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“What will I do, Lucy? I’m so stretched for cash and I already have two jobs. I can’t afford to add another since I still need to study.” Cara Thomas was in her third year at university and was having a hard time making ends meet. A tall curvy redhead, she made heads turn even when sitting down clutching a latte in a sidewalk cafe. Lucy touched her arm in sympathy, her warm brown eyes radiating comfort.

“Miss, I can’t help but overhear you. I might be able to give you a job, but it’s of a confidential nature. The pay would be enough to render your other jobs unnecessary. If you’re interested, call this number and set an appointment.” The gorgeous stranger sitting next table handed her a card that had Logan Engineering Solutions printed in bold typeface. So at least he’s not some sleazy model hunter on the loose, offering cash for nude pics.

Cara had been conscious of his eyes on her, and she had to admit that she liked the attention, as the guy was just smoking hot. She had been hoping he’d maybe offer her a hook up or something, but this is fine as well, if it earned her a job that pays well. “I would do that, thank you. Can I call this number now?”

“Call in a couple of hours,” so saying, he stood up and left.

“Wow, I won’t mind working under him, over him, and in any way for him,” Lucy teased her. They both checked out his ass as he walked down the street. He looked expensive, and he looked like he could give you a good time, if ever he loosened up, that is.

Cara stood staring in awe at the majestic lobby of the high-rise she entered. She had set up an appointment for 11am the next day and here she was, nervous and not knowing what to expect. She has had a restless night, thinking about the handsome stranger who handed her the card. Well, she had some steamy fantasies, too, and ended up with her B.O.B well used.

Cara had dressed as smartly as she can, wanting to impress whomever she needed to impress. She took out the smartest outfit that she had, a navy blue pinstriped pencil skirt and suit she wore to a funeral. Her stiletto also made it out of the closet, as she only had this to match the outfit.

She was directed to the penthouse floor by the icy blonde manning the reception. A kindly secretary ushered her into a dark-paneled office and she came face to face with the hunky stranger again. “Mr. Logan, your eleven o’clock appointment.”

He nodded to them both and indicated she take a seat at one of the cushy chairs in front of his massive table. “Glad you came. Before we start, I have a non-disclosure agreement you need to sign first. You can’t discuss anything we have talked about inside this room to anybody else, this is whether you enter my employ or not,” he handed her a document and she signed it. She was not the type to blab, anyway.

“Ms. Thomas,” she had already given her name and phone number to the secretary when she called, “my name is Dominick Logan and I own a vast conglomerate that takes up most of my time. I don’t have the time nor the patience to build a relationship and all the drama it ensues. I don’t want a family and I don’t want to be trapped into a marriage. What I need is a social partner. You would act as my hostess for business dinners and a partner for those times when I need to have one.” Cara nodded, thinking, she could do this. “In return, you would be well compensated and a suitable wardrobe with accessories would be provided as part of your non-monetary benefits.” He named a sum that made her gasp. It would cover her tuition fee and more!

“Your study schedule will be prioritized, of course, but there will be times when we will be invited for weekends out of the country. I take it your passport is updated?” She nodded again, struck dumb by her good fortune. “There is a caveat. I want sex to be part of your job.” Dominick leaned his hips against the desk and folded his arms, just waiting for her reaction.

“What?!” Cara knew it was too good to be true. Truth to tell, just looking at him made her mouth water, her panties wet, and her pussy clench, but still…

“We have chemistry, Cara, and I could tell you’re also attracted to me. In normal circumstances, I could have picked you up yesterday and we could have spent the afternoon making out. But I don’t want to raise expectations and I don’t want a relationship right now. What I want is regular sex. You could have me and you can have more time to devote to your studies and not worry about money. You don’t need to feel guilty about it since we want each other.”

“I’m not a whore! What you’re proposing is prostitution!” Cara started to rise but Dominick held out a hand to pacify her.

“Listen. I’m very much attracted to you. We could make a song and dance about this but if you want me, I don’t see why you can’t benefit from that attraction. I’m not denigrating you as a person but if I want a sexual relationship with you, I don’t want your job schedule to interfere with my convenience. This way, we both bahis firmaları win. It’s not prostitution if you want me, the main job is to be my social partner, the sex is just a side benefit. Besides, if sex was not included at the onset, with all those weekends away, do you think we would be able to keep our hands off each other?”

Cara paused thoughtfully and then gasped out, “Is this like that 50 Shades shit where there’s spanking or something? I’m not into that.”

“No, definitely not. My name might be Dominick but I’m not a dom,” he deadpanned.

Cara sat red-faced not knowing how to respond. He made up her mind for her when he suddenly reached for her hands and made her stand up. He drew her in between his legs and cradled her head with his hands. Looking deep into her eyes, he softly said, “I want you so much, please say yes.” She nodded and he was there, giving her a kiss that melted her insides.

Giving herself over to his kiss, she pressed herself closer to him, wanting to feel his hard body against hers, the way she wanted to since yesterday. Groaning, Dominick cupped her ass, and she soon felt her skirt slide up, exposing her butt to the air, having worn string thongs. “No, someone might come in.”

Dominick pulled back and staring at her, said roughly, “You make me lose control. You don’t need to worry, the door can automatically be locked from my desk.” He went around the desk and pressed something on the side. He sat and pulled out some documents. “You have to sign a contract before we proceed, and we need to lay some ground rules. You also need to give me your schedule so I’m informed as to your availability. I require exclusivity, both physically and jobs-wise, so you need to resign from your other jobs.”

They eked out a schedule that had her going to his office everyday at eleven o’clock. He had a bedroom suite in the next room, and when she smirked at this, said, “it’s used for more than just sex. I also use it to crash in.” Cara felt abashed at her assumption, aware that he had got to be supremely busy to resort to a contractual “relationship.”

Dominick leaned back and murmured in a gravelly voice, “Now that that’s settled, come here.” He gave her a smoldering stare and crooked his fingers at her, beckoning her over. Cara walked over and stood before him, shifting on her feet, uncertain of what to do. He took her hand and urged her closer, then played with her fingers.

The flow of her blood thickened, her heartbeat seemingly slowed down to a heavy thumping. Dominick slowly licked her finger, then sucked it, all the while staring deep into her eyes. Cara gasped and she locked her knees into place, afraid of melting into a puddle at his expensively clod feet. “I would appreciate that tongue more if it was in another part of my anatomy.”

“My, my, my. Impatient much, my dear?” He grasped her hips and sat her down at his desk, then shoved her legs open. Her narrow skirt constricted the movement, and he impatiently removed it. Their hands tangled at the hook and with a short laugh, she instead went for the rest of her clothes. She found herself splayed naked on top of his desk like a pagan sacrifice within a matter of minutes. Dominick loomed over her, holding her hands down above her head, his other hand spreading her legs wider. Cara eagerly complied, putting her feet on the edge of the desk.

“Eat my pussy, Dominick, it’s been wet for you since we met.” Dominick groaned at her words, sitting back down and diving for her glistening slit. Cara cried out, pleasure overwhelming her sensibilities. She couldn’t care less if his secretary heard her, the delicious sensations his tongue generated enough to make her shameless. She was glad she agreed to this, she would have happily spread her legs for him even without the contract.

Cara wanted to see him licking her pussy, so she braced herself on her elbow and looked down. She was jolted when he met her eyes, his tongue extended almost lewdly to lick her clit. She regularly waxed, so there was no impediment to her view. Dominick smiled devilishly, then pursed his lips to blow softly on her wet labia. She shivered at his hot tickling breath and she reached out to caress his soft hair. Widening the flat of his tongue, Dominick tormented her with long slow swipes that left her pussy even wetter but kept her arousal at a low level. “Dominick, please,” she begged him, wanting so badly to cum.

Dominick pulled back a little, then slowly penetrated her aching portal with a long finger. His eyes were transfixed on what he was doing, seemingly fascinated by her pink pussy. He added another digit, then pushed in to the knuckle, making her walls clamp down on the invader. He sent her a teasing look, then, hardening his tongue to a point, gave the tip of her clit quick teasing flicks. “Oh, fuck, that feels so good!”

“Yes, like that, right there, faster, please,” Cara encouraged Dominick and he didn’t deny her. He quickened his strokes, finger-fucking kaçak iddaa her harder, the swirl of his tongue untiring. Her hips were moving of its own accord, needing to meet the onrushing climax she could feel steadily building. “I’m coming Dominick, don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Dominick upped the ante by curling his fingers inside her, rubbing her G-spot hard in his quick passes. Cara gasped and quickly clamped both her hands over her mouth. The force of her orgasm had her back arch off the desk, and trying not to scream, gritted her teeth and muffled her ecstatic scream. She felt liquid gush out between her legs, unable to stop it and surprised that she squirted. Dominick didn’t stop, bless him, until her contractions subsided.

“You look surprised,” he remarded at her wide eyed scrutiny from behind her hands, “was that the first time you squirted?” She could only nod shamefacedly, seeing his face and cheeks drenched in her juice. “It’s okay, baby, it’s not abnormal to squirt,” he gathered her in an oddly platonic but comforting hug. She realized then that he was still fully dressed.

The buttons on his suit pocket was digging into her nipples, and she giggled helplessly into the crook of his neck. “You’re still dressed, I think I’m reneging on my duties.” She rapidly unbuttoned his jacket and shirt, dying to see if his body was as hot as she imagined it to be. It was better. He had a ripped bronzed body that just begged to be touched. “Oh, god, I could just stare at you all day.”

“Well, I don’t want a staring contest, honey, I want us to fuck like minks.”

Cara burst out laughing at his quip, loving his naughty sense of humor. “Well, then, let’s go fuck!” She jumped from the desk and led the way to the bedroom door that he indicated earlier.

The masculine décor of the office didn’t prepare her for the sight of the bedroom. She squeaked when she saw floor to ceiling windows dominating two adjacent walls. She quickly took a step back, only to be halted by Dominick. “What’s wrong?”

“You didn’t warn me that I’ll be on display for the world to see!”

It was his turn to laugh heartily. “Those windows are mirrored. They can’t see inside.” He ushered her in, shedding his clothes along the way. The bedroom was roomy and airy, unlike his office which looked dark and forbidding. The two rooms were kind of like the guy himself. He looked off-putting and reserved yesterday. Even though he was the one who approached her, there was an air of aloofness about him, like he was trying to distance himself from people. Now, he was like this bedroom, light, airy, and warm.

She climbed into the bed, climb being the operative word as it was quite a few feet above the floor. Hard hands captured her hips, stilling her movement. “Stay on your hands and knees. Turn around.” Cara stilled when she saw their reflection on what she could only surmise as the closet doors. Dominick moved behind her and was on his knees. There were four mirrored panels and they were displayed in all their naked glory. Her hair was beginning to come undone from the businesslike chignon she had earlier, and Dominick completed the job by removing the pins. Her hair immediately cascaded down, framing her face in glorious titian curls.

“You’re beautiful, Cara,” he bent his head and rained soft kisses behind her ears.

Cara couldn’t help but moan, shivering at being enveloped in his heat. He cupped her full breasts, kneading them and capturing her nipples in the crook of his fingers. She arched her butt in the air, unconsciously wiggling her hips in search for his hard cock. One hand left her breast and cupped her ass instead, “You are so luscious I just want to devour you.”

“I thought we were going to fuck, please, Dominick, I’m done with foreplay.”

“Your wish is my command, kiddo.” Cara heard a foil packet rip and she almost wanted to kick her own butt for forgetting about protection. She was on birth control, but she still needed to protect herself against disease, since she really didn’t know Dominick all that well. Her mind blanked out when she felt him between her legs. He didn’t immediately thrust inside her, instead rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet slit.

“Mmmhhh… Dominick,” she couldn’t articulate more than that, moaning out loud at the teasing passes his cock made over her clit. Her unspoken demand was rewarded with a hard lunge of his hips, and Cara threw her head back in elation. Their image in the mirror captured her attention. Dominick looked like a golden greek god copulating with a mortal maiden. The hard lines of his body rippled with his lunging movement, and she could see her breasts swaying in rhythm. Her vagina clenched in response at the visual stimuli, arousal jacking up at watching herself get fucked by a virtual stranger.

Dominick suddenly changed pace and slowed down. He went in and out in a leisurely manner, like he had all the time in the world. Each protracted glide in made her feel kaçak bahis aware of his cock invading her pussy walls, stretching it out and enveloping his dick like the warmest and wettest of cocoons. Each unhurried withdrawal left her aching and empty, eager for more.

Cara’s impatience led her to rear up, anchoring her arms behind her, hooked at the back of his neck. Dominick supported her body with an arm around her chest, his hand clamped around her breast. His other hand went between her legs, where he briefly touched her clit, then glided downward to her knee. He pulled her knee up to a semi-squat position, while the other remained on the bed. This position made her splayed up, with their joined bodies now fully on display in the mirror.

What Cara could feel she could now see, Dominick’s cock gliding in and out of her wet pussy. The floor to ceiling windows afforded a bright natural light that illuminated their entwined bodies. The image opposite did not strike her as lewd, it just dripped sensuality to her. She grasped his hair in her hand, turning his head so he could meet her lips in a kiss. She ended the kiss with a gasp when she felt his finger thrumming her clit. She looked straight at their reflection and her heart gave a jump when he saw his fingers separating her labia so her clit was displayed in all its pink perfection.

“You’re so hot, Cara. I wanted you the moment I set eyes on you.” Her eyes met his in the mirror and it was an intense moment. Just their eyes staring at each other while their bodies are joined, Dominick continuing his slow thrusts.

“Dominick, faster, please, fuck me harder. You’re tormenting me,” Cara pleaded for more, his measured pace keeping her from falling into the abyss. The pressure in her womb had built up, only waiting for a further nudge to explode.

“Your pussy is so tight, honey, I’m just relishing it.” He squeezed her breast and trapped her nipple between two fingers, adding to her torture.

“Dominick, oh god!” He went into overdrive at last, holding onto her hips for leverage as he fucked her hard. Cara’s eyes zeroed in between her legs, where she could see his shuttling cock. Sounds of their loins slapping filled the room and their moans added to the chorus. “Your cock feels so good inside me.”

“Do you like me fucking you, Cara? Do you want me?”

“Yes, oh, yes! I love it, you fuck me so good!” Cara sobbed out, the killing pleasure overtaking her senses.

“I like fucking you, too. Your young pussy is the tightest I’ve ever had my cock fuck. I’d like to fuck you over and over until my cock is sore and your pussy is swollen.” Dominick amped up the tension as he went faster, shaking the bed and toppling her to all fours. She threw her head back, not wanting to miss a thing. He was looking down to where they were joined as he continued his thrusts, but this time, he was on his feet, making his lunges more powerful, harder. It felt like he was striking the very heart of her. It looked savage and violent, the way he was lunging, his thigh muscles rippling, his cock visible as he withdrew, then disappearing as he plunged repeatedly into her body.

Cara couldn’t suppress the loud cries coming from her, the sex was so good. She would walk across the desert everyday if it meant being with Dominick. She pushed back with every thrust that he made, making the friction hotter, the sex harder. Their audible breathing was interspersed with moans as sensitive nerves were being overstimulated, building up to an explosive orgasm. “Don’t stop, I’m coming!” Cara wailed out, the bliss catching up with her.

“Come for me, baby, that’s it, come for Daddy,” Dominick coaxed her, pumping his hips faster, and Cara screamed out loud as her orgasm drowned her in delight. Her pussy walls spasmed with her climax, his cock delivering an onslaught of unimaginable bliss. She collapsed to the bed in boneless satiation, but he wasn’t done with her yet.

Dominick lunged after her, straining after his own peak. He raised her hips up a little to accommodate his rampaging prick, shouting in ecstasy as his orgasm bombarded him with satisfaction. He spurted out wave after wave of cum as his shouts softened into grunts. He collapsed into her back, enfolding her with his scalding heat.

“Are you okay, baby?” Dominick asked her as he withdrew from her, making her shudder as her still sensitized nerves reacted.

“I’m more than fine, Dominick,” Cara turned to smile at him as he went to dispose of the condom. She liked the sound of his name and she liked saying it. She ogled him as he walked back to the bed, admiring his rock-hard physique. “Do you work out?”

“I run and I box as I don’t want to be one of those executives who drop dead because they don’t take care of their health, you?”

“I like to run, but I don’t usually find the time because of my jobs.”

“Well, now you’ll have time. I also need to you undergo a medical exam, get some shots, as well as get a prescription for birth control, unless you’re already on the pill?”

“I’m already on the pill.”

“Good, have you eaten lunch?”

“No, I’m famished. I wonder why?” She teased him with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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