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Bbc Whore

At the outset let me tell my readers that “Bhabhi” is a Hindi word which means Sister-in –law, specifically it refers to the wife of an elder brother. In India we have long tradition of beautiful relationship between a Devar (Husbands younger brother will be called Devar by his Bhabhi, who is his elder brother’s wife) and his Bhabhi. Many a folklore has been created on the above subject and in continuing with the time honored traditions today also there are some beautiful relationships being continued.

My relation with my Saroj bhabhi was sometimes that of a friend, sometimes that of an elder sister and at many times I felt that she was behaving like she was my mom.

Whenever I seemed to need her, Saroj Bhabhi was always there for me. She was always attentive to me , she gave importance to what I had to say, she listened carefully to what ever I said.

It was only natural that over a period of time I grew closer to her and started going to her with my little problems and questions. I particularly liked the time we spent together alone either in her room or on the terrace during the evening. I cannot remember when, but slowly I started noticing that Saroj Bhabhi was a very beautiful lady. At first it was as if I was just attracted towards her, I just liked to spend more and more time with her. I liked watching her talking to me, I liked her moving around.

Slowly I started noticing Saroj Bhabhi’s body. If was not as if I was not seeing her body, I was every day. But one day I suddenly realized that my Saroj Bhabhi was one hot lady with a very sexy body. It did not help matters, or maybe it did help matters, that she was completely at ease with me and never seemed to mind my being around. She did not seem to mind my hanging around in her bedroom even when she was getting ready.

She liked to wear very revealing clothes even when I was around. She would wear low cut blouses and on top of that her sari would fall from her shoulders leaving her round, milky white 36-inch tits only partially covered. Her tits were beautiful and the cleavage between them was mouth watering. I would peek at her tits and she never seemed in a hurry to cover her low cut blouse clad breasts with her sari.

She also wore her sari very low on her hips so that her flat tummy, her belly button and the top of her buttocks were displayed for me to see. It seemed that some of her pubic hair was also peeking from top of her sari.

Many times I had seen her in partial states of undress. . And one day I realized that Saroj Bhabhi had become the lady in my dreams and I started having these urges to see more of my sexy, beautiful Saroj Bhabhi.

It continued that way but what changed was that when my Bhabhi came to her bed room after her bath and sat in front of her sınırsız escort dressing table I started paying more attention to her body. The sight of her breasts under her dressing gown fascinated me. They were magnificent, mind blowing. They must have been at least 36 D (I confirmed the size from her bra later). I sat there watching her and she seemed unaware of my curiosity towards her body (was she unaware, women are sometimes too clever for us men).

I was provided glimpses of her tits, the beautiful cleavage in between the two magnificent peeks. I also saw her long beautiful legs. I longed for more and it suddenly became an obsession to see more of my sexy Saroj Bhabhi’s body. I started going to her bathroom while she was inside having her bath. I used to stand outside the door and used to hear the sound coming from inside, of water falling and some times sounds of Saroj Bhabhi humming some song while she was under the shower. I got very excited during these times and my penis would become very hard and I had to take it out and masturbate.

One day I decided to take matters more into my hands, I already seemed to have my hard cock in my hands all the time seeing sexy bhabhi, and started planning on how to go about seeing my sexy Saroj Bhabhi naked.

It seemed there were two places where I could do that in her bathroom, while she had her bath and second in her bedroom after she went there after her bath to get ready. Both places had windows although the bathroom window was little high so difficult to reach.

I decided on the bathroom window as the bathroom was in the corner of the house and isolated, my getting caught were less. So decided I waited with baited breath one hot summer night. I was standing below her bathroom window waiting for Saroj Bhabhi to enter and close the door. After a few anxious moments filled with doubts I heard the door being opened and then locked from inside the light was also put on so that now light was coming from the window above my head.

I heard Saroj Bhabhi moving inside the bathroom. I was attracted towards the window like a magnet pulling a piece of iron towards it. I slowly crept up and soon I could see from inside the bathroom. I saw Saroj Bhabhi standing in front of the mirror removing her hair band. She then started to open her sari. I saw my sexy bhabhi slowly opening her sari and now she stood clad in a low cut blouse and petticoat a few feet from me.

Saroj Bhabhi then started opening her blouse, she opened the buttons and time seemed to stand still as I saw her breasts those lovely tits slowly coming out from the confines of the blouse. Those objects of my youthful longing came to my view. The magnificent specimen of feminity was uncovered. The blouse came off now taksim escort those 36D tits were covered only by the most sheer black lacy bra that I had seen (although I had not seen many, ok this was the first time that I was seeing a female in a bra).

My mouth was dry and I was sweating (both from the heat of the weather and the heat being generated by my sexy Saroj Bhabhi’s body). My hands were all sweaty as I watched my beautiful bhabhi’s tits. She took her time opening her bra. I could see her nipples under the bra. Her skin was creamy white and her breasts shone in the light. Sweat was reflected on her tits and I could see a few drops of sweat running down between her tits into the magnificent valley that lay between them. She rubbed her hand on her bra-clad tits I almost moaned out loud. I controlled myself with some difficulty.

Saroj Bhabhi then opened her petticoat. As she opened the strings of her petticoat I could observe the matching black lace panties coming to view. As she dropped the petticoat on the floor my cock rose o few inches in my pants as if to salute the sight that lay before me, the image of my gorgeous bhabhi’s body clad in the sheerest of bra & panty.

Long beautiful legs, milky white calf and great thighs with the most beautiful round buttocks. What a great ass, my bhabhi had a great ass those two beautiful round globes covered by the panties, which covered less and revealed more. As she moved around her tits rose and fell. It seemed that her bra were not sufficient to hold her tits firmly in place.

Saroj Bhabhi moved closer towards the window and now I could make out the pubic hair under her panties a few of these could be seen coming out from the side of the panties.

She had a bushy pussy. I loved her black bushy pussy from first sight. What a beautiful sight it was my lovely bhabhi was there almost naked for me to see. In a few moments I would be seeing her fully naked. The woman of my dreams naked a few feet from me. This was unbelievable.

I could almost make out the cunt lips under the panties. Saroj Bhabhi then slowly moved her hand to the back and started opening her bra clasps on at a time. It was as if time stood still and I am sure that I did not breathe I was concentrating so hard not to miss any thing. One clip at a time slowly she opened her bra she then bent forward slightly and the bra started to fall forward. The two straps moved from her shoulders and the cups moved out of the tits they were covering.

Saroj Bhabhi moved her hand in front of her breasts as if to stop the bra from falling. Then she slowly moved her hands forward and with it came her bra thereby uncovering the two loveliest of God’s creations (or should one say one of God’s lovely creations). tesettürlü escort Now lay naked, uncovered before me the boobs of my Saroj Bhabhi the lovely tits were naked for me to see in there whole glory. What a sight I could not believe that at last I was seeing her tits so close and absolutely naked.

Her sexy 36D tits were so firm that they did not sag even a little bit. They were so firm and round that it seemed that Saroj Bhabhi did not need the bra to support her breasts. Her breasts were topped with pink nipples that had aureoles almost 2 inches wide. Her nipples were almost 1 inch long and at the time they seemed to be pointing straight at me.

I wish I had them in my mouth. I wanted to take Saroj Bhabhi’s nipples in my mouth and suckle her breasts.

I wanted to grab both her tits in my hands. I came back to my senses as I saw her removing her panties. She bent down and grabbed her panties from both the sides and started rolling them down.

The magnificent Cunt of Saroj Bhabhi came to my view. Oh! What a sight the most wonderful sight the black bushy cunt with the cunt lips peeking from behind her dark pubic hair.

It was as if her cunt lips were playing hide and seek with me. She opened her panties and threw them into the clothes hamper. Now Saroj my sexy Bhabhi was standing before me in all her naked glory. I was seeing her fully naked for the first time. I was seeing any female naked for the first time and it was my sexy Saroj Bhabhi who was showing me her body.

As she had taught me many things in life she was here teaching me all about a Woman’s body. She was showing me her own body and teaching me what a woman’s breasts looked like, what a female cunt was all about.

Saroj Bhabhi moved her hands all over her body as she moved under the shower. Water fell on her body and her wet body gleamed under the light. She washed her tits and applied soap on her tits; her nipples seemed to perk up as she rubbed her fingers over her nipples. In due course she moves her hands to her cunt and started washing her pussy. I saw her open her pussy lips and move two of her fingers into her cunt. She then added another finger, now three fingers were inside my Saroj Bhahi’s cunt. Was she masturbating? I don’t know but it seemed like she was. I joined her and soon I was moving my hand over my cock very fast. As I watched her Cumming inside the bathroom I almost wanted to moan and cum gallons on her body.

I was by this time so excited that I could not control any longer and I was pumping my cock so hard that I was about to cum. I wanted to cum for my Saroj Bhabhi; I wanted to cum for her tits her ass and her beautiful cunt. Fact is that I wanted to cum in that CUNT.

But that as one says is another story. Soon I came watching my sexy bhabhi having her bath. I remember to this day the first time is saw a naked female and that too my own Bhabhi, my lovely Saroj Bhabhi.

(Do send your comments and don’t forget to vote. If any of you ladies want to write to me please do contact me. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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