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For Women

All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

This was based on a real event that happened in 1969 that is burned into my memory, when, bear in mind, there was no internet where anyone could readily obtain information like today. Only the descriptions have been embellished to make a more readable story. There is an element of cheating in the story, so if you don’t agree with that, you don’t have to read it, otherwise, enjoy.

Part Two.

A few days later, I called Jayne on the phone and asked her if she would like to go out on Saturday evening for a meal or something. Unfortunately, she said she had an evening shift at the hospital where she was training to be a nurse, but we could maybe go into town during the day. She wanted to buy a few clothes, and if I didn’t mind shopping with her, we could spend part of the day together, but she had to be at the hospital by 5pm.

It was a bit of a disappointment, but I knew she felt that nursing was her vocation, so for the moment, she had to work these unsociable hours now and then. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about trailing round female clothes shops, but if it meant I could spend that time with her, then I was sure I could put up with it.

I arranged to drive over and pick her up from her home in my Mini car, at about 11am, giving us plenty of time to maybe have a bite to eat in town, and get her back in time for her to go to work.


When I arrived and she let me into the house, she was almost ready to go. I thought I had better say hello to her mom and dad, and being Saturday, they would usually be home.

“I was just going to say hello to your mom and dad before we go,” I said, when we were in the sitting room, “but they don’t seem to be here.”

“Ah no, they’re not here, they have gone over to see my brother. He is moving house today, and as you know they have just had a baby, so they have gone to babysit while the move takes place. Actually, I think they just wanted to nose around the new house and offering to look after the baby was just an excuse.”

“Just for the day?”

“No, they are staying over, but they will be back tomorrow.” she informed me.

“Ohh, well what about you and Sarah?”

“What about us? We are old enough to look after the house for one night on our own, aren’t we?”

“Yes, sorry, I wasn’t thinking. It’s ok,” I said, feeling a bit foolish, of course, they were both adults, they didn’t need their parents to be there all the time, I didn’t know why I had said that. “So, shall we go?”

“JAYNE,” I heard shouted from upstairs, “did I hear you say you are going into town?”

“Yes,” she shouted back.

There were rapid footsteps descending the stairs and Sarah came into view.

“Is there any chance I could get a lift with you, I said I would meet my friend there to shop for a few things, it would save me the bus fare, and waiting for it?” she asked.

Jayne looked at me, “You had better ask Pete, it’s his car.”

“Pete?” she said, putting on a ‘lost child’ expression.

“Errr…Of course, no problem,” I said.

Well, I could hardly say no, as she was Jayne’s sister, and after what we had chatted about and done last week, it seemed best to stay in her good books. It wasn’t as if Jayne and I were going somewhere to be private anyway.

“You are going now though?” she asked.

“Yes, why?”

“I am not meeting Jen until 2pm, maybe it’s a bit too early now,” she said, a little downcast.

I looked at Jayne, who gave a slight shrug to her shoulders in a ‘it’s up to you’ sort of gesture.

I thought quickly, and wanting to be supportive to Sarah, but also hoping to gain a few ‘points’ with Jayne too, “How about you get ready and we go now, then we can get something to eat in town, I’ll treat you both, then you can meet your friend, while Jayne and I go and shop for the things she wants. How does that sound?”

“That’s brilliant Pete, thank you,” Sarah said, a big smile breaking out on her face, then giving me kiss on the cheek. She sprinted back up the stairs to get ready.

Jayne looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“You know she just manipulated you, don’t you?” she said, half smiling now, “but thank you for being kind.” She kissed me too, but on the lips this time.

While we waited for Sarah to get ready, we took the opportunity to sit on the sofa and kiss a little more. We were sitting right where I had sat with Sarah that time, and as the memory came back of secretly dry humping her sister, I gently moved my hand up and massaged Jaynes breasts over her clothes.

“We can’t go too far; she’ll be down soon. I don’t want her to catch us,” she whispered.

“Yes, I know,” I whispered back, thinking that it was just what Sarah would like to see, but I couldn’t tell Jayne that.

I tried to move my hand to her leg and up her short skirt, but she stopped me, “No, that’s going too far now,” she admonished me. So, I had to settle for kissing yabancı escort a little more and feeling her breasts.

We heard Sarah moving about upstairs, then her feet on the stairs again. Jayne quickly pulled apart and stood up just as her sister opened the door.

Sarah had dressed in tight fitting jeans and a loose woollen pullover, then thrown a long jacket over the top, as it wasn’t too warm outside.

“Ok, I’m ready,” Sarah said, looking from one of our faces to the other, “getting warm in here is it,” she grinned.

“Enough of that if you want a lift,” Jayne retorted.

Sisters huh!


The trip into ‘town’, actually a city, but we called it ‘town’, was uneventful. Sarah was a bit cramped in the back, but it was a Mini and she didn’t complain. We had BBC Radio 1 on the car radio, and the two girls sang along to some of the pop music they were playing, while I concentrated on the driving. It was a good atmosphere.

Parking wasn’t too much of a problem in those days and being a small car, I soon found a parking space not too far from the main shopping streets.

We had a short walk round looking for somewhere to eat and settled on a Wimpy Bar. I think we all had the speciality burger and chips (french fries) and soft drinks, as they didn’t sell alcohol. It took a while to get our meal, and we ate it at a leisurely pace, chatting about this and that, so by the time I had paid the bill, Sarah only had about fifteen minutes before she was due to meet her friend.

“Right,” I said, as we were leaving, “if you want a lift back home Sarah, meet us back here at 4pm as I have to make sure Jayne is back to go to work on time.”

“Oh, that would be great, thank you, I’ll make sure I’m here,” she replied, gratefully, then kissing me on the cheek for the second time today, she went her own way.

As we walked towards the shops, arm in arm, “She seems to like you,” Jayne commented, an inscrutable look on her face.

“Well, what’s not to like, free transport and food, can’t be bad, can it?”

“No, I meant, she does seem to genuinely like you, she hasn’t been that way with any other guys I have been out with. What’s your secret?”


“Yes, what have you done that makes her like you more than the others?

I think I was blushing, but we were walking into the wind and I don’t think she noticed, “I guess I just treat her like the adult she is, rather than your younger sister.”

“In what way,” she asked, checking for traffic as we crossed the road.

“Emm, well, just talking about different stuff that interests her and generally listening to her opinions and what she has to say,” I replied, hoping she wasn’t going to ask what we talked about.

“That’s good, I think she misses our brother being at home, she used to talk to him all time, it will do her good to be able to talk to you.” she said, squeezing my arm.

“Where are we going first,” I asked, trying to steer the conversation away from her sister, I doubt she would be so pleased if she knew the things Sarah wanted to talk about.

I can’t remember how many shops we went into, and the numerous times I stood near the changing areas with a few other bored guys.

As we stood there, (they never provide seats for the guys do they) a parade of girls went in and out with clothes over their arms. It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one taking surreptitious glances, to see if the girls closed the curtains properly, while appearing to look anywhere else but at the curtains. Jayne tried on various skirts, jeans, tops, you name it, she tried it on, and popped out every now and then to ask if I liked whatever she had changed into.

Finally, she said she had finished, and so with a few bags carried between us, we made our back to the Wimpey Bar to meet Sarah.

She was on-time, and when she spotted us, started to walk towards us. I noticed that she too had a couple of bags, so I guessed she had had a successful shopping trip too.

The ride back was similar to when I drove there, and both sisters seem to be in a good mood. Obviously ‘shopping’ produced good endorphins I thought.

We got back to the house in good time and while Jayne went upstairs to change into her uniform, Sarah made us all mugs of tea and a few sandwiches and brought them through to the sitting room.

“Did you get what you wanted?” I asked conversationally.

“Yes, I got a few bargains, and thanks again for lunch and the lifts, it makes it so much easier than struggling on a bus.”

“That’s ok, glad to have helped. I remember what it was like before I got that little car,”

“I hope to get one, one day,” she said, “but I’ll have to learn to drive first.”

“Yea, that’s a good idea, I knew you were smart,” I joked, laughing, and got a playful slap on the arm for it.

“Are you rewarding the man who has just bought you lunch with a smack?” Jayne said, as she came into the room at that moment.

“Naw, we were yeni escort just having a bit of a laugh about whether your smart sister should get a car first or learn to drive first,” I explained.

“Oh yes, if only,” Jayne smiled, drinking her hot tea quickly. “Now, I need to get going, I don’t like to arrive on the ward late.”

“I’ll take you in the car,” I said, as I am here.

“You haven’t touched your tea or sandwich yet, it’s a shame to leave it.”

“Well if its ok, I’ll drop you off at the hospital, it will only take a few minutes, and come back for it, then I’ll wander off home.”

“Yea, sure, Sarah will still be here – probably see you tomorrow Sarah, as I won’t be home until very late, don’t forget to lock the doors before you go to bed.” she added.

“I know, I know. You would think I was twelve, not eighteen,” Sarah mumbled to herself.

“We had better go, or I will be late,” Jayne said, smiling.


The hospital where Jayne worked was about a fifteen-minute walk, but only a couple of minutes in the car.

I dropped her off with a few kisses, then I made my way back to her house.

Sarah opened the door at the first knock, so I assumed she had been looking out for the car.

“Come back into the sitting room, the tea and food are where you left them,” she said.

“Oh great, I hope the tea is still warm.”

“I can always make some more if you want,” she answered, as we sat back down onto the sofa in the sitting room.

The TV was on, so I sort of focussed on that, as I munched my way through a very nice ham sandwich and yes, the tea was still warm enough. Sarah was sitting beside me also just casually looking at the TV.

“Nice sandwich, thanks,” I said, as I finished the last crumbs and started on the tea.

“It’s the least I could do after you two letting me join you.”

“It was fun singing along in the car, even if you are both tone deaf,” I quipped, and got another friendly slap on the arm. “Anyway, you never said what bargains you bought when you were transported in style to the shops?”

“Just a few clothes. I am trying to build up my wardrobe a bit at a time now that I am finishing school, I will need different sorts of clothes.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” I replied, not that I knew what she might need.

She thought for a minute, “Would you like to see? You can tell me if they suit me. My friend Jen said they did, but a guy may have a different view.”

“Err… yes, emmm, sure if you want to,” I said, not sure what sort of clothes she had bought, and wondered if it was wise, or whether I should really be leaving to go home as Jayne would expect me to.

“Ok, stay here, I will be back in a minute,” Sarah said, getting up and disappearing out and up to her bedroom.

I sat back and watched a bit of TV, I think it was the early evening News, I wasn’t paying much attention, it was just something to watch.

She had previously told me that her bedroom was over the living room, which is how she had embarrassed me, by telling me she had heard me and Jayne having a bit of late night fun, and I could hear her moving around up there.

After four or five minutes, I heard her coming back down the stairs.

“Here I am,” she said, a bit shyly, as she entered and walked to stand in front of the TV.

From my sitting position, I was looking slightly up at her. I ran my eyes up and down her body. She was now wearing a tight white top, with a few sparkles, in a stretchy sort of fabric that clung to her breasts. I tried not to stare, but it looked as if she wasn’t wearing a bra, as I couldn’t see any lines under it, and her nipples were making small tents in the fabric.

I expected her to be wearing a miniscule skirt of some sort, but that wasn’t the case. She was wearing a red skirt, that snugly fitted her bottom and ended a couple of inches above her knee, but from high up on the thigh, the skirt had lots of fabric that was made into lots of pleats. I don’t know what it was called, but it was vaguely reminiscent of the ‘Flapper’ fashion of the 20s. The difference being that it was much shorter than in that era.

She was blushing with my scrutiny, so I let her stew a little, while I continued to run my eyes over her.

“Wow, Pete, anyone would think I was naked the way you’re looking at me,” she giggled, “what do you think?”

“I think,” I started slowly, “that, you have a great sense of fashion.” I said.

“A ‘great sense of fashion’, is that it?” she said, mimicking me.

“Well ummm… no, not just that, very sophisticated and even sexy,” I said, wondering if that was what she wanted to portray. “I am a bit surprised though that you have chosen a longer skirt than normal,” I added.

“Ah, well it has a surprise,” she said, coquettishly and blushing a little more.

“A surprise, what do you mean?”

“I’ll show you. So, when I go to a dance, and swirl round….”

She did one pirouette.

“Ohhh.” yenibosna escort As she spun round, the pleated part of her skirt floated outwards, revealing most of her legs, and the tiniest, teasing, flash of her black knickers. It looked as though it was inadvertent, but it was carefully orchestrated for maximum tease factor. It was one of the sexiest things and bound to make the guys keep looking at her to see if there would be more.

“Judging by the fact that your mouth is still open Pete, I guess you liked that?” she grinned.

I shut my mouth and cleared my throat, “I wasn’t expecting that,” I said, my voice a bit shaky.

“If I turn a bit faster…”

She did, and I saw a lot more of her black knickers and her shapely thighs, right up to her bottom.

“Wow, Sarah,” I said, that is definitely sexy, but I am not sure you should do that in public, everyone will see your…umm underwear.” I said.

She laughed, “Please don’t start talking like my dad,” she said, still grinning. “Anyway, people see me in my bikini when I am on holiday, and in my swimming costume when I go to the local swimming baths, there isn’t much difference.”

“Except its underwear,” I retorted.

“Yes, but I bought these specially to go under it, they are featureless, like swimwear, see?” With this, she raised the front of her skirt up to her waist giving me a stunning view of her long legs and knickers, tightly clinging to her.

If it was designed to start getting me turned on, it worked. I felt my cock stirring and a change in my adrenaline level, making my heart beat just that little bit faster.

She walked over towards me; I was sure the tenting where her nipples were had gotten bigger. “So, you like it then?”

“Yes, I do, very… modern, and as I said, sexy.” I felt my face getting hot.

“I’d better go change,” she said, “don’t want it creased or dirty before I have had a chance to show it off.”

She went back upstairs, leaving me to think about what I had just seen. I think my cock was having thoughts of its own, as by now it was almost erect in my jeans. I adjusted it a little, so it was lying a bit more comfortably, and tried to stop thinking about what I had just been shown.

She was back in a few minutes, and sat back down beside me, but this time she had on a long thick bath robe (dressing gown as it was called then), tied tightly at the waist.

“Didn’t think it was worth getting fully dressed again,” she explained, “I will probably be sitting here in front of the TV until I go to bed.”

I didn’t say anything, but it was a bit disconcerting, and I was glad no one else was due home, as it might look a bit odd for her to be found dressed like that with only me there.

We both remained still, the TV quietly droning in the background, but she was picking at tiny fluffy bits on her robe and I had a kind of feeling that she wanted to say something, and was building up for it.

“Pete,” she said quietly, “can I ask you something else?”

“You know you can,” I said, “after last time,” I raised one eyebrow at her.

She gave a small, embarrassed smile and continued picking.

“It was about that sort of thing,” she was blushing again.

“Don’t you discuss these things with your friends or Jayne?” I asked, gently.

“Oh no, definitely not with Jayne, she still thinks I am too young, just because I am not at work yet like her.”

“Oh, I see, but what about people you mix with at school, your friends?”

“That’s the problem, you see, if I ask any of them, they will know then that I don’t know a lot of stuff and probably make fun of me. Maybe they don’t either, but they all pretend they do, so that everyone thinks they are mature and have done things that they haven’t really. Does that make sense to you?”

“Yea, I think I get it.”

“You are sort of ‘remote’ from all that, so you’re probably the only one I can ask. I don’t want to be ignorant about it all when I meet someone I want to do things with, and I am sure you won’t laugh at my lack of knowledge.”

“No, I wouldn’t laugh at you Sarah, but as I said before, if Jayne or anyone found out we were talking about,” I paused, “sex,” I paused again, “as I said, it would be extremely awkward.”

She was quiet for a moment. She put one hand on my leg, “I would never say anything Pete, I’ll just keep all we talk about in my head, it’s just between us, so don’t worry, you’re just being a good friend.” She removed the hand.

I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for, or the things she wanted to know, but as usual, the secretive nature of talking about this with her was a turn on, and my lower brain was persuading me again that it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“So, what do you want to talk about this time?” I said, quietly.

“Can I ask about you and Jayne, you know, the last time you were here?”

“You mean when you were ‘asking questions’ last time and she came home?”

“Yea,” her face got redder, probably remembering what we did and her scrabble to get upstairs.

“Go on then.”

“Even now it’s a bit embarrassing to ask, but when I left ‘quickly’, when Jayne came home suddenly,” she cleared her throat, “you were, I mean, your penis was hard, because of me, right?” she finally got out. “Did you use it on Jayne later?” I wondered.

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