My Wife, My Mistress


When I came home tonight, I knew something was different. There were candles alight everywhere I could see. My wife, Bailey, greeted me at the front door. She was wearing a loose, short skirt and a tight silk blouse that hugged her curves. My Bailey isn’t any stick figure, anorexia poster child model type. She has curves, to the tune of 38DD breasts and a 40 inch ass, divided by a 32 inch waist. Her body was lush and inviting, and I deeply enjoyed exploring every inch of it. When she walked toward me, her hips were swinging in an exaggerated way, just screaming sexual delights to be had. “Hi honey.” She came close and I could smell the shampoo she had used on her hair. “Why don’t you put your things down and come in the living room. I have a surprise for you.” My pulse was racing, and my dick was already hard in my pants, tenting out the khakis I was wearing. She saw it and grinned, pulling me by my hand to the couch where we sat down. Her blouse was tight, and I could see her wonderful tits spilling out of a lacy black bra. Her breasts were large to the point that very few small lacy bras fit, and the ones that did had a bad habit of letting things pop out. She saw me looking at her chest and laughed. “Is that all you think about?”

I deliberately looked up and down her body. “No, that is definitely not all.” I licked my lips excitedly and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away from me and put a finger on my lips.

“Not yet. Not tonight. Tonight is going to be different.” She stood now and looked down at me. “Tonight is about me. You are doing to do what I ask, when I ask. You are going to spend this evening pleasuring me. If you do a good job, I may reward you.” She had my complete attention. This sort of soft dominance made me incredibly aroused. “Do you agree to this? It is your last chance to say no.”

She knew better. I would never have said no to that, and I looked up into her eyes. “I agree … mistress.” Her eyes flared when I called her that.

“Good boy. Let’s get started. First, I want you to strip out of your clothes. Fold them neatly and put them on the chair in the corner. While you do that, I’m going to go and get a few things.” She turned and left, hips swaying. My hands were trembling now as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I quickly took off my belt and unbuttoned my pants, dropping them to the floor. I was in only a pair of boxers now, and they quickly came off, despite having to work around my hard cock, which caught the waistband as I took them off. I could already see precum shining on the end of my dick, and I swirled it around the head with my forefinger.

“I thought I told you to fold those clothes, not to play with yourself.” Her voice, stern and slightly disappointed, came from behind me.

“I’m sorry, mistress. I was distracted.”

“Yes, I can see that. Now do as I asked.” She stood with her arms crossed under her lovely breasts, highlighting them even more than they were before. She saw me looking and laughed while she opened one button on her blouse, exposing the black lace and the smooth, rounded tops of those wonderful tits. “Your little indiscretion will cost you a chance at these for a while.” She pulled one of her breasts out of the bra and tweaked the nipple, making it hard almost immediately. “A pity, too, as I was hoping to have you suckle these first.” She tucked her tit back in and smiled at me. “Your loss, I think.” I had stopped moving. “Finish your job, now.” A hint of iron in her voice let me know not to dawdle any more. I folded the clothes and came to stand in front of her, my cock pointing at her waist.

“I’m done, mistress. How can I serve you now?” I knew how to play this game, and I loved doing it.

“I think we need to seal your submission to me this evening. Turn around.” I did so, and a silky piece of cloth was tied over my eyes. “There, that is the first step.” First step? I wondered what else she had planned for me. She guided me to the couch. “Now, please bend over and put your head on the arm of the couch.” Bycasino I comply quickly. I can feel my ass cheeks parting slightly as I do, and her fingers quickly open them up further. “Very nice. Now, wait a moment. I can hear her walk away and return. The sound of a cap on a bottle popping open comes next. Her fingers return, this time with cold lube on them. I gasp and I can feel my sphincter clench. She laughs with a note of excitement in her voice. “I would relax if I was you, or this next part may not be all that fun.” I try to breathe normally and relax, but my level of horniness is making that very hard. Nonetheless, I manage to unclench and relax. “Much better.” Her slippery fingers center on my asshole, probing around and liberally coating the area. I feel a little push at the center of my sphincter and a finger slips inside me. I gasp at the sensation. She moves the finger around the ring of muscle, almost like she’s trying to open a stubborn drawstring. I moan at this. She’s stretching me and soon I feel a second finger go in. They pull almost all the way out and hold for a moment and then push back in, this time carrying a dollop of the cold lube into my rectum. The cold makes me clench around her fingers and she laughs while she moves them around inside me. Then the fingers come out.

I can hear her pick something up, and very quickly, I feel something pressing at my ass again. Lubed and loosened, I open up quickly and something long slides into me. It is curved at the tip, and as I feel the base come to rest on my asshole, it is gently prodding my prostate, making me groan again. She chuckles and come around to me. “You may stand now.” I do, and I feel the thing inside me push gently at my sensitive spot, making my dick twitch and more precum spill out the tip. “Ooh, that’s lovely.” I feel her finger gather up some and then I feel the same finger at my lips, feeding it back to me. She reaches behind my head and releases the blindfold. “That’s enough of that for now. I am going to want you to see clearly what you are doing when you are pleasuring me.” She pauses a moment. “Maybe standing isn’t such a good idea.” She shows her other hand and there is a small black box, like a key fob in it. Her thumb presses a button, and suddenly, the thing inside my ass begins to vibrate, putting more sensation on me. The sensation is so intense, my knees almost buckle. She sees this and laughs. “Yes, I think kneeling might be wise. I do as she instructs and another click on the instrument and the vibration stops. “So you see, I have control over you now.” She smiles. “Remember that while you are doing your work this evening.”

“Yes mistress, I will remember.” My breath is coming rapidly and the precum is streaming out of me, a side effect of the prostate stimulation. She reaches down and smears it on her palm and jacks my dick a couple of strokes. I almost shout at the sensation and my hips move to try and prolong it. She lets go and steps back.

“That’s enough for you for now. Now, it’s my turn. She stands in front of me, my face at the level of her crotch. She slides her hands up inside her skirt and slips off her underwear. They’re gray cotton, and I wonder why she didn’t wear the matching black lace ones. She holds up the panties and shows me – the heather gray makes the large wet spot on the front show up like a spotlight. “Now see what you are doing to me?” She puts the wet spot up to my nose and I can smell that musky smell of her pussy and my arousal hits a new peak. I push my face into the panties, and she pulls them away. “Why have those? You can go to the source …” she flips up the front of her skirt, exposing her freshly shaven cunt to me, “… later.” She drops the skirt and I exhale in disappointment. My wife, my mistress, knows how much I love to eat her pussy. I’ll spend an hour just slowly exploring her with my mouth and tongue. By the time I’m done, she’s usually so exhausted she asks me just to jack off and come on her belly and tits. For some reason, that seems to be a great Bycasino giriş ending for her (and me too). But for now, she’s not letting me get near that honey pot and my face reflects my frustration.

“Oh, were you looking forward to that? I think I have something else you will like as much.” She takes the ottoman and pushes it up to the couch and then climbs on it, facing me. I can see up her skirt and my mind is whirling with thoughts of burying my face in her twat. She then turns and faces away from me, gets on her knees and presents her ass to me. She looks around at me and says, “Why don’t you start here.” With that, her hands part her soft ass cheeks and her crinkled brown asshole is open to me. I have such an oral fixation and I love sharing it with my wife. I love analingus almost as much as I love cunnilingus. The forbidden, dirty feel of it just makes my heart race. She loves it too – she always complains how she feels so dirty doing it, but every time she gets the chance, she loves me to lash her sphincter with my tongue. I look excitedly at the first gift she has given me tonight and I dive in. I start by licking up and down the length of her crack. I gently gloss over the asshole the first time or two. I can hear her groan a little each time I pass it by. Finally, I stop and begin working in earnest. I lick at it, over and over, relishing the slightly sweet, slightly musky flavor. Once I have enough saliva coating her asshole, I start to probe with my tongue. First I push gently, then more insistently. Finally, I slip my tongue in her ass and she pushes back burying my face in her soft sweet ass. I piston my tongue in and out and she begins breathing harder. She releases one of her cheeks and I can tell her hand is moving down to her pussy and starting to massage her clit. It doesn’t take long before she’s yelping in little gasps and I feel her sphincter clinch on my tongue as her muscles tighten when she comes. I pull my tongue out and start to trail down to her pussy when she clicks the control and the prostate massager turns back on. This takes all my attention and she climbs forward and turns over to sit and look at me. My back is arched and I’m sitting on the heels of my feet, using them to push her toy deeper in me, putting more pressure on that sensitive spot inside me. She watches me for a minute or two and turns it off again. She then sits back on the couch observing me as she composes herself.

After a moment or two, I catch my breath and look up at her. “What else can I do to please you, mistress?”

Her eyes flash as she looks at me, an expression of haughty disdain on her face. “Feeling greedy are you? Want more and more from me?” She moves forward to the edge of the couch and regards me coolly. “I was going to let you fuck me for doing such a nice job eating my ass. Now, though, now that you’ve spoiled that with your selfishness, I’m going to have to think of something else.” A slow smile spreads across her face. “I have the perfect idea. You may even win a little reward if you your part properly.” She reaches behind her and pulls out her tiny fingertip vibrator. She edges her body so that most of her ass is off the couch. She motions for me to come forward, to kneel between her legs. I do so as she starts the vibrator and begins gently strumming it on her already engorged clit. Her eyes are already getting distant when she looks at me. “You need to get closer.” I move up until my face is right in front of her pussy, She sighs and puts her legs on my shoulders, her knees bent out to the side. Her entire vulva is spread out before me, lewdly exposed, and the exposure runs down her taint to her asshole, which is also exposed. I think of all the fun I could have like this, but I know better than to do anything I’m not told to do. She’s been known to stop playing if I quit obeying, and I’m having far too much fun to let that happen now. “MM,” she moans, “put a finger in me, now.”

I lift my hand and realize that there are a few places a finger could go right now. Bycasino deneme bonusu “Where does my mistress want my finger? Your cunt? Your ass?” I know I’m being a little impertinent using that language and teasing her, but I think I can get away with it.

She hisses, “Both, now, damn it!” Her head lolls back as she begins attacking her clit in earnest with the vibe. I slide my right index finger in her pussy, which is now slippery with her thick lubrication. I swirl around to gather a little up and pull it out and apply her own wetness to her asshole. My finger slips in easily and she groans as she feels it. My left index finger goes into her and starts massaging her G-spot. This elicits a cry from her. She takes her finger off her clit and looks at me. “When I come, I’m going to squirt. If you are a good boy and catch it all, I may let you come tonight.” I thought this was what she was heading for and I duck my head to her vagina, and get ready. Her squirt comes out of her between her clit and her pussy, but with my finger in her, there’s not a lot of space for my head. I pull my hand downward, which increases the pressure from my fingertip on her spongy g-spot. Another moan accompanies this. There’s just enough space now, if I tilt my head, to cover her opening with my mouth, and I do. My right finger is pistoning in and out of her ass, and I slip a second finger in, stretching her out a little. Her moans are getting higher pitched and I can tell she is close. “Oh god, I’m going to come! Fuck, this is going to be a big one.” I can feel her cunt clamping down on my finger as her orgasm approaches and her sphincter tightens up too. Then her muscles all contract and she starts coming.

I pull out my fingers and push my head into her, covering her vulva with my mouth, licking and sucking, I feel the first jet immediately and my heart is beating so fast I can hardly stand it. The feel of the squirt on my tongue, the slightly bitter taste, all get me so excited that I start to tremble. I redouble my effort sucking and licking at her pussy when she squirts again and again. Most of it I swallow, but a little gets in my beard and mustache. After a few more moments, she takes her finger off her clit and some part of me realizes she’s turned it off. I am still scrabbling for any more liquid when she gasps “Stop, stop” and pushes my head away. I lean back and I can feel her juices dripping off my face. I lick my lips and taste her again. She looks at me with eyes drugged by her orgasm, and asks, “Did you get it all? Were you a good boy?”

I smile and bob my head. “Yes, mistress, I did get it all.”

She beckons me to come closer. “I see a little left on your face, but there’s no wet spot on the couch or the floor. Yes, I think you have done well. I think I will give you that reward.” She has me come closer and pats a spot on the couch beside her. I sit down, which pushes the vibe in me against my prostate and it feels almost unbearably wonderful. My dick is as hard as I’ve ever felt it, almost painful. Bailey rolls off the couch and faces me. She moves between my thighs and her hand reaches out and grasps my cock. Using my own precum as lube, she starts stroking my dick, jacking me off. I’m so aroused already that I might cum any moment now. Just as I start to feel my orgasm rising, she stops her stroking and watches me as a mewl in frustration. She simply smiles and moves in quickly and engulfs my cock in her mouth. At the same moment, she turns on that vibrator in me once more. If I managed to last more than a second or two I’d be surprised.

My orgasm exploded out of me and I nearly howled when it did. The vibrator and her mouth and the exquisite build up to this moment all combined to make me cum like a volcano erupting. It got so intense that I almost blacked out and I finally had to push her away from my cock. She pulls back, primly licking her lips and smiles wickedly at me as she turns off the vibrator in my ass. She then leans back and looks at me. I realize that except for her panties, she is still as clothed as she was when I came in the door.

“So,” she says, and I can hear a note of uncertainty in her voice, “was that OK?”

I smile at my wife, my mistress, my love and tell her, “Yeah, that was more than OK. That was magnificent.”

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