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As soon as Karen all but begged me to own her and her three daughters Kristina reached up under her mini skirt and pulled her panties off and walked over to me and pushed me on my back, stuffed her wet panties in my mouth, climbed on top of me and immediately started riding the hell out of my massive cock right in front of her mother! I did nothing to resist her and the panties tasted amazing. Kristina was an expert. She knew exactly how to move to get me as far inside of her as she could. While she was still going Karen came over to me and pulled Kristina’s panties out of my mouth and told me to make them both cum together! I wasn’t about to say no to that so Karen straddled my face and my tongue dove as deep in her wet pussy as I could get it.

I had one hand on Kristina’s ass as she rode me and the other alternating between Karen’s nipples as I tongue fucked the shit out of my sister! When I felt I was about to explode inside of Kristina that made me bury my tongue even farther up Karen’s pussy and I was relentless. As my dick began to shoot a massive load of cum deep in Kristina’s pussy I felt them both tense up as they both began to have their orgasms at the same time! We rested for a few minutes and then they switched positions on me and my tongue went to work on Kristina’s pussy and Karen rode my dick as hard as she could. We all came together again and we fell asleep together. I had my sexy sister on one side and her sexy daughter Kristina on the other.

Karen and I woke up the next morning together to see that Kristina had already left. Karen had her back to me and I slid as close as I could behind her and my hand reached around in front of her and I buried three fingers in her pussy and Karen began to moan louder than I have ever heard her. It did not take long at all before she was cumming all over my fingers. I pulled them out and sucked every bit of her pussy juice off of them. I love the taste of Karen’s pussy so I turn her over and spread her legs and bury my face in between them. Karen does bostancı escort nothing to stop me because she loves how it feels and she knows I love eating her pussy out. I stayed down there for an hour and a half making Karen cum about 10 times in the process. The only reason I stopped is because my alarm started going off. I immediately called my boss and told her I was still too sick to make it in to work. It is Friday and the roads are clearing up I know that I should be able to make it home that afternoon but all I want to do is spend all of my time fucking my sister Karen!

We get out of bed and make our way to the shower and as soon as we get in I push Karen up against the side and fuck her from behind. My hand grips her wet hair and I pull her head back as I kiss her passionately. We finish in the shower and before we dry off I bend her over the bathroom counter and fuck her again. Karen is getting weak so I have to hold her up to finish another load of cum deep inside her. She begs me to keep fucking her til I make her pass out. I carry her naked body over to the bed and got on top of her and began pounding her pussy as hard as I possibly could. I pounded Karen’s pussy for two hours straight and she finally begged me to stop and I did and I fell beside her and wrapped my arms around her as we fell back asleep together.

I wake up to my phone ringing and it is my wife. Karen hears me talking to her and she reaches over and grabs my dick and starts stroking it. I didn’t hear another thing my wife said the rest of the time. Karen is about to make me cum but before she does she leans over and wraps her mouth around my rock hard cock. As soon as she does I explode inside her mouth and she swallows every bit of it. I then tell my wife that I need to stay one more night to really make sure the roads are in good shape. Dana is sad but she understood. Before I could even get off the phone with my wife Karen was on top of me riding my cock again. I got off the phone with my wife çeliktepe escort so I could fuck my sister senseless! Karen then gets a call from her 22 year old daughter Haley. Karen gets off the phone and says Haley is meeting us for dinner and she will be ready for me. I know exactly what Karen meant by that.

After spending all morning and afternoon naked with my sister Karen we finally manage to get dressed so we can go eat dinner. We walk in and find a table. I asked Karen to wear her skirt to dinner and she did for me. As soon as we sat down my hand slides up her skirt to her pussy and she moans. I finger fuck Karen until she cums in the middle of the restaurant. Haley walks up just as Karen was starting to have her orgasm. Haley looks at her mom and all she does is smile. We order our food and Haley gets up to go to the bathroom and Karen tells me to follow her in there and fuck the shit out of her. I kiss Karen before I go and I catch up with Haley at the door and shove her in there and lock it behind me. The only words that Haley said to me was that her mom said I was good and that I should prove it to her. I grabbed Haley by the hips and turned her around. I bent her over the bathroom counter and peeled her extremely tight black pants down her legs and ripped a hole in her panties and shoved my massive cock deep inside her from behind. I pound her pussy hard til Haley and I both cum at the same time. Haley is panting and moaning and begs me to fuck her one more time. I turn her back around and sit her on the counter and bury my cock deep in her pussy again until we both cum again at the same time. When we finished we both pulled our pants back up and walked back out to Karen. I sat back down beside her and Haley just looked at her mom and said she was right and walked out. Karen looked at me and then kissed me with a passion like never before and I told her that she would definitely benefit from that later.

We finish our dinner and return to our hotel room and started cihangir escort fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Karen then got a call from Kristina and told me that she had another surprise for me. I asked her what it was and she told me I had to wait. I just said ok and went back to fucking my sister. We made love to each other for about an hour before we heard a knock at the door. Karen answers the door still naked and it was Kristina with her youngest sister, Kim. I am still laying on the bed naked trying to recover from fucking my sister all day. Kim asks her mom why she is naked and Kristina shoves Kim into the hotel room and Karen locks the door behind them. Kim turns around and gets slapped by her sister. Kristina grabs her and turns her around to see me on the bed. Kim tries to get free from Kristina but she can’t. Karen walks up and grabs Kim by the arms and Kristina rips her shirt and bra off. Kristina then wraps her arms around Kim while Karen bends over and pulls her pants and panties off. Kim is crying at this point and Karen slaps her and tells her she is going to enjoy this.

Karen and Kristina force Kim onto the bed face first and Karen looks at me and tells me to fuck her now. I get up and walk over behind Kim. She is struggling to get away but Karen and Kristina are too strong for her. I grab Kim by her hips and shove my cock deep inside her virgin pussy. Kim screams and is crying but I continue my assault on her pussy until I shoot my first load of cum deep inside her. When she felt it hit inside her Kim started moaning instead of crying. I continue pounding her and at this time Karen and Kristina have let go of Kim and she is moaning very loudly and bucking her hips wildly trying to get my dick as far in her as she can. I unload another shot of cum deep inside of her. Kim lays down and starts crying as Karen looks at me with the biggest smile on her face and tells me that now I own her whole family! As Kristina helps Kim out of our room I walk over to Karen and grab her by her hair and throw her down on the bed and fuck her harder than I ever have before! I look at Karen after we finish and I tell her that I have to leave Dana because I have to be with Karen every day for the rest of my life! Karen smiles and then begs me to fuck her again! I happily make her my bitch again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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