My Sub, A Perfect Erotic Storm


After years of exchanging Christmas gifts, sometimes you just run out of ideas. So this past year I decided to do some out-of-the box thinking. The plan was to purchase a “photo session” from a well regarded photographer, that my hubby, John and I had known for years.

I met with Karen, and was asked if either of us had been professionally photographed before. I said “Yes” and she wanted to know more. Karen learned that another photog, Bill, had asked me to model, and wanted to know some details.

“Here’s the short version. Feeling a bit daring, I’d responded to an ad asking for women to pose as a Dominatrix. Bill, mentioned it would be good to see some pictures. We sent some from edgy costume parties and he really liked “my look”.

“After carefully “vetting” him, I packed my outfits, including “toys” and we headed to the studio. I was nervous at first, but some wine, and Bill’s warmth, had me comfortably and rather erotically playing to his lens. The pictures were such that even the ever self critical me was pretty damn happy. Bill was pleased enough to feature some of the photos on his web page for years.”

Karen seemed overly interested in all this, but I didn’t care because reliving that whole unique, and ultimately very flattering experience was not only enjoyable, but mildly arousing.

She asked about compensation. “He gave me a disk of all the images, and allowed us to pick which ones we’d like printed.” I also mentioned, without the specifics, a nice cash stipend,.

Karen began slowly, “That’s very interesting. I’d like to talk to you about a rather unusual proposition. You might find it appealing.”

“I’m listening.”

“I have a client who very much wants to dress as a submissive for a photo session, but he needs to be extremely discreet. He feels no such session could possibly be complete without an attractive, preferably, tall, strong, woman acting as his Domme. But, he’s extremely uncomfortable about hiring a model so everything’s in limbo. It’s not at all about the money. Cost is no object. It’s about keeping things private. Richard is an absolutely wonderful man. Kind, generous, and wildly successful.”

I confess to my blood racing as she spoke. Trying to sound composed, “Are you asking if I’d agree to join Richard? How do we know he’d even want me as his Domme?”

Karen’s answer was unequivocal. “I’m certain he’ll be thrilled to have you as his photo Mistress. And the pictures we’ve discussed of you and your husband….will be no charge.”

“I’m very interested.”

“In that case you need to speak with John and check out some Femdom sites showing posed pictures that Richard would like to mimic.”

“Thinking John will be fine with it.”

“Jeanne, Bycasino that may be true but I’d urge you to do as I’ve asked. Checking out the pics you’ll see Richard isn’t into pain and never a threat to become, no matter how stimulated, physically aggressive. You’ll learn he’s much more into being teased, edged until given permission to release. Rich is all about giving over his power to the right woman. But John should be fully prepared because Richard is a very attractive man. Probably late 40’s but looks a lot younger. 6’2″, tall, salt & pepper hair, fit, light eyes, and a killer smile.”

Heart pounding I promised to talk with John. Karen asked I send the pics featured on Bill’s website so she might share them with Richard.

Returning home, that was the first thing I did. Then John and I discussed Karen’s proposal and eagerly, nervously rushed to the sites she’d suggested.

The photos were beautifully done; tasteful, sexy, sensual erotic. Both John and I found them exciting. We decided to go forward with the understanding that if anyone becomes uncomfortable the session would end.

Everyone being in agreement, a studio date was set and, with Karen’s help, I prepared my wardrobe. I wore a tight, above the knee leather dress, 4″, black. multi-strapped heels, dark stockings, and pink, semi-sheer string panties.

When asked about bringing my Dominatrix outfit Karen reminded that in most of Richard’s favored pictures the women were fully clothed while the men were in various stages of undress or completely naked. Slightly panicked I asked if Richard was expecting to get nude. Her answer simply referenced our comfort level agreement. She did say I should bring, for effect, my handcuffs, crop, and flogger. I would bring all of the above, and a bottle of wine.

We purposely arrived early so I could freshen any makeup and recheck my attire. The room was beautifully staged to look like an exclusive lounge. There was a mini-bar, one tall stool, a sofa and an elegant pillowed chair.

Richard arrived. He was wearing a dark pin-striped suit, light blue shirt, red tie, and Gucci loafers. The man looked like he was dressed for the cover of GQ. Introductions were friendly. The men exchanged handshakes, while Rich warmly clasped both my hands with his.

The actual photo shoot began with some nerves. I felt a higher level of self consciousness than expected, and began to feel pressure. After about 45 minutes John brought over my bottle of wine and put it on the bar. Richard smiled broadly and poured a healthy glass for both of us. We toasted and began drinking.

The mood went from stilted to much more impulsive and playful. While leaning against the stool, I took took Rich’s tie and began Bycasino giriş suggestively stroking it. Five fingers wrapped tightly around the knot and the other five moving up and down it’s length. With Karen’s camera happily clicking away, there followed a sudden sensual, even erotic spontaneity that would carry well beyond this session.

Once, fully in control of his tie, I yanked hard, forcing Rich to his knees. His eyes and mouth were now separated from my pink panties by only the thickness of my leather dress. Upon sensing his excitement I stood tall, and pulled him even closer.

I allowed Richard to linger there while undoing that wonderful prop. Once undone I bound it tightly around his eyes, and grabbing my riding crop tapping him firmly but gently with my toy. Still on his knees, I placed it’s tip in his welcoming mouth. It was then this naughty man began flicking his well trained tongue, as if giving oral sex.

Going Rich one better, I removed the crop and began ever so slowly sliding it down the front of his pin-striped pants, stopping just before reaching what was clearly his arousal. After taking off his jacket I ordered him to stand and place his hands behind him. He immediately complied and was quickly, properly handcuffed.

I stood before him and started to unbutton his shirt. Part of the process caused me to intermittently bump that crop just a tiny bit lower. When the shirt was fully unbuttoned I brought it back all the way to the cuffs. It was quite a sight. Richard had a wonderfully, well muscled, athletic, upper body.

On an erotic roll I poured myself more wine, and offered some to my now aroused, cuffed and blindfolded submissive. It was then, Karen, rightfully fearing our freelancing was moving way to fast, intervened. “We’re well into our second hour now, and we still haven’t gotten any of the poses selected to be mimicked.”

That timely intervention, allowed us to catch our breath. We began following Karen’s direction. She asked I remove and hold the crop but allowed for the blindfold and handcuffs to remain. I started by standing, legs slightly spread, over my kneeling sub. With the camera flashing furiously I reached behind Richard’s head and began undoing his tie. That action brought his face, once again, within millimeters from those now dampening semi-sheer panties.

His look was a provocative blend of relief, wonder, and perhaps most important, reverence. Moving behind, I freed him, unbuttoned his sleeves, and ever so slowly removed that baby blue shirt. It was then the pre-cum stains became evident on his pants.

Next, pics were taken with me on the couch and Richard positioned below. I remembered this series of photos from the websites Bycasino deneme bonusu very, very well, and was anxiously excited about simulating them. It was the first time Richard would be actually touching me.

Rich began by resting his head lovingly on my feet, then, holding my shoes, gently kissed his way up every single strap until he passed my ankle. The feeling was electric. I found myself oblivious to the whirring camera as his hands and lips began to move calmly but deliberately above my knee.

Head spinning, I spread my legs just a little, allowing Rich’s flushed cheeks to rest tenderly on my inner thigh. While it was obvious we were both getting increasingly aroused, his shift of position gave me another look at his pants, which were now significantly more stained.

He caught my glance and looked at me, as if to plead for release. I whispered that it might ruin his trousers. Shaking his head slowly he replied, “I don’t care.”

With that I took my riding crop and began guiding it along the clear outline of his very impressive erection. Richard made subtle moves that helped guide the stroking to have maximum affect. Soon, his fingers grew taunt around my upper thigh while his head pressed hard above them. I quickened the pace of the toy, running it along the underside of his shaft, finally holding it firmly just under his crown. Richard’s spectacular climax was all consuming. He trembled and thrashed about.

At times it was as if Rich was seeking relief from the pressure I was applying to his ultra sensitive, throbbing, frenulum. Sensing total control, I remained relentless until certain my submissive had been literally drained. It was a intoxicating sense of power I’d never experienced before. It left me breathless, and quite wet.

The studio remained quiet for what seemed forever until Karen broke the ice. “That was easily the hottest, sexiest, most erotic photo shoot I have ever done. The chemistry and sexual energy was stunning.”

“Simply unbelievably hot.” added John.

Richard, his slacks soaked, somewhat self consciously unwrapped himself from my long legs. Standing and grabbing his jacket he said “For obvious reasons, I need to be excused. But I’d like very much to have dinner with you and John sometime next week. Here’s my card.”

John answered for both of us. “I think we’d like that very much.” I added, “Absolutely.”

“Excellent! Please call me and we’ll make arrangements.”

With that Richard took a towel and headed out the door.

As we prepared to make our exit, Karen handed us an envelope. Hubby opened it and found a lot of money. Seeing our mutual confusion, she explained that, even before the session Richard insisted, “I want Jeanne to get paid at a rate comparable to an experienced model. Two hours @ $250 per equals $500.00.” No wonder Richard was so quick to leave. He didn’t want to hear any push-back from us.

John found a way we could offer our thanks. “In a few days, we’ll pay for dinner.”

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