My New Boss Ch. 21


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Because my fuck toy’s body was so resilient, it gave me an idea. She had been used all evening without being asked what she wanted to have happen. Not that it wasn’t something she wanted, because she had said in the beginning she wanted to be used by me in any way I thought fit. She wanted to be my fuck toy.

But, I thought it would be fun to have her either ask for a punishment or perform some sexual act on each of us. She would have her wrists bound behind her back, and her ankles would be hobbled, so she could only walk in short steps.

In this little game, there would be two rounds. In the first round, the person she asked would be allowed to take her request wherever they wanted. So, if she asked me for a spanking, I could spank her in any way I wanted, as long as it was a spanking. It could be over the knee, bent over the desk, or maybe draped over the back of one of the chairs.

I could decide on the implement, if the slut doesn’t specify one in her request. But, if she specified anything, it had to be done that way. And, the spanking could last as long as I wanted, as long as it wasn’t brutal. I had to stick that part in, because I knew I’d have a problem with Rita wanting to go too far.

The slut would be naked, and the ball gag would be around her neck, in case the spanking somehow required its use. I could also decide that, if the slut made no mention of it. I could also make the slut count swats or make her beg to be spanked harder or longer.

The second round would be quite different. The same order would be taken as she had selected in the first round, but she no longer had a choice, like she did in the first round. The second round was totally our choice.

I had Rita and Lucy untie the spreader bar and remove all ropes from the slut’s body. James was good at tying a hobble, so he tied her ankles with the rope. She had enough play in the rope to walk, but she would have to walk slow and take short steps. James also did a very good job tying her wrists behind her back. He wrapped the rope around her left wrist several times and then around her right wrist the same way. Then, he wrapped the rope around both wrists on top of that. Not only was she sufficiently bound, it looked very nice, too.

What he did with her ankles was similar in that he wrapped the rope several times around each ankle with one single strand about ten inches between them. The slut stood there, naked with the ball gag around her neck, like a necklace for decoration.

I made sure she understood the plan and her part of it. “OK slut, we begin a new game. It will be two rounds. The first round, you have more freedom as to what punishments you submit to, from each of us. But, there are some rules we all must follow. First, you ask for a punishment from one of us or maybe offer a sexual act. Be as specific as you want. Any details you desire will be carried out as you specify. But, in case you don’t mention something, that person will be allowed to decide what to do.”

I could see the slut was getting excited. She listened to every word I said. I could also see her pupils were also getting large, which is a sign she enjoyed what she was hearing. Her body language was also good, as she stood there with her shoulders back, and her tits pushed out. Her nipples were also very erect. She seemed ready and willing.

I continued with my summary of the game rules. “Once your request is made and all other aspects have been decided, you will submit to that person. We will decide the length of time, not you. During round two, we will decide on a punishment or sexual act. We will keep the same order that you chose in round one, and you will have to submit to anything we decide. Do you understand all of this?”

The slut didn’t hesitate at all, but was very quick with her answer. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Then, we’ll begin. Who do you want to punish you, first? It’s up to you.”

The slut couldn’t decide on one of us. I could tell she was having problems with her decision. She hadn’t had to decide on anything all evening. Everything had been decided for her, after her initial decision to make it happen.

Some Bycasino submissive people have a difficult time making decisions. I guess she was one of those. I didn’t see a problem with waiting, although I knew Rita would say something, soon. You can always count on Rita voicing her opinions.

It seemed like she was trying to pick out a favorite flavor of ice cream or something. She couldn’t decide. I told her there was no problem with who went first, because we all were going to get a turn. She smiled softly, then decided on Lucy.

Lucy was quick to stand up and walk over to the slut. “What have you decided on, slut?” asked Lucy. “Keep in mind I have a strap-on waiting for your behind.”

“Oh, I would like you to spank me, please. I’d love to feel your hand making my behind red.”

Lucy smiled. “A hand spanking, huh?” She looked over at me. “And I get to decide how this spanking happens, right?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, that’s right. She decides on the punishment. Then, anything she doesn’t specify, you can decide on.”

Again, Lucy smiled. She walked over to the slut and looked her over. The slut was standing there, ankles hobbled and wrists bound behind her back. Lucy noticed how hard the slut’s nipples were. She took her finger and flicked each one. The slut seemed to like that. Then, Lucy pinched them both, at the same time.

The slut moaned and her knees buckled. Lucy looked over at Rita. They both smiled. I didn’t know what Lucy had in mind, but I hoped she didn’t think a tag team thing was possible.

Speeding Lucy up a bit seemed necessary. “Come on, Lucy. We all get a turn, but not until you’re finished with yours. If yours never starts, neither will ours.”

“OK, I get the point.”

Continuing her walk around the slut, Lucy had a nice smile on her face. She looked her up and down, like she was a horse she was going to buy. “OK, I guess I’ll just take you over my knee.”

Lucy walked over to a chair and sat down. She patted her thighs, as she looked at the slut. “Come on over here and get your spanking, slut.”

The slut smiled and did her best to walk over to where Lucy was sitting. She was in one of the only straight back chairs of the room. Most of them were padded and had over stuffed padded arms, too. Those weren’t that good for over the knee spankings.

I was surprised at Lucy. She was being very calm. I half expected her to go into Domme mode or something and want to grab the largest wooden paddle from James’ bag. But, the slut had requested her hand, and Lucy was following the rules without a problem.

The slut was standing beside Lucy, but because her hands were bound behind her, she wasn’t able to drape herself over Lucy’s lap. Lucy hadn’t caught on to that yet, and was getting impatient. After a short wait, Lucy’s Domme mode got the better of her. “Well, slut? Get your ass over my lap, if you know what’s good for you. Don’t keep me waiting.”

The slut attempted to comply, but it wasn’t easy. She slowly bent down the best she could, then lost her balance and fell over Lucy’s thighs. Lucy had to grab hold of her, to keep her from falling on forward.

Without missing a beat, Lucy playfully patted the naked behind in front of her. “So, this cute little ass is all mine, huh? I’m not going to be gentle, slut. This is my time in the sun, and your ass is going to get burned.”

Lucy rested her hand on the slut’s upturned ass. With her other hand, she took hold of her bound wrists to keep her in position. That also kept her off balance. She wasn’t going to be able to get up from Lucy’s lap without some help. Lucy moved her hand from her ass between the slut’s ass cheeks and to her pussy. “Well, you’re already wet, slut. The fun hasn’t even started and you’re all wet. Such a naughty little slut you are.”

The slut wiggled her ass, as if to tempt Lucy to begin the spanking. It looked to me as if Lucy was more into taking her time. That was until she finally did begin, and once she did, her hand was in rapid-fire mode. She didn’t even start off slow. Just one smack after another. It seemed like it was as fast as her hand would go.

The slut was caught off guard. We all were. The speed spanking had the slut’s body wiggling all over Lucy’s lap, as moans and smacking sounds filled the room.

I looked over at James. He was already looking Bycasino giriş at me. I couldn’t help it. I had to say something. “I wonder if she’ll come up for air in a bit.”

“She sure went from zero to speed demon in nothing flat, didn’t she,” James laughed.

The slut’s ass was already pretty red, and I’m sure it was hot to the touch, too. Lucy didn’t look like she had it in her, but she was quickly proving she did. I wasn’t counting the swats, but I’m sure she had delivered very near one hundred, in just a short amount of time.

It was exciting to see the slut clenching her ass cheeks and wiggling all over the place. I’m sure she was wondering if Lucy’s hand would ever take a break. Her ass could have used one. Soon, the slut was wincing in pain, with each of Lucy’s spanks.

Lucy had the slut’s bound wrists in a lock hold and had forced them toward her upper back. The slut was in Lucy’s control, with her wrists held like that. It was more impressive because the slut’s body was larger than Lucy’s. Neither was that big, but Lucy was short. The slut was tall, but she was thin.

The spanking finally stopped. There was silence in the room, except for the whimpering of a well-spanked slut. I got up, thinking it was all over, but just as I got up, Lucy started in on the slut’s ass, again, just as fast as before.

The slut reacted by tensing up her whole body. “Oh, oh!”

Just after starting again, the spanking stopped. We all watched as Lucy rested her hand on the slut’s red ass cheeks. She looked up at Rita and smiled. And, just as soon as Rita smiled back, Lucy started spanking the slut’s ass again.

Again the slut was caught off guard and her body jerked and twitched with each of Lucy’s smacks. But, Lucy had a good hold on her wrists, so she wasn’t going anywhere. It was amazing how hard little Lucy was spanking the slut. It seemed like she was a robot or something. She was a spanking machine.

One more time Lucy stopped spanking the slut, but that time, she slowly inched her hand past the slut’s hot cheeks and between her legs, to her pussy. She found it very wet. She dipped her first two fingers inside her, and got them nice and wet. Then, she pulled them out and slowly inched those wet fingers into the slut’s asshole. She pushed them in, without too much effort.

The slut reacted with shock, at first, trying to turn her head to look at Lucy. But, Lucy had her bound wrists in her grasp, so turning her body wasn’t easy. And, when Lucy saw what the slut was doing, she quickly returned to her speed spanking.

The slut gasped from the initial shock when the spanking returned, and went back to her role of whimpering spankee. Slight gasps also came from her mouth, while her body reacted to the pain. Lucy was concentrating on making that entire ass red. She was smacking all over with her hand, so she wouldn’t miss any spots.

Those spots included the slut’s upper thighs, just below her ass cheeks. They were sensitive, because when Lucy started smacking there, the slut’s body jerked after each one. And, not only did her body jerk, but she yelped in pain, too. She tried to cover her ass with her hands, but little Lucy made sure that didn’t happen. In fact, she couldn’t even come close.

I always enjoy the seemingly involuntary responses of some subs. Take the slut, for instance. Her wrists were bound behind her back, and there was no way she could cover much of her ass. But she tried, just the same. I don’t know why, but that makes my cock hard, just watching a woman struggle in her bondage. That, coupled with the slut’s body jerking after each swat and those cute yelps that escaped from her mouth made me impatient for my turn.

All this time, Rita was doing her best to wait for her turn. Patience is not her best thing. Especially when she wants something. She was sitting quite still. She was also biting her lower lip. I’m sure she wanted to get her hands on that slut’s body…literally. The longer Lucy made her wait, the more Rita’s sexual tension built up. I expected some kind of an explosion from her.

Lucy was getting high on control. She was lusting from Domme mode. And, it was always fun to see her “in control” because of her size. I guess in this case, size doesn’t matter. “Hey slut, your ass is getting nice and red. How does it feel?”

“It hurts,” the slut replied.

Lucy’s Bycasino deneme bonusu eyes glared like fire, and she smacked the slut’s ass hard. “Miss Lucy! Call me Miss Lucy!”

The slut had to gasp out her answers, between spanks. “Yeow! Yes, ma’am…I mean Miss Lucy.”

“Now, tell me, again. How does your red ass feel?”

“Owe! It hurts, Miss Lucy. Ouch! Oh!”

“That’s better. I’m Miss Lucy. Now, don’t forget. Because, if you do, I’ll think up something nasty for you to do.”

“Ouch! I won’t forget, Miss Lucy. Mmmmm..ouch!”

Lucy stopped the spanking and looked at the palm of her hand. “My hand is all red, and it hurts. It’s all your fault, bitch. You caused my hand to hurt.”

“Oh, but Miss Lucy, your hand is very sexy. Why do you think I asked you for a spanking?”


“I’m sorry your hand hurts but I love being put over your knee, and being in your control.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“I had no idea how much I’d like it.”

Lucy got a big grin on her face. “Well, in that case, here’s some more.” And, Lucy started in speed spanking the slut’s ass, again.

Rita just couldn’t hold it in, any longer. Watching wasn’t her thing. “Hey! What about me? Lucy, you said your hand hurts, so take a break.”

Lucy stopped spanking just long enough to look over at Rita and frown. Then, she started right back in on that slut’s behind.

Of course, that pissed Rita off. “Hey!” She looked over at me. “I want a turn. She’s hogging the bitch for herself. Don’t you think?”

I knew I had to be calm, and quiet, and I was. “Well, Rita, there is no real time limit on each person’s turn. As long as it doesn’t turn brutal…”

“Well, shit. I want my turn.”

“You might not be next. The slut will decide that.”

Rita threw her arms up in the air. “Shit. Then I’ll never get a turn.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I think Rita knew she had been hard on the sub, and didn’t see a rekindling of their affections as forthcoming. “Why do you say that? There are only four of us. You’ll get a turn. She has to pick you. It’s part of the game.”

“She hates me. I hate her. I’ll be last, I’m sure.”

I was still smiling, trying not to let Rita see. But, it felt good to see her getting a taste of her own doing. “There’s nothing wrong with being last, Rita. Look at it this way. She’ll be saving the best ’til last.”

James jumped in to help me, as I was dying a slow death. I just couldn’t stop laughing. “Rita, just take your spot in the order you’re chosen. All of this bull shitting is only making us all wait.”

“Well, OK.” Then, in some last ditch effort to save her Domme face, she leaned down to the slut and gave her a very nasty look. “You had better pick something good for me. Do you hear me, bitch?”

The slut was still draped over Lucy’s knee, getting her ass spanked and wasn’t even listening to any of us. She was quite involved in Miss Lucy’s world, and didn’t even notice Rita’s rant. It was a good thing, too. She might have felt intimidated and I didn’t want that. I wanted a sub that was at ease to select who she wanted, and what she wanted from that person. Maybe Rita would be happy, too, if she’d only calm down and think it over.

Meanwhile, back at the spanking…Lucy was finally getting tired. The slut’s ass was quite red, and both of them were sweating. The slut was flinching less, but it was obvious her ass was sore. Lucy packed a pretty mean smack in that arm of hers, but it came to an end.

James and I helped the slut up off of Lucy’s lap. Her ass was a deep contrast to the rest of her white body. There were even spots where Lucy’s full handprint was visible. I patted the slut on her freshly spanked ass. It was as hot as fire, and I knew it felt the same way. She jerked away from my hand. Her eyes were red but she had a slight smile on her face while a proud Lucy still sat in the chair.

“OK, slut, who’s going to be next?” I asked. Remember, you choose the punishment or act and who administers it. We decide just how it will be administered.

She stood there for a second, looking at all of us. Then, she hobbled over to James. She looked into his eyes while she slowly sank to her knees. Then, still looking deep into his eyes, she smiled. “Would you please fuck my mouth with your hard cock?”


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