Mr Daniel’s Milk Ch. 01


I was born in a small town in England in 1975, to a very Christian family. My father was the vicar in a local parish, and my mother stayed at home to look after me, my older sister and younger brother. They were strict, especially as my sister and I grew older and boys started taking an interest in us. We weren’t allowed out late, we couldn’t drink, and we would be in trouble if they found out we had been meeting with other boys. They said we had to set an example of perfect behaviour to the community, and were ecstatic when my sister got a place to study at university, and met a boyfriend at the Christian Union that they deemed suitable. They were constantly pushing me to use her as a role model, to follow in her steps – to get good grades and get a place at university.

I had turned 18 and was in my last year of college when I met Sam. He was tall, dark haired and muscly, and I found him attractive before we had even spoken. We went on a couple of dates, to see a film, for walks, but he never took me to his house, and I never brought him to mine unless my parents weren’t in. He was a few years older than me, was a manual labourer, and wasn’t a Christian. They wouldn’t have approved.

A few months later I lost my virginity to him. The first time hurt, and he was quite rough, but we continued. I was naïve, but Sam was experienced and I was always horny. As often as I could I would sneak out of school to go and meet him. He had a car so we could drive out of town to places where nobody would catch us. On the way there his rough hand would slide slowly up my skirt, stroking my inner thigh and teasing and exciting me, so when his fingers finally inched up under my knickers and into my pussy, I would be soaking wet and would moan in ecstasy as he fingered my clit. As he slid his finger inside my hot, moist hole, my hand would be on his cock, which would be pressing against his trousers to be let out and sunk inside me.

When we got there we would be in a frenzy to get into the back to start fucking. He would bend me over the back seat and take me from behind, slamming into me while I screamed for more; one hand grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples, while the other would be rubbing my clit. I would come time and time again as his cock drilled into me, and until I could feel him start to throb, pumping cum inside me.

Sometimes when my family was out for a few hours, he would come to the house. He would lie on the bed and made me straddle his long, thick cock and ride him hard, or would fuck my mouth until he came. He would get on top of me, wrap my legs around him and start thrusting, biting hard on my nipples until I screamed.

We were generally quite careful when it came to protection. I wasn’t on the pill so we used condoms, but sometimes we were both so horny and desperate to start screwing that condoms were the last thing on our minds. So when I missed my period and a pregnancy test came up positive, although shocked, I wasn’t surprised. As soon as Sam found out, I never heard from him again, and it wasn’t long before my mother caught on to my morning sickness. When she told my father, I thought he would never speak to me again. They took me out of school before I started showing, and I had to tell my friends that I was moving schools. I was hardly allowed out of the house so nobody would see me and start gossiping.

They were so ashamed of me that they wanted me out. The first time my father spoke to me after he found out was to tell me that he had found me a cottage in village a few miles away, and I was 6 months pregnant when they moved me in. They gave me enough money to live off for the following 6 months; the house they had bought, but I had to pay bills and living expenses. Their parting words were, “You have got yourself into this samsun escort mess. You now have a house, the rest is up to you. Find a job, don’t come to us for money.”

The cottage was small but comfortable enough. I was lonely and bored, and as the baby grew bigger, I grew more uncomfortable. I had no friends, my family rarely came to see me, and I never heard from Sam. I spent the days getting ready for the baby. I exercised and ate healthily – I didn’t want to end up like my mother after giving birth. At nights, it was always the same. I would kick off the covers and strip when I got too hot, and the cool air would make my nipples instantly stiffen. I would take the nubs between finger and thumb and slowly start to twist and play with them, causing a tingling in my pussy. I would slide my fingers in and out, getting wetter and wetter, playing with my clit before sliding my fingers back in deeply, reaching for my G-spot. Pregnancy had made me more sensitive, and I could come so easily, and until I grew too big, night after night I would lie in my bed masturbating, trying to satisfy my constant need for sex.

My father reluctantly agreed to let my mother come with me to the hospital when I went into labour. I gave birth to a baby boy, and called him Noah, and soon was back at home, lonely and bored. I began to look for jobs, but nobody would have me. I hadn’t finished my education, I had no work experience, and I was a young single parent. Money was running out, and although my mother tried to help me out, it was difficult to go behind my father’s back so her help was rare.

I adored my son. He was gorgeous, with blue eyes, and his father’s brown hair. He rarely cried, he slept a lot so I could too, and was easy to feed. When he needed feeding in the night I would bring him into my bed and he would suck milk from my breasts, relieving them so they were no longer full and leaking. Breastfeeding made me so horny, I loved the sucking, pulling feeling that my nipples were getting when Noah was fed, and when he fell asleep after feeds, several times a day I would find myself in my bedroom with my fingers buried in my slit, humping my hand so I would come and release the pressure built up inside me.

After a couple of weeks, my father finally visited. He nodded at Noah, and left me some books on spiritual guidance. But I still needed to find work, and I was getting desperate. Nobody would employ me, and my father was standing by his word that he would support us no more. He visited a second time, and dropped in a third time unannounced, with Mr Daniels, a friend of his. I think he realised I was lonely, so I guess he brought him along as somebody else I could talk to, who I already knew. I had met Mr Daniels several times while I was growing up, but hadn’t seen him since I was about 12. He and my father had known each other as young boys, and while my father was training to become a vicar, Mr Daniels had started his own business in town, but they remained friends throughout their lives.

My father and I were on better terms – or we could hold a conversation at least. He and Mr Daniels settled down in the living room while I brought through drinks, and we talked while Noah lay wriggling on my lap. I think Mr Daniels was the one person who my father could bring himself to tell about me, as they had known each other for so long, and because he did not live in my father’s parish. My father didn’t really look at me much, but I could feel Mr Daniels eyes on me, and I felt self-conscious in my low cut top and tight jeans, my tits bursting with milk. Although getting my post-baby figure back had not been a problem, I still wished I was wearing slightly more modest clothes so my cleavage was not so exposed.

They left after a while, and as quickly as I could I settled a hungry Noah onto my lap to feed him. As I began to pull out a nipple, I realised that they had been leaking, and there were damp patches over my tits. No wonder my father couldn’t look at me, and Mr Daniels couldn’t stop staring. I shut my eyes in embarrassment as Noah latched on. He started sucking hard, pulling mouthfuls of milk out of my sore breasts.

As I switched him over, I heard the front door front door open, and I quickly tried to pull Noah off and do my top back up, but as I looked up, Mr Daniels was standing in the doorway, unfazed by what was happening. I pulled my t shirt back down and tried to wrap my cardigan in front of my boobs to hide the damp patches, but he didn’t look away.

“I believe I left my wallet here,” he said, taking a step towards me. “But don’t stop by all means; I don’t get embarrassed by the sight of mothers nursing.”

Mr Daniels must have been in his late forties, a similar age to my father. He was tall, broad, and tanned, and was dressed in a suit – he must have been on his way home from the office. He wasn’t unattractive for a man of his age. When I was younger I had found him imposing, almost frightening; he and his wife had no children of their own, and hardly showed interest in me and my siblings. Although he was now giving me attention, he still had a similar impact on me. I felt him settle on the sofa next to me, so I gathered the courage to turn towards him and look him in the eye as he started to talk again.

“I gather from your father that you are looking for work in order to look after the baby.”


“Have you had any success?”

“No. Nobody can employ me, and even if they did, putting Noah in a nursery would be a huge expense in itself.” I stood up and started to rock Noah to sleep, and I could feel Mr Daniels’ eyes follow me, staring at my full, hurting breasts.

“Well perhaps I may be able to help you with that.”

I looked at him. If he could get me a job, it would be a miracle. I had stressed over the past months about where I was going to get money from, and had almost given up hope.

“Really? Do you know of a job? I would do anything to find work, to keep me and Noah going. Anything.”

“Well I would be able to find you a job in my firm if you wished. There is daycare, Noah would be looked after at no cost to you.” There was something in this man’s voice that I found strangely arousing. Or perhaps it was because I hadn’t been around men in a while, and I was desperate for a fuck.

“What is the job? What would I be doing?” Noah was asleep, so I gently put him in his Moses basket in his room and tucked him in, before coming back to face Mr Daniels.

“Come and sit down, Emily,” he patted the space on the sofa next to him, so I sat down facing him cross legged, intrigued by his proposition.

He shifted slightly closer to me, and if I hadn’t been so horny, or wanted a job so badly, I would have backed off.

“If you want this job badly enough, you will have to agree to exactly what I request of you.”

“I understand,” I said, while he shifted closer. “What is the job exactly?”

“The job is as my personal assistant. My VERY personal assistant.” He placed a hand under my top, and very slowly and gently began to lift it up, tiptoeing his fingers up my stomach. “There are things you would do for me that no other assistant would at my firm, or probably at any other. Because you have something that none of the job applicants can boast.”

“And what’s that?” I didn’t know whether to pull away, but I was getting more and more excited.

“Milk.” He said, and he suddenly pulled my top right up and my bra down, pushed me back on the sofa and began sucking hard on my nipple, milking and squeezing my breast so the milk flooded into his thirsty mouth. I grabbed his hair and tried to pull him off, but the release felt so good, and he was so strong that I gave up almost immediately and let him feed from my swollen tit, my eyes shut and moaning with relief. I let my knees fall open and felt my pussy moisten almost immediately, and he stopped sucking, my nipple popped out of his mouth and he started quickly unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down, giving me no time to struggle. He slipped one finger, then two, straight into my slit.

“God you are wet, you whore,” he said, thrusting his fingers in and out, before resuming his hard sucks at my tit, before switching over to the other. I was in ecstasy, my tit being drained while his long fingers teased my clit and slid in and out, so rough it almost hurt. Almost. “So are you going to be my assistant? You don’t really have much choice. If you say no, daddy is going to find out about us. Well, he is going to find out that I came back to pick up my wallet, and you were so horny you jumped on me.”

My mind was going crazy. I half wanted to slap him, for being so forward, for being a blackmailing son of a bitch, but I wanted him to fuck me so badly. I needed his cock, slammed deep inside me, pumping his hot sperm into me while I screamed and climaxed around it.

“Well?” He started pushing and curling his fingers into me that it was starting to hurt. “What’s your answer?”

“YES!” I screamed, “YES, I’ll do it!”

“Good,” He took one last, long hard pull from my breast, swallowed, and started to rip his suit off, taking off his jacket, pulling of his shirt and tie, and struggling with his trouser zip as his erection fought to get out. I sat up, pulled my bra and top off completely, as he said “You will obey my rules. Or you will lose your job.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ll do anything.”

He pulled me against him hard, my nipples crushed against his chest, causing my desire to be fucked to increase even further. He took off his shorts, knelt on the floor, grabbed my ass and pulled me hard to the edge of the sofa, where he could easily pull my jeans and thong off. He spread my legs, and I was so wet and ready for him that he thrust straight in, splitting me in two with his huge cock, making me scream out in ecstasy. He started fucking me hard, gripping my hips and pulling me into his cock so he would go even deeper.

He pulled my legs around him, and stood up, picking me up while his cock was still buried in me. He sat down on the sofa so I was straddling him, and immediately began feeding from me again, drawing the milk out, roughly biting and pulling my nipple so the white liquid came streaming out into his greedy mouth. I started riding him, sliding my pussy up and down his shaft while he drank, humping at his cock as fast as I could, rapidly building up towards an orgasm.

When it hit me, I couldn’t stop myself screaming, and I ground my hips into his as wave upon wave of sweet sensation flooded through me, my pussy throbbing, milk bursting out of me into his hungry mouth. It didn’t take long for him either. He picked me up again and lay me on the floor so he could fuck me as hard as he could, slamming his groin into mine as he came, both of us panting, sweat and milk running down our chests as we finished screwing.

He pulled out and I sat up, reaching for my clothes. I pulled on my knickers and picked up my bra, but he put his hand out to stop me.

“Rule number one, no wearing bras anymore. If your tits need draining, I will do it while your son is in daycare. Come to the office for 9 on Monday morning, you can start work then.”

After dressing and picking up his keys, he looked me up and down as I stood there topless, and he smiled. “See you Monday.”

To be continued….?

Any feedback would be appreciated, this is my first story!

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