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Ch 07: Daughter Helps Dad Cum

After dinner, the Monroe clan gathered in their cabin. It was a large four bedroom structure with a new kitchen and a spacious great room. They all sat around the great room drinking beer.

“What did you learn today, Chloe,” her dad asked.

“I didn’t know my sister knew so much about horses!” Chloe said and broke up laughing. Everyone joined in having a hearty laugh.

“Seriously. I learned that my fears were unfounded. I quickly forgot I was naked. It was great feeling the sun and wind on my skin. I was totally comfortable spending the day nude.”

“Bree, how about you?” Angie asked.

“I guess it helps that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I like being naked. Once, I got past you and dad knowing about my piercings, I was okay.”

Dave asked Angie, “What about you wifey. What did you learn?”

“Ummm…This place is great. The guest and staff were very friendly. I know we’re going to enjoy our new life here.” Angie paused, a playful sparkle lit up her eyes as she added. “I feel a little unkempt and out of style. I’m going to get the weed-wacker out and rein in my bush.”

“Ditto,” Chloe shouted. Giggling she said, “Compared to the other women here, you and I are like a sasquatch.”

Chloe’s comment again had everyone laughing.

“What about you Dave?” Angie asked.

“I’m relieved that we all are settling in as well as we are. I believe we could be very happy here.”

Bree, thinking about how many erections her dad had today said, “Some of us are a little too happy here.”

Dave blushed. Chloe didn’t get the joke. Angie did and she had to agree that Bree was right. Dave’s problem could cost them their second chance.

Angie yawned loudly and announced, “I’m tired. Dave’s lets go to bed.”

Dave understood his wife’s code speak otele gelen escort and followed her upstairs.

When they were alone behind a closed door, Angie said,

“Dave, I know men are visual creatures and you are getting an overwhelming amount of undiluted visual stimulation here, but we’ve got to get your erections under control.”

Dave nodded in agreement. He didn’t want to ruin this chance for his family either.

“I’m sure in time you will develop better control as the novelty of naked women wears off. But until then, I think you and I should have sex every morning and evening.”

Angie gave a little laugh and said, “I’m going to wear you out. Come here tiger.”


Downstairs the daughters were having a conversation along the same line. Bree asked,

“Are you really comfortable here?”

“I am,” Chloe answered, “I’m truly surprised that being nude is not a big deal.”

“I’m glad to hear that, sis. I know you know this place is our last chance at having a home. It would destroy Mom if she lost another home. We’ve got to help mom and dad.”

“Sure, Bree. I’m planning on working here doing whatever is needed.”

“Helping out at the resort is good, but I see Dad and his erections as our biggest worry. He’s like a kid in a candy store. And he’s out of control.”

“I know. Who knew a guy his age could get it up that often!” Chloe giggled.

“Mom’s doing her best to…keep him down. I bet she’s having sex with him right now. I know this is a touchy subject…but if mom’s not able to and Dad has an incident…”

Chloe interrupted and finished her sister’s sentence, “Yea, we may have to help out like we did today at the yoga session when we were shielding him from view.”

“In an emergency, we may have to do more,” pendik escort Bree said in a very serious tone.

The message stunned Chloe. Chloe’s face showed that she understood what her sister was saying. She nodded in agreement.

Bree smiled weakly and said, “That situation will probably never arise.”

“Yea,” Chloe responded hoping, wanting to believe her sister.


Back upstairs, Dave and Angie were performing their sexual gymnastics. Angie had sucked on his cock for five minutes and while Dave made sounds that indicated he liked it, nothing signaled that he was close to cumming.

Angie got on the bed and they fucked in the missionary position. Angie’s senses were being tripped left and right by her man’s rock hard cock and steady pumping. However, Angie was distressed, worried that while she was melting and close to cumming, Dave acted like he could go all night.

Angie tried to hold back, but soon she was frazzled and at the end of her rope. She moaned and groaned loudly like at the stables,

“Oo, oo, oo,” she chanted in rhythm to his relentless cock. She came and he plowed on. She came again,

“Oh, oh, oh,” and still her man of iron pounded her without mercy. Desperate, she tried an action she had read about in Cosmo Magazine. She stuck her finger up his butt and massaged his prostate.

“I pray to God that it works,” she said to herself. She was exhausted, covered with sweat and as limp as a rag doll. Her finger did have the desired effect. Dave blew his load when his wife executed the move he had never experienced before. Dave came hard filling her with his blanks. Then he too crashed, rolling off his wife and quickly going to sleep.

“Thank you God for making him cum,” an exhausted Angie prayed. She had been afraid that he was going to rus escort fuck her to death.


The next morning, Angie did not feel well. She hurt and felt a burning sensation when she peed.

“Damm this hurts! I’ve got to get to a doctor.”

Angie had planned on having sex with Dave to help prevent him from having a sexual response to every naked woman he saw today, but her pussy hurt to much to let him near it.

She slipped the sheet off her sleeping husband and looked down at his hard six inch cock. Normally, she loved his penis, but tending to it had become a real chore. However, she was determined to do what it took to make their second chance work so she took his erection into her mouth.

“Mmm…Angie you really know how to treat a man,” Dave e said as he awoke.

Angie blew, licked, fondled, beat and sucked on Dave’s rod. He moaned in appreciation, but after 15 minutes of hard work, he was not close to cumming. Angie’s jaw was tired. She rested it as she stroked his dick. She was beginning to worry “What if my mouth can’t make him cum? My pussy’s too sore for screwing?” A dejected Angie began sucking on Dave’s dick again.

There was a soft knock on their door and Bree bounded in, naked as a jay bird, saying

“Mom, I was thinking…”

Bree stopped when she saw her parents engaged in oral sex. Angie took her mouth off Dave’s member upon hearing Bree. Out of habit, she continued to stroke Dave as she wondered what Bree wanted.

Dave looked up at his naked daughter. His eyes were drawn to the metal piercings in her nipples and clitoris. Then he looked down at his beautiful naked wife beating him off. Having sex in front of his naked and pierced hot daughter, overloaded his circuits. Dave erupted. Cum landed all over Angie’s tits, face and hair.

Bree watched it all. The smell of her Dad’s spunk hung heavy in the air. Bree thought the scene was kind of hot. She turned to go.

“Wait Bree. Help me to the bathroom. Then I need you to take me to the doctor.”

“What’s wrong?” Dave asked concerned.

“I’ve got a little problem. It’s a girl thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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