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This story follows on from Naomi’s First Threesome.

We spoke of little else for days after the threesome with her boss. The excitement of the experience cast everything else in the shade.

At first, we were hesitant. Naomi asked me how

I’d felt about it – how did I feel about seeing her sucking Bob’s cock? Was I jealous? Did it make a difference that Bob hadn’t actually fucked her? What if he had?

My answers were the honest truth – it had been a huge turn-on to see her head down in Bob’s lap while I’d taken her doggy style from behind. No, I wasn’t one bit jealous because I was there sharing the experience with her.

And actually I was disappointed he hadn’t fucked her because I’d have loved to watch that too.

Naomi was relieved and delighted. After that, we started opening up about how big a thrill it had been and decided it would be great to do a group thing again.

Who was to guess it would be four or five months before we had the chance? We seemed to get off to one false start after another for a while.

Naomi tried to talk Bob into a repeat performance but he declined. A married man, he felt guilty enough having gone as far as he had the first time.

So for a few weeks, Naomi and I discussed scenarios for another threesome.

Naomi suggested that as our first time had been with another guy perhaps it would be only fair if next time it was a girl.

“I think it’d be a real turn on to watch you fucking her,” said Naomi.

To say I was pleased with her sense of fair play would be an understatement.

But then came the problem of selection and seduction. We ran through everyone we knew and narrowed it down to two.

The first was a neighbour, a divorcee in her 30s who had a steady string of boyfriends. It would be easy enough to invite her over for drinks, but then we imagined having to live across the street from her if it didn’t turn out right.

The second was the receptionist where Naomi worked, a slim 19 year old with big tits. Naomi could invite her out after work to the same bar we’d gone to with Bob. Then we visualised the uproar if that went bad – Naomi might even lose her job.

Next we considered picking up a girl at a nightclub but one evening out convinced us that it would be difficult to talk someone into what we we proposing over the din of the DJ even if ee could separate them from the groups most girls seemed to go out in.

We were at a loss. Then I just happened to glance at the personals in the newspaper one day.

“That’s it,” I said.


“They advertise in the paper.”

Naomi asked what I meant. I pointed out an ad for a ‘couples’ party’ that weekend.

“Swingers?” she said.

“I don’t know if they call themselves that anymore,” I shrugged.

“Hmm,” said Naomi and we talked about having a foursome with some sexy other couple until we had to go to bed to relieve our excitement.

The following evening I phoned the number and the woman who answered introduced herself as Jean.

She sounded somewhere in her 40s and was pleasant and told me the rules – couples only,

no single males, no pressure. Bring your own drinks if you wanted them but anyone getting obnoxiously drunk would be asked to leave. And no drugs on the premises.

Jean and her husband hosted the parties in their own home and charged 20 bucks per couple ‘to cover costs’.

When we arrived, we found a nice family home. The couple who greeted us did actually live there and they were great.

Jim and Jean were swingers from way back. She was a petite blonde with big boobs, probably in her late 40s; he was a silver maned old rake of about 50.

They welcomed us in, took our $20 and chatted for a while, explaining how things worked.

There was free run of the front of the house including a large room with mood lighting which was the main party area. There was a bar in there where we could keep our booze and, over at the back, a small added-on room with a spa and towels in a cupboard nearby. We were welcome to take a spa and nude bathing was fine though some preferred not to and that was fine too.

“Nobody judges anyone else here. It’s a good crowd. This isn’t a commercial operation like others. It’s friends having fun.”

Jean explained that if we got together with anyone, there was a big bedroom at the end of the hall.

But after they showed us into the main room and let us go, we ended up sitting there just drinking most of the night.

I guess we froze in the spotlight a bit, finding it hard to approach others and feeling a bit intimidated by the two couples which stopped briefly to chat with us over the next three hours.

Our hosts didn’t ignore us. They popped by once or twice to ask how we were going. But in the end we decided to leave, disappointed that we hadn’t managed to click with anyone even in that environment.

We thought it was polite to say goodbye to our hosts. Jim assumed we were dismayed that all the couples seemed cennet mahallesi escort to be older than us though we tried to explain we didn’t mind.

“And it’s actually a bit quiet tonight,” he said, “mostly regulars. I’m afraid you’re the only newcomers.”

“Actually it’s our very first party like this,” said Naomi.

Jean was apologetic. “We’d have looked after you more if we’d known,” she said. “You must come again next time. There are usually more younger couples.”

We almost didn’t return.

We considered attending a different party on the other side of town but Naomi called and found the man who answered her call off-putting.

So a fortnight later we went again, figuring if it didn’t work out this time, we might give the other one a go anyway.

When Jean opened the door she was genuinely pleased to see us, giving both of us a hug.

“I didn’t think you’d come back,” she said, “it’s lovely to see you again.” And she introduced us to a few of her friends who were at the bar and promised that ‘we’ve had a couple of younger people phone up about this one’ and ‘there’s a lovely couple we know just a few years older than you who said they’d be here – you never know, you might hit it off’.

Once again, we tried to explain that age wasn’t an issue but she didn’t seem to believe us either. Months later, after we’d become regulars ourselves, our broad tastes were a little more obvious.

We poured ourselves a couple of drinks and sat down. Jim came by after that and spent 15 minutes or so chatting with us, explaining a bit more about the scene.

It was funny really – here we were at a swingers’ party and the hosts were behaving more like parents reassuring shy kids at their first big birthday party.

After Jim went back to hosting, Naomi and I got up to freshen our drinks and we talked for a while with one of the couples at the bar.

It was obvious there wouldn’t be a match there but it was good to be mixing this time.

Then we refilled our drinks again – Naomi with another bourbon and coke, me already starting to pace myself for driving home and going for just a coke this time. And we sat back down on one of the couches in the half-lit party room.

The room was filling up by now. A couple in their 40s joined us momentarily then moved on. Then a few minutes later, Jean came up with a young couple and introduced us.

“I thought you should meet – it’s Mike and Tina’s first party tonight,” she said and left, directing a wink at Naomi who gave a broad smile in return.

I found out later on that on a trip to the bathroom, Naomi had had a conversation with Jean who asked her what kind of men she liked physically.

“Don’t worry about him,” Gina had said of me, “men don’t care what a woman looks like really as long as she has a pulse.”

And she’d thought instantly of Naomi when Mike and Tina arrived.

He was, indeed, Naomi’s kind of guy, tall but not too tall, well-built, dark haired and handsome in a conventional way. How had she ended up with slightly-built me?

What was rather pleasing on my part was that Tina was my kind of girl.

I have two types I really go for. One is tall, slim, small breasted and shy. The other is petite – if she’s 5 foot or less the better, dark haired and nicely proportioned for her size. How had I ever ended up with buxom Naomi?

Tina was the first type, slender and a few inches taller than me, with delicate features and shortish dyed blonde hair that looked a bit punkish.

And she seemed almost too young to be here but as Naomi and I got to know them, we learned that Mike was 27 and Tina was actually 19.

We’d got off to a good start and it got better quickly.

We had a few drinks together, in fact the girls were getting tipsy, and it was probably 45 minutes later when Mike suggested we take a dip in the spa in the corner of the party room.

It was ok with me and Naomi but Tina turned to Mike with a look of distress on her face.

“I didn’t bring any bathers,” she said.

“It’s ok – they’ve not got any,” he replied, referring to a couple who were already in the huge eight-seater.

“I can’t – not in front of everyone…”

“Then why don’t we go somewhere private where it’s only us?” I suggested.

And that’s how a couple of minutes later we went into the back bedroom at Jim and Jean’s place for the first time.

We flicked on the light and surveyed the setting. It was a large room with only two items in it – a pair of huge mattresses on the floor – but they occupied two-thirds of the floor space.

We quickly flicked the bare overhead bulb off, deciding it was much better to go with the subdued light filtering in through the lace curtained windows from the spotlit back garden.

Naomi, Mike, Tina and I stood there for a moment looking at each other, wondering what to do next.

Mike broke the ice by stepping up to Naomi, saying ‘Hi there’ and embracing her in a deep esenler escort kiss.

I glanced at Tina. Her look of nervousness at watching her boyfriend kiss Naomi turned to embarrassment as Mike cupped Naomi’s ample breasts in both hands, pushing them upwards and burying his face in her cleavage.

Tina looked down, biting her bottom lip.

I raised her chin, turning her face up to look at me then I slipped my arms around her and kissed her gently and she, nervously at first, then more fulsomely, returned the favour, parting her lips so we could search each other’s mouths with our tongues.

I pulled her closer to me, pressing my hard cock against her and she let out a little ‘oh!’ as if it was the last thing she was expecting.

But as I ran my hands over her body, plotting her curves through her clothing, feeling her nipples harden under her top, she dropped her hand straight to the bulge in my pants and started feeling for the zipper.

For a few moments, we stood close, mouths locked together but hands fumbling to get into each other’s clothing.

“Why don’t we get ourselves undressed?” I said.

“Good idea,” she responded breathily.

I stripped off my shirt and began unbuttoning my pants, watching her pull her top off then unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to the floor.

She stood there for a moment, scanning my face with a look of trepidation. Then she stepped away from the skirt, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her knickers, standing there nervously as if for my approval.

Her breasts were small, just a handful each, peaked with tiny pink nipples which stood erect.

Seeing her dressed, I had thought of her as slim but now I could see she erred towards thin, though not unattractively so.

In fact, she was as horny looking as hell, delicately built with slender arms and legs and a trim torso. The structure of her narrow hips was prominent and her belly was perfectly flat.

And below, her pubic hair was dark but sparse and even in the imperfect light it failed to hide the curve of her mound.

I feasted my eyes on her as I discarded the last of my clothing, feeling breathless at the thought that I was about to have sex with this girl right alongside my girlfriend and her boyfriend – who were already in a naked clinch on the mattress, hands everywhere.

I stepped up to Tina and embraced her again and this time there was no hesitation in her open-mouthed kiss.

I ran my hands over her warm flesh and grasped her small firm buttocks to press her hips harder to me.

When I cupped and kissed her breasts, flicking my tongue across her nipples, she half raised an arm just for a moment, as if to hide herself from me.

“I’m sorry they’re so small…” she said quietly.

“Why?” I replied sincerely, “Your breasts are beautiful.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I mean it,” I replied and lavished even more attention on her nipples which by now were hugely erect.

She shuddered, a gasp escaping from the back of her throat, and she dropped her hand to my rigid cock, grasping and apraising it before suddenly slipping to her knees and plunging her mouth upon me.

I ran my fingers through Tina’s short hair for the next few minutes as I enjoyed the attentions of her tongue and lips on my cock and watched Naomi being fucked by Mike.

Naomi was already on her back beneath him, her legs spread wide as he shafted her vigorously and murmured conversation about what they were doing going on between them.

I’d watched my girlfriend sucking on Bob’s cock almost five months ago but this was my very first sight of her actually being fucked by another man.

It struck me that if I’d walked in accidentally on the scene before me, I’d have been upset, jealous and outraged. But instead it turned me on to the max to watch her lying there beneath him as his arse went up and down, building towards her first climax.

Of course, it also made a big difference that I was having my cock sucked by the other man’s girlfriend.

And what a nice job she was making of it too – tentative and gentle with delicate attention to detail as she flicked her tongue about the throbbing head of my cock.

Then Naomi came and the noise of her cumming distracted Tina who looked round at them then up at me, swaying slightly. The three or four drinks she’d had in quick succession earlier were really beginning to hit.

There was also something else in her expression, a flushed, lustful ‘fuck me’ look replacing her previous timidity.

I eased Tina back onto the mattress, intending at first to mount her immediately, but as she eagerly spread her legs, revealing smooth labia pouting damply beneath the thin covering of pubic hair on her mound, I knew there was something else I must do first.

Gently pushing her knees even further apart, I went down on her, lapping broadly from her anus to her clitoris several times, tasting her slightly bitter juices as her cunt esenyurt escort lips opened wide, then settling on a rapid flicking of the tip of my tongue across her clit.

She lay spread out there, her hips immediately beginning to rise and fall and when she came with only the littlest high pitched moan escaping her lips, a shudder ran through her body and she brought her hands to my head and pressed me harder against her.

The moment her orgasm had subsided, I immediately rose up to kiss her deeply and, in her eager return of the kiss, I enjoyed as I always have the ‘frisson’ – the extra thrill – of knowing that she could taste herself on my lips.

Then I slipped my cock into her. Her cunt was hot, wet and tight and she arched back beneath me, drawing air sharply between her teeth and letting it out again in another shuddering breath.

I started fucking her slowly, running my hands over her body, enjoying the differentness of her and the sights and sounds of Naomi and Mike also fucking just two feet away.

When Tina came again within a couple of minutes – unexpectedly and with little warning, just a moment’s gentle hitching for breath then a tremor running through her body and the same barely audible moan as before – Mike reached out and stroked her hair, saying to her: “Was that good, baby? You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” then, without waiting for her reply, observing to me: “She always cums like that. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.”

“You don’t miss it when Naomi cums,” I replied and he laughed: “You don’t, do you?” and, as if to make the point, started fucking her harder, eliciting a gasping ‘oh!’ at each inward thrust.

“Oh, yeah…” she groaned as he continued and I watched her cum again beneath him. “Yesss,” she moaned.

But the girls, both having consumed a little too much to drink too quickly, were not saying much by now, not that Tina had said that much to begin with. Aside from that they were both eager and active participants, their inhibitions cast aside with their clothing.

I realised after a few more parties that was how Naomi liked it – tipsy, frequently even drunk, happily being fucked – whereas I preferred a couple of drinks to get me relaxed but not so much I wasn’t sober enough to thoroughly observe and enjoy the experience.

For me it was almost an out of body experience, like I was watching everything, including myself, from a distance, a kind of psychic voyeur plugged into the sensations coming from my flesh.

For Naomi, it was a case of emptying her head of rational thought so that everything was sensation – and orgasm after orgasm. Even when she was relatively sober during a party session, if it was intense enough she would lapse into an almost trance-like state in which she would fuck

and permit herself to be fucked wildly, like a living, eagerly responding sex doll.

And that night by then she was either so out of it or in her own world that she didn’t remember much of what happened next.

In fact, I have to admit even my recognition of some of it is a bit hazy. There was a bit more rolling around – I remember seeing Naomi on top of Mike at one stage, riding up and down on his cock and leaning forward to let her breasts hang in his face while he eagerly groped and sucked at them; and I remember I withdrew from Tina when I got a little too close to cumming and spent a few minutes tongueing her again while I cooled down, then I got her on her hands and knees and took her doggy style.

But I know there came a point when the girls were on their backs side by side about a foot apart.

Mike was once again fucking Naomi missionary style, sliding the full length of his cock in and out of her. She lay beneath him with head tipped back and a distant, dreamy expression on her face.

I was kneeling up between Tina’s spread thighs, enjoying the wide open view of her as I slid my cock in and out of her cunt while she looked up at me, her green eyes heavy-lidded, her jaw slack and her breathing laboured.

I took her hand and drew it down to between her legs, encouraging her to touch herself. “Show me how you make yourself cum,” I said.

A momentary expression of pained embarrassment, as if to say ‘please don’t make me’, flickered across her face for a split second but then her features cleared again and she closed her eyes, commencing a small circular motion with her fingertips over the pea-like nub of flesh which was her blood-engorged clitoris.

The sight, the movement, everything, it was too much for me at that point and I came, ejaculating what felt like a pint of cum into her tight little pussy.

As I finished cumming, there was movement beside me. Mike had suddenly withdrawn from Naomi and rolled off to the far side, breathing heavily.

I thought he’d cum too but it turned out he was pulling out quickly before he did.

“Man!” he said, “That almost had me blowing too.”

It turned out he liked watching a girl masturbate herself as much as I do and the sight of watching his girlfriend do it while being fucked by another guy had really turned him on.

Tina had continued masturbating herself even as I filled her and she was still going now.

Recovering my composure just a bit, I continued sliding my cock slowly in and out of her cum-flooded cunt as she carried on.

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