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Jim and his friend Ted sat down on the couch with a can of beer each and started to watch the basketball. Jim was a married 55 year old who lived with his wife of 30 years out in the countryside. Jim was a slightly overweight man who had a large beer belly, and had gone completely bold. Since he retired five years ago, he would spend most of his days, and night drinking with his buddies. His wife had gone to her friends for the night, so Jim had invited Ted over to watch the basketball with him, and get drunk as well. Ted was also a large man. He was not tall, around 5’6″, but fat. He was 54, and had a number of tattoos all over his body. His wife had left him ten years ago after she found out he would often sleep with hookers.

Just as the game was about to start, there was a knock on the door. Jim opened it, and too his surprise, there stood his beautiful young daughter-in-law Kelly. Jim had lusted after her ever since his son first walked her into their house two years ago. She was married to Jim’s only child for one year now. Jim’s eyes roamed her body from head to toe. She was 26 years old and 5’8″ tall with shoulder length straight brown hair. She was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt that was buttoned up all the way except for the top two buttons. The shirt was hugging her breasts, which seamed to be a b-cup. The shirt was tucked into a brown mini-skirt, which was a couple of inches above her knee. She wore a pair of matching colour high heels that went well with her lovely firm calves. She had a body any man would love to fuck. She worked as a lawyer, and it seamed she had just finished work. Being slightly shorter then Jim, Kelly looked up to him and with a slight smile said “Hi”. Jim looked down at her sparkling green eyes and replied, “Hi, come in”.

“Um, I just wanted to return these dishes”, she said holding out two small bowls.

“Sure, come in”, Jim replied allowing Kelly to walk in. Kelly could smell the alcohol in Jim’s breath and she knew she should leave straight away. Kelly disliked her father-in-law a lot. He would often flirt with her whenever the two were alone. Many times he would come up to her and start to rub her shoulders, or use his hands to brush her hair while she was washing the dishes. She told her husband Greg, about his father, but he just told her she was reading too much into it. Kelly knew it was a lot more then that and decided to avoid being alone with Jim. She saw Ted sitting down on the couch with his shirt off and quickly walked into the kitchen, put the dishes down and walked back to the front door.

“Why don’t you stay a while? Mary’s gone out to her friends house for the night, but you welcome to stay and watch the game with us”, Jim said while placing his hand on Kelly’s back. Jim would often fantasise about having his hands roam all over Kelly’s sexy body. Every time he would jerk off, he would imagine his daughter-in-law. He would think of her in one of those tight pair of jeans she wore, which showed off her firm butt and perfect waist.

“UM no. I better get going. Its getting dark and Greg is out of town on business,” Kelly quickly replied as she sensed her father-in-laws firm hand on her back. She walked outside and could feel her filthy father-in-laws eyes on her. Jim watched as Kelly got into her car. Her tight skirt showed off her perfect butt. As she climbed in, her skirt road up her thigh, instantly giving Jim and erection. He closed the door and came back and sat down on the couch.

A couple of minutes later there were another knock on the door. Jim got up again and opened the door to find Kelly standing there again.

“Um I can’t start my car”, she said in a soft voice.

“Oh, well Ted and I will have a look”. Jim turned to Ted with a slight smile and said “come on Ted, lets see if we cam help this attractive young lady out.” Ted got up and gave Kelly the once over. He whistled his approval and they all walked outside. It was a very hot day and Jim could see that Kelly was suffering from it. She kept fanning herself from inside the car as Jim and Ted looked under the hood. Ted walked over to the driver side and asked Kelly to get out. He held the door open as Kelly slowly got up and tried to get out. Kelly slid past Ted, accidentally brushing her butt against Ted’s crotch because there wasn’t much room between the door and Ted. She could feel his bludge through the shorts he was wearing. Ted tried to start the car.

“Well looks like you ant going nowhere tonight. Your battery’s dead”, he said.

“Looks like your spending the night here. Mary took my car so we’ll have to get this fixed first thing in the morning”, Jim said as he lowed down the hood. Kelly put her hands on her hips, her shirt clung tight to her body, showing the out line of her bra. Jim could even sense a hint of her nipples poking through. Kelly had no other choice. Her in-laws lived in a secluded area that was too far form any public transport.

“Ok”, Kelly reluctantly said sarıyer escort as she locked the car and walked inside with the two old men.

Kelly walked over to a single sofa and sat down, crossing her legs. Jim and Ted sat down on the double couch and all three started to watch the game. Kelly could feel a pair of eyes on her as she turned her head to find Ted staring at her chest. Kelly crossed her arms over her chest, covering her breast. Ted just smiled and took a sip of his beer. Jim got up and walked over to the bar.

“What do you want to drink”, he said looking at Kelly.

“Um nothing. I’m fine”, she replied.

“Look, I can’t have no guest die of thirst”, he said in a stern voice.

“I’ll just have some water”, Kelly replied.

“Hell no. We don’t serve water here”, Jim said while pouring Kelly a margarita”. Jim walked up to her and handed her the drink. Kelly was really thirsty, and reluctantly gave in. Jim looked down at his beautiful daughter-in-law. As she leaned forward to take the drink, Jim got a great look down her white shirt. He could see the tops of her firm breasts held inside a black bra.

As Kelly finished her drink, Ted got her another one. This time he made it a little stronger.

“Why don’t you come and sit over here. That way all three of us can get the cool breeze from the door,” Jim said as he patted the spot on the sofa between him and Ted. Well into her second drink, Kelly didn’t see any harm in sitting between the two old men. She got up and walked over and sat down in the small gap. Jim placed his hand on her knee and said, “Isn’t that better”. Kelly took a sip of her drink and then lent forward to put the glass on the table. The action caused her blouse to pull free from her skirt and a quick flash of lower back showed. Along with the view came the obvious, she was wearing a lacy thong. Jim and Ted both stared at her sexy black thong, and then looked at each other and smiled.

“Boy your Lakers are really getting their butts whipped Kelly, I bet Shaq doesn’t get another point for the match”, Ted said with five minutes remaining for the match.

“What, of course he will”, Kelly replied.

“Well 20 bucks says he doesn’t.”

“Your on”, Kelly said with a smile.

Jim slowly moved his hand up his daughter-in-laws legs and rested it on her thigh. Kelly felt her filthy father-in-laws hands and her breathing got heaver. Jim turned his gaze away form the TV to Kelly’s chest. The cool air from the doorway had caused her nipples to harden.

“Well it looks like your going to have to pay Kelly. No way he’ll score now with only a minute left”, Jim said as her moved his hand down the inside of Kelly’s thigh. He stared at her legs, as the short skirt she was wearing only came half way down her thigh. Jim slowly tried to move her brown business skirt up her leg, but Kelly realised what he was doing and put her hand on top of his to make him stop. Kelly was now starting to feel aroused. She hadn’t made love to her husband for a while now, and the feeling of sitting between two men, who only hand their shorts on, were causing her body to go warmer. Jim lightly squeezed her thigh as all of a sudden Shaq was awarded three free throws.

“Yes”, she said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, hundred bucks says he’ll miss all three”, Ted replied arrogantly.

“Your on”, Kelly said. Kelly thought there was now way he would miss all three. All of a sudden as he missed the first, she started to get nervous. When he missed the second, Kelly knew she was going to loose a hundred dollars, which she didn’t have on her. As Shaq missed the last one, both Ted and Jim smiled. Kelly turned her head toward Ted and said in a soft voice “Umm I don’t have the money on me, but I’ll pay you back.”

“Nope, all bets must be payed on the spot”, Jim said while turning the TV off.

“But I don’t have any money on me”.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll erase the bet if you do one thing”, Ted said with a grin. Kelly knew she was in trouble. Here she was sitting between two filthy old men with dirty minds.

“What do you want”, she said reluctantly.

“All you have to do is give me and Jim a kiss”.

“No way, I’m married”, she replied with a stern tone.

“Oh come on. It’s just a kiss. I’m sure you’ve kissed many boys before”, Jim replied with a smile. The alcohol had taken effect as Kelly decided it was just a kiss.

“Ok”, she finally said as she leaned towards Ted’s lips.

“Wait”, Ted said.

“I think the grooms father should have the first kiss”, Jim said. Kelly was nervous now. She was now forced to kiss the man who had tried to put his hands all over her so many times. She lent towards Jim.

“Maybe this way will be better”, Jim said as he pulled Kelly over onto his lap. Kelly tried to resist, but knew the sooner this was over the better. She put her knees on either side of his waist and sat down silivri escort on his lap. She lent in and kissed her father-in-law. Jim was in heaven. Here he was with his hot daughter-in-law on his lap, her soft hands around his neck, and her red wet lips on his. He put one hand behind her head as he put his tongue inside her mouth. Kelly moaned softly as both their tongues met in a passionate kiss, like a kiss in a porn movie. Jim used his other hand to untuck her shirt from her skirt. Kelly could feel Jim’s hard on pressing into her butt. Her pussy was wet with arousal as she lifted her butt off his crotch. This will be over soon she said to herself. Jim felt her lift her butt off his crotch, so he put both hands on her firm ass. He started to feel her ass, firmly squeezing each cheek. He moved his hands down her butt, to her exposed thighs. He put his hands inside her skirt and started to lift it up, pushing it up around her waist. His hands now made contact with her bare ass. He could feel her silky thong as it disappeared deep into her butt crack. Kelly quickly broke the kiss as she felt her father-in-laws hands. Jim started to kiss her neck, as he moved one hand up her back to stop her form getting up.

“Oh no…Stop…oohh”, Kelly moaned as Jim continued to suck her shoulders, while feeling up her butt.

Ted couldn’t take it anymore. He had to have his share as well as he yelled “Times up. My turn”. Jim let Kelly get up as she slowly staggered over to Ted in her high heels. Ted grabbed her hands and pulled her down, forcing her to sit the same way on Teds lap as their lips met. His hands roamed her beautiful body. Kelly was too aroused as she lost control and started to grind her butt into Ted’s crotch. Ted put one hand to her firm breast and stated to squeeze them. He pinched one of her nipples through her shirt as Kelly moaned with excitement. Jim got up and walked behind his daughter-in-law. There was no holding back. He had waited for this too long. He lent down and started to kiss Kelly’s neck again as he slid one hand inside her skirt.

“No..”, Kelly said as she broke her kiss with Ted. She tried to pull Jims hand out of her skirt, but Jim just started to rub her panty-covered crotch. Jim could feel her moist cunt through her soaked panty.

“Your one wet slut”, he said into her ear. Ted ripped open her shirt, as buttons flew everywhere. Kelly’s matching black silk bra was now full exposed. The bra made her breast stand firm as Ted used his hand to push them together. He started to pinch one nipple again as he sucked on the other breast. Jim now put his hand inside her panty as he could feel a thin line of pubic hair. He put one finger inside her hot pussy lips as Kelly pushed her hip forward to meet his hand.

“Oohh god…this cant be happening”, Kelly said as her father-in-law continued to finger fuck her while kissing and sucking her shoulders. Jim put in another finger, and he couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. He could barley put in the second finger as Kelly dropped her head onto Ted’s shoulders and bit his neck with pure lust. “I think its time for us to fuck that sweet tight pussy of yours”, Ted said as he picked up Kelly and carried her into the master bedroom. Jim followed behind with a bottle of rum in his hand.

Ted dropped Kelly onto the bed and started to take off his shorts.

“No…Please don’t do this”, Kelly pleaded as she tried to get up. But Jim sat down beside her and poured some rum into her mouth. Kelly swallowed the rum as she returned her gaze to Ted’s naked body. He had tattoos all over his fat body. But Kelly couldn’t help and stare at his thick cock. It was easily twice as thick as her husbands and a couple of inches longer. Ted climbed on top of her and pushed her brown skirt up to her waist.

“Oh god…please no…”, Kelly pleaded once more as Ted ripped of her silky black thong and put his thick cock at her pussy lips. Kelly stared into Ted’s eyes. The innocent look in her green eyes was enough for Ted. With one slow thrust, he buried his cock all the way inside Kelly’s tight cunt. He slow started to thrust in and out as Kelly through her head back in ecstasy.

“Oh…sooo big…oh my god”, Kelly moaned as Ted increased his fucking.

“Boy, I haven’t had a tight pussy like you since I raped my niece two years ago”, Ted said as he picked up Kelly’s legs and through them over each shoulder, her toes pointing to the roof.

“Stop…your ripping me in half”, Kelly yelled, but deep down she wanted him to go harder. Ted grabbed hold of her waist and started to hammer into her pussy. Jim stared at her breast shaking back and forth. He poured some rum onto her flat smooth stomach. How many times he would stare at her flat stomach when she would wear low cut jeans around the house. He lent down and started to lick her abs. Kelly put one hand on her breast and the other on Jim’s head. She was now enjoying the fucking she was receiving. şirinevler escort Never had her husband fucked her as hard as Ted was fucking her now. Jim gave the bottle of rum to Ted, and then unclasped Kelly’s bra, revealing her erect nipples. Ted took a sip of rum, and then poured some more onto Kelly’s tits. Jim buried his face into her breast, lightly bitting and sucking her nipples.

“Oohh…fuck me”, Kelly yelled as Ted fucked her with full force. His balls were slapping into her ass. Ted couldn’t hold on any longer as Kelly’s tight pussy was squeezing his cock. He stared into Kelly’s eyes, as she stared back into his with a look of lust. With one final thrust he buried his cock all the way inside her abused pussy.

“I can’t hold on any longer”, he burst out as his cock exploded. He kept thrusting slowly as he filled her up with his cum. Jim got up and dropped his pants, revealing his long 10 inch cock. Ted pulled his cock out of Kelly’s cunt, as it made a pop sound.

“No its my turn to fuck that tight cunt of yours”, he said as Ted got up to make room for Jim.

Kelly couldn’t believe how long Jims cock was as he stepped in between Kelly’s long smooth legs. It looked to be around 10 inches long. “I’ve been waiting for this so long. I’m going to fuck you till you cum out of your ears”, Jim said as he spread Kelly’s thighs, giving him a view of her swollen pussy lips. He slowly began kissing his way up her legs, finally reaching the thin strip of pubic hair. Kelly was moaning with pleasure as she ran her finger nails through Jims head. Jim teased her more by licking around her cunt, until Kelly couldn’t take it any more.

“Oh god…put it in me…fuck your daughter-in-law…please”, she moaned. This was all the encouragement Jim needed as he climbed on top of her body, placing his long cock at her pussy lips. With one quick thrust, be buried his cock all the way inside her hole. His cock was reaching places no one had ever reached before. Kelly wrapped her legs around her father-in-law as Jim started to hump her. Her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed as Jim lent in to kiss her. Kelly lifted her head to kiss him as they started to kiss each other passionately. Kelly dug her fingernails into Jims back, as Jim continued to fuck her as hard as possible. The bed was shaking like an earthquake had hit the house.

“Oh…fuck me..fuck me”, Kelly yelled. Jim looked down at her pretty pace. Her hair was in a mess. The sensation of fucking a tight pussy like Kelly’s was too much as Jim was close to cumming. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. Finally, his cock couldn’t take any more, as it erupted inside her cunt. Her tight pussy sucked all the cum out of his cock, as he remained on top of his daughter-in-law, until finally, he rolled off her and lay next to her. All three lay on the bed, trying to regain their breath, Kelly in the middle, Jim and Ted on either side. The reality of the situation had final settled in for Kelly. She had just cheated on her husband, the man she loved, with her father-in-law and his filthy old friend. Tears started to run down her face, her pussy was still burning with desire. Never had she enjoyed the fucking she had just received. She could hear both Jim and Ted sleeping, and she too fell asleep with exhaustion, with her skirt wrinkled around her waist. The white sticky cum of the two men started to run out of her pussy, and down her butt.

Around half an hour had passed when Jim awake to the bed shaking. He looked around to find his daughter-in-law on top of Ted, straddling him. Her hands were running through his hairy chest, as Ted was squeezing her breast. Kelly threw her head back and started to bounce on his cock furiously. Jim got up and walked into the bathroom. He came back with a bottle of baby oil and pushed Kelly down onto Ted’s chest. He could see Ted’s thick cock go in and out of Kelly’s pink pussy. Kelly looked around to see Jim oil up his finger and place it in her butt hole. Jim looked at her pretty face as he massaged the oil into her butt. Her messy hair hung down the side of her face. She used her hand to brush it behind her ear, as her wedding ring sparkled.

“What are you doing…oh god…please…I’ve never done that before”, she pleaded into Jims eyes. But Jim had none of it as he climbed on behind her and put the tip of his cock at her butt hole.

“I’ve wanted to bury my cock between that tight ass of yours ever since I saw you”, he replied as Kelly tried to get back up. But Jim pushed her down. Ted grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and as Jim entered her. Because of the oil, he slid in with out much strength. Kelly let out a scream as the pain hit her. Jim continued to slide into her as tears started to roll out of Kelly’s eyes again. Once all the way in her tight butt, Jim started to fuck her in rhythm with Ted.

“Oh god…no…stop”, Kelly yelled out. But soon the pain of having two cocks in her at once was starting to turn to pleasure for Kelly. Jim held onto her waist and started to fuck her harder.

“Oh god…harder…fuck me…harder”, Kelly moaned as she started to enjoy the fucking the two old men were giving her at once. Jim put the finger he used to oil Kelly’s butt up into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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