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Sandra had left us for a younger man. It was partially my own fault. Sandra was such a terminal flirt, and this aroused me. Every man to whom she batted her wandering eyes adored my wife Sandra. Sandra mentioned things to me casually at first. “You know darling, I think the UPS man is quite smitten with me” she would pause to gauge my reaction, causing jealousy, madness and yes arousal. “He seems to linger when I invite him in, I think he wants to fuck me dear. How does that make you feel?”

I couldn’t lie. The truth is I was aroused beyond belief, but hurt because I knew she was doing this to toy with me. I was quite hurt, beneath the layers and layers of lusty talk and mind-blowing sex. To her it was a power game that we both got off on, at first. Then she would begin dating men. She barely tried concealing her liaisons from me. I confess at first it was an incredible turn on, but sometimes playing with fire can burn a house down. I asked her to stop and get counseling with me, to which she laughed. It was beyond me why she would do this again and again, our respect for each other flew out the window, and worse, we had a daughter witnessing all of this.

It all came to a head one evening, when I answered the phone and it was one of her men. I wanted so desperately to work things out, to talk as rational adults about our lives and our future, but Sandra only cared about scratching the ever hungry itch in her slutty pussy, an itch by the way that she barely let me scratch. She seemed to think that because I was aroused that it was ok to continue, and I tried hard many times not to be but the truth was it was enslaving me to her. This couldn’t continue. I told her so. “Sandra, if you walk out of that door with him, do not bother coming back. I fucking mean it.” Sandra just laughed and got ready for her evening’s fuck session.

I went to my daughter’s room, she was crying. Most teenaged girls would have stormed from the house and used her mother’s episode and the dozens before elmadağ escort to involve herself in drugs and destructive behavior but my sweet little baby was in tears, and I held back mine to dry hers. Holding her tight we heard her mother shout- “Don’t bother waiting up!” and the slam of our door. It was one thing to bring excitement to our marriage be, quite another to betray the love of her family. This was it, the living end. If she wanted to humiliate me, fine but to hurt our daughter was just too much. I had made up my mind. The shallow excuse for our marriage was at an end long ago, I only carried on to spare sweet Melissa’s feelings but now it was quite obvious where Sandra’s priorities lay.

Holding Melissa was a refuge for me, being strong for her was all that mattered now. “Daddy…” she asked through sniffles. “Why do you let her do this to you, why do you let her do this to us?” Good question. “Baby, your mother loves you very much… she is just going through a tough time, she needs to feel beautiful” She looked at me, my daughters hurt pouring out of her sweet young eyes and bathing me in the cold hard truth. “But daddy… she treats you so horribly. Doesn’t she love you anymore? At least she could go away and not hurt us like this. She is mean and I hate her! I hate her!”

Well if I was on the fence before, my daughter’s plea was the final push. “Melissa… shall we send her away?”

“Yes daddy, far, far away where she can’t hurt you or me anymore.” I kissed Melissa on the forehead and she clung to me tightly, defiantly. “I love you daddy”

“I love you too baby. Very much, more than anything.”

And so that night we emptied her clothes out of the closet and onto the floor. I wanted to throw them on the lawn, but thought about ‘airing dirty laundry’ for the neighbors and decided to just leave them on the foyer floor. And Melissa and I ordered pizza and talked. “Daddy I am so proud of you!” “Thank you baby” “I mean mom thinks esenyurt escort she’s so smart, she treats you just awful because she thinks you will just take it! I know better daddy, I know you were trying to save my feelings. Well trust me daddy, she has been telling me what a wimp she thinks you are. When I try to stick up for you she yells at me and tells me I will have a new daddy someday. I was so mad at her! Doesn’t she realize that a caring and gentle man is the greatest thing in the world!” Feelings of hatred for my wife the love I once felt for her flown out of the window replaced with a newfound respect and love for the most precious gift in my life; my lovely daughter Melissa.

“New daddy, huh? Well we’ll show her!” and with that I lifted her on the counter. Just then the locked door noisily opened and my drunken wife stumbled in with the man she had been seeing for some time. She laughed and said, “Oh don’t worry about him, he’s a wimp! He does what I tell him, come in sugar. Lets show him how a real man can fill me!” and then a gasp. She stormed into the kitchen where Melissa and I were eating pizza on the counter. “What the hell is going on Peter! Melissa, why are you not in bed young lady! Peter so help me if you don’t tell me what you’re doing here I will make you sorry you ever met me. You know I have company, and I expect you out of the house tonight!”

“Sandra, I AM sorry I met you. The only decent thing you’ve ever given me was Melissa, and frankly she and I are tired of your bullshit. The suitcase is in the foyer Sandra, take it and leave. You can collect the rest of your things tomorrow.” Melissa held me, then.

“Peter, what has gotten into you… Don’t you think for one minute you can order me around!”

Ignoring her I turned to her guest. “Can she stay with you? She sure as fuck is not staying here one more goddamn night not while I am alive.” He stumbled for an answer. He was not prepared for this. He just wanted etiler anal yapan escort to fuck another mans wife, never mind the consequences, he never thought that far in advance. A real asshole. “If you want to fuck my wife then go ahead, take her, I’m through.” Sandra just turned to him and said, come on. And they went to the master bedroom. They saw the sheets were off the bed and the mattress well off the box spring. And the room a mess of clothes and empty drawers on the floor. It was obvious this was more than she had bargained for, and was in no shape to argue. “Get out Sandra, Melissa and I are through with your selfish behavior.

I don’t want to see you again, my lawyer will draw out the papers for divorce. I doubt you will have a pot to piss in when this is over.” I ushered her and her boyfriend out of the house, and threw her suitcase in the assholes direction; he almost came at me, but saw the fire in my eyes and thought better of it. “Michael, don’t just take that from my wimp husband…!” but Sandra’s complaints were drown in the noise of my throwing her stuff out with her.

“Well Sandra, he’s not the man you thought, and neither am I. Don’t ever take my kindness for weakness again Sandra, goodbye.” I slammed the door and turned to my daughter. Her eyes were filled with pride and love, pure and simple.

“O daddy!” and she jumped into my arms. As I spun her around Melissa kissed my face, my cheeks, my neck, my nose, and my mouth, at first they were simple pecks but the intensity of the evening had driven us towards each other like nothing before. She lingered at my mouth and moaned lovingly as we kissed, first with lips, then with tongue. I was amazed but it felt so right, so natural. We alone were family, and the closest possible allies in a mean and evil world. That night we discovered a refuge in each other. And her hands stroked my hair and neck, my hands lifting her sweet bottom, I squeezed and she moaned her consent, as I carried her to the bedroom, her bedroom. “Oh daddy I love you so much, promise me you will never leave me, promise me that you will never ever leave me or let mommy take me!”

“I promise baby, I promise, just you and I, forever.” I didn’t know what I was saying but it was true. I would never leave her or let anyone hurt her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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