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My lips parted as I looked up into the big brown eye’s of my grandson. The smile on his face was priceless as he watched the head of his huge cock slide into my mouth! I licked the tip of his big cock, spreading the slit just a little as I got my first taste of his taboo cock. Day dreaming of having my grandson’s cock in my mouth had been great, but to actually be experiencing the feel of his hot, smooth cock head as it slid between my lips and across my awaiting tongue was wonderful. Having my own flesh and bloods cock in my mouth was suppose to be so wrong, so taboo, but it felt so right to me. Knowing what other people would think about a grandfather having his own grandson’s cock in his mouth, having oral sex with his own grandson, only made the moment that much better.

As I ran my tongue around his huge blood filled cock head he moaned quietly, and sighed as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. As I tongued the head of his wonderful cock I cupped his big balls in my hand and gently caressed them. He began running his hands through my long blondish gray hair as he moaned a little louder. I slid the head of his cock out of my mouth and began the nine inch trip down it’s shaft to the base, licking, kissing and nibbling the underside as I worked my way down his huge throbbing cock toward his big beautiful balls.

When I reached the base of his sweet cock I raised his balls up with my hand and began licking them like an ice cream cone. His balls filled my hand, and hung over on both sides they were so huge! He moaned as I gently sucked on first his right ball, and then his left. Each one of his balls filled my mouth, he has some really huge balls, but he needs them to match his really huge cock!

He moaned even louder and said, Oh fuck yeah Pops, that feels great! Lick my balls Pops, suck my balls, show me how much you love licking and sucking my balls.

I obeyed by licking, and kissing, and sucking his big, firm, smooth balls. As I licked the underside of his wonderful full balls he spread his legs further apart for me, and I slid my tongue as far back as I could, licking the small smooth skin covered erotic spot between his balls and his hot ass. His legs began to shake as I licked, kissed, and nibbled at this sensitive spot between his legs. I had my hand around his huge cock as I enjoyed my grandson’s firm balls, and sensitive erotic spot just millimeters from his sweet asshole. His fantastic cock was throbbing in my hand as I slowly stroked the full nine inches of it.

He moaned louder and said, Fuck Pops, Oh Fuck, you are fucking fantastic at this! I’ve never had anyone get me this hot and turned on so quick, what else can you do that will make me wild with lust and pleasure?

I run my tongue across his erotic sensitive spot, across his big, firm balls, and up the shaft of his beautiful huge cock to it’s swelling purple head.

I licked fatih escort the head of it several times before I said, Anything you want Sid, anything at all! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, nothing I wouldn’t do to make you feel good, or bring you pleasure. This is your birthday, and I’m giving you your present, you’re in charge tonight so I will do anything you tell me to do, anything at all, anything you want. Tonight you’re my cock master, my owner, so your wish is my command!

As I sat there on my knees with my grandson’s blood filled nine inch cock in my hand, and the sweet taste of his pre-cum on my tongue, I looked up into his big, brown beautiful eye’s and I realized that this was already the best sex I had ever had in my life. I smiled up at him, and he smiled back at me as he watched me slowly stroke his awesome cock. I leaned forward and licked his big cock head several more times as he watched. Then I looked deep into his eye’s and said, Tell me what you want me to do Sid, I’ll do anything, just tell me!

He dropped to his knees and took my head between his hands, we looked into each other’s eye’s for a moment before he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue parted my lips as he slid it into my mouth exploring my own tongue that only moments before had been licking the head of his big cock. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me, aching for the feel of his hot skin against me, desiring to be my grandson’s hot bitch, wanting nothing more than to pleasure him, please him, and satisfy him in any way he desired. As our tongues explored the other’s hot mouths, I realized that not only did I have an overwhelming lust for my grandson, but I also had an undeniable love for him, and I knew at that moment I not only loved him, but I was in love with him!

As we kissed our hands slid across each other’s bodies, touching, feeling, caressing. When we broke the kiss I had one of my hands on his wonderful cock, and one cupped around his big balls. Both of his hands were firmly grasping the cheeks of my ass, caressing them gently.

Again we looked into each other’s eye’s, and he said, You really like your grandson’s cock and balls don’t you Pops? As I breathed hard I replied, I love your cock and balls Sid, I fucking love them! And I think you love your grandfather’s hot mouth, and wet tongue, and from the way you’re feeling up my ass I think maybe you might like to find out if you love it too!

He said, You do have a nice firm ass Pops, and I would love to see how tight it is! You think you could take my nine inch cock up your hot ass?

I smiled at him and said, Oh Fuck Yes! Like I said Sid, this is your birthday, what you want me to do I will do, I’m holding back nothing, no holes barred, I’m your’s to do to as you please!

He leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on my nose like a fındıkzade escort guy would do his girlfriend after she had said something he liked. Then he stood up in front of me again, my hand remained on his big cock, and my other hand cupped around his firm balls.

He looked down at me smiling and said, You can let go of my cock and balls Pops, I’m not going to take them away from you, you can have them anytime you want from now on. But, right now there’s something else I want you to do for my birthday.

I blushed a little like a young school girl as I let go of his wonderful cock, and huge balls. I looked up at him and said, Anything you want Sid.

He smiled and stepped back over to the couch. He knelt on his knees on the couch, looked back over his shoulder at me and said, Now let’s see if you meant what you said about doing anything I wanted, cause I want you to lick my ass, tongue fuck me Pops, will you do that for me?

As I crawled over to the couch on my hands and knees I said, You don’t have to ask Sid, just tell me what you want me to do. I told you I’m your’s tonight, I’m your sex slave, your bitch, your cock sucker, your queer, and your ass licker!

I reached the couch and ran my hands up the inside of my grandson’s sexy thighs to his big balls that were hanging four inches below his fully erect cock, there was no slack in his balls either, they were firm and tight, they filled the gap between his spread legs, not only touching each leg, but actually wrapping around them a couple inches! When I say he has big balls, I mean bull balls, so fucking big, the kind of balls I love to lick and suck!

I took his balls in my hands and began caressing them gently. I leaned forward and started kissing, and licking his wonderful balls! He moaned loud, and said, You really like my balls don’t you Pops? I replied between licks, I don’t like them Sid, I fucking love them! Then I gently sucked each one of them again before I moved my attention to his hot, sexy ass.

As I slowly let his right ball slide out of my hot mouth, I used my hands to spread his ass cheeks apart. Then I ran my tongue across his sensitive spot between his balls and his sweet ass, I took my time and slowly licked toward his pinkish puckered asshole. I slowly ran my tongue up one side of his crack and down the other, licking, and kissing, and nibbling as I went missing his yummy hole by mere fractions!

In between his hard breathing he was saying, Oh Fuck Yes, Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh Fuck Yes! Lick it Pops, Lick my hot ass, Oh Fuck lick it, Lick it, Lick it!

And of course I did as I was told! I ran my tongue across his puckered asshole several times before I began shoving it into him, lubricating his hole with my saliva. His head dropped to the couch cushion and he moaned with pleasure as I wiggled, and twisted my tongue up in him! I tongue halkalı escort fucked his hot hole for several minutes. He was moaning, and humping my face with every thrust I made with my tongue. Finally he said, Fuck Pops, I need something bigger in me than your tongue, that feels fucking fantastic, but I need some cock in me! Fuck me Pops, Fuck me!

Now this was a new development! I knew my grandson enjoyed another guy sucking his cock, licking his balls, and tongue fucking his ass, but he wanted me to fuck him with my cock! Not that I hadn’t thought about fucking him because I had! But, this birthday present was going a lot better than I had expected earlier in the day! I slid my tongue out of him and said, Whatever you want Sid, whatever you want!

I quickly ran to my bedroom and got some lubricant, I lubed up my own 8 inch cock and Sid’s sweet ass too! As I began mounting my grandson from behind, I laid my big cock head against his wet tongue fucked hole and pressed gently.

He moaned as I slid the head of my cock into his cute, firm ass! I slowly slid it back and forth, going deeper with every thrust. When I had about four inches in him he moaned loudly and said, OH Fuck Pops, That is fucking great! It feels so fucking good! Slam all your big cock in me Pops, shove it deep I need it!

He’s my cock master, so I did as I was told. I shoved it all in him, my big balls slapped against his big balls, and he quivered from head to toe, he humped his sweet ass back toward my cock trying to get all of it he could, he moaned loud and screamed, OH FUCK POPS, OH FUCK!

I began to quickly work my cock back and forth inside of his hot, tight hole, he was matching my thrust, humping back onto my cock as I shoved it forward! He was moaning, and screaming, OH YES, OH YES, FUCK ME POPS, FUCK ME! So I did as I was told!

It didn’t take him very long before he began moaning even louder, he was panting like a dog, and he screamed, I’M CUMMING POPS, I’M CUMMING, SLAM MY ASS POPS, FUCK YOUR GRANDSON’S HOT ASS! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!

I took my hand from his hip and wrapped it around his huge throbbing cock, I didn’t stroke it I just held it, I felt it start pulsing in my hand and I knew he was Cumming! He pumped a huge load of hot sticky cum onto the couch cushion as I slammed my throbbing cock into his tight ass. I started Cumming too, pumping a flood of hot cum up in him as we both moaned with complete pleasure and release!

I looked down onto my grandson’s sweat covered back where our sweat had mixed together during our undeniable animal lust for each others desire for homosexual, taboo sex! Now like most men I usually lose my desire for sex for a little while after Cumming. But, not this time! As I looked down at my grandson’s glistening back, with my cock still up in him, my cum was oozing out of him, my cock was covered with cum, my desire for him only intensified!

I bent down and started kissing his shiny back. My cock slid out of him as I worked my way down his back kissing, and licking!

I ran my tongue down the right cheek of his sweet ass and up the left! He moaned and said, YES!

And I knew it was ok to continue!

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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