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It was hot that day, really hot. Mid-May shouldn’t be that hot, but it was. But I wouldn’t have the luxury of doing nothing on that afternoon. No, my wife had volunteered me to do some work for my mother-in-law. Nancy was retiring from her 30 year career as a teacher, and she needed some help in packing up her classroom and getting all of her stuff home.

My wife, Lori, and Nancy had always set up the room every fall and then packed it back up again in the spring. For as long as I could remember, they had done this together every year. But this last time, Lori wasn’t able to join her mother for the last time. She had been called out of town with a client emergency. She didn’t travel a lot for work, but this was one time that she just couldn’t say no. It’s a multi-million dollar client for her company and they paid us too much to postpone. So she was off to Dallas for a few days. And I was doomed to pack up Nancy’s classroom with her.

I knew it wouldn’t be bad, though. I like Nancy, a lot. She’s a lot like her daughter in a lot of ways, including physically. For a 60-something woman, she was still very attractive and desirable. Her tits were absolutely amazing, and I was fine with spending a couple of hours with her, hoping that maybe I’d get a nice view of her tits now and then.

The night before, Nancy called me. “John, why don’t you just plan to eat dinner with me after we are done? I would enjoy the company since Hal is also gone. And you won’t have to eat out while Lori is gone.” I thought that would be a fine idea, and I quickly agreed.

“Ok, but I’ll probably need to take a shower after we are done. It’s going to be hot, and I doubt that your classroom has air conditioning, does it?”

She laughed. “No, that luxury hasn’t been installed quite yet. But I’ll bring lots of cold water bottles so you won’t get dehydrated. But dress light; it will be hot!”

The next morning, I worked from home for a few hours and then changed into a pair of old red shorts and a t-shirt. I’m still in pretty good shape for a guy in his mid-forties – 6-2, 190. My hair might be gray but my abs are still mostly tight. I’m pretty proud that I’ve been able to keep my shape after all these years.

My shorts had seen better days. They are pretty worn and the elastic is a little loose, but they are comfortable and I figured that I should wear clothes that I could afford to throw away if they got too dirty. Yes, I did wear underwear, but they were small boxers that didn’t do much to cover my junk, but I assumed that my shorts would still cover everything.

When I got to the school, most of the hard work had already been done. Nancy had pulled everything from the walls and pitched it, so it was just a matter of boxing up books and mementos that she wanted to keep. Nancy was wearing light blue shorts and a white polo that looked just a little too small for her c-cup tits. They were filling that shirt out really well, and I couldn’t help but take a look now and then at her really cute body. Her blondish hair was wet with sweat, and her shirt was sticking to her, making her boobs even more obvious. It was like her shirt was painted on, and it looked so good on her.

And then she bent over to pick up a box, right in front of me, and I couldn’t help but stare at her tight ass. Those white shorts were also stuck to her, and they were becoming transparent. The outline of her panties was showing through and I could see her luscious pussy stuck to the shorts. Her lips were thick and puffy. God, what a show I was getting, but she had no clue. My cock was thickening at the sight.

Once we had several boxes packed, I started carrying them out to my SUV. Books are heavy, in case you didn’t know, and I was working up quite a sweat from carrying them outside. After about 5 trips, I was dripping and my t-shirt was soaked.

As I was walking back inside, I pulled off my shirt and wiped the sweat from my face. When I got back into her classroom, I spotted Nancy pulling down a globe from the top of a bookshelf. She was stretching to reach it, and her tits were pushing hard against her shirt. She was on tiptoes, straining to reach the globe, her shirt pulled up and away from her waist. I could see her tummy, and was amazed at how flat and firm it was. God, she looked delicious. I came up behind her and, without thinking, put my hands on her hips and lifted her up to reach the globe. She let out a little shriek, but then realized it was me and laughed while she pulled the globe down to put in a box.

“My, I had no idea you were so strong, John! You picked me up like I didn’t weigh anything!” Her smile turned playful, almost flirty. We were close now, facing each other, her küçükçekmece escort body dangerously close to mine. My chest was bare and she could see the muscles. I thought she was going to reach out and caress my pecs. I wouldn’t have minded.

I’ve never really had any fantasies about my mother-in-law, but there was something about the weather and the closeness and her outfit, and I wanted her. She’s cute and had a glimmer in her eye that I hadn’t seen before. I was getting turned on, but I couldn’t let her know that.

She quickly turned away, and I was a little disappointed, but went and grabbed a couple of bottles of water. “You look hot, here.” and she handed me a bottle. I thanked her and took a long swallow, the water running off my chin and down my chest.

“My, I guess you were thirsty!” She laughed and reached out again to wipe the water from my chest. Her touch felt like a shock of electricity that went right to my groin. I felt my cock thicken a little, but then she was gone again, moving back as quickly as she had come.

I said, “It looks like you have almost everything else packed up, so I’ll just start carrying everything else out to the car.” I bent over to grab a box on the floor, but it was full of books and I decided to kneel down to pick it up so that I didn’t hurt my back. I had the box between my knees and was about to stand up when I felt a cool breeze on my balls. My cock and balls had shifted and were showing off, hanging out the leg of my shorts. Nancy was looking right at me, so all she had to do was glance down and she would see my cock!

And she did glance down. She was subtle, but she definitely looked. She had to have seen me. But then I got the box off the ground and I was back up within seconds. I watched her reaction but got no clues about what she thought.

After a few minutes of carrying back and forth, and we were done. Things were completely normal between us except for the lack of clothes that I was wearing, and the fact that both of us were dripping with sweat. Nancy’s shirt had become almost transparent; I could see her pink bra pretty clearly through her shirt. The shirt was stuck to her and her tits were looking so good. I didn’t think that she could make that much sweat. It was almost like she was in a wet t-shirt contest!

My shorts were also soaked, but it wasn’t as bad as her shirt. My bulge was more pronounced than normal, though, and I thought that maybe I should put my shirt back on to try and hide it. When I got back inside, I went over and grabbed my shirt and started to put it on, but Nancy said, “Don’t feel like you have to get dressed just for me. I’ve enjoyed seeing a man. Hal hasn’t had a flat stomach since high school!”

I laughed and said, “Well, I don’t want to get my car seat too sweaty. Do you mind if I take a shower at your house? I brought clean clothes.”

She said, “Sure, that’s fine. I might join you.” She blushed and said, “I mean, I think I’ll take one as well. But we should probably take turns, don’t you think?”

I winked at her and said, “Whatever you think is best.” We laughed and make a quick exit from the school. I wondered whether she was having misgivings about leaving the room that she had taught in for so long, but she didn’t seem to waver. She went straight out the door, and I quickly followed. She was in front of me as we went out of the school and I watched her tight little ass sway, her shorts stuck to her like glue. God, I was going to need to jack off in that shower, I thought.

I also followed her car as she led the way to her house. When we got there, I said, “I can carry everything in while you work on dinner if you want. I might as well get everything put away first.” She agreed, and she went to the kitchen while I moved the boxes into the garage where she had made room. It only took 15 minutes at most, but I did take my shirt off again. I figured that if she didn’t mind, then I’d get a thrill by showing off for her. Where’s the harm in that, right? I grabbed my clean clothes from my car and went in.

When I got inside, Nancy was at the stove, making her homemade pasta sauce. Her sauce is amazing and my mouth watered at the aroma. I said, “Nancy, you shouldn’t have gone to that much trouble for me! That smells wonderful!”

She laughed and said, “It’s really not hard at all. It takes longer to make the pasta than it does to make the sauce. But thank you. It will be ready soon if you want to take a shower.”

I said, “Tell you what. I’ll finish up the pasta if you want to go and get cleaned up. I don’t mind waiting.”

She said, “Don’t be silly. The sauce is nearly done, so I’ll kurtköy escort just start the water boiling and have it ready when you are.”

And then she touched my chest again. It wasn’t a quick touch. She left her hand there, and rubbed my chest softly. It wasn’t overtly sexual, but it wasn’t motherly either. She was enjoying the feeling of my muscles and I knew she was torn between moving forward and stopping. I didn’t make any moves at all. I just let her touch me.

Finally I said, “Go take a shower, young lady. You need to get out of those clothes. You’ll feel so much better.” She finally agreed and turned to go. I watched her walk away and savored that ass one more time. It was so damn good.

The sauce was done, the pasta not yet started. I decided to risk everything and see if her signals were real. It was a risk, but my cock was making the decisions. I raced after her. When I got to her room, she was just pulling the shirt over her head. Her bra was heavy with sweat but her tits looked so good. The bra was a light pink with lace decorating the cups. I could see her nipples swelling slightly through the fabric. She dropped the shirt and went straight for the shorts. She dropped those at her feet, and I saw that her panties were also light pink, with matching lace at the waist and around the legs. I also saw wisps of her hair poking out, and her bush was puffing up the front of her panties. It looked great.

I was surprised that she hadn’t yet noticed me, and even more surprised that she hadn’t closed the door, but who was I to argue? I said, “Need any help?” and she jumped.

She said, “John! What are you doing?” I said, “I need a shower too, so I figured that we should maybe just shower together.” With that, I pulled my shorts and boxers off and kicked aside my shoes. My cock was thickening at the sight of her, and she stared at it. I moved over to her quickly. Without thinking, I leaned down and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She didn’t respond at first, still to surprised by what was happening, but I pushed my stiffening cock against her and she moaned. I figured then that we probably would be ok.

I undid her bra and pulled away so that it could fall off of her. Then I pulled her close again and felt her tits mash against me. I pulled her hips to mine and started grinding my cock against her. She groaned with every thrust, and I took her ass in my hands and massaged her cheeks while trying to push my cock harder into her groin. I kissed her neck, licking the spot that makes her daughter weak. I got the same reaction from the mother, and it made me wonder how much different her pussy would be. I guessed that I was going to find out soon.

“John, we can’t do this. It’s not right. Think of Lori! And Hal! We can’t! As much as I want to, it just wouldn’t be right!”

But while she was talking, I was working my way down her body, kissing her collarbone, then her chest, then little kisses on her breasts. Down to her perfect tummy, finally kneeling in front of her and tugging down her panties. She didn’t stop me from pulling them off, despite her objections.

I kissed her hip bone, then trailed kisses along her waist. I could smell her excitement, knew that she needed sex. I moved my mouth down, trailing kisses as I went. I found her bush and kissed it. She played with my hair, then started moving backwards towards the bed. I followed, my mouth still working on her. When her legs hit the edge of the bed, she sat on the edge and her legs spread, letting me in between her knees.

My cock was so hard, throbbing, but now was not the time for it to be involved. I gently pushed her knees apart and moved further down towards her pussy. My mouth found her slit and I licked, tasting her essence for the first time. She let out a loud moan and played with my hair more furiously. She leaned back further on the bed, her knees splaying out, giving me more room to work on her. And I did. God, what a pussy. My wife never wanted me to lick her any more; she said it was dirty. But Nancy, dear Nancy, she seemed to like it quite a lot. I wondered if Hal ever buried his face in her snatch.

I found her clit and grazed my tongue over it, then used my fingers on her hole, first one, then two. Fucking her pussy slowly with my hand while my mouth continued to probe and suck and lick. She was so wet for me, and she tasted so fucking good.

She came fast, and surprised me when she did. I heard her let out a gasp, then felt her push my head hard against her pussy while she spasmed on my fingers. Her juices came fast to my mouth, and I licked her clean while she regained her composure. Soon enough, she relaxed maltepe escort her hold on my head and I stood up and lined my cock up to enter her. I wasn’t waiting another fucking minute.

When I put the head of my cock against her pussy, I paused for a few seconds, giving her the chance to pull away if she wanted to. I wanted to fuck her, NEEDED to fuck her, but I wasn’t going to do it if it was going to freak her out. But she didn’t say anything; she just let her knees fall apart even further, so I pushed my cock inside. I felt her pussy stretch to accommodate me, and she let out a moan that told me she liked it. I held the head inside, just the head, enjoying the feel of her heat and wetness. I wanted to savor the moment. I hoped it would last all night. But she grabbed my ass and pulled me gently to her, and I gave in and shoved my cock all the way in.

She said, “Oh God!” and her pussy pulled on me, stretching out and covering my cock with her love. I moved on top of her, covering her body with mine, and bent down to suck on her hard nipple. It was red and ripe, ready for me. I licked it and then sucked it in, and her body started responding, rocking underneath me. I started fucking her slowly, methodically. I let her nipple go and moved up to kiss her sweet mouth. She kissed me greedily, her tongue playing with mine, her teeth nibbling on my lips, sucking my lower lip into her mouth. My pace picked up as we kissed, and her hips rocked while I buried my big cock deep inside her. I wanted to make it last forever, but I also wanted to explode into her as soon as possible. So I just kept working my way in and out, in and out. Her legs were up now, giving me more access and letting me get deeper into her.

She was enjoying me, I knew. Her moans kept getting louder and I was hitting her cervix with the head of my cock. Lori loved it when I fucked her from behind because I could get really deep. I wondered if I should switch positions or just cum like this.

She came hard again, without much warning again. She didn’t scream but she did moan hard and I knew she was happy. She didn’t let go of me, so I figured that she could keep going.

I slowed down, enjoying the sensations of being inside this incredible woman. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I pulled out and asked her to lie on her stomach. She seemed confused at first, but then moved up so that she was fully on the bed and rolled over, her head on her pillow. I didn’t pull her on her hands and knees, but instead let her just lie flat. I got behind her and maneuvered my cock into position again, pointing it towards her pussy and felt around with the head until I found her slot once again. I slid inside her again, and her hips tilted up to meet my thrust. God, I was so deep inside her, and I could feel the walls as i pushed in and out. It felt so good. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. With every thrust my cock would grind onto her g spot and she seemed to love that. Her grunts and groans were escalating again, and I wondered if I could hold off long enough for her to cum again.

But I wasn’t going to be a gentleman. No, I couldn’t wait any more. I pulled her hips and started thrusting hard and fast, pounding her with my big cock, watching her pussy stretch as I filled her again and again. She was moaning loud, but I just didn’t care if she came or not. I wanted to cum so much, wanted to flood her pussy with the load that I was about to deliver.

I yelled, “OH FUCK!” and shot hard into her. I pushed hard into her and felt my cum exploding out of me, feeling like my balls and prostate were completely empty as shot after shot flew from my cock.

She groaned and came again, but I was too consumed with shooting my load into her. I collapsed onto her back and kissed her neck and ears, saying, “Oh fuck that was amazing!”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, that was more fun than I’ve had in years. You have no idea.”

She wiggled out from under me and soon we were face to face, cuddling and giggling like school kids. I caressed her warm and willing body, and she kept kissing me and rubbing my chest and legs. She said, “I really think we should shower soon, don’t you?”

I laughed and said, “Probably. Together or apart?”

“Together.” she said, and we reluctantly got up and went in to clean up. We kissed a lot and washed each other thoroughly. When we were squeaky clean, we dried off and got into clean clothes, as little as possible. She wore a men’s button down shirt and little blue panties, while I put on another pair of gym shorts without underwear. We then went out and actually ate dinner, shared a nice bottle of wine and talked. It felt like a date.

And when dinner was over and the dishes were in the dishwasher, I kissed her and thanked her for a wonderful evening. She asked, “Do you feel like spending the night?” and grinned sheepishly.

I kissed her gently and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” I took her by the hand and led her back to bed. It was absolutely wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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