turgid nipple rubbed against my tongue and the roof of my mouth as I sucked on it powerfully, causing the first trickle of milk to come.

A gentle sigh of approval sounded in my ears. Her hand rested on the top of my head, with its delicate fingers gently rubbing against my scalp, running through my sandy, blond hair, pressing my face more firmly against the fleshy object of my attention.

“That’s it, baby,” she purred. “Suck out the milk. Take all of it.”

For an eternity, I suckled her beautiful breast, inhaling the scent of her body, not ceasing until the flow of milk ebbed to a trickle. Still, I continued until she shifted, removing the breast from my mouth.

“Now the other one,” she instructed, offering another flushed, glossy areola with its thick nipple at the ready.

Lost in pleasure and contentment, I drew on the fresh, stiff nipple with a vigor surpassing that of any newborn. As my body stretched out across the bed, I grasped her shoulders, positioning my naked body against hers. The scent of jasmine, blended with the natural, sweet musk of a woman’s body, filled my nostrils, intoxicating me.

“Such a good boy.” Her hands clasped around my back.

In one motion, my body rolled on top of hers. As I continued suckling her generous breast, my body came to rest between a pair of full, silky thighs. Supported by her lovely body, our hips rested against each other firmly. I noticed my shrunken cock had transformed into a full, throbbing erection – or at least that’s what it felt like to me – pushing into the crack between her thighs, nestling in a forest of thick, springy fur.

Through all of the sensations trickling into my brain, I felt a distinct wetness forming against the swollen, sensitive head of my cock. Somehow, I knew it was a chemically natural invitation into her body. In spite of my youthful ignorance, I began to press my hips against her thighs more firmly, my cock becoming more engulfed in her silky bush. A gasp escaped from her lips, then a soft murmur.

“Let me show you, darling,” she cooed. Her hands clasped around my hips, gently lifting my body up and forward against her. Immediately, my cock slid deeply into her snug wetness.

“Ahhh,” my mouth quavered, releasing her well-suckled bakırköy masöz escort breast. A trickle of milk escaped. I couldn’t believe how good she felt! Immediately, instinctively, my hips began to undulate against hers. I had to thrust against her, to piston my hard cock into her body. A low grunt came from her open mouth.

“Oh, yes, baby, that’s it,” she panted. “YESSS!”

Her voice trailed off as she pushed her lovely ass up to meet my increasingly urgent thrusts. I couldn’t believe my incredible luck. A full-grown woman had come to my bed and was now allowing me inside her body. I knew very little about what I was doing, only that it felt incredibly good.

My face pressed into the smoothness between her breasts as I wrapped my arms around her full, soft body. Soon, I acquired a comfortable rhythm. My entire scrotum became slick with her wetness, aching with pressure as my balls gently slapped against her ass. My beautiful lover softly spoke.

“Baby,” she started, lifting her breast slightly, “could you suck me some more?” She gently brushed my hair with the other hand. I eagerly obeyed, raising my head to take her stiff nipple in my hungry mouth. A long, heavy sigh escaped her lips.

Soon, I noticed an increasingly urgent sensation in my loins, as if the pleasure in my cock were increasing and becoming more focused in the shaft. Her body also began moving more, undulating against mine with a steadily increasing rhythm. Her breaths turned into sharp pants.

Suddenly, the pleasurable sensation became almost unbearable, as if I were about to pee, but I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t let this incredibly mind-blowing experience slip away. Wildly pounding against her yielding body, I had to have more. I lifted my head from her breast and looked at her face. As the fog drew back, I gasped, recognizing this beautiful, lusty woman for the first time. As our eyes locked, I screamed out.


A spasm gripped my loins, milking them of whatever substance they contained. My body jumped, as if administered a shock. Throwing my head back, I clenched my teeth and growled, jerking spasmodically from pleasure beyond my youthful comprehension. Watching her son orgasming against her body, my mother cooed her approval.

“Yes, my love,” she whispered repeatedly, “Come for Mama. Come for Mama like a good boy.”

Gasping and whimpering, I bucked against my mother, riding the crest of the orgasm down, but it wasn’t over yet. Just as the first wave passed, another wave of pleasure surged and crashed through my loins. I felt as if an invisible foot were firmly pressing down on the small of my back, forcing my body against my mother’s. I had lost control of my hips as they acted on their own, violently bakırköy otele gelen escort slamming against her. Mouth agape and grunting loudly, I drained myself into my mother’s hungry, gripping pussy.

As my cock writhed in the stew of come and juices we created, my mother continued undulating. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust from underneath and her panting turned into low grunts.

“Oh, oh, yes, sweetheart,” she moaned, her voice quivering. “My baby’s going to make me come, too. That’s it, baby, keep fucking Mama. Make me come, too, sweetheart, make me…”

She never finished her sentence. Suddenly, she jumped, as if someone had jabbed her, powerfully thrusting her hips against mine.

“Oh, yes, oh, yessss,” she hissed, hugging me tightly, almost squeezing the breath out of my naked, young body. Baring her clenched, white teeth like an animal, she let out a deep growl.

“Aaaaghhh,” she began shuddering, bucking and writhing underneath me, never letting loose her tight grip around my waist. I held on, closing my eyes, savoring the sensation of my mother’s pussy gripping and releasing my cock, milking it, sending more pleasure through my body and re-stoking the fire.

The sound of grunting animals filled the room. The smell of fresh sex drifted into the air as sweat formed on our glistening bodies.

In spite of my massive expenditure, again, my hips started to undulate against hers. My reddened cock regained strength and sought the inviting, wet darkness of its new favorite place. My mother had barely finished stamping out her orgasm when she became aware of her horny, young son’s need for more.

Relaxed and drowsy from coming, my mother gazed down at my undulating body, and rested her hands on my back. Drawing her knees up slightly, she spread her thighs further apart. She cooed soft words in my ear.

“Oohhh, does my baby need some more?”

Resting my head on her full, heavy breasts, I panted affirmatively.

“Well, maybe I can come again, too,” she sighed.

Time blurred as I pleasured in pistoning between my mother’s legs. From the noises she was making, I could tell she was also enjoying this slow, steady fucking her son was providing.

Again, I began to feel the presence of an approaching orgasm. My body kept moving, although a bit more quickly. Mama sensed this change in movement and instinctively knew what was happening. Not wanting to be left out on her son’s new orgasm, she pleaded for assistance.

“I want us to come together, baby,” she pleaded. “Please suck my tits some more.”

Lifting my head, I turned it to touch my lips against her hard, thick nipple. Mama’s sighs turned to moans as, once again, I began suckling her breast. Immediately, bakırköy rus escort her body began moving differently, her hands again holding me against her.

The wave began to build. I suckled greedily on my mother’s breast as our bodies collided more and more violently. Soon, I realized that I was throwing my entire weight against my mother and, although it wasn’t very much, my mother gasped and moaned encouragement.

“Oh, yes, baby, get off…get off inside me.”

I had started to come and didn’t immediately realize it. This time, I was too busy concentrating on my mother’s body, fucking her to orgasm, to concentrate on my own.

Mother jerked suddenly, then stretched her arms back across the bed. With her mouth open and her eyes closed, she let loose a soft, steady wail of a woman gliding over the crest of a mellow, satisfying orgasm.

“Oh, Mama…mah…mah.” I finished coming and slowed my rhythm, depositing the last of my semen deep into her womb, “Oh, yes…mmmmm.” I rubbed by face across her wet torso, tasting her salty, sweaty flesh. My head throbbed as my exhausted, young body collapsed on top of her.

All I desired was rest. Mother’s firm, loving hands held my spent body snugly against her. Our bodies, soaked with sweat, melded into one.

Slipping into unconsciousness for a time, I awoke with my mother’s acrid sweat still tingling on my lips. Turning my eyes upward, I met mother’s sleepy, loving gaze. The part of her body where I had slept still glistened from our perspiration.

Turning my face to her breasts, I recoated my lips with her salty sheen. I licked my lips. Mmmm. With the sweat came the taste of mother’s beautiful body. My tongue slowly, gently dragged across her breasts, savoring the wonderful taste. Mother sighed, lifting one of her heavy breasts, exposing the underside of her tit.

“If you want sweat,” she whispered hoarsely, “here’s the perfect spot.”

The crevasse under her breast glistened wetly with fresh, estrogen-laced sweat. Pressing my face underneath the wet, soft pillow of her breast, I opened my mouth and lapped thoroughly. The gentle scent of her bath soap mixed with the fresh acridness of the sweat. My mouth pushed over to her other breast, lapping up more of the fresh, sweet perspiration from my mother’s body.

Mama smiled and sighed, closing her eyes, drinking in my lavish attention.

“That’s it, my love,” she sighed, “my good, good boy.”

Pulling my face from the damp pillow, I turned my face away from the bright sunlight filtering through the window shades. The clock showed 11:30 as I heard my mother busying herself in the kitchen. Soon, the scent of fresh coffee and bacon drifted into my room.

My God, that was the deepest surrender of sleep I’d had since school had let out. I noticed how wet my sheets were and checked for come stains. God forbid Mama discover her son’s lusty fantasies. Her voice sounded from the kitchen.

“Wake up, sleepy head!” She called. “Come get some nourishment.”

I dragged the tangled blankets away from my body, placing my feet on the soft, shag carpet.

“Coming, Mama.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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