Neighborly Love But Blackmailed!


It’s Friday night. I kiss my wife good bye. Her and our neighbor’s wife are heading out for a ladies get away. My kids decided to spend the weekend with their friends. I have the house to my self!

As I watch both of them pulling away. I head to our bedroom to have some fun. I go through my wife’s drawers. Grabbing her black lace panties, black thigh highs and a white sun dress. I pull the panties up and tuck my cock inside. Then I roll the thigh highs up my legs. I rub my leg feeling how smooth they feel as I moan. Then I slide the sun dress over my head. Twisting back and forth watching the dress twirl up in to the air.

I start picking up the house as I prance around. Feeling so feminine. Then I decided I wanted to bake some cookies. So I walk very feminine to the kitchen and start grabbing things to make them. When I noticed the kids used the last of the sugar. So I to text the neighbor to see if he had a cup of sugar. He replied “Yes I do. Come on over and get some.”

So I went to the bedroom to take the dress off. Putting on some sweet pants to cover up my panties and nylons. I put on my hoodie and shoes and walked over. I knock on the door when he hollars “Come on in.”

We greet each other with some small talk. I handed him my measuring cup as he walks to the kitchen. Their dog comes up to me and lays on his back for me to rub his belly. So I squat down and start rubbing the dogs belly. When all of a sudden I hear “Click.”

I jump up and turn around. Seeing him with his phone facing me. He sits the phone on the counter then smiles at me saying “Nice panties!”

I reach behind me and touched my ass. Noticing that when I squatted down to pet the dog, my sweet pants slide down showing my black lace panties. My face turns red. I look down at the floor and replied “Please don’t tell nobody please!”

My heart almost stopped. I am so worried. A tears starts to roll down my cheek. He grabs my chin and pulls my head up looked me in my eyes and says “I won’t tell nobody. Only if you do as your told!”

Right then I watch him use his other hand pushing his shorts to the floor. His large cock sprung out hard as a rock. I am thinking to my self “He got hard looking at my panty covered ass.”

He takes his hand from my chin and placed it on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. I am watching him stroke his cock. He looks down at me and says “You know what to do. So do it now!”

I hesitate looking up at him when he says “Do as your told or this picture gets sent to your wife and put on Facebook. Your the one dressed like a women. That means you want cock like a women so start sucking!”

I take a big gulp and close my eyes as I wrap my lips around his cock. I feel one of his hands on my head holding squeezing my hair when I hear “Click”

I open my eyes looking up at him when I see a flash. He takes another picture. Looking down at me smiling. He sits his phone down.

He grabs my head with his other hand and starts fucking my mouth fast. Spit is running out of my mouth. Tears flowing from my eyes. Gagging on his big fat cock. When I feel his cock getting even larger in my mouth.

Then his cock starts throbbing. He lets out a grunt as he pushes his cock deeper down my throat. His cock starts throbbing. Load after load shooting down my throat. I swallow it all so I wouldn’t choke.

He pushes me back as Kadıköy Grup Escort I fall to my ass. Looking up at him. He bends over and pulls his shorts up. He grabs his phone off the counter. I can tell he is looking at the pictures because he is smiling. He looks at me and says “You can go home now. I will text you if I need anything else from you!”

I get up and grab my cup of sugar. He slaps my ass on my way out.

I get home wondering what did I just get my self in to. I sat in the living room remembering what just happen. I still have the taste of his cum in my mouth. I notice I am getting hard. I always wanted to taste cock and now that I did I want more.

I took off my sweet pants and hoodie. I start to rub my nylon legs. I spread my legs on the arms of the chair. I take my middle finger and stuck it in my mouth and started sucking on it. I reach down and start rubbing my cock through my panties. I about to cum so I stopped.

I get up and went back to the bedroom and put my dress back on and decide to go and bake my cookies and cook some dinner.

I got done with dinner and sat down to relax and watch some TV. My phone ding’s with a text from my neighbor. “Get all dressed up and put some make up on then walk over here NOW!”

My body just melted. My cock was trying to get hard, but it was tucked in to my panties. Well I rushed to the bathroom and went through the wife’s make up drawer. I started putting on foundation on my face. Then applied the mascara. Followed by some blush on the cheeks. I grab my wife’s bright red lip stick. I look in the mirror admiring my work thinking “Not to bad for my first time!”

I walk over to his house and walk in. He is sitting in the living room naked with his cock rock hard again. Stroking his cock while looking at his phone. He has me stand in front of him and takes some more pictures of me as I spin around.

I am getting so aroused and horny now! He grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

He puts his hands on my shoulders and kisses me on the lips. He pushes me to my knees. I am thinking “Why did he kiss me? I am getting so horny for his cock?”

I reach out grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. Looking up at his eyes. I part my mouth open and stuck my tongue out teasing the head of his cock. He puts his hands behind his head looking down enjoying me worshiping his cock.

I push his cock deep down my throat as my nose touches his abs. I pull back of his cock as he moans. I stick my tongue out and pushed his cock back in my mouth all the way till my nose touches his abs again, but this time I flick his balls with my tongue. He moans out “Fuck! That feels wonderful!”

He can’t take it no more he reaches down with both hands to hold my head as he fucks my pretty mouth. I can tell he was about to cum when he stops. He says “Get on your hands and knees on the bed!”

I crawl up on to the bed. When I feel him pull my panties to the side and start licking my hole. I let out a moan. Feeling his warm tongue teasing my hole. Spitting on my ass making me supper wet.

I feel him climb up on the bed between my legs. Pushing my legs farther apart. When I feel the head of his cock at my hole teasing both of us. All I could think was to push back, but he would not push it in. I look over my shoulder and say “Please fuck me!’

He smiles Kadıköy Manken Escort and say “You better beg better than that! Tell Daddy to give you his cock! Come on tell me how bad you want my cock in your ass!”

I make eye contact and say “Daddy please fuck me! Please Daddy give me your cock in my ass! I need it!”

I feel him push the head of his cock in my ass. I let out a scream! He is so fucking big! I try to pull away, but he grabs my hips and held me tight saying “Just give it minute. The pain will go away. I promise! Just relax!”

Tears are flowing from my eyes feeling him stretching my ass apart. I take a few deep breaths and try to relax. I know he must of felt my hole relax some, cause I feel him easing is cock in me slowly inch by inch.

I feel his pelvis pushing up against my ass. My legs stiffen up feeling him stretching me wide open. Then all of a sudden I feel his lips on the back of my neck. Witch made me moan. My body began to relax again.

He pulled his cock all the way back to the head of his cock then slowly pushed it back deep. I squeezed the blankets with my hands. Feeling how stretched my ass was getting. Tears are flowing down my cheeks some more, but right at that moment the pain changed to pleasure.

He pulled is cock almost all the way out, but this time I pushed my ass back towards him making his cock go deep inside me. Right then he noticed I was enjoying it and getting used to his size. He started fucking me slow. We had a good rhythm. Our body was moving in one fluid motion. He stopped and pulled out. I let out a gasp of air and said “NO don’t stop please Daddy fuck me!”

He giggles and says “Roll over on to your back and spread your legs. Show me how bad you want my cock!”

I flip over as fast as I could and spread my legs holding my ankles. Looked in his eyes and said “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!”

He slides up to my hole and teases it. Rubbing his head of his cock over my hole. I tried to push back on to him, but he would not give in to me yet. He smiles at me and finally pushes the head in. With one big thrust he pushes his cock all the way inside me. His balls slapped my ass. I let out a gasp of air and tears come from eyes as I scream. His cock is so fucking big and my ass had tighten right back up.

He leans up to my mouth and kisses me. Our lips are moist as we moan in each others mouth. While my hole gets used to his cock again. He starts fucking me slow then fast, slow then fast teasing him self. Every time he goes fast I feel that erg to cum, but then he would slow right down again.

He is taking big long slow strokes with his cock in my tight ass. He whips my tears off my face and says “Ssh don’t cry. Daddy will make it better!”

Right then he gives me a big kiss and starts to moan in my mouth. I realize his cock is throbbing in my ass. Feeling his warm cum shooting deep in my bowls. I moan back in his mouth.

We separate our kiss. He pushes his cock deep and grunts a few more times making sure he gets all his cum inside me. He lays down on the bed next to me and says “Your staying her tonight and sleeping with me. So good night my new slut. We will play more tomorrow!”

The next morning I wake up looking around seeing if this was a dream. I see him laying there sleeping on his back. I raise up the covers to look at his Kadıköy Masöz Escort cock. Laying there limp. I lick my lips and thought to my self “What am I doing I am married, but dam I crave for his cock now!”

I put my head under the covers and took a big smell of his musky aroma. Then I kiss the tip of his cock. He didn’t even move he must be in a deep sleep.

I decided to wrap my mouth around his cock and started sucking. I feel his cock starting to grow in my mouth. Then all of sudden I watch him stretch his legs out and moan out loud.

I feel him start petting my head. Witch made me feel like I am doing something he liked. He pulls the covers off my head. I then crawled between his legs so I can look up at him. He smiles at me. So I start licking his balls as I stroke his cock.

Giving him a nice and slow blow job. Tasting his pre-cum was just teasing myself. Knowing I want his load in my belly. He sits up and gets off the bed. I give him a pouty face when he says “I want your ass! Slide over to the edge of the bed so I can fuck you!”

I roll over and slide my ass to the edge of the bed. He pulls my panties to the side when he noticed all his cum stain in the crotch and smiles. He spits on his hand and whips it on my hole. He then pushes his cock deep inside me. A little pain, but it went to pleasure very fast.

He goes nice and slow. Pushing against my pleasure point inside my ass. I start humping faster and say “Fuck me harder please Daddy please!”

He smiles and starts fucking me faster. All of sudden I arch my back and scream out the top of my lungs. I shot ropes of cum in to my panties. He looks down seeing me cumming. He goes faster and cums in my ass again.

He pulls out and puts his shorts on and tells me “Your going to wear them dirty panties today as you clean my house!”

I look in to his eyes and say “Yes Daddy anything for your cock. I need your cock. I need your cum in my belly. I need your cock in my ass Daddy. I will do anything!”

I cleaned his whole house. Through the day he would make me kneel and kiss his cock. Made me suck and lick his balls a few times too.

Then all of a sudden his phone ding’s. He reads a text and looks right at me and says “Well the fun is coming to an end. The wife’s are on their way back.”

I immediately dropped to my knees without him telling me and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. I start sucking his cock like a slut. Stroking and sucking working him with my mouth. He smiles at me knowing I want his load. He says “Dam slut did I make crave my cock?”

I pull his cock out if my mouth and say “Yes Daddy I need your cock. I need your cum please Daddy give it to me!”

He rubs his hand on the side of my face, petting me. Showing me that he appreciates my slutty mouth.

When all of a sudden his body stiffens up and shots his load in my mouth. I keep him in my mouth as his cock soften. I open my mouth showing him his own cum. Then I swallow it. I smiled at him as I lick my lips. I pull his shorts up. He says “You better go home and clean up. I will text you when I need my slut again!”

I leave his home doing the walk of shame dressed in my wife’s clothes as cars drive by. I take a shower and then started the laundry. I then get a text with picture of me on my knees looking up sucking his cock and it read “Your such a good slut!”

It made me smile and my cock jumped reading it. My wife walks in gives me a big hug and kiss. I asked her if she had fun with the women. She nodded and said “We all had a great time! How about you?”

I wanted to tell her so bad, but all I could do was smile and said “I had a ball!”

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