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Note: to best of my knowledge and my teacher everything is spelled right and if its not who cares. You will be able to read it just fine. Have fun and I hope you like this because there will be more to come.


Josephine woke up the next morning satisfied not just from her good night sleep but what her and her daughter Merrick did last night. It was amazing. Merrick’s dildo was a great surprise to her last night. Merrick brought her mom to so many orgasms that she passed out from her last one. Josephine reached over to her daughter to wake her up but all she felt was the silky sheets. Her daughter must have left in the middle of the night. Josephine rolled over hoping her daughter did not regret last night. She new it was wrong to do that with her own daughter but it felt so good that she could not stop if someone walked in on them. She kept getting the nagging feeling that someone was watching them but she did not know how. Her bedroom door was closed and locked and her window was closed so nobody could see in. she wondered if her son Michael heard them last night. She hoped that he did so maybe one day it would not be her daughter’s dildo but her son’s cock inside her making her orgasm until she passed out. Josephine looked over at the clock and realized it was late. She decided to call into work they could go a day with out the head boss. They could run it with out her but she felt that she had to be there every day so things will run smooth. Well she hoped today went on without a hitch in sight.

Josephine got up and put her robe on realizing she was still nude from last night. She hurried to brush her hair hoping her kids would get up on time for school on their own or their both going to be late for school. She walked out of her bedroom to see both of her kid’s doors wide open. Therefore, she knew that they already left for the day. Today is going to be a peaceful day she decided to her self.

She reached the kitchen seeing her son Michael standing there drinking a cup of orange juice.

“Michael what are you doing here, you have school which you are very late for,” said Josephine. She noticed that her son was just wearing a pair of boxers a tight pair of boxers. She realized she would have to go shopping for new boxers for him because you really could see his bulge in his pants and he was not even aroused or at least she hoped not.

“Mom are you ok it’s a Saturday I have no school,” Michael looked at his mom seeing her just in a robe and nothing else. The top part was slightly open and he could see her breasts very well.

“Oh sorry I guess my mind is else where this morning. Where is your sister, its way to early for her to be up if there is no school.”

“That cheerleader Bethany called and she wanted to meet Merrick and talk to her about what happened,” replied Michael sounding a little bit out of breath. Josephine looked back at her son seeing his bulge getting bigger and realized that he could probably see her breast. She closed the robe blocking Michael gaze at her chest.

“Ok then, well I’m going to go back to my bedroom to relax for the rest of the day. Please try not beşiktaş escort to disturb me today.”

“Ok mom I’ll try to be quiet see you later,” Michael finished talking and went back to his room to watch some stuff but he did not know what yet. It was going to be the TV or the wall.

Josephine reached her bedroom, took off her robe, and got back in to bed. She decided to catch a couple more hours of sleep. She was not at all tired but she could use the rest no matter what. Michael was disappointed that his mom went to sleep and did not give him a show all he saw was her chest but it was not enough.

While Josephine was sleeping and Michael was, trying to ease his erection Merrick was with Bethany.

“Bethany what do you want, it’s to damn early for this,” replied Merrick really pissed off that Bethany woke her up and ruined her dreams of her mom and brother.

“I’m sorry but I really wanted to talk to you. I did not mean to steal another boyfriend from you again I wanted somebody else.”

“Who?” asked Merrick sounding intrigued?


“What do you mean by me?”

“That’s just it I have been trying to get your attention for months,”

“By taking my boyfriends away from me, you could have just told me. You liked me.”

“What would have you done if I told you I liked you,”

“I don’t know because you have been a total bitch to me all along so I don’t know what I would have done.”

“What about know since you know that I like you,”

“I would ask are you a lesbian because I have heard that you’ve done stuff with my ex-boyfriends.”

“I’m bi but I really like girls more then any thing.”

“Did you know I am bi,”

“Yes,” Merrick just stared at Bethany and noted for the first time how pretty Bethany was. She was very petite she looked like any average cheerleader. Perky medium sized breast blonde haired blue eyed eighteen-year-old girl. Merrick was still on a sexual high from last night with her mom. “Merrick,” Bethany reached over and laid her hand on Merrick’s thigh and just looked Merrick in the eye

They did not speak anymore to feel the feelings they were both feeling. Merrick reached over to Bethany’s hoodie and pulled down the zipper to reveal just a pink lacy bra. Merrick brushed her fingertips against Bethany’s breast until she could feel the nipple trying to break free from the cup. Merrick reached around Bethany until she felt clasp and undid it to release the beautiful breasts. Without the confines of the bra Bethany’s breasts more beautiful then ever. They were milky white with the nipples being a soft shade pink. They looked good enough to eat and that is what Merrick did. Bethany put her nipple in Merrick’s waiting mouth. Merrick sucked on her nipples going back forth between them. When she was not sucking on one she was rubbing it and pinching the other nipple.

“You do wonders with your mouth Merrick,”

“That’s not all I can do,” she reached over to pull off Bethany’s skirt and panties. Bethany stood up so they would come off faster. Merrick was mouth was only inches from Bethany’s beşyol escort shaved pussy.

“I did not know you shaved down there,”

“I never used to until I saw your’s and it was bald as a baby’s bottom,”

“Oh wait when you saw mine,”

“Gym class while we were changing to leave,”

“OK” Merrick patted the bed and Bethany walked over and sat back down. Merrick made a gesture so Bethany would get the hint to open up her legs wider. Bethany scooted back on the bed and opened up her legs so Merrick could start her treat. Merrick made a tentative lick at the pussy lips and Bethany shuddered in pleasure. Merrick kept licking until she made contact with the little bud and took a little nip at it. Bethany started to moan in pleasure more then ever. Merrick moved her right hand down to Bethany’s hole and her left hand back up to her chest. She was pinching, sucking and ramming her finger into Bethany all at once and that drove Bethany to have her first orgasm. Merrick tried her best to get ever last drop of love juice but there was too much for her it was smeared all over her face. Merrick pulled her finger out and licked off all the juices. She moved up towards Bethany’s face and Bethany cleaned her face off. Merrick quickly found Bethany’s lips and they were locked into a very naughty kiss. Merrick was sucking on Bethany’s tongue until they were interrupted by Merrick’s cell phone going off.

“Don’t answer it let it go to voice mail,”

“No it could be my mom,” Merrick answered the phone at it was indeed her mom.

“Mom what do you need,” “Merrick where is your you know what we used last night,” Merrick was no where near shocked at that question.

“I left it in your nightstand table for you I figured you would need it. I’ll be home soon to help.”

“No dear you don’t need to help I’m perfectly fine by myself but maybe tonight,”

“Yeah of course I’ll see you later, bye mom.”

“What did she need?”

“Oh one of my toys,”

“Oh can I do you know please”

“I was waiting for you to ask that,” Merrick quickly took off her clothes and put them in a pile on the floor. Merrick could sense Bethany’s eyes roaming all over her body just like her mom did last night. Merrick laid down with her legs wide open. Bethany leaned over and gave Merrick another kiss before she went down to what she has been dreaming about for months. She was going to take this slow as she could. She began licking Merrick’s slit and then just moved on to her clit until she was coming all over Bethany’s face. Neither one heard the door open nor the person dropping all his clothes on the bed. He made a loud noise to get their attention. It was Bethany’s dad Phil.

“Bethany what in the hell are you doing?” yelled her dad rather loudly.

“Nothing Daddy,” she was so shocked that her dad was home hours before he was to get off work and she was pissed off because she could not finish this little experience with Merrick. Merrick was just shocked at was hanging between his thighs. It had to be at least 12″ long and 3″ in width. Merrick also forgot that Bethany was adopted. beykent escort Her mom was half-white and half-black and her dad was all black. He was huge in size just a little over 6’2′ and 240 pounds but he carried it well. He was in great shape. Merrick could not help admire him because she was still very much aroused.

“Bethany get over here right know you are going to get a punishment to fit your crime,” Phil grabbed his daughter around the waist since she was only 5’1′ so she really could not fight him off. Phil moved back towards the bed and just stared at Merrick he would deal with her later. Phil laid his daughter on the facing him and opened her legs Bethany tried to stop him but it was not working. Phil ran his cock up and down his daughter’s slit to get it all lubed up. He started to push his cock into her very tight hold but she kept fighting him. Merrick did not know what came over her she moved towards Bethany’s head and held her still she grabbed her arms and held them still. She looked up into Phil’s eyes and gave him a nod to go on. Phil could not believe that Merrick was helping him take his daughter. He eased two inches in then pulled back out and got a little more in.

“No daddy that hurts your too big pleases no,” Merrick leaned down and gave Bethany a long kiss while Phil got the rest of his cock into her. He slowly started to thrust in her and then faster and harder. Merrick released Bethany’s arms waiting for her to start fighting again but she did not she slowly started to move in time with her father.

“Oh god daddy you’re so big. I feel so stuffed, oh go that feels good,” when Phil heard that Bethany started to like it he decided to go harder and faster. Nevertheless, all Bethany did was start to moan in pleasure. She reached down to her nipples and started to pinch them.

“Oh my god baby I’m getting ready to cum,”

“Daddy don’t cum in me pull out I’m not on the pill,” Phil did not care he really started to go at it then, but Merrick stopped him.

“No wait I want some off that too,” Phil just stood there stunned.

“Don’t worry there’s enough for both of you,” when he was done talking he started to cum inside his daughter and that just made him cum harder thinking that. When her dad started to cum so did she it made it so much better when they came together she would worry about it later.

Phil pulled out with his daughter’s cum all over his cock. Merrick leaned down and started to clean him off when he was clean she lay back down with her legs spread. He did not need to his cock wet it was still wet from his daughter and Merrick. He pushed into Merrick’s tight hole in until he was all the way in. he started to ram her faster and faster.

“Oh god yes faster harder yeah oh my god,” Merrick just kept on moaning she couldn’t form words to save her life but if this was hell she was loving it. He shot his load inside her five minutes later completely spent. He pulled out and just looked at the two girls in front of him. Merrick got up and started to get dressed.

“Where are you going,” asked Bethany still in a sexual high.

“Home I have to go help my mother, but I’ll be back tomorrow to do this again.” Merrick finished dressing and walked out while Bethany was busy sucking her daddy off. What a wonderful new relationship, Merrick thought to her self. She wondered if she could satisfy her mom when she got home.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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