My Two Girlfriends: Merry Christmas


After I had recovered from my car accident, I settled back into life with my two girlfriends, Sasha & Kathy. However, Kathy decided she wanted to do something nice for me and Sasha. We had a fun thanksgiving together with several friends and that night Kathy revealed her plans after everyone else left. She handed us envelopes containing plane tickets and reservations for a winter cabin in Burlington, Vermont for Christmas. Sasha and I were pleasantly surprised at this. The three of us hadn’t gone away together since the year before, so a Christmas getaway seemed like just what we needed. Our flight was to leave at 9 AM on December 18, so we carried on at work, did some Christmas shopping, and counted the days.

We also went to my family’s Christmas party on the 11th, where Sasha no one suspected a thing. Finally, on the night of December 17, we packed – carefully hiding the Christmas gifts we got for each other inside – and got ready for our early morning flight. Sasha set the alarm for 5:30 AM, so we’d have enough time to get to the airport, go through security, and relax in the airport lounge before the flight. The girls slept rather well that night, but I could barely sleep, I guess on account of how excited I was for the trip. When the 5:30 alarm went off, all three of us got up, got dressed, loaded our bags into the car, and drove to the airport.

After checking our bags and going through security, we settled down in the lounge for breakfast, where I proposed a toast: “To a happy, healthy, and beautiful holiday for all of us.”

“So smooth, sweetie,” Kathy said, as we clinked our Screwdrivers (vodka & orange juice) together.

“This is what we need after your accident and operation,” Sasha added, “so let’s make the most of it until we get back.” We headed to the gate after about 45 minutes in the lounge, where our flight was just beginning to board. We got on the plane and took our seats, with Sasha in the aisle, Kathy taking the window seat, and me in the middle. I know everyone hates the middle seat on the plane, and I usually do too, but when I’m in between my two girls, I don’t mind it. The plane took off at a quarter to 9 in the morning – ahead of schedule – and we settled into our seats. After getting our drinks from the drinks cart, Kathy lifted the armrests so she and Sasha could cozy up to me.

It was a bit cramped – you know how tight airplane seats are – but we managed. We watched “A Christmas Carol” on my screen before we dozed off for the rest of the flight. We didn’t worry about the airplane bathroom for the whole flight; we still wore the diapers I used during my recovery because we liked not having to get up to go pee. The plane touched down at Burlington International Airport shortly after 12 noon and we disembarked to warm up inside the terminal. As soon as we got our bags, Kathy and Sasha went to the bathroom to change their diapers while I watched the bags; they returned and watched the bags so I could go and change my diaper as well.

As soon as I was clean we were in 12th place in a line of 20 or so cars. I was just glad Sasha and I kept each other warm but little did we or Kathy know keeping warm would be central to the entire trip.

We got to the cabin just as the sun was setting, so we rushed inside to warm up and unpack. The cabin was very cozy and quaint; just like the rest of Vermont. A large living room with a fireplace, a hot tub on a glass-enclosed back deck to enjoy the winter night without freezing to death, and a comfy king-sized bed; the girls and I could’ve had an orgy if we knew anyone in town – which we didn’t. The cabin was also only a five-minute drive from Cochran’s Ski Area, so Kathy suggested we do some skiing while we were in town. I didn’t know how to ski, but Kathy said Cochran’s had ski lessons for rookies like me, so I said I was down to learn and Kathy booked our day on the slopes as Sasha and I checked out the rest of the cabin.

The three of us enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant that night and were ready to hit the hey after getting back to the cabin. Sasha changed her diaper, she peed in it during dinner, we slipped into our PJs and snuggled up in bed. Kathy turned out the lights and we drifted off to sleep. Kathy and Sasha squeezed me tight under the covers and I felt so warm, I didn’t think the heater in the cabin was necessary; how wrong I was would become apparent in a couple of days though. In the meantime, the three of us were determined to enjoy ourselves. The next day, December 19, we went to Cochran’s, where I learned how to ski and hit the slopes with the girls.

I strongly recommend learning how to ski if you don’t know already. I had a blast shredding down the slopes flanked by Kathy and Sasha to each of my sides. After a day of skiing, we returned to the cabin and decided to enjoy some kayseri escort champagne in the hot tub that night. We didn’t bring any bathing suits so that meant we’d be naked in the hot tub; upping our collective arousal to a higher level. Once we were naked, Sasha poured the champagne, opened one of the windows to let some fresh air in, and we slipped into the warm hot tub. Our bodies practically melted into the water as we sipped our champagne and admired the starry night sky.

Sasha remarked how she felt after a few minutes: “The juxtaposition of the hot water and the cold winter air is making my nipples harder than Chinese Algebra,” she said, “and my pussy wetter than the hot tub. Let’s try having sex in here.” Kathy and I said we were down, so Sasha slid over to us, took my cock, and began stroking it under the water. “Let me know when you’re ready babe,” she told me. Kathy in the meantime rubbed her and Sasha’s pussies under the water. It was then I remembered Sasha had opened the window.

“Shouldn’t we close the window?” I asked, nervous at the thought someone might hear us.

“No way,” Sasha said, “the cool air adds to the ecstasy. That’s one I opened it.”

“Yeah babe,” Kathy added, “plus the next cabin is about five miles down the road. I doubt anyone will hear us.” With reassuring words from both my girls, I told Sasha my cock was ready; she gave “the signal” to Kathy, who climbed onto my sunken lap, guided me into her pussy, and began riding me like a stolen motorcycle: intensely and with pleasure. Sasha took Kathy’s place after five minutes, and this routine of switching continued until both girls had climaxed. Sasha climaxed first, exhaling with such intent, and then Kathy climaxed with such fervor, my concerns about someone hearing us flooded right back to me.

Before I could express those concerns, Sasha had me stand up in the water. The cold air hit my warm, wet, naked body as she and Kathy began stroking my cock. Knowing I had to climax before we were finished, I relaxed and waited for my semen to, well cum. I came after a minute or two and shot my load right over the side of the hot tub and onto the deck. As soon as I was done, we all slid back into the water and began recovering. Kathy kissed my lips and pulled Sasha right up to her the steam billowing off her pee was an astounding sight to see.

After Kathy peed, Sasha followed her example and relieved herself over the side of the tub, washing my semen down the drain built into the deck in the process. “You have to go too, babe?” she asked after she was done.

“I do,” I said as I got up and took my position on the side of the tub. After I was in position, Sasha & Kathy each took my cock and aimed my steaming stream down the same drain Sasha had washed my semen down. Once I was relieved, we decided to shower and turn in for the night. In the shower, Sasha and I gave Kathy a kiss as a way of thanking her for surprising us with this trip.

“After his accident,” Sasha started, “I didn’t feel comfortable booking our next getaway. So thanks for taking the initiative, Kathy.”

“Agreed,” I added, “I thought we’d have to wait until next year to go away for a week.” Sasha and I asked how we could make it up to Kathy.

“Just enjoy our upcoming white Christmas with me guys,” she said. “We’re together for the most wonderful time of the year, and that’s all I need.” Kathy’s words were sweeter than the cheesecake we all shared for dessert the previous night, and we stepped out of the shower to dry off and get ready for bed. We turned in at about 10:30 PM and slept well that night; I dreamt we were playing in the snow: we made a snowman, went sledding, had a snowball fight, and did more skiing. On the morning of December 20, I told the girls about my dream and they said they would be down for some fun in the snow, which we hadn’t done since the snow days we hoped for back in school.

After feeding each other breakfast, we suited up for a day in the snow. I drove us down to a local store where we bought a sled for four people. We then headed to a hill the store owner told us about: “That’s where everyone sleds,” he said. At the hill, we saw everyone riding down the hill on their sleds; we instantly joined in. Our first run was nothing short of exhilarating and we raced back to the top for another go. This time, a couple of local girls, who introduced themselves as Larua and Meg, challenged us to a race. Their proposal was simple: the best two out of three runs would win and the losers would buy the winners hot chocolate or coffee (their choice) at a nearby cafe.

Laura and Meg won the first run, while Sasha, Kathy and I won the second, so it all came down to this: the final run. After a count to three, both sleds started down the hill, gaining speed along the way. It was neck Kathy, Sasha & I readily agreed. After we left, we went into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree. We found the right one and loaded it onto the Subaru’s roof rack.

Back at our cabin, we set up the Christmas tree and got ready to go out for the night. We arrived at our Laura and Meg’s cabin around 8 PM, where they welcomed us in and handed us glasses of eggnog. Sasha, Kathy, and I had heard eggnog horror stories before, including one from my own father, but we were on vacation, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoyed it. Meg said it was her uncle Nino’s recipe: “The secret is to find the right balance between the rum and bourbon,” she told me and Kathy at one point. We mingled with Laura and Meg’s friends as well as Laura’s family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But perhaps we enjoyed uncle Nino’s eggnog a bit too much.

We had planned to leave around 10:30, but all three of us were sloshed by that time, so Laura and Meg invited us to spend the night on the couch; perfect arrangements for us. By 11 PM, Sasha, Kathy, and I were cozied up on the couch while Laura and Meg went upstairs to their bedroom; they revealed themselves as a couple at the cafe earlier by the way. Before the three of us knew it, we were slumbering in our eggnog sleep. Early the morning, Sasha carefully woke me up; she smelled pee. My diaper was soaked because of how much I drank the night before. Sasha brought an extra diaper in her bag, so she snuck me off to the bathroom and changed me, kissing my cock in the process.

“Thanks, Sasha,” I said in my hungover voice.

“You got it, sweetie,” she replied. “After one more pee from you, Laura & Meg would have all of us banned for their cabin.” Sasha then slipped my soaked diaper into a “wet diaper bag,” hid it in her bag, and we walked back to the couch to cozy up with Kathy again. We slept for another hour or so until Laura and Meg came downstairs They invited us to join them for brunch at a nearby diner, so we all got ready and left within 15 minutes. Everyone in the diner seemed to know Meg, and she explained her grandfather opened the diner back in 1948, then passed it onto her mother, who in turn passed it onto her brother.

Over brunch, Meg proposed a toast: “To new friends and a very Merry Christmas.” This reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas: spreading good cheer to all those around you. If my Christmas spirit was high when Sasha, Kathy, and I arrived a few days earlier, it had been lifted into the stratosphere by now. The five of us enjoyed brunch together, and Laura asked if we were doing anything today. Kathy told her our schedule was clear, so she invited us for an afternoon riding snowmobiles around her parents’ property. Sasha was reluctant about this, but ultimately agreed and Laura gave us the directions, saying to meet her and Meg there around 2 o’clock.

Back at Laura & Meg’s cabin after brunch, Sasha, Kathy, and I got our car and returned to our cabin to get ready for the snowmobiling. Sasha changed her diaper, threw it and my soaked one in the trash, and we drove to meet Laura and Meg. We arrived at Laura’s parents’ property at ten minutes to 2, where her father gave us advice on riding a snowmobile safely. Kathy and I decided to go first, while Sasha went with Laura and Meg rode solo. Before we knew it, we were tearing up the snowy countryside, sending rooster tails into the sky. Laura had us stop by a row of trees so she could refuel her snowmobile.

“Nice driving,” Kathy said to me.

“Thanks, babe, you wanna drive next?” I replied.

“Sure, but maybe Sahsa can join you, while I go solo. That way, Laura & Meg can ride together.” Kathy added. Sasha and I were down for that and told Laura of our intentions. She and Meg got on one snowmobile, while Sasha and I took our place on another and Kathy saddled up on the last one. We followed Laura and Meg deeper into the woods and I began to grow concerned. I didn’t wanna panic Sasha, who was literally on my back now, or Kathy, who couldn’t hear me over the engines of the snowmobiles, so I kept my mouth shut until we stopped again. This time, we stopped at a frozen lake and Laura took three sets of ice skates out of the saddlebag of her and Meg’s snowmobile.

“Have you three ever ice skated before?” she asked us. Sasha said she had as a kid but that was a long time ago, while Kathy and I said we hadn’t before. “Well, it’s a lot easier than you might think,” Laura said, “You just keep your balance and keeping putting one foot in front of the other.” Not wanting to be rude, Kathy and I laced up our skates, stepped out onto the ice and after some trouble, we were skating like it was second nature to us. Sasha joined us shortly after and we circled the lake as Laura & Meg performed their own routine.

After an hour of skating, we all rode back to the cars and went back to our cabins, but not before making arrangements for Laura & Meg to come over Christmas Day. Christmas Eve, however, would throw Sasha, Kathy, and I a curveball. It began like any other Christmas Eve we shared before: we got up, had breakfast, secretly wrapped our presents fro each other, and went outside to make snowmen, which became a “Snow Trio” (the three of us made out of snow.) As we finished, however, Kathy looked up to the sky and said: “Looks like a storm’s coming!” Sasha and I looked up and took in the sight of huge, dark clouds approaching.

We hurried inside and turned on the weather channel. Sure enough, the weatherman warned of a heavy snowstorm set to hit within the next half-hour, with 80 MPH (128 KPH) winds and 16 inches (0.5 meters) of snowfall predicted. We had some good news, however: the storm was fast-moving, and the weatherman said it would be over after an hour; 90 minutes tops. Knowing we were smack-dab in the middle of the storm, Sasha, Kathy, and I hunkered down with some hot chocolate to ride the storm out. We sang some Christmas songs to pass the time as thick, fluffy snowflakes pounded down from the sky and the winds whistled outside.

45 minutes after the storm began, the snow & winds looked like they were dying down, and the three of us thought we were in the clear. But then, like an act of God, all the lights in the cabin went out. It was darker than night, and Kathy was scared (she does have a bit of a fear of the dark.) “Where’s that lantern?” she frantically asked.

“Hang on Kath, I saw it on the drawer over here,” Sasha replied as she stumbled and felt her way across the living room, knocking over a lamp in the process. Sasha finally got to the drawer in question, where she removed the lantern, a small radio, and a fresh, unopened pack of batteries. I turned my phone’s flashlight one and made my way over to Sasha, where she and I put two of the batteries in the lantern. With the lantern on, Sasha put batteries in the radio and tuned it to the local radio station. After we listened to the last minute of “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano, the DJ came on and announced the snowstorm was the probable cause of the power outage in the area.

“No duh!” Sasha exclaimed. “Now what?” Kathy and I motioned for her to pipe down so we could hear what else the DJ had to say. He explained the exact cause of the outage was unknown at the moment, but emergency crews were on their way to rectify it.

The DJ closed with this statement: “Well, it looks like this Christmas Eve is gonna be a Silent Night after all. So huddle close to your special someone and start your fireplace. But extinguish any fires before you go to bed; it’s just way too dangerous to leave them burning. And be sure to bundle up for bedtime.” Christmas music began playing after he said all that and the three of us began thinking of what to do.

“We could start a fire in the fireplace and warm ourselves up until we go to sleep,” Sasha said.

“But then what will we do while we sleep?” I asked. “We’ll have no heat tonight.” I had reason to be concerned; no power meant no heater.

“We’ll just bundle and huddle, babe,” Sasha reassured me. “But we should sleep down here in front of the fireplace. Even though we’ll put the fire out, the heat from it will radiate out and keep us warm.”

“Great idea, Sash,” I said. “I’ll go upstairs to get our thermal PJs and those plush blankets off the bed.” As I was upstairs, Kathy braved the elements to retrieve some firewood. Kathy returned with the wood as I was coming back downstairs.

“It’s not fit for man nor beast out there,” she said as she and Sasha loaded the wood into the fireplace. “Let’s light it!” Sasha went into the kitchen to get a lighter and some matches. It seemed like overkill, but Sasha had a plan up her sleeve.

“If you light some matches directly on the wood,” she explained to Kathy & I, “you’ll have a better chance of the wood igniting. Watch and learn!” Sasha placed a few matches on the wood, carefully lit them one by one, and the wood ignited, just as she said it would. Kathy opened the flu for the chimney – so we wouldn’t suffocate on the fumes from the fire- we slipped into our thermals and huddled close together by the fire. “Who wants s’ mores?” Sasha blurted out at one point.

After Kathy and I said: “We do,” in unison, Sasha got up and went into the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, marshmallows and enough hot chocolate for the three of us. As we sat by the fire, telling jokes & stories, roasting our marshmallows and sipping our hot chocolate, I began contemplating the circumstances. Sasha, Kathy and I hadn’t had a Christmas like this before but we were closer than ever despite the circumstances… or perhaps in spite (because of) them. But if I thought we couldn’t get any closer, I would be proven wrong.

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