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Usha opened her lips and took just my purple head in and let the tongue feel the warmness. I had my hands in her hair in a tight grip because her mouth felt so good and warm, and just the feeling my mother in law doing that was too good. I saw her now bringing her hand and holding my dick at the base and sucking on the head. I pulled her hair back and my dick popped out of her mouth and her mouth still open with strands of my pre cum and her spit connected between her mouth and my dick. I let it rub on her face and then brought it back to her lips and she without any guidance took me in and this time more than just the head. She started moving her lips up and down and taking my dick deeper and deeper till I could feel the back of her throat. I was amazed at how good she was doing and the slurping sound she made and to just look at her while her mouth filled in was too much for me. Now I was raising my hips to get my dick more and more and faster into her mouth.

I stopped and pulled my dick out and saw my dick all wet and slippery and rubbed it again on her face. I pulled her up and kissed her and this time she was reciprocating and moaning, and I had my fingers playing with her nipples on one of her boobs. I pushed her back on the couch and brought my face to her neck and kissed and licked it, till I reached her boobs and started licking in between her boobs. I made it all wet and then went for the nipples and having the other nipple in between my fingers. I started sucking and licking and biting on her nipples and each time I hear her moan I would do it harder and faster. Each time I pulled on her nipples with my mouth and fingers. Alternating between the nipples, till both of them stood hard and I would go to them again. All this time my mother in law Usha was topless and I was getting impatient to see her naked completely and I did not want to rush things. While still kissing and sucking her nipples I would time and again go up and kiss her since I found she was getting more and more aroused by the kissing in between.

When I was sure she was too excited to refuse any further advancement, I started trailing my lips down to her belly and started sticking my tongue in and out of her belly button while I had one hand alternatively pressing and pinching her nipples. She would let out a cry and I would put my finger in her mouth and pinch again. I wanted to give pleasure but also at the same time hear her moan and let out a cry in between. With my one hand on her nipples and pressing her boobs and my face rubbing all over her slightly rounded tummy my other hand started hiking her underskirt. I am sure she did not feel it at first but when my hands reached her thighs she jerked and looked down. I was looking up and our eyes met for the first time while I had my tongue out licking her, and she saw my hands inside her skirt. While still looking at me I hiked my hand up and reached her panties. I brought my hands in front and felt her thick mat of pubic hair through her panties. I pressed a little and she moaned and at the same time I was pulling at her hair lightly and she winced.

I kurtuluş escort came up and kissed her softly on her lips and said I want you Amma, please let me take you. She did not say anything but closed her eyes and pulled my face to her neck. I kissed her neck while my other hands still on her panties. I kissed her cheeks and bit her cheeks and licked her face and reached her lips and started kissing her hard. While kissing I spread her legs with my hand and was running my fingers all over her inner thigh. I was undoing her skirt knot and slowly with my feet pushing it down, while kissing her and biting her. I started going down on her and when I reached her panties I for the first time saw her panties and some hair peeking through the sides. I knew it was hiding a lot of hair; I put my lips to the entrance of her pussy lips and pressed so I was actually giving her lips a kiss. I could smell her pussy aroma, and felt it wet a little, wet due to her juices and maybe from the last time Usha peed. I opened my mouth and started licking her panties and was also getting her wetness and at the same time drenching her panties in the front.

When it was all wet, I pushed my tongue and her panties kind of opened her pussy lips. It was too much and I caught her panties and yanked it and Usha let out a cry from the pain and shock. As soon as I saw her pubic hair I opened my mouth and put my mouth on her lips and started French kissing her lips. When I did that Usha jumped her ass of the couch and I took that opportunity to pry open her lips and pushed my tongue in. That again made her moan, and I again pushed her down and this time with my fingers parted her hair and started licking her pussy lips and sucking on them. I had them open and ran my tongue all inside and all the time keeping her from jumping and having my tongue in and out of her pussy. I had my lips and tongue all covered in her juices and I loved the smell she had. I was licking my mother in law Usha’s pussy, the thought made me lick her fiercely and aggressively and by the moans and cries Usha had I knew she would be coming soon.

And that’s when I would stop and play around outside her lips and then go again and lick and suck and tongue fuck her. While doing that I was wetting my dick with her juices and my spit and without her knowledge I was making it all wet. When again she started reaching a peek with her moans and cries I stopped and this time I went to her lips as if to kiss and while doing so I pulled up her legs and she had her eyes closed. While nibbling on her lips and my fingers in her pussy keeping her occupied I was actually guiding my dick to her entrance. I slapped her lightly; when she opened her eyes I kissed her hard and stopped. When she opened her eyes to figure what was happening I slapped her boobs and she bit her lips. I used that time to push my wet dick all the way in to her pussy. She cried out of shock and the impact. I pushed hard all the way and when it was in all the way her mouth opened wide in an ‘O’. I brought my mouth close to hers and spit in her mouth and once on her levent escort face.

She was shocked and tried to wipe it off but I held her arms down and pushed my dick in and out of her and each time I went in I went hard all the way in. Usha was moaning and telling me “dear hmm dear dear” and that’s when I asked her Amma you like being mine and she nodded her head. I asked Amma you like me to be dirty with you, she nodded again and that’s when I spit again on her face and this time I hit cheeks and I rubbed it over her face and brought it on her lips and closed her mouth and stood up and pulled her legs up to ready her for some serious fucking. She had her legs up and I stood up and with my hands on her mouth I started fucking her harder and faster, harder and harder till my balls were slapping her butt and she was moaning and crying under my hand. I had one hand under her head holding her hair and the other on her mouth and was fucking Usha harder and deeper each time, the only sound that was there was of Usha’s muffled cries and moans and my dick sloshing in and out of her pussy.

I was covered in sweat and she had sweat on her forehead and upper lips and with my body lying on her she was wet where our bodies met. I was pulling all the way out and pushing it back in all the way, and then I would start a continuous slow jabs in and out and I was kind of alternating between the two. I stopped and then removed my hand from her mouth, her mouth was open and she opened her eyes and looked at me and for the first time smiled at me, with my dick still moving slowly in and out of her. Again when she least expected I pushed once more harder into her fully and her eyes kind of popped, but then relaxed. I took my dick out and saw it all wet and slimy with both her juices and at the base it was white in color with her juices. I pulled her up from her lying position and made her sit and her face was inline with my dick, and looking at it. She immediately took it in her hand and sucked it clean. I held her hand and took her to the bed and turned her around and kissed her neck from behind while my dick was touching her ass cheeks.

I pulled Usha my mother in law’s hair to the side and kissed her back and licked and sucked. She supported herself with her hands on the mattress and pushed her ass back towards me, I knew what she wanted after just getting fucked thoroughly. I was running my hands on her back while rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks. I pushed her a little to the bed and pulled her one leg to rest on the bed and kneeled behind her and spread her ass cheeks. I saw in front of me her rim hole and then her pussy ending. I pushed my tongue to the pussy lips and my tongue parted her lips and I could taste her juices. I went in and ran my tongue all over her pussy, and when I reached to the end of the pussy I was tempted to lick her rim hole. And finally I could not control and pushed my tongue at the entrance, Usha jumped but I had her in a tight grip and pushed it as far it would go. I got up from behind her and turned her towards me and kissed her hard on her maçka escort lips and pushed my tongue in, the same tongue that just rimmed her.

I turned her around and pushed her to the bed and spread her legs and brought my dick to her pussy and slowly pushed it in. I started fucking her, riding her and then I pulled her to the floor and while she was on all fours. I was bend over her, holding her boobs and fucking her like anything, harder and harder, deeper and deeper each time. I was pinching her nipples of her boobs and this time I did not shut her up since I wanted to hear her moan and cry. And she was grunting and moaning, and then I held her hair in a bunch and fucked her more violently and harder, and this made her cry more and more. I was getting more and more aroused and I knew I would come soon. But before I went limp I knew I had to get in her ass and with that as my next task I pulled my dick out and she with the strain was about to fall on the floor. I picked her up and made her lie on the bad on her tummy. She was breathing heavily and I was running my hands on Usha’s ass cheeks.

I parted her and my dick moved, I went to her ear and told her I am going to take her from behind, she just nodded. I knew she didn’t know what I meant. I parted her ass cheeks and spit on her pussy lips but let it fall on her rim hole. I with my dick spread some on lips and some on her rim hole. And then with her having any clue I brought my dick to the entrance of her ass and slowly started to push it in. Usha tried to pull away and I lied on her and told her to relax. I kissed her cheeks and ran my hands through her hair and shoulders and then I lied on my side and pulled her towards me facing away from me. I played with her boobs and pulled her face to the side to kiss her. I ran my hands all over her front, and reached her pussy and played with it pushing my finger in till she started moaning into my mouth. And when I felt she was relaxed I raised her legs and asked her to wet her fingers and make her rim wetter. She did that and I took my dick in my hand and wet it and slowly pushed again in her.

This time Usha’s ass was easier to pry open and I was getting slowly and slowly in. I could feel her warmth and was getting more and more eager to get into her. I was almost there and then I could not wait and pushed it one go and Usha cried out and slapped me. I slapped her back and pressed her cheeks together and spit on her face and at the same time started fucking her harder and harder. And I licked her face all over. I was about to come with her moaning and seeing her face wet with my saliva and she looked so beautiful. I started moving faster and faster in and out of her and at the same I had a finger fucking her pussy while I was fucking her from behind. She could not hold on anymore and started to come on my fingers and she held my fingers in there place while she bucked and came. I feeling that was about to come and took my dick out and brought to her face. It was a sight to die for with her face on the bed and her long hair all spread out and my dick touching her lips.

She was a little reluctant to take it inside her mouth and so she just held it in her hands and that was enough and I shot again and again all over face and some fell on her black hair and I was squeezing the last drop out onto her lips and she stuck her tongue out to lick it off my purple dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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