My Best Friend’s Husband. Ch. 01


This is a true story, names have been changed but this is a true account of what happened.

Please be kind as I couldn’t find an editor to check this over for me and this is my first attempt at writing anything.

Thank you.

My name is Michaela and I am in my best friend Lily’s kitchen leaning against the sink with her husband Ian fucking my pussy from behind. How on earth did this happen?

Go back two months to a party at a mutual friends, the drinks were flowing and as usual I ended up chatting to Ian. We always seemed to end up chatting to each other at any get together, partly due to the fact that we had the same warped sense of humour and that my friend virtually abandoned him once they were there.

He is my safe person to flirt with knowing nothing would ever happen and I admit I tease him terribly, wearing low cut tops and bending over so only he can see, rubbing up against him in the kitchen or in the garden etc.

I am divorced and had been single on and off during the 25 years he had been with Lily

I was really rather pleasantly drunk and Ian had never seen me drunk in all the years we had been friends. We were in the garden chatting and realised that we were alone.

He asked for a kiss as we always kissed on meeting and for some reason today we hadn’t. So I leaned in to kiss him on the lips as usual and as our lips touched I remember thinking how wonderfully soft his lips were and then he pressed harder than normal and slipped his tongue between my lips.

It was such a shock – an actual physical shock, I felt it all the way down to my toes. For a split second I kissed him back but then came to my senses and pulled away.

I wagged my finger at him and said “Uh uh no way, not happening.” and pulled away and went inside to the toilets.

I sat on the toilet thinking to myself “Oh my god Ian kissed me!” over and over but I was also thinking about how turned on and how wet my pussy was from that one kiss. I finished up and went to wash my hands and went back to the party.

Another guest John had got me another rather very large vodka and lemonade, which I drank rather quickly.

I heard Ian say my name from behind and there he stood smiling at me with a fresh drink for me in his hand. “All okay?” he asked me obviously referring to what happened outside rather than how I was.

“Yes everything is more than okay.” I replied smiling at him to show I meant it. He passed me the drink and as he did our fingers touched and there was that spark flying between us again.

We made small talk while we sipped our drinks and suddenly Ian asked “Do you want to get some air? It’s very warm in here.”

“That would be nice.” I said smiling.

So we put our drinks down and went outside to the back garden

Once outside we found ourselves in a quiet dark corner, so I jumped in quickly and said to him “I can’t believe that you kissed me like that, it was so wrong but I liked it so much that I have to do this but this is as far as it goes.”

And with that I grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him down to me and kissed him. Our tongues moved around each others and we kissed deeply for a minute or so before pulling apart.

We stood and looked at each other, panting with desire, we were both shocked at how turned on we both obviously were.

I could see his erection pressing against his trousers. He could see my rock hard nipples pressing through my bra and my top.

My pussy was throbbing and soaking wet.

But I looked at him and said “That’s it no more, nothing more can happen no matter how much we like each other,” I turned away saying “you’re married to my best friend and I love her more than anything.”

“I know, I love her too,” he replied “she is my wife but I have fancied you since the day I first heard you on the phone to her, telling me to never hurt her or you would kill me.”

“What!” I exclaimed “That was 25 years ago.”

“I know but as soon as I heard your voice it turned me on so much that my cock was hard within seconds. Like it is every time I talk to you on the phone.” he looked at me and said “Do you remember the first time we met?”

“Yes I do,” I replied “In the kitchen at my house.”

“And you said to Lily that I wasn’t your sivas escort type,” he sighed “which is why I have never said anything to you about how much more I fancied you than her.” Ian’s confession shocked me to the core.

“I only said that because she put me on the spot, what else was I supposed to say?” I sighed “I couldn’t very well say I fancied the pants off of you could I now?”

“Well now we both know we fancy each other,” he stated “So are we going to do anything about it?” he asked me as he was running his hand up and down my arm, smiling his oh so sexy smile.

“No Ian,” I replied moving away from his electric touch, “we can’t do anything, I couldn’t do that to her, but obviously I will never say anything to her about this.”

And I walked away back inside to the party leaving Ian in the garden to cool down.

We bumped into each other a few more times during the party but nothing else happened.

We did however start talking more and more on the phone, each time the conversation got more sexual in nature until we were both confessing our deepest desires to each other.

Mine wanting him to fuck me in their kitchen as I stood at the sink. Strange I know but hey it turned me on so much for some reason.

His to tie me up and dominate me.

But a few weeks later I was spending the weekend with them but Lily had been called into work by the time I arrived, which had happened before but now I was feeling nervous knowing I was alone with Ian for the next three to four hours.

I put my clothes and toiletries away in the spare room and sat on the bed wondering what would happen between us and what I was going to do. I was so torn, because during our conversations we had both admitted to loving the other but hiding it from even ourselves.

We had discussed how different our lives could have been if only one of us had confessed to wanting the other. It wasn’t to be then, but I was so scared of the now that I was shaking.

Deep down I knew I was probably going to betray my best friend in the worst possible way.

I eventually joined Ian in the kitchen where he was making me a cup of tea.

We chit chatted about the usual stuff but there was an undercurrent of sexual tension that was quite clearly affecting us both.

He handed me my tea and our fingers touched and I felt that shock of electricity again, so much so that I had to put the cup down before I dropped it.

He moved so close he was almost touching me and said “Can I have a kiss now?”

I laughingly said “Déjà vu, I think you’ve used that line on me already.”

But I moved in so I was touching his chest with mine and pressed my lips to his and put my arms up around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my body.

We wrapped our tongues around each others, pressing our bodies to each other, my nipples were so hard through my skimpy top pressing into his chest. He moved his hands around and started rubbing and tweaking on my nipples. I broke the kiss gasping at the sensations, feeling my pussy flooding with juices.

We kissed and caressed some more, becoming more and more aroused. I could feel his erection pressing into my belly and I moved my hand down to rub it through his trousers.

“Oh my god,” he moaned “Please touch me.”

I was torn about what to do, I wanted him so much but he’s married to my best friend. In the end the lust won.

I unzipped him and pulled his throbbing hot smooth cock out, “Hmmmm naughty naughty,” I murmured “no underwear.”

“No I never wear any unless I know you’re coming over.” he groaned as I stroked his seven inch smooth hot throbbing cock.

“Why when I come over?” I asked him.

“Because I leak so much pre cum when you are here that I can’t go commando, but today I took them off before you got here.”

“Oh my,” I moaned “That is so horny.”

I rubbed the head of his cock and found he was telling the truth, his cock was dripping pre cum.

“Oh I can’t waste that,” I said looking up at him as I sank to my knees and engulfed the big mushroom head of his cock in my hot wet mouth. “I love the taste of pre cum.”

“Oh my fucking god,” he moaned loudly “Your mouth feels so damn good.”

I sucked his whole cock into my mouth, slightly gagging as I did not being used to such a long cock. I licked and sucked his cock swallowing down all of his copious sweet but slightly salty pre cum.

I swirled my tongue all over and around his cock as he reached down and undid his trousers completely so that they fell to the ground.

He stepped out of them, never taking his cock from my mouth. I reached up and cupped his balls, which were completely hairless as was his cock, he was so smoothly


I slid my mouth off of his cock and wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke him as I sucked each of his cum filled balls into my mouth, then I moved under and down between his legs and licked and pushed my tongue into his tight little arsehole.

He grabbed my hair and groaned loudly “Don’t stop please don’t stop Michaela.”

I carried on tonguing his arse and stroking his cock, until he pulled me up by the hair saying “Stop I don’t want to cum in your mouth.”

He kissed me deeply and slowly undid the buttons on my blouse, pushing it down my arms and onto the floor. He undid my bra and took it off too, so he could hold my 42DD tits in his hands, pulling and rolling my pink nipples.

“Oh yes Ian that’s so good but I need you to suck my them.” I moaned around his tongue.

He moved his head down and sucked my nipple into his hot wet mouth and sucked softly at first but as I moaned my approval he sucked harder and harder pulling on it.

He bit me quite gently but harder after I moaned “Oh yes Ian so fucking good, yes suck my nipples, bite them please baby.”

He moved to my other nipple and did the same to that one, by now my pussy was absolutely dripping and throbbing and I needed his cock inside me. All thoughts of Lily had long since fled from our minds.

He lifted up from my nipples which puckered even more in the cool air and pulled my skirt up so he could slip his hand under it.

“Oh you naughty naughty girl.” he groaned as he found my pussy uncovered and very tightly trimmed. He slipped his finger between my lips and rubbed up and down gently just touching on my clit now and again, which drove me wild.

He slipped his finger into my drenched pussy and groaned “You’re so fucking hot and wet, and so tight I can’t believe you’ve had a kid!”

I just laughed and said “Pelvic floor exercises.”

He pushed another finger into my pussy then another and laughingly said ” How’s this for exercising those pelvic floor muscles.” as he fucked me with them, bringing me to the brink as he sucked on my nipples.

He sucked hard on my nipples and tits marking my very pale skin. I don’t tan and I have pink nipples which grow very hard and long when I am aroused.

“Mmmmm no tan lines” He murmured “I like that.” as he sucked on them even harder.

Suddenly he pulled away and turned me around and pushed me over to the sink, undoing my skirt and pushing it down so I was naked in his kitchen. He pulled his tee shirt off so he was naked too and moved in close behind me.

“I have got to fuck you,” he said pulling my hips back so that I was bent over and kicking my feet apart, which just sent a thrill completely through me.

He bent his legs slightly and rubbed his hard cock between my pussy lips to cover it in my juices, which were running down my legs as I was so wet.

“Right now, I need to have you,” he panted, “Look at me!” he said as he pushed his cock into my throbbing pussy.

I turned my head and looked into his eyes as he pushed his cock into me for the first time, stretching me with the big mushroom head until it popped into my pussy “Oh my god Ian!” I gasped “you are so big!”

He slowly pushed his throbbing cock into my dripping pussy, in and out, over and over until I could feel it pushing onto my cervix, I had never felt so full. He withdrew almost all of the way and slowly pushed his cock back in stretching my pussy each time until he could thrust in and out without hurting me.

He started thrusting harder and faster over and over, his balls slapping underneath me hitting my clit as they were hanging so low.

“Oh my god! Don’t stop Ian please fuck me fuck me harder, I’m going to cum.” I begged him as I pushed back meeting his thrusts.

He started fucking my pussy faster and faster and then changed the angle slightly and I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to pee.

“Oh my god Ian stop!” I begged “I have to pee right now!”

“No you don’t,” he panted as he fucked me even harder “just ignore the feeling, you’ll love this trust me.”

As he carried on the feeling that I needed to pee got worse and I was begging him to stop.

“Please Ian let me go, I have to pee, I don’t want to wet myself!” I begged him, but as he was behind me holding me against the sink I couldn’t escape.

“You don’t need to pee,” he said gripping me even tighter “Ignore the feeling and just let yourself go, feel how much you want to cum right now.”

I tried to do as he said and to help he whispered in my ear, “Did you ever think you would have my cock inside your pussy, did you ever think your fantasy would come true?”

I relaxed and started to just let the feelings wash over me.

“Did you ever think you would be naked in my kitchen, with me fucking your delicious hot, wet, tight pussy?” Ian murmured in my ear.

He suddenly sucked on my neck which just pushed me over the edge and suddenly I started cumming, my pussy contracting around his rock hard cock, squeezing him tight.

“Yes baby that’s it cum on my cock,” he murmured in my ear “Just let it go, you know you want to.”

I was at the peak of my orgasm when I did what he said and stopped worrying about peeing myself and I just let the feeling overwhelm me and when I did the orgasm intensified so much that I couldn’t breathe let alone speak and as I reached that point I gushed everywhere, all over Ian, all over the floor, everywhere over and over again.

As I gushed everywhere Ian moaned in my ear “oh baby that’s so fucking hot.”

He started fucking my pussy harder and deeper, “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming, I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum right now!”

He thrust deep inside my pussy and as I felt his hot cum hit my cervix over and over, I came again and again, he came so much it was flooding out of my pussy and running down my legs to join my juices in a puddle on the floor.

I was leaning on the sink unable to even think of my name, my legs barely able to hold me up. I had never cum like that in my life.

Ian leaned forward and kissed my neck and softly said “Oh my god Michaela, I never expected that, I haven’t cum that much in years and I have never had anyone gush over me before, it was absolutely fantastic.”

I just waved my hand weakly at him as I was unable to talk, he pulled his softening cock out of my drenched pussy and as he did so the rest our combined juices flooded out to join the rest of it that was just about everywhere.

“Oh my god!” Ian exclaimed as he looked down at the mess on the floor, the cupboards and our bodies.

“Can you move yet?” he asked me softly.

“Not really.” I replied softly barely able to speak.

“Let’s get you in the shower so you can clean yourself and I’ll start in here.”

Ian helped me up the stairs and into the shower where he sat me on the little love seat and turned the warm water on, and left me to go and clean up the kitchen.

I hadn’t moved when he came back ten minutes later.

“Oh Michaela,” he said as he climbed in with me “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He washed my hair then stood me up and washed me all over. He sat me back down and washed himself then he helped me out of the shower and wrapped us both in large fluffy towels.

“Come on let’s get you into bed so you can lay down.” he said gently.

Once we were my room, he helped me lay down on the bed and I finally managed to speak to him, whispering to him “Oh my god Ian, what was that? I have never ever cum like that in my life.”

“That my darling was you gushing for the first time ever and having a continuous or full body orgasm,” he said smiling down at me “And now you have gushed and know what that feels like, you’ll be able to do it again and again.”

He leant down and kissed me very gently on the lips and said “Have a nap now while I finish clearing up and I’ll come up and wake you up in time for you to get dressed before Lily gets home.”

“I will thank you,” I replied and looking at him said “We also need to talk about what happens now.”

“Oh yes we certainly do.” he said as he left me to think about what had just happened and where we went from there.

To be continued…

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