My Best Friend’s Dad


Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


I was over at Deena’s house and we were sitting outside next to her pool sun tanning. I had on my tiny blue bikini. The one with a thong bottom that would be so easy to just rip off. From where we were sitting I could see the kitchen window. And who do you think I saw watching us? Her Daddy. I could only see him from the waist up but I know that look. I decided to have a little fun with him so rolled over onto my stomach and asked Deena to untie my bikini top so I wouldn’t get any tan lines. I watched her Daddy while she worked at my top. Every time her fingers grazed my back I bit my lower lip to stop myself from giggling at how turned on he looked.

I rolled over onto my back so the sun could greet my pretty lil titties. I was so turned on my nipples were already hard. He was still watching me and I think he was jerking off while watching me. I laid there day dreaming of him coming out and fucking me and Deena. I thought I would be a good girl and give him a little more of a show.

I jumped into the pool, still without my top on. I stood in the shallow end so the water would run down my hair and over my lil izmit escort titties. I splashed water at Deena and she shrieked from the cold. Her nipples went hard under her bikini top and I teased her until she jumped in the pool with me. We splashed around, play-fighting until *oops* her top came off! Deena has much bigger breasts than me. She’s a D cup and covered in water they looked so sexy. She laughed and called me a slut. I laughed too but because I was wondering how much she would be laughing if she saw how turned on her Daddy was at seeing his lil girl’s big titties.

I know he saw them but when I looked back her Daddy wasn’t there anymore.

She put her top back on and went back to sunbathing. I don’t like the way chlorine makes my skin feel so I asked her if I could use her shower real quick. She said yes but told me to put my top back on because her Daddy was home. *giggles*

I put my top back on but secretly I was hoping I would see him on the way. It had been far too long since the last time I was fucked really good. I was sad because even though I took my time and even waited in the kitchen a minute I didn’t see him anywhere. I pouted a bit and went ahead to the bathroom. When I stripped off my bikini bottom I saw that the pool wasn’t the only thing that had made them wet! I stepped under the hot spray and the feeling of the hot water on my nipples was driving me crazy. I slipped my hand between my thighs and started to tease my lil clitty. My legs started to shake and I put my other hand against the wall to steady myself.

I heard something and I turned to see Deena’s Daddy watching me through the clear glass door. It was only slightly foggy so he could see everything I was doing. He was naked and stroking his nice big cock. I spread my legs a little wider so he could see better. He stepped in with me and pulled my naked body against his and kissed me. His hands ran down my back and over my ass where he squeezed. I wanted him so bad I grabbed his cock and he pushed me down to my knees. I tried to tease him and just lick around the head but he was having none of that! He shoved his cock down my throat and started face fucking me, making me gag. I loved it so much I grabbed his ass and started pulling him to meet me faster. I’ve never come from getting my face fucked before but I did this time. I screamed against his cock and dug my nails into his ass. The feeling of my hot cum dripping down my thighs combined with the hot water pouring down on me made me feel like there were a whole bunch of guys coming on me at once! He started fucking my face even harder, until I was dizzy. I thought he wanted to come in my mouth but he pulled out and grabbed my arm to drag me to my feet. Without a word he spun me around, bent me over and shoved his cock into my pussy. It would have hurt if I hadn’t been so wet already. He fisted a hand in my hair to pull me back against his chest and said, “This is what happens to little girls who tease married men.”

I loved how rough he was being with me and I said, “Oh Yes! Punish me for being a slutty little cock tease.”

His pushed me forward again so I was bent over with my hands pressed against the wall. His hand came down on my ass with a very loud SLAP. With all the water it hurt really bad but it felt so good! My ass moved back each time he fucked me so it was harder and faster. He spanked me twice more and I came, my lil pussy squeezing his cock until he filled me with his hot cum.

He pulled his cock out of me and pushed me down to my knees again. I didn’t need anymore encouragement and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked until he was clean.

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