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This is a story about me and my niece. She is now 25. We lived close by for many years. There is not much difference in our ages because I am the youngest of my siblings, we became very close. We used hang out together all the time. Now when I go to visit her at college we hang out like buddies instead of uncle and niece. People can hardly tell that I am her uncle.

My niece is a very bright student. She is a curious soul. Which makes for a very enthusiastic student and a fast learner.

One day when she was a senior in high school, she came home and asked me what “anal” was. I almost choked. We had talked about sex before and I had demonstrated to her the male and female anatomy and how various parts are supposed to be used. I had shown her how a man’s penis gets hard when touched by a gorgeous baby girl and how a man can make his baby girl cum by touching her pussy with his tongue.

She stood there in her tight low rider jeans showing her belly button and thongs from the back side. Her large breasts spilling out of her v-neck tee-shirt with no bra, I was presented with an amazing and gorgeous sweet sexy cleavage.

“Honey, anal? where did you hear that?”

She told me that a girl in her class told her in private that this past weekend she tried anal and she loved it. My baby girl wanted to know about anal sex. Her friend teased her quite a bit by telling her how good it felt and how wonderful it was but never told her what anal was.

Her friend said “don’t you have that gorgeous hunk of an uncle? Why don’t you have him tell you, or better yet, have him show etiler otele gelen escort you.” She smiled and left. That left my niece more curious than ever. I told her in short what anal meant.

“Honey do you remember when I told you how a man slides his penis inside a girl’s pussy? Well honey anal means a man slides his penis inside a girl from behind.”

“He slides his penis inside her pussy while standing behind her uncle?”

“No honey, he slides his penis inside her ass, inside her ass hole sweetie.”

“oh my gawd! what? …. he puts his penis inside her ass hole, from behind? But doesn’t it hurt or isn’t it impossible to put a cock in the ass hole uncle?” She said it while her eyes uncontrollably wandered onto my crotch which was not carrying a large heavy bulge. She has seen it before so I can imagine what an amazing visual picture she must be drawing right now. Specially when she can remember what her ass and her butt crack looks like when I had shown it to her in the mirror a few weeks back.

She got it but had a puzzled look on her face. She tried to bend forward look back at her ass, spread it a bit. It was obvious she needed some clarification. So I had to demonstrate. I bent her over and spread her legs and touched her ass crack (within her jeans) when I felt what could be her ass hole I slightly pressed against it. She moaned a bit and started breathing heavy.

“Honey this is my finger right? And this is your asshole that I am pressing against right?” She said, “uh-uh!” Then I said, “Sweetie, etiler rus escort now can you imagine a man’s cock sliding in and out of it instead?” All she could say was “ow my gawd! But …. “

“But uncle AJ I still don’t get it. Show me how, please.”

Now I see she has a naughty smile on her face. I smiled back. So I asked her to remove her pants. She did so immediately. Then I asked her to slide her panties off. Which she did while smiling at me and winking and biting her lower lip. Immediately I noticed a very strong aroma of sexy sweet smell of womanhood. I noticed some moisture around her puffy lips. Her thongs were wet from the front.

After she was naked from the waist down I asked her to bend over and spread her legs wide. Once she did that I moistened my finger and probed it into her anus. She jumped a bit but then relaxed as she started liking a big finger up her ass.

She asked “Is this how its supposed to feel?”

All I can do at this moment is to tell her that this is just my finger and that the real thing would be to feel a nice big fat cock instead of the finger inside her ass. My finger was buried half way in her ass as I said those words.

She immediately turned around, yanked my shorts off and freed my pulsating fat hard cock. After stroking it for a couple seconds she puts it in her mouth and starts sucking it hard. I could feel the rubbery tip of my swollen fat hard cock in the back of her throat. She started sucking even harder and massaging my big heavy balls. Then it got all wet and pre-cum started etiler türbanlı escort to ooze out of my cock. She then stopped, bent over spread her legs, put both hands on her ass cheeks, spread her crack to expose her hot pink puckered ass hole and looked back and said “come on daddy please fuck my ass hole with your big cock”

I nudged the crack of her ass apart. I noticed that she was a bit dry. I wanted her to really enjoy her first anal fucking and I wanted her to like it so much that she would come back to me for more over and over again. So, I got down on my knees and poked her anus with my big wet tongue. She jumped but relaxed. She called me her dirty filthy uncle. When she was nice and wet back there, I probed her ass hole with my huge fat cock and the rubbery knob. I pushed my cock past the tight anal ring. She screamed but then started moaning. She immediately relaxed her anal muscles. I pushed my cock inside inch after inch. I was afraid that my 8″ cock would hurt her ass hole but she was horny as hell. She started pushing back her ass into me and in few seconds, I was buried inside her ass up to my balls. I could not believe that my sweet princess baby girl had my fat cock shoved up her anus all the way.

I stopped for a few minutes to let her get used to it. I started moving slowly, in and out. I finally started fucking her harder and deeper and that made her moan even louder. I finally dumped my load inside her anus. some of it seeped out of her tight asshole and onto my balls and all over my cock.

She turned around, kissed me on my lips and said “Thank you uncle AJ for taking my anal virginity.”

My baby girl was well fucked and satisfied that evening. Now once a week she lets me put my fat hard thick cock in her anus and fuck her hard. But only after she has sucked and licked my heavy shaved balls. We mostly do it in the shower so she can wash my cock and put it in her mouth right away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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