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Here’s another story I wrote many, many years ago. What 18 yr old son hasn’t fantasized about fucking his mother?


The fiery disgust flashed in her eyes, when she heard me stammer,

“M-M-Mom…. I-I w-w-w-want to see y-you……. n-n-naked!”

She was totally speechless, a she stood before me in bra, panties, and half-slip.

I had followed her into the bathroom that morning, as she was getting ready to go to work. Dad had left a few minutes before to open the baby furniture store that they owned. Mom usually took her time getting ready, and left later.

For quite some time now, I had watch Mom getting ready for work. When she got up, she usually had some type of robe on… then after her morning toast and coffee… she’d take her bath, put on her bra and panties, and sometimes a half-slip and go around the house like that while making all her preparations.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her body as she walked from room to room, and I would always try to find some excuse to be around her, as she stood at the mirror, putting on her make-up, or fixing her hair. Of course I had to steal glances at her ass and breasts, because to say Mom was prudish, would be a gross understatement.

In our house, I never ever, even heard the word sex. I never even heard a slightly off-colored joke, or even any reference to anything sexual. Mom’s “cussing” was limited to an occasional, “God Damn”, “Hell”, or once in a while, “Son-of-a-bitch”, or “Bastard”. That was it! Dad was that way too, for that matter. The very first time I ever heard him say, “Fuck”, was when I was 14, and I was in a truck with him, when some asshole driver did something really stupid. Neither of them would even tolerate any kind of sexual talk, jokes, or innuendoes, around them. I think, that to them, sex was something too dirty to hear talk of.

I don’t think that Mom and Dad had sex very often, because, for as long as I could remember, they slept in separate bedrooms. Oh, on extremely rare occasions, late at night I would hear footsteps, and a bedroom door opening or closing. But, that was the only indication I had that anything at all was going on between them. I will have to say that they loved each other very much, and were very close, but, I’ll also have to say, that I never even saw them kiss. Sure, once in awhile I’d see one give the other, a little quick kiss on the cheek or lips, if one was going on a trip or something.

Well, I’ve given you a little background on them… now about me. I dearly women’s butts. Especially nice big round butts, and bubble-butts!! And I’ve seen many, many of them I’d love to byte… or at least nibble on (not to mention, hug, squeeze, caress, fondle, lick, and kiss). I don’t really remember just when it was that I started admiring women’s derrieres. I know that when I was a liddoo kid, of around seven, or eight, I would sit in a chair in the living room and look through the Sears catalog. And when I got to the women’s lingerie section, I would become mesmerized at seeing all the women in bras and panties. I really didn’t know what the fuck was happening to me, butt I would get this SENSATION in my crotch… and when I put my hand there, and rubbed, it felt soooo good! When I would take a bath I’d sit in the tub and wash my tiny pecker, over and over and over again, while thinking about those ladies in the catalog.

For many years, I was a “tit-guy”… my second grade teacher was an old gal of about 30, with fabulous tits, that stuck waaayyyy out there, especially when she wore a tight sweater… which was often. To this day, over fifty years later, a set of tits will make my mouth water and cause that SENSATION in my crotch. I don’t spend 30 minutes sitting in the bathtub washing my dick, anymore. But,if I did, and anyone walked in me, I’d tell ’em, “Look, this is MY soap, and this is MY dick, and I’ll wash it as fast as I want to.” Now I sit in front of this screen… looking at some of the naked ladies I have on this puter. I guess I must have over 10,000 on hard-drives, and another thirty thousand, or so, on CDs. I run an adult web site which is predicated mostly on women’s butts!!

I still love tits, but, when I see a woman on the street, in the mall, or in a store, the first thing I look at is her ASS!!! I mean, I can walk slap-dab into a post, if my eyes are glued on a fine lookin’ butt, as it sashays ahead of me. I deeply admire a fine pair of thighs, hips, and a plumpish, curvy ass, especially one that has really curves outward, in the back and the sides. I would guess that I’ve really been “into” women’s asses for about thirty years, though I kept my preference to myself, ’til the last couple of years. Yep, I’ve cum outta the closet!!! Now, I don’t care who knows about it. And, I have to add the fact that I’m an extremely shy guy! I’ve become even more so during the past few of years, as I’ve grown increasingly reclusive, with absolutely no social life. When around ladies, especially for the first time, I’m like I was when I was fifteen. halkalı escort Palpitating heart, sweaty palms, and stumbling for the right words.

At the time of this story… I had just passed my 18th birthday… and was still very much a virgin. Shit, I’d never even felt a girl’s tit. I know that you will find this difficult to believe, but I never even masturbated, until I was 17 or 18!!!!! I do remember having a lot of “nocturnal emissions”, though. I can’t recall just how I hid the evidence of those wet-dreams

Now to describe what I saw, when looking at my Mom in her “unmentionables”. She was about five-two, and probably weighed between around one-forty or one forty-five. Not fat, but definitely not slender, either. She had great tits, that I’d guess to be 36Ds… with a enough sag, to make them extremely sexy too me. She was 43 at this time, and had what is referred to, as a mature figure. Mom had dark brown hair, and her beautiful brown eyes highlighted her face.

Even though this incident occurred back in 1954, most of it is permanently etched in my memory. That morning, as every weekday morning, I sat in a chair, pretending to be engrossed in the “Today” show on our little 16″ screen. In truth, though, I didn’t have the slightest idea what Dave Garroway, nor Frank Blair were saying, and didn’t give a shit about the antics of that little chimp. My peripheral vision was taking in the sight of my Mom’s ass and tits, as she scurried around. The more I looked at Mom, the harder my cock got! The harder my cock got, the more I’d try to rub and squeeze it, without letting on what I was doing.

Shit! I knew in my heart that these thoughts were wrong! I had no business looking at Mom this way, and damn sure shouldn’t be having these kinds of thoughts. Compared to the kids of the 90s, I knew very little about sex. It sure as hell wasn’t explained to me at home… so most of my sex education came in the boys room at school… listening to the other guys. I may not have known much, butt I did know that I wanted to see my Mom without her undergarments on!!! For weeks and months, I’d been thinking about it, and wondering how the hell I could make this fantasy come true. I had become obsessed with the idea, and it was driving me fuckin-nuts! God!! How I wanted to see that body… or at least touch the shiny material that covered that ass and those tits!!!!! How I’d love to be able to just rub my crotch against her!

More than once, I had followed her into the bathroom, with full intentions of telling her of my predicament. Butt, once in there with her… knowing what a prude she was, and knowing how wrong my desires were… I always chickened out, and made some excuse for being in there… like claiming I’d was looking for something. That was almost the truth! I WAS looking for something… the sight of more naked flesh. The sight of uncovered tits… and aureoles… and nipples… and ASS!

This particular morning… like most of the others… I stood up, and fixed my hard cock up against my stomach, so it wouldn’t be as obvious in the baggy pants that we wore in the 50s. Since it was summer, I wasn’t wearing anything on the upper part of my body.

She was standing at the sink, in front of the mirror, when I walked in. She’d just finished brushing her teeth, and looking in the mirror at me, I think she noticed me looking at the reflection of her bra-covered breasts. I looked up, as she turned toward me. With a look and tone of displeasure, she said,

“Why do always pick the times when I’m in here, to be looking for something?”

Sheepishly, and without actually making direct eye contact, I started stammering,

“Mom, there’s s-s-something I’ve just got to t-t-tell you.”

Some of the harshness left her voice, as she said,

“What is it, Buddy? You sound so worried. You know you can tell me anything.”

Yeah, I thought, anything butt this….

“I… er….don’t know…. um….. ah… just how to….say it, Mom.”

“That’s silly, just come right out and tell me. Haven’t I always listened to everything you had to tell me? Haven’t we always been able to talk?

Blushing and trying to find a way out of this before I went too far, I said,

“Never mind, Mom… y-y-you’re in a hurry. It’ll wait til some other time.”

“No it won’t. Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Awww… no, Mom. It’s nothing like that. It’s really nothing important.”

“Nonsense!! I can tell by the look on your face, and the tone of your voice, that something is bothering you terribly. Now, I’m never in such a hurry that I can’t listen to your problems. So, tell me now!”

Still not meeting her eyes, my gaze went to her cleavage…..

“M-M-Mom…. I-I w-w-w-want to see y-you……. n-n-naked!”

The fiery disgust flashed in her eyes…. then it faded a little, as she said,

“Oh Buddy, do you realize what you just said? I’m your MOTHER! You shouldn’t even be having thoughts like that, at all… butt especially about your MOTHER!

I harbiye escort couldn’t help it… I broke into tears, and started crying like a baby. I felt so damn ashamed!!! Butt, I had very mixed emotions. I had the shame… however, I’d gone this far, and I still wanted to see her naked… to feel her body against mine. So, her next reaction solved one of those problems for me.

Seeing her son crying, brought out a motherly instinct, to hold her child in this time of torment. She stepped forward… put her arms around me… and pulled me against her bosom… rubbing my hair and said,

“Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. There… There…. I’m not mad at you. I’m just very disappointed in you. I can’t imagine what brought this on. Where on earth did you get such thoughts. Maybe you’re hanging around the wrong kind of kids. I simply cannot tell your father about this, because he WILL be very angry!”

As Mom nestled me to her… I could feel her tits mashing against my chest. And, I knew that she damn sure didn’t intend to have the effect on me that she was having. I continued my sobbing, as my arms went around her… and the palms of my hands came in contact with the flesh of her bare back. As she was rubbing my head and trying to console her shame-ridden son… I was rubbing my uneducated hands over her back. I pulled myself even tighter into her embrace… to the point that she couldn’t help butt feel the bulge of my cock. God! This was enough… just to be able to finally hold my Mom, while she was in her underwear….

NO, HELL, IT WASN’T!!!! I wanted to feel her tits and her ass. I wanted to SEE them! And, damn, I’d gone this far, so what the hell difference did it make if she felt just a little more disappointment in me?

When she felt my hardness against her stomach… she tried to push me away, butt I clung tightly to her. My hips began a very involuntary movement against her.

“Buddy!!! You stop that disgusting behavior this very instant!!!!”

“Oh, Mom…. please don’t push me away! If I can see you just this one time, I’ll never, never ask you again! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! MOM, I PROMISE! Just this once, and I’ll never, ever, say anything about it again. I’ll do ANYTHING, Mom… just PLEASE let me look at you????”

She stopped trying to push me away… as I was really blubbering by this time. The pleading and urgency in my voice, still made her follow her motherly instincts.

“Absolutely NOT! Buddy, what you are asking is so very WRONG! You’ve just got to get control of yourself, and STOP thinking about these dirty things! Now, stop it!”

“B-B-Butt, Mom…. I think you’re so beautiful, I simply CAN’T stop thinking about you! I think about seeing your body, all the time! I know that if I could see it, just this one time… it would help me so much!”

My hands were still rubbing her bare back in a circular motion… and gradually, as the sensation drove me to even greater bravado… the area of my rubbing increased. My hands began to rub upward to where her bra hooked together, and downward to the top of her half-slip and panties. Then, as she was still trying to console me, and tell me how wrong I was… my hands had a mind of their own. They progressed even further downward… rubbing her hips and the outside of the cheeks of her butt.

I guess that Mom mistook the actions of my hands, to be just my love… remorse … and thankfulness that she wasn’t angry.

“You’ve got to pull yourself together, Buddy! This isn’t the end of the world. Yes, I’m very disappointed in you… and at first I was pretty disgusted with you. Butt, you’re just a teenager, and I guess your feelings are pretty normal. However, Buddy… you must NOT have these feelings about your mother!! And, whatever inward feelings you do have, you HAVE to learn to control them… and to reject them, as WRONG!”

“I have to tell you, Buddy… that your father and I learned long ago, to control ours. Well… I have, anyway. Your father just doesn’t have those feelings very often, so that’s not a problem for him. I must admit that I’m human, and I do have normal human feelings and urges. Butt, I’ve always recognized them for what they were… animal instincts, and wrong… so I reject them… put them totally out of my mind.. because I’m not an animal.”

“Butt, Mom…………..”

“No, butts about it, Buddy. As I said, it may not be wrong to have feelings… butt it IS wrong to actually SHOW them. And, especially to your own mother! It’s called, incest, Buddy… and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s a SIN, Buddy… A SIN! You’ve read the Bible… and you know that when you sin, or have sinful thoughts… you can go to Hell! Now, we’re both just going to forget that this morning ever happened. And I never want to hear of it again. Is that clear?”

Since I’d had such success with my seemingly uncontrollable crying (at least she didn’t have the heart to push me away), I decided that using that technique would be my best bet… to prolong the moment, and…

As ikitelli escort my sobbing and tears increased… I hugged her even tighter. My hands were now roaming over her entire ass… rubbing, caressing, and gently squeezing.

Again she took her hands and tried to push me away…. butt, with all my strength, I held on to her.

Now, she began to raise her voice…


“Butt, Mom! I just want to be able to TOUCH you… to FEEL you… and to just LOOK AT YOU! Is that so terribly wrong? I swear, I’ll NEVER let it happen again. Just don’t turn me away now!!! PLEASE!! Oh Mom… PLEASE don’t turn me away!!!”

Mom’s hands stopped trying to push me away, and she seemed to relax just wee-bit. In fact, there was a brief second, when I could have sworn that I detected her lower stomach area pushing against my raging hard! Butt, it was almost imperceptible.. and only for a moment!

She lifted my head from her neck, so that she could look me in the eye. And when she did that, it gave me an awfully good view of the top half of her breasts. Even though they were still in the bra… I thought they were beautiful! I thought for a moment, that only 15 years ago, I was sucking on them. God! I wish I could remember what that felt like… what they tasted like! Damn!!!! For the first time… I actually wished I could suck them right now!

Her gaze fixed on my eyes, and with a deep breath, she said,

“Buddy, there are two ways I can try to handle this situation. The first one is, that I can make you get out of here, right now.. and forget all about this dirty nonsense. Butt, I also have sense enough to know that you WON’T forget about it. I would stop letting you see me dressed like this… butt, I would still know that you were looking at me, with those… those.. THOUGHTS!!!”

She spit out the last word, as if it had the taste of something really sour…. I might add, that my hands were still caressing her ass… even while she was speaking. I think she was so wrapped up in how to solve this predicament, that she just didn’t realize it.

“The second option… as disgusting as it is… is to let you have this one wish. To let you see me, this ONE TIME!!!! Then you’re curiosity will be satisfied… and we shall NEVER talk of it again!”

My fucking little heart started racing… and my fucking HARD started throbbing, at the thought that I just may see what I’d only dreamed of seeing. The truth of the matter is, that dreaming of my Mom, in her bra and panties, was probably the cause of many of my wet-dreams!

“Buddy, I’m going to try the second choice. Butt, you have to PROMISE me, that you will never, NEVER, bring this subject up again, as long as you live”

“OH MOM…………”

And, Buddy, you have to realize that this goes against everything I’ve always believed in. You will never know the disappointment you’ve caused me this morning. You have to think about the hurt and humiliation that this will cause me. And that the ONLY reason I’m doing this… is in the hopes that once your curiosity is satisfied… then you can get your mind right… and get it out of the gutter. Do you understand me, completely, Buddy??”

Miraculously, my sobbing ceased, as quickly as it had started. I could only respond with…

“Yes Ma’am…. I understand.”

Her eyes were still locked onto mine… and I could tell that the distaste for the situation was still very much there. Butt, she took a deep breath, and said…

“All right, Buddy, if you can remove your hands from my behind long enough, you can start by reaching up and trying to unhook my bra. I have to tell you, that even though I’m going along with this vulgar whim of yours, I am NOT going to undress FOR you! I just cannot do that! It would be too much on my conscience… and just too perverted! As if I’m going to be able to face my conscience as it is.”

Giving the cheeks of her “behind” one last little squeeze, I tentatively raised my hands to where her bra hooked. My hands became wet with sweat, as it dawned on me, that I had no earthly idea how a bra was fastened… or unfastened. Several seconds, in fact it was really more than a full minute, were spent with me fumbling with the bra. She was determined that I must do this on my own, since it was all MY idea, so she offered no assistance, at all… either with her hands, or with instructions. She merely stood there, perfectly still, except for what I thought might have been a slight increase in her breathing rate. Her eyes never left mine…. maybe hoping that eventually my shame would make me stop, and run.

Butt, in my mind, I had gone way to far, to turn back now. I just HAD to see and touch her. I’d NEVER get this chance again. It had to be NOW!!

Finally, I managed to accidentally get one hook undone… then feeling it, I got the idea as to how the other to were to be unhooked. It only took me a few more seconds, ’til the last one was free. I just stood there, motionless, for a few seconds, as the bands fell to her side. I knew that with only one more movement… sliding the straps to the edge of her shoulders… was needed in order to enable me to behold those gorgeous mounds that I had only dreamed about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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