My Lord


Taking a break from a hectic day, I sit and think of ways that I can truly show you, my wonderful Dom, that you are the all-consuming thought in my life. You are always thinking of me, showing me through your Domination that I can trust you. You demonstrate daily that I chose the right man to give all of me to, the most deserving man to receive my submission. You are my one match, you own all of me.

What I have come up with, Sir, is a little quiet time in our room. I was going to use our play space, but as I plan on pampering and worshiping you, it doesn’t feel right to me to use the space that is yours alone to control. Please Sir, relax, and let me guide the show tonight. I want you to feel the value I have for you. I want there to be no doubt in your mind.

Please, Sir, come with me to our room now. I have everything ready…

I guide you to our bed, and ask you to sit at it’s the edge. I get on my knees behind you and begin to, very lightly, trail my fingers over your skin. I breathe warmly as I pass over each area. I feel you shiver, and grin as I place a soft kiss between your shoulder blades. I stroke my hands over your back, starting way down low. Then slowly brushing them upward with gentle pressure along the top of your shoulder blades, towards your neck, where I trace light spirals with just the tips of my fingers.

I begin placing feather lite kisses right along the base of your spine. Slowly moving from side-to-side and working my way upwards. Always alternating between kisses, and teasing touches with my tongue. I near your neck, as I approach it my kisses are placed closer together, and my tongue is licking more eagerly. I gradually near your earlobe which I pull gently between my teeth. I then dart away to your neck again, placing soft, sucking, kisses on it. I go around your neck to the other ear, again with a light tug, Tipobet and then just grazing the earlobe with my tongue tip.

My hands continue to lightly stroke any skin that can be reached. I eventually work my around to your chest. I slide around to your side, to watch your face while I explore. I reach for your hand, bringing it to my mouth – I start at each fingertip, and lick and suck my way to your palm, where I trace lightly with my tongue tip before working my way up your arm. At your inner elbow, I pause while I do little circles again with my tongue (such a sensitive area). I do the same with your other arm, then move on to your chest.

My palms open and I stroke you, up to your face, where I gently hold you and kiss you. I slide my tongue into your mouth, finding yours, and stroking it. Our tongues begin tangling, as I struggle to smother a moan rising up from my throat. As the heat, the passion, between us bursts into flame. I then slowly, so slowly, drag my tongue away from your mouth. I trail my tongue down over your jawline to a nipple, lightly flicking it and circling it, drawing it into my mouth. Gently using my teeth, I pinch it just a little, holding it between my teeth as I flick my tongue over it. I move onto the other, hungry to taste all of you.

After paying proper attention to both nipples, my hands stroke down over your tummy, my tongue following eagerly behind. At this point, I can no longer reach everything from my position on the bed. So, I scurry onto my knees at your feet. I lift your feet, one at a time, onto my lap. I gently massage them, first with my hands and then light touches with my tongue. I slowly work my way up your legs, leaving no spot untouched. Wanting to enjoy all of you, and to let you see how much I truly value you, appreciate you, and want you. Like none other. I want to show Tipobet Giriş you how you should be worshiped and loved.

Finishing a very thorough exploration of your legs, I reach that glorious cock of yours. I look up towards you, watching your eyes as I slowly flick out my tongue and take one very cautious taste of just the very tip. Seeing your eyes widen, your pupils dilate, I grin. I then slide my tongue down the shaft, so slowly, swirling it around your balls and sucking them into my mouth in turn. Taking another quick peek at you, I see you watching carefully, your chest rising and falling rapidly. I slowly trip my tongue down along the seam beneath your balls, licking and sucking at the point that your balls meet the seam. When you are writhing from that pleasure, I pull away. I take my tongue back up your shaft, swirl it around your head, then place kisses on your shaft as I work my way back to your balls.

I begin to work my way along the seam again, soon reaching your cheeks. I lightly tease into the crevice with my tongue, feeling your legs twitch and tremble on either side of my head. I gently lift your legs a little, giving me greater access to your anus. I flatten my tongue against it, licking it straight back to your bag again. Noticing how your bag tightened at that, I go back to the anus and with just the tip of my tongue I begin making circles around it. Gradually the circles get smaller and smaller until I am swirling my tongue just a tiny bit into you. I tease a little more and then come back up along your shaft, swirl my tongue around your tip and then take you fully into me. Oh heaven, delicious meat.

I slide my mouth up and down your shaft, sucking hard on the way down, letting my teeth grip at your base with a little firmness. One hand is stroking your bag while my other is on your shaft, Tipobet Güncel Giriş following my mouth on its journey up and down. I go down the length of you hard and fast and then slowly bring my mouth back to your tip. I use my tongue tip to gently tease into your opening then quickly open wide and gulp you back into me. Loving the feel of you stretching my throat, I moan deep down, hearing your murmur of satisfaction when you feel the vibrations.

At this point, Sir, I can no longer hide my hunger to have you filling me. I stand and lift my dress over my head, with nothing under it to stand in my way. I turn away from you, and slowly lower my hungry pussy onto your cock. Gasping as the head penetrates; I clench my teeth and catch my breath, then force my way all the way down. My back arching as I enjoy the sudden fullness, my clit throbbing forward. I reach down between my legs, and begin to stroke myself. Occasionally I reach for your bag and massage it, before going back to rubbing my clit.

Our breathing becomes synchronized, the panting loud in the room. I am lifting myself up slowly, and driving back down fast. Your gentle hands are on my hips, helping to guide my rhythm. Our tempo picks up, and you grab tight to my braid — forcing my head back, allowing you access to my neck. You bite just below my ear, sending shockwaves through my body, straight to the point that we are joined. With my braid still gripped firmly by you, and my head forced back, my groan is torn from my throat. I feel the quaking begin low in my tummy, as my pussy begins to throb hard, squeezing your cock. At this point, I feel you thicken inside of me, and the warm heat of your juice flows into my body. Your shout follows mine, as we reach for the pinnacle together.

As soon as I have caught my breath, I climb off of you and drop to my knees at your feet. I proceed to lovingly and carefully clean you, showing you my love and devotion. I take your softening cock into my mouth, sucking and then licking it all around. When I am through, you reach your hand to me and guide me to my feet. You wrap your arms around me, and tell me that you love me too.

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