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The next morning, I woke up at 6:30am as I normally do. Like most young people, Megan was still fast asleep next to me, naked and on her side. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I returned to the bed and laid there admiring her body as she lay sleeping on her side. As I reviewed the events from the day before, it occurred to me that I had yet to fuck her beautiful little body. I hadn’t yet penetrated her but I did have an “all-access” pass from her.

As I mentally replayed the events from last night in my mind and lightly caressed her perfect, tight little ass with my hand, my cock began to stir and quickly reached its full seven inch length. Megan was still fast asleep but now I needed relief. I pondered for a minute as to what I should do. Then it came to me. I reached into the drawer and pulled out the lube that I found in the bed weeks earlier — the discovery that started this whole turn of events. I lubed up my cock and gingerly rolled Megan over on her back, spreading her legs to accommodate me.

I then positioned myself between her legs and guided my cock towards her beautifully manicured snatch. Thankfully for the lube, the head of my cock was able to enter her tight, dry pussy with only a moderate amount of pressure. Only half way inside her, I eased my dick in and out a few times to allow the lube to full coat my shaft and the inside of her vagina. I held my body above her, not putting any of my weight on her, trying not to wake her, and slowly pushed my dick all the way insider her tight cunt, buried in her. Lacking any wetness, her pussy felt unusually tight and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

As I began to slowly fuck Megan, I looked down and admired how beautiful she was. Her long, very dark and straight hair, her firm, perfectly-shaped tits with the dark aerolae. Her tiny waist and slender hips. I tried to keep my pace nice and easy so as not to stir her. My strokes were soft and full, taking the head of my cock nearly all the way out of her pussy and then sliding it all the way back in to her. I did this for a several minutes and then came inside her, filling her pussy with my warm, sticky semen. As I came, I pushed my penis all the way up insider her vagina, filling her to the hilt. I closed my eyes as I struggled to keep quiet while my cum rushed out of my body. I then felt Megan’s arms and hands pull me toward her — she was awake- and I collapsed onto her torso. She pulled my ear towards her mouth.

“Daddy, that was so naughty, the way you fucked me while I was sleeping. You came so much — I can feel it inside me.” Megan whispered softly in my ear.

She caught me by surprise. I thought she was asleep.

“I’m etiler eve gelen escort sorry I woke you but I couldn’t wait. I just had to slip it inside you and fill you with my cum.” I said to her as I panted.

“That’s OK Daddy. I want to please you. Besides, I came, too!” she said

“What?”I asked in minor amazement.

“Yeah, I woke up maybe a minute or two before you came. I pretended to still be asleep cause I figured you wanted that. But even though I was asleep, you had woken my pussy and it got wet. It was very erotic, you using me like your little fuck hole to use and fill when you want to. That’s what turned me on so much.” Megan gushed. “So you had an orgasm?” I asked incredulously.

“Oh yeah, it was short but intense.” She replied.

It was time for me to move, get off her and give my arms a rest. I dismounted and rolled over on my back, next to Megan. We lay there for a few minutes, holding hands. Then, Megan rolled over and laid her little body on top of mine. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest . We laid there, embraced, for ten minutes or so, enjoying the closeness. It seemed like we both kind of dozed off.

Just then, I felt a small rush of warm liquid stream out on my groin. Initially I thought it was my cum, oozing out of Megan’s pussy but then I felt another small stream just like it and realized it was too runny to be cum. “Oops, I’m sorry Daddy.” Megan whispered softly.

“Sorry for what, baby?” I asked her.

“A little pee came out. I really need to go to the bathroom but I don’t want to get up and leave. I’m so comfortable in your arms, our bodies naked against each other.” Megan said in a soft voice with a trace of melancholy.

“It’s OK, Megan. If you want to, you can. I won’t mind. We can shower afterwards.” I suggested.

“Are you sure?” Megan asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. Go ahead.” I said and she replied with an “OK.”

Megan, still laying on top of me, embraced me tighter and spread her legs so they were on the outside of my hips and legs. Slowly, she began to pee but only in a few spurts. I could feel it on my penis and balls, my lower stomach and thighs. It was so warm. I had to say, I had never considered golden showers or water sports before but the sensation of this sexy girl’s warm pee leaving her body while we embraced was turning me on. I grabbed Megan’s head, turning her face to mine and began to kiss her deeply, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. And with that, Megan’s body relaxed and released and a full stream of her pee rushed out of her body and covered me for what must have been a good minute. As she peed, etiler grup yapan escort she moaned softly in pleasure as her body enjoyed this easy release of pressure. An enormous amount of liquid streamed out of her neatly trimmed bush as she emptied her bladder.

“Oh, God, Daddy . . . that felt so good. That was one of the best sensations I’ve ever experienced.” Megan said and kissed me some more.

“I’ll go get the shower started.”

After she finished peeing on me, she got up went into my master bathroom. I heard the water turn on and the shower door open and close. When I came out, Megan was already in the shower, washing her beautiful, straight dark hair. I joined her and we embraced, kissing passionately. I couldn’t keep my hands off her tight little ass and her firm pert tits. My cock stiffened to its full seven inches, again, and Megan reached out and caressed it. She then washed my body and it was very relaxing to have her do this. After I rinsed, she put conditioner in her hair. Now it was my turn to wash her body. Again, I spun her around so her back was to me. I then began to wash her front and back while pressing my erect penis against her ass. She began to grind and buck her hips slightly, allowing her ass cheeks to rub my cock. I was washing and massaging her tits and I could feel her nipples stiffen.

Megan arched her back, tilting her head backwards towards me and I leaned forward. We kissed and she then found my ear.

“I want you to fuck my ass, Daddy. Slip it in now.” She whispered in my ear.

And with that, she leaned forward and spread her legs. I positioned myself so that the swollen head of my cock was pointed at her anus. I pressed forward and she pushed back. Slowly, the tip of my cock pushed forward and past her tight little sphincter ring. Megan groaned as she struggled with the pressure of my cock filling her rectum.

“Oh, baby, it’s so tight.” I said. “I can’t wait to fill you with my cum.”

“Slowly, daddy.” She begged.

“Of course. I’ll just stand here. I’ll let you move.” I replied.

I stood still, arms out in front holding myself up against the shower wall. Sexy little Megan stood in front of me, slowing easing back, her tight ass now taking in more and more of my cock. She then begin to rock back and forth, fucking me in this standing position. At first slowly and the sight of her tight little ass and sexy waist moving back and forth really turned me on. I stood and enjoyed the view and the sensation as Megan did the work. With one hand I grabbed onto a tit and squeezed, while the other hand made its way down to her snatch. I stretched etiler masöz escort out some fingers and began to rub her clit. Megan put her hands on the shower wall to brace herself as she rocked back and forth with my dick buried in her hot, tight ass.

We fucked like this for several minutes and then Megan came, my hand feverishly working her clit as my cock slide in and out of her tight ass. I was delirious with pleasure. I had never felt — physically or mentally — so turned on it all my life. I had never experienced such grip and warmth on my cock before.

“Oh God Daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard. I want you to cum in my ass Daddy, fill me.” Megan said as she came.

My hands grabbed onto her hips and I began to furiously pound her from behind. I was now cumming. Megan was groaning and moaning loudly with each thrust of my cock insider her tight rectum.

“Oh yeah! Your ass is so tight. You’re making me cum, baby. I’m gonna fill your ass with cum!” I shouted as I pounded her.

“Oh Daddy I’m cumming again!” Megan said. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking me! Harder!”

I thrust and thrust until I could thrust no more. I pushed my cock as far up her ass as I could and held her there, made sure I shot every drop of cum as far up inside her as possible. Our bodies stopped moving and held that position for minutes.

We finished up, got out and dried off. The bed being wet, we walked into the family room and collapsed on the sofa, exhausted. It had been a very long 36 hours with too little sleep and too much sex. As I lay there, replaying the events of the last day and a half, I shocked myself with the revelation that I had had six orgasms in that period, each one just as intense as the others. I chalked that up to the impact that Megan had on me.

As we lay curled up on the sofa, naked, Megan shared with me the record she set as well.

“I’ve never had that many orgasms in such a short time.” She said, amazement in her voice.

“Were they good, Megan?” I asked her.

“I’ve never had that many or orgasms that intense with a boy . . . I mean a man!” she confessed. “You’re going to ruin me, Daddy. If we keep this up, I won’t be able to find a boy my age who can satisfy me like you did!”

“Well, maybe we should call it quits and just enjoy this one day we had.” I suggested.

“I don’t know, Daddy. I kinda like being your little fuck whore. Besides, what other man is going to let me pee all over them. I liked doing that!” She said, now giggling innocently.

“I could get used to that, Megan, but I’ve got to figure out what to do about your mother. Remember?”I said.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” Megan advised.

I knew better than to trust an 18-year old girl. I had to figure out what I was going to do about my wife, Megan’s mother. My new relationship with Megan certainly clouded things up. I knew that going in but was powerless to avoid it or stop it. I couldn’t say no.

Yes, Megan the wonder drug. I was addicted. And that was a problem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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