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“Ahh Sunday and I get the apartment to myself. PERFECT,” Beth thought to herself while blow-drying her long black hair. She sometimes was mistaken for being Native American because of her long straight raven colored hair that reached almost to the top of her ass, but in actuality she was Hispanic and her natural tan reflected her ethnicity. Beth was now a junior in college. She grew up in a fairly small town but had an air about her that was very worldly. Her apartment was one of the upper class apartments on campus. It had a living room with a kitchen area combined, two bedrooms and a complete bathroom. She lived there with three of her other friends.

This weekend, however, two of her roommates had gone home with friends that had come to visit for a couple of days. The third roommate was an architecture major and would most likely be gone all after noon working on a project that was due soon. The evidence of a party was still in the living room, along with a futon that was folded out on the floor where people had crashed the night before. Beth floated about the room cleaning up bottles, cups, and spills from last nights festivities. When she got out of the shower she put on a simple, gray cotton sundress with spaghetti straps that resembled a long tank top that came down to about the middle of her slender thigh. The dress fit the curves of her body nicely and was snug enough to allow nice round cleavage to peak from the top even though she wasn’t wearing a bra. Once the room was clean to her liking she flipped on the TV and plopped down on the folded out futon on the floor. It was more comfortable than the couches the school provided and she was feeling lazy anyway.

Just then she sits up with a start as she hears a loud knocking at the door. “Who in the hell is that?” she wondered. Beth gets up from the futon and peaks out the blinds of the living room window to see whom it was. They lived on the bottom floor so it was easy to see who was at their door. Her eyes widened when she saw that it was Cole the maintenance guy.

Cole had been working for the university for about three months. He started there over the winter break in January helping out around the campus to get ready for the students returning for the spring semester. Cole and Beth had a modest relationship that was restricted to smiles and flirty comments back and forth as one or the other passed by, their conversations never going beyond small talk. However, to any on looker the fire between the two was very apparent and crystal clear.

With her heart pounding in her chest Beth quickly opened the door. Cole was a very tall black man with very broad well-defined shoulders, wide muscular arms, and a very handsome face. The day was on the warm side so Cole was wearing a plain white T-shirt that formed to his chest and arms very nicely, dark blue baggy carpenter jeans that were stained with paint and other things from his various jobs, and work boots. Beth’s cheeks began to feel warm with embarrassment as she became vividly aware of how practically naked she was only wearing her short dress and a cotton thong underneath. The warmth spread through out her entire body at the sight of him before her.

As speechless as Beth was she somehow managed to catch enough breath to speak, “Umm… Hi, what are you doing here? It’s Sunday,” she said.

“Well I was supposed to be by here on Friday but I got tied down with other work and I had other projects to do today, this was just one of them.” As he spoke a very coy and shy smile spread over his lips as his eyes surveyed the beauty before him. He tried to stay as professional as possible even though he could feel a tingle of nervousness growing within him. He had always found her very attractive from the moment he set eyes on her. This could be why when his boss held up the repair request form for this room Cole nearly fell out of his chair reaching for it.

“Well come on it, you can’t do much good standing out there” Beth said with a big smile. She was determined to act as cool and smooth as possible. She made sure to open the door just enough to let him throw the door, as Cole passed through he swore he could feel the heat radiating from her body. The living room was surprisingly bright as the afternoon sun came through the closed blinds over the windows. As Cole walked further into the room the aroma of cleanliness from someone fresh out of the shower and the fragrance of flowers filled his senses.

He was always easily aroused from the scent of a woman, and he could feel his heart beat race as blood rushed to his groin. However he was determined to maintain his composure through it all and walked coolly over to the kitchen table to set down his toolbox. As he walked Beth stayed by the door watching him walk. She stood there frozen watching every muscle and how it moved, especially focusing on his rounded buttocks through the back of his baggy pants. This was not helping her attempt at controlling the heat in her body that was now almost completely focused on the softest spots between her thighs.

“Well since it’s so dark in here I guess I should fix the light first” he remarked with a comical manner to his voice. Beth chuckled as she walked over and sat on the couch bahis firmaları instead this time. She focused her attention back onto the TV hoping it would distract the thoughts of desire filling her brain. She turned the station to MTV, music always had a way of calming her down, but almost as if the station was playing a cruel joke on her MTV was having an afternoon long marathon of their sexiest videos. There before her on the screen were flashes of scantily clad women dancing and shaking all around. She almost instantly picked up the remote to try and change the channel.

“Hey, leave it on that’s a good song” the deepness of Cole’s soothing voice sent shivers all over Beth’s body. She could feel her nipples begin to harden as she glanced over to see what he was doing at that moment. Cole was standing on the table with his hands above his head fiddling with wires and such from the light fixture.

With his arms stretched up like that it caused his shirt to tightened and give more definition to the muscles on his arms and chest. She loved the contrast of his dark skin next to the white of his shirt. “Hmm I have always been partial to dark chocolate,” Beth thought silently to herself trying not to giggle out loud to the comment in her head. He had a smile on his face as his head bobbed up and down to the music from the TV. A small and polite conversation grew between the two over music and various artists that each liked and didn’t like.

Beth realized that she was getting hungry because she hadn’t even had time to have breakfast yet. She got up from the couch and started walking across the room towards the refrigerator. Almost on instinct her hips started to sway more than usual causing the fabric of her dress to sweep seductively across her tender thighs. Cole couldn’t help but get and eye full of her as she came almost gliding towards him. He watched perched from above as her breasts gently bounced up and down under the top of her dress.

Goose bumps began to form as desiring thoughts of how soft those breasts must be to the touch started to swirl within his head. He secretly peaked over his shoulder pretending to work as he watched her open the refrigerator door and slowly bent down to retrieve something from the bottom shelf. His heart raced as her skirt lifted slightly as she bent down revealing the rest of her smooth tan thighs all the way to the bottom curve of her ass cheeks. He knew then that she had to be wearing a thong other wise he would have gotten a clear glimpse of panties if she were wearing any. Beth just new he was watching her and with a voyeuristic arousal growing inside her she prolonged her romp in the fridge pretending she couldn’t find quite what she wanted.
Beth was notorious for teasing her lovers and boyfriends; having a man under her control always got her moist. With this new found teasing confidence she picked up a bowl of freshly cut strawberries and a can of whip cream. Closed the door to the refrigerator and with a bounce in her step walked back to the futon and plopped right back down knowing full and well her object of desire was watching her every movement. With a perfect view from above Cole could clearly see her hard nipples poking through the thin cotton of her dress as she passed by him. He focused enough energy to finish fixing the light in a fairly short amount of time, even though most of the blood in his body had left his brain and was now heading south feeding his growing erection.

Cole jumped town off of the table right in front of the sink and making sure his back was to Beth. He quickly reached into this pants and swiftly performed “the belt trick” as it is sometimes known, and lifted his semi hard cock to lie up towards his stomach to hide an embarrassing bulge that could be seen. He reached behind him and grabbed his toolbox from off the table and set it down on the floor as he came to his knees to open the cabinet doors under the sink. Once opened all that was there was a small bucket that was collecting small drips of water coming from the pipes. Beth then began to explain about when the leak started and how all the stuff that was under there was now away in the closet.

“Oh no problem must be a loose connection. No worries I’ll have it finished in no time!” he said with bold tone as if he was a knight in shining armor coming to rescue his damsel in distress from the vicious drips from beneath the sink. Cole has always been a joker, but today he was laying it on extra thick to try and do anything to hear that sweet innocent giggle come from Beth. After opening his toolbox and shuffled around for the right tools he needed, Cole got down on his hands and knees to remove the bucket and flipped over on his back positioning himself next to the broken pipe. Trying to appear focused on the TV; Beth glanced out of the corner of her eye over to see Cole lying there with one leg bent up and the other stretched out in front of him. She could clearly make out the slight bulge in the center of his crotch, which sent goose bumps to form all over her arms and legs. She also noticed that he had a clear view of her from where he was laying and she was determined to make him beg for her.

Beth reached for the bowl of strawberries and kaçak iddaa picked up one daintily with two fingers of one hand and picked up the can of whip cream with the other hand. She shook the can quickly and pressed the nozzle down knowing the sound of the cream splattering out would certainly get his attention. Sure enough the slurping sound of the can made Cole tilt his head downward right to Beth who was now slowly and very seductively licking the sweet cream from the end of the strawberry. He froze not even breathing, stunned at how sexy it was to watch her devour the small piece of fruit. Totally fixed on that image he had no idea that he was turning the connection of the pipe in the complete wrong direction causing a very steady stream of water that had been trapped to come spraying out all over him.

The cold spraying water swiftly brought Cole back to reality and he immediately corrected his turn to stop the flow of water. His small cry of surprise startled Beth who saw the whole thing and immediately she jumped up and ran over to see if he was ok. Once she saw he had the water stopped and the total look of embarrassment she felt free to let out a bray of laughter causing her whole body to shake as she placed one hand over her mouth and another on her stomach. She then reached up above to grab one of the dishtowels that were stacked neatly on top of the refrigerator. Before she could do anything with it Cole was standing right in front of her, she froze as she stared at they way the thin white cotton of his shirt had almost become transparent to show the dark form of the muscles on his chest. Cole, not even realizing her frozen state, just stood up very embarrassed as he started wiping the water from his eyes.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry. I just got water all over your floor and me for that matter. Sheesh what am I gonna do now? Look at me” Cole, said with a sly giggle trying to make light of the situation.

Without hesitation, almost as if her mind had left her, Beth reaches out her hand with the towel and starts to softly wipe way the water from his neck. “I guess you’re just going to have to take off that shirt and let it dry” Beth said, almost in a whispered voice as she took a small step towards him. Cole’s eyes bent down to meet with hers and his breath quickened as he stared right into the fire that was burning in her eyes. It was then that he fully realized how much taller he was than her with him being 6’2″ and her being barely 5’2.” But the idea of a smaller woman brought out the idea of him being the dominant and was definitely turning him on even more. She pulled her hand away and watched him as he crossed his arms at the bottom of his shirt and lifted it swiftly over his head and laid it out over the back of one of the kitchen chairs.

Her eyes dropped back to his chest as she watched a few beads of water flow around his shoulders and down his chest. Beth slowly let the dishtowel slip through her fingers and hit the floor. She then reached out with both hands and slid them up over his chest watching his pecs heave up and down with every breath he took. His skin was cool to the touch but getting warmer with every caress of her hand. She moved in closer now only inches from him and placed one of her hands behind his neck pulling his head down towards hers. Cole leaned in and wrapped his arms around her waist his hands just inches from her soft round ass. Their lips met for the first time, her lips were so soft and plush his erection was beginning to push against the inside of his pants.

Their kiss deepened as his tongue began massaging hers. He pressed her body so close to his he could feel her breasts against his chest as her breath increased. Cole became bold with his excitement and moved his hands and cupped her soft round cheeks lifting up her skirt some so he could partially feel the baby soft skin underneath. A soft moan came from her mouth that was muffled with his just encouraged his touch further. His hand caressed up her sides to the bottom of her breasts, he stopped there for fear he had crossed a line and didn’t want to offend her. Realizing his caution Beth placed her hand over his and moved it up so his hand could cup her breast completely. Her breast was almost the size of his large hand as he massaged it deeply. She gently broke from their kiss and let her lips nibble down so she could sink her mouth into his neck with a playful bite. This was a very sensitive spot on Cole and she could hear him moan softly and rub the large bulge of his pants against her thighs. She licked and kissed all the way up his neck to the bottom of his earlobe that she gently nibbled and sucked so sweetly.

All of a sudden Beth pulled away from his hold and stepped back from him with a very playful and almost evil smile on her face. Completely out of his grasp she placed three fingers under the belt of his pants and pulled to lead him over to the open futon on the floor. With a playful push, Cole gently fell backwards onto the soft mattress of the futon. Beth crawled up his body with her hands barely touching the surface of his skin feeling each hair stand on end with every touch. She stopped at his chest, slowly taking the time to take each nipple into her mouth to flick it kaçak bahis with her tongue and devilishly bite down. Her lips trailed lower down his body making a swirl pattern of licks and kisses across his stomach.

While her tongue swirled in kisses, her soft fingertips teased his hips and lower stomach, as she would venture to let them slip under the waistband of his pants lower and lower. Her nimble fingers undid the button of his pants as she leaned in with her teeth taking hold of his zipper and unzipping his pants with her teeth. As her teeth undid his zipper, the feeling of her hot breathe through his boxers sent Cole’s eyes to roll in the back of his head and for a low gasp to escape his lips. Slipping her hands under the top of both this boxers and his pants, Cole lifted his ass up off the futon high enough so she could slide them down to his ankles leaving him completely naked exposing his full 8 and a half inch cock. Beth’s eyes grew so wide at the sight of his large toy begging her to play.

She started with his hips, licking and caressing each moving from side to side. With each pass she made sure to let her soft plush lips to pass lightly over his shaft teasing him and bringing him just a little closer to total insanity. Beth flattened her tongue and licked the entire under side of his cock from the base all the way up to the very tip wrapping her lips tightly around the head. Her hand clasped around his shaft and her pussy shook with pleasure when she noticed her hand couldn’t make it all the way around he was so thick. This also caused her to suck even harder on the head of his cock, licking up the little bit of precum that had started leaking out the top.

Opening her mouth up as wide as she could, she slid as much of him as she could into her warm wet mouth. Her hand and mouth moving in synch with each other as she bobbed her head up and down over most of his cock. As her hunger grew she forced more and more of him down her throat, massaging every inch with her tongue. Her mouth had him so tight that she could feel the pulse of his body against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. His hand rubbing the back of her head and gently pushing her down with ever thrust, Cole watched her feasting on his cock with her tight ass stuck up in the air shaking with every stroke of her mouth. Beth heard Cole’s moans growing more and more intense, but she didn’t want him to cum this soon she pulled him out of her mouth.

Before he knew what had happened, Cole felt her lips grasped the bottom of his neck and swept up as she positioned the soaked crotch of her thong over his throbbing manhood. His hands moved up along her silken thigh and around back to grab hold of two handfuls of her ass cheeks. Beth gazed in his eyes intensely as her arms crossed at her waste and she slipped her dress off over her head. As she threw it to one side she noticed the can of whip cream and the bowl of strawberries right next to her on the floor. Shaking the can with one hand and having a strawberry in her lips, Beth arched her back and sprayed the whip cream all over her supple breasts. As if acting under some sort of animal instinct, Beth started to grind her now very wet pussy over this cock as she began to smear the whip cream all around her chest. Some small drips of cream fell onto his stomach as she leaned in and he proceeded to eat the strawberry from her lips until there was no berry left only her lips and his. His tongue invaded her mouth massaging her tongue in a long passionate kiss as his hands kneaded her ass cheeks deeply.

Not breaking the kiss, he takes her in his arms and rolls her over onto her back and he kisses lower to her neck. Then he begins to lick every drop of cream from her chest revealing the glistening caramel skin underneath. His mouth takes one of her nipples in and sucks deeply. Beth puts her hand on the back of his head and softly tells him to bite down hard, when he does her head rocks back and she gasps biting her lower lip. Her breasts appeared to swell as his hands rubbed them and he flicked and sucked each nipple. One of his hands sank down her body to the elastic in her thong and peeled the saturated fabric from in between her swollen pussy lips, down her legs, and tossed it to the side.

The color of the thong was once light gray but now it was almost black having been drenched in Beth’s sweet juices. Cole then picked up the can of whip cream and made a line of little drops of cream down her stomach and one on her soft mound, leading to the sweeter cream that was now dripping down Beth’s legs. He teased her hips and thighs with his fingers as a pay back while his mouth licked up every bit of his trail leading to the delectable treasure he had longed to taste. Picking up another strawberry and placing it between his lips, Cole leans in brushing the insides of her silken thighs with his face. The aroma of her glistening pussy caused a wave of anticipation through his body right down to focus on his shaft. He slipped the berry in between her lips pressing it up against her clit and then began to eat with a hunger no woman has ever seen. He feasts on the luscious berry until there is nothing left but the juices from the fruit and her cream. As his tongue fiendishly runs in circles around her erect clit, a wave of orgasm sweeps over Beth and she can no longer hold back her scream of passion. Her back arches thrusting her pussy into his face as more cum begins to flow from her opening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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