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I knew I should’ve slid, instead of trying to stretch my leg to hit home plate. Before I knew it, I was rolling on the ground, holding my groin, wincing in pain.

“You okay Pete?” My player/coach Joe said.

“I pulled my fucking groin muscle!” I said still writhing in pain.

My teammates helped me up off the ground. Two of them were at each side, helping me walk to my friend’s car. It hurt like hell trying to get in his car, and lay down in the back seat.

“Want to go to the hospital Pete?” My friend Dave said as he started the car.

“No Dave. Just bring me home.”

“What about your car?” He said now reminding me that I drove to the ballpark.

Oh shit!! I forgot. Here give these to Jesse. He can drive it to my house after the game.”

Dave took my keys, and went back over our dugout, giving my keys to Jesse. He ran back, getting into his car, and driving me home. When we got to my house, he helped me up to my house. I made my way inside where my parents were sitting in the living room.

“What happened to you?” My mom asked looking concerned.

“I pulled my groin playing baseball.”

“Hey. I got to get back. You going to be okay Pete?”

“Yeah Dave. Thanks for bringing me home.”

“No problem buddy. Get some rest.” We shook hands, and he left.

“Come on. I’ll help you to your room.” My mom said putting her arm around my waist.

My mom was a bit shorter than me, but was in great shape for a woman in her 40’s. I was the baby of the family, being the last born child of three. She had shoulder length black hair, with just a few strands of grey. Her tits were small, AA-cups, but her ass was round and curvy, supported by average, but thick thigh legs. I put my arm around her shoulders, hobbling into my room. When we got there, I laid down on my bed. My mom took off my cleats, then untied the string to my sweats, pulling them down at the waistband.

“Easy mom! Easy!” I said feeling a shot of pain in my groin.

” They have to come off Peter. I can’t massage your leg with these on.”

Once she got my sweatpants down past my ass, she pulled them off by the feet. I was now in my underwear, as my mom left the room. She came back with a bottle of lotion, or something. She pumped a little bit on the palm of her hand, rubbing her hands together. She placed her hands on my injured groin muscle. I winced as she applied pressure, massaging my sore groin. Whatever she put in her hands, had a soothing feeling to it. My groin began to get very warm, and the pain seemed to subside a bit.

“What did you rub on your hands mom?” enjoying her massage.

“Something I got from work. Shhh! Don’t tell anybody.” She said chuckling.

My mom worked as a physical therapist. Mainly as a massage therapist, taking care of those who had been in accidents, or had surgery. It never really bothered me that I was in my underwear as she had her hand within inches of my balls and cock, massaging my inner thigh. But the tip of her thumb went up under my briefs. I could feel her thumb rubbing my pubic hair. Her fingernail hit the side of my cock, making it grow hard instantly.

“Does that feel better Peter?” She asked caressing my cock with her fingernail.

“Yeah mom. I’m not in as much pain.” I said enjoying my cock being touched by my mom.

“Okay. I’ll be right back with a heating pad, and some aspirin. I’ll even give you a sleeping pill to help you rest.”

She got up and left my room. Within minutes, she was back with everything she said she was going to get. I took the aspirin, and sleeping pill, then mom placed the heating pad under, and around my thigh.

“There you go sweetie.” Kissing me on my forehead. “You get some rest. I’ll check on you in a few hours.”

“Thanks mom. I love you.”

“I love you too my Sweetie Petey.” She closed my bedroom door as the sleeping pill was drifting me into la la land.

I had no clue what time it was when I woke up. It was still daylight, so I figured it had to be late in the afternoon. I swung my legs off my bed, feeling a sharp pain shooting through my groin.

“Oh shit!!” I said as I slowly got myself to sit up. I began rubbing my inner thigh, trying to loosen up my muscles that tightened up during my sleep. I attempted to get to my feet, but I fell back on my bed as pain kept throbbing up through my groin.

“Oh man! I got to piss real bad, and I can’t even walk to the bathroom.” I said to myself. “Mom!! Mom!! I need you.” My mom came swiftly to my room.

“What is it dear?” She said as she opened the door.

“I need to take a piss, and I can’t get up to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay. Okay. Wait just a sec. I’ll be right back.” She left, and shortly came back with an odd looking jug. “Pee in this.” She said as she handed me what looked like an oddly shaped water jug.

“I can’t get up to pull down my underwear.” I said holding the piss in. I’m going to go any second.”

“Alright Pete. Let me pull your dick out.”

“Ooh. Come on mom hurry. I can’t hold it any longer.”

It was bakırköy escort too late. By the time she pulled down the front of my underwear, a stream of piss came squirting out, hitting my mom in the face. The surprised look on her face was priceless, but she held on to my cock, waiting for more piss to come out. Now it was me who was surprised to see that my mom wanted a golden shower. I released the contents of my bladder, soaking my mom with warm piss. She moved my cock, spraying my piss all over her face.

“Jesus Christ mom!!”

“Shhh! Don’t say a word.” She whispered. I don’t want your father to come in.”

I was almost done pissing on my mom. Her hair and shirt were soaked. She aimed my cock toward her open mouth, taking in the remainder of my urine. She held it in her mouth, allowing it to run out from the sides.

“There. Feel better now?” She said as piss dripped off her hair and chin.

“Mom! You’re a fucking freak!” I said looking at her urine soaked body.

“Now whenever you have to pee, you do it in this.” Waving the container.

Mom took off her shirt, wiping her face and hair with it. She then helped me lay back down on the bed. She pulled my underwear off, so I could pee in the container. The top was set at an angle for easier access, and prevented any urine from spilling out onto the bed. She left my room, heading toward the bathroom. She came back ten minutes later with a mop and bucket, cleaning up the small puddles of piss. She had a new shirt on, and she had a towel wrapped around her head. Once she was done mopping up the piss, she came back over to my bed.

“Ready for another massage?” She said removing the towel from her head.

“Yeah. It tightened up while I was sleeping. Maybe you can loosen up my muscles so I can walk, and go to the bathroom the right way.”

“Well you just relax.” She said as she got on my bed, getting in between my legs.

“Um, mom. What about my dick being exposed?”

“What about it dear. You’re my son. Who do you think changed your diapers when you were a baby?”


“Who do you think gave you a bath, and got you dressed?”

“Again, you. But I’m much older now mom. My body is that of an adult, not a small boy.”

“Fine. I’ll put my towel over it. Will that ease your conscience?”

“It just feels weird having my cock hanging out in front of you mom. That’s all. Would you show me your pussy?”

Mom didn’t answer my question. She placed the damp towel that she had wrapped around her head, over my waist. My cock was covered, at least on top, though I could feel cool air hitting my balls. She placed her hand under the towel, rubbing my injured leg. I closed my eyes as I felt my mom’s hands and fingers massage my sore groin muscle. Again, she took her hand, and rubbed the very bottom of my abdomen, I could feel the back of her hand brushing against my stiff cock. I couldn’t believe my mom was so obsessed with my cock. Not to mention being kinky as hell. I was still thinking about how she let me give her a golden shower. No strike that. She didn’t let me, She wanted me to do that. Now she was massaging my groin, but what else was she looking to massage? It wasn’t long before I felt her thumb hit the tip of my cock. She continued her massage, stroking her thumb up and down the bottom of my hood. My dick began to jerk upward with every pass of her finger. Then I felt two, then three. I opened my eyes just a sliver, watching my mom looking at me, waiting to see if I was going to object to her advances. She bit the bottom of her lip as she became more and more brave. Her fingers were now caressing my cock, going up and down my shaft. She went down to my balls, tickling them with her fingernails. A smile appeared on my face as she rubbed my balls with the tips of her fingers. Mom still didn’t say a word. She pulled the towel up, resting it on my stomach. She moved up a little, straddling me, and sitting on my legs. She looked at me as I opened my eyes. Her hand was now wrapped around my 8″ stiff cock. Her grip was soft at first, stroking my shaft very slowly. She would go up to my hood, rubbing her thumb along the top of my cock.

“This is real nice.” She said admiring the size and thickness. You’re bigger than your father.”

“Really?” I whispered. I could hear you guys having sex, and hearing you tell him he’s too big.”

“He is. But you’ll also find out a woman will say those kind of things to keep him happy. But I don’t have any complaints. He’s a little over 6 inches. But he’s super thick.” She giggled.

Throughout the conversation, mom’s grip got harder. She was now stroking my cock with a faster pace. She was still rubbing my inner thigh, massaging my groin muscle. I could not believe that my very own mother was jacking me off. I mean, she had my dad, wasn’t that enough. Was she losing her self esteem, seeing that she was a few years shy of 50? These were the questions that kept popping in my head. Though I didn’t want to ask her, especially now, when she was giving me such a great hand bakırköy eve gelen escort job.

“Mom!” I whispered. I’m going to cum.”

Her strokes got faster. She placed her hand under the towel, holding it close to the tip of my cock.

“Oh God. Here it comes mom. I’m fucking cumming.”

A shot of white cum came streaming out my cock, landing on the towel. I moaned as each stream was squeezed out by her hand.

“Ah. Ah. Ahhhh!.” Finally my cock felt better. The majority of cum was squeezed out, now just leaving small drops oozing out as my cock began to soften. Mom patted the top of my dick with the towel, wiping it clean.

“Well. You gave me a golden shower, and I’ve made you cum. I’d say it’s been a good day. After I finish massaging your groin, I’ll bring dinner to you.”

She brought my dinner, along with more aspirins, and another sleeping pill. I slept most of the night, getting up only to piss in the container. When I woke up the next morning, my groin was still a little sore, but I was able to manage to stand on my feet. It was hard to walk, but by taking small steps, I was able to walk out of my bedroom, into the bathroom. I had to slowly sit down on the toilet. After taking care of business in the bathroom, I went back into my room, and went back to sleep.

I was awoken by the feel of my mom’s hand stroking my cock. My cock got hard the moment I did was conscience of what was going on.

“Good morning dear. How did you sleep?” She said pulling my cock up, kissing the hood.

“Mom! Why are you doing this? Aren’t you afraid of dad coming in?” I said shaking off the tiredness.

“Your father went golfing, so I don’t think he’ll be bothering us. Besides, I’m just dying to feel your dick in my mouth.”

My mom stuck out her tongue, licking my cock from the bottom of my shaft, to the top of my hood. She licked around the bottom of my helmet, flickering her tongue at the base stimulating the sensitive nerves on my cock. I let out a satisfying moan as her tongue tickled my cock, making it throb and jerk, every time she hit those nerves. She smiled when she looked up at me, and saw the gratifying faces I was making. Knowing I was enjoying what she was doing, she began to use her lips, sucking on the shaft, and then my helmet. I moaned even louder, becoming more erotically excited, feeling my mom’s mouth on my cock.

“Holy shit mom. You’re fucking fantastic with your mouth.”

She just looked at me and smiled. Then she teased me sucking the top of my dick, licking the opening of my piss hole. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I enjoyed the great feeling of her tongue wagging from side to side, and then around the top of my hood. I felt her lips move down my cock. She now had my entire hood inside her mouth. She started sucking my dick, while stroking the shaft. She was really careful not to hit, or press down on my injured groin. She bobbed her head at a nice speed, stroking my cock in choreographed unison. She swallowed more of my cock, going all the way down to the base. I could feel her bottom lip touch the top of my scrotum before she started gagging on my massive rod. She came back up, releasing my cock from her mouth, to breathe in some air. Strands of spit expelled from her mouth onto my dick. Once her lungs were full, she took my cock back into her mouth. I could hear the slurping sounds she was making as she sucked away on my dick.

“Goddamn it mom. Suck that fucking dick!”

Her head bobbed faster. I placed my hands on her head, kneading my fingers through her hair. She was sucking my cock like a woman possessed. She was cupping my balls, massaging them with her delicate fingers. I began to have thoughts of throwing her on the bed, ripping her robe off, and fucking her like she’s never been fucked before. But in my condition, that couldn’t happen. But it really got me super excited just thinking about stuffing my mother’s pussy with my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten up, forcing my cum up to my constrictive shaft.

“That’s it mom. That’s it. I’m getting close. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

She kept sucking the head of my cock. She shifted her hand from my balls, to my shaft. There she stroked me, flexing her wrist, so her fingers could rub every part of my shaft. I still had one hand on my mom’s head. I pushed back her hair as she continued to suck my cock in a tireless effort.

Oh shit!! I’m gonna cum!! Oh God!! Ah gaaaahd!!

My cock erupted shooting a hot stream of man juice into my mother’s mouth. She clamped her lips around the shaft, as more cum spewed out of my pecker. She kept stroking my cock, squeezing the shaft, trying to push every last bit of sperm into her mouth. I heard her gulp down my cum, then sucking out the remainder. She did not take it out of her mouth until I was sucked dry.

“You are one hell of a freaky woman mom. No wonder dad has a smile on his face after the two of you have sex.” I said pushing her hair back, and kneading her scalp.

“Wow! That bakırköy grup yapan escort was a lot of cum. I think I know where I’m going to go to get my protein shake from now on.” She said wiping off her chin. “Would you like me to massage your groin?”

“Yes please. It’s starting to feel a little better. Maybe I can get up and move around some.”

“That’s good. But it’s going to take a few days if not more before it’s healed. So take it easy, and I’ll come in and give you mommy’s special therapy treatment. Okay?”

“Well, you’re doing a great job so far. I’m not going to complain if you want to do that. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to more of your ‘therapy sessions’.”

“That’s good Peter. I love taking care of my boy. Are you hungry? I’ll bring breakfast for you. How does a plate of eggs and toast sound. Hmmm?”

“Sounds great. OJ too?”

“Coming right up.”

Mom left the room, preparing my breakfast. I laid there in bed, re-enacting the excellent blow job I got from my mom. I still couldn’t believe how fucking kinky she was, not to mention fucking horny. Who would’ve thought that my mom was into incest. Then I started to wonder if my old man had sex with any of sisters. I never heard of any such thing, but who knows, it could’ve happened. And if it did, was this the reason mom was so interested in me? Or was it that, according to her, that my cock was bigger than my dad’s, and she wanted to upgrade. It didn’t matter to me either way. I was getting my cock played with, and she was getting a nice reward.

She came back a short time later with my breakfast. She stayed in my room, striking up a conversation as I ate my meal. When I was finished, she took my tray, and left the room. She came back in a short time later.

“Need some help getting into the tub? She said grabbing my robe.

“Yeah. I do need one. I’m beginning to stink.” Sniffing my armpit.

“Well, come on then. I’ll help you get in the tub.”

I got up off the bed. Mom held me by my arm, helping me walk out of my room, and into the bathroom. I leaned on the sink as my mom turned on the hot water, followed by cold. I stared at her ass through her robe as she bent down to turn on the water. I wanted to pull up her robe and shove my cock deep in her ass. As she checked the temperature of the water, I reached out touching her nice, bubble ass. She said nothing of me caressing her ass. Instead she backed up a bit, grinding her ass against my hand. I went into a sexual trance. I pulled her close, grabbing her small tits with my hands.

“Easy Peter. Easy. Let’s get you washed up first. Okay?”

Her words broke me out of my trance. She turned the knob to the shower position. With her help, I carefully got into the tub. The water felt great against my skin. I stood under the shower head, enjoying the water soaking my hair and face. I suddenly felt a pair of hands caressing my chest and stomach. My mom jumped in the shower with me. She was standing behind me, with one hand soaping me up, while the other lathered my body. As weird as it seemed, I was really enjoying my mom washing me. She did my whole body, even putting her hand in between my ass cheeks, washing my asshole. The last thing to wash was my hair. She squeezed a few dabs of shampoo in my hair. She worked the shampoo in with her fingers, massaging my scalp with her fingernails. I felt her body brush up against mine as she washed, then rinsed my hair. When she was done, I did the same to her. I grabbed the soap, washing my mom. I turned her around, her back facing me, as I reached around her to wash her chest. I soaped up her tits, and chest. Her nipples became erect, and hard. She lifted her arms as I washed under them. Then went back down washing her stomach. I could see the soap running down her stomach, suds clinging to her dark pussy hair, making a sudsy waterfall off her bush.

“I have to piss again. Would you like another golden?”

“Oh yes. I would love for you to do that.”

She turned around, and bent down next to my cock. I held my dick, positioning it toward her face. A stream of urine came out, splattering all over my mom’s face. I waved my cock, pissing in her hair, face and chest. She opened her mouth, with her tongue sticking out, as I aimed my piss at her mouth. She let it roll off her tongue, never swallowing any, but enjoying the salty taste of it. Once I was done, I poured a few drops of shampoo in her hair. I lathered her hair with my fingers, getting down to her scalp. She stood up as the water cleansed her hair of shampoo. While she was doing that, I reached around her to wash her back. I then went down, washing her ass. I too put my hand between her ass cheeks, washing her asshole with my finger. I grabbed and pulled her cheeks apart, as I laid my lips onto hers. She wrapped her arms around me, as we passionately kissed each other. My hard cock was pressing up against her stomach. I lifted her up, getting her pussy in line with the head of my dick. She spread her legs, allowing me to stick my cock inside her pussy. She moaned as I split her pussy apart. For a woman who had four children, she was pretty damn tight. I was loving the feel of her twat wrapping around my stiff rod. I did as much as I could pushing my dick deep inside her. She knew with my injury, that thrusting my hips was going to hurt. So she did most of the moving, grinding her body, and moving up and down on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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