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SIXTEEN B: The Mother of All Parties 2

CHAPTER TWO, Doris and the Twins

Timothy and Thomas, the Cassidy Twins, were overjoyed when they found a woman trussed up and lying on an exercise mat in the middle of the floor in the Burton’s TV room. They weren’t aware of why the medium sized room at the back of the house contained an extra large flat panel TV connected to a virtual history of video storage devices ranging from Beta and VHS through SD card readers. All they knew was that there was a blonde woman (who clearly didn’t exercise as much as most of the people in attendance) waiting for them with her elbows tied loosely to her knees and a ball gag in her mouth.

“What’s the deal here?” Tim asked, standing identically naked to blond boy beside him.

“Did you read the sign?” Tom asked.

Of course, he hadn’t. “Fuck me, spank me, and do what you will. Feed me cock and stuff one up my ass. Don’t untie me, or I’ll be a pill. Come on, people, don’t let this chance pass,” he read. “Man, that’s a shitty poem.”

“So what? Should we spank her or fuck her?” Tom asked him. “Let’s take the gag out and she what she suggests.”

“The sign says not to untie her.”

“It also says to feed her some cock. Can’t do that with a gag in the way, can we?”

Tom walked into the room and crouched beside Doris, who looked up at him with a look that might be read as either pain or desire. He untied the bow holding the gag in place and removed it.

“Untie me, you little fucker,” Doris commanded. If he were better acquainted with Doris, he would know that the last thing she really wanted was to be untied. Even Tom could tell that her tone was a little too weak to be a real command. Sharon sounded tougher telling them to clean up their rooms, after all. Still, he didn’t know her and was unsure how to proceed at first.

“I guess we spank her,” Tim said, figuring out her game faster than Tom.

“You spank me, and I’ll have my Bill beat the shit out of both of you,” Doris spat. “You little bastards!”

“Hey, lady, we’ll untie you if you promise to be nice,” Tim said, crouching beside his brother. “If you aren’t, well, I guess I can’t promise anything.”

“Fuck you!” she said. When Tim smacked her backside with his hand, she snarled, “That all you got? I guess I won’t need Bill. I’ll just beat you myself.”

And so, Timmy smacked her butt again, harder, and a third time harder still. She shut up then, and only just managed to keep from smiling.

Like most of Doris’s friends and family, the twins were not really into punishment as a sexual release. Any beating they took part in would have to be more figurative and done with their cocks, so they took the bottle of oil from the coffee table and slathered her body with it and then began finding new and interesting openings, crevasses, and folds of skin that might provide a place to rub a cock.

“Do you think we can both fit in her cunt at once?” Tim asked as he rubbed the head of his dick along the crack of Doris’s ass as she lay on her side on the mat.

Tom was straddling her head and twisting his body to get his cock between Doris’s slack breasts. “No. We’d have to untie her,” he answered.

“So, untie her.” Tim wasn’t too worried about controlling her just then. Of course, he wasn’t taking into account how greasy they’d already become and had never heard of the of the old state fair contest involving greased pigs.

“Fuck no. She’ll get away.”

“You dirty boys got no guts,” Doris moaned, smiling between them. “Too gentle. Wimpy. My Bill wouldn’t be so shy.”

“Fuck that,” Tim said. “I bet we can both fit in her mouth at once.”

“Sure, and then she’ll shut up,” Tom agreed.

They rolled her to her back and knelt on either side of the woman’s bound body, but when Tom tapped the head of his cock against her lips, Doris refused to open her mouth.

“Come on, lady, open up!”

Doris clenched her jaw tighter and smiled a taunting smile.

“Can’t spank her laying this way,” Tim said, but then smiled. “Okay, lady, you’re asking for it.”

Tim grasped one nipple and pinched, but she was too slick to get a grip. Looking around, he saw several black binder clips lying on the desk beside the computer. He took two of them and clamped one on each nipple.

Doris cried out in a shuddering wail that was nowhere near one of pain, and Tom immediately flopped his half erect dick into her open mouth.

“Don’t let her bite you,” Tim warned, and then sat laughing when Tom jerked himself back in sudden fear. “Psych!” he shouted. “Why would she bite you? If she did, we’d just leave her alone here and go tell her precious Bill what she did.”

“Who is Bill?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know. Her kid, I suppose. I mean, she’s one of the Burtons, right?”

“I suppose.”

“God, you two talk a lot,” Doris complained. “I’d rather have you leave me alone than listen to you talk!”

That was when the twins found that their two dick gag would, indeed, shut istanbul rus escort her up. They also found that she wouldn’t participate fully unless they applied more binder clips.

They also needed Bill’s belt. And the extra rope, rubber bands, and a lot of imagination. Eventually, they all had a good time.


Albert Cassidy stepped through the door of his home shortly after eight o’clock and found Laurel on the couch feeding Gail from a bottle of her mother’s breast milk. She looked up, smiling contentedly, when he entered.

“I though Sharon was coming,” she said.

None of the Cassidy kids called their step mother anything but Sharon unless they were having sex. It was an odd little convention that Tim had inadvertently started by calling her their “little mommy” when she was pregnant. Now they all called her “Mom” when in bed with her for some perverse reason, and since their real mother had died nearly ten years earlier, it didn’t seem odd at all.

“She’s enjoying herself,” he said. He took a seat beside his daughter and admired her profile a moment as she sat with the baby. “I need a rest.”

“Yeah, sure,” she laughed. The bottle was empty, so Laurel lifted Gail onto her shoulder and rubbed her back until the baby produced a substantial burp. “You just want to watch the baseball game.”

“Okay, that, too,” he admitted, grinning at his daughter. This lovely young woman was his precious daughter, confidant, lover, and he found himself feeling a great deal of pride just then. “You should get over there,” he said. “Don’t want to miss out on the fun.”

“What was the deal with Elaine?” Laurel asked. “What did she get that I can’t have?”

“Oh, that.” Albert frowned then, thinking of how he’d never think of such a thing as a “gift” for his little girl. “Well, there’s a Japanese practice called Bukkake. It’s actually pretty nasty. She, well, I . . .”

“Oh, that’s that thing where a bunch of guys cum on a girl, right?” Laurel cut in. “Really coat her. Make her drink cum and feed her sushi with cum on it. Right?”

“There was no sushi,” he said, feeling even more disgusted with himself for participating while wondering why Laurel knew so much about it. “You haven’t . . .”

“Me? Oh, Dad, I’m not crazy,” she laughed, standing with the slumbering baby.

“Is Elaine crazy?” Albert followed her to Gail’s room and watched her lay the baby down to sleep.

“No,” she whispered as they left the room. “I shouldn’t say crazy. But she likes cum more than most people, I guess.”

“That’s an understatement,” he said.

“Okay, well, I’m off,” she said, walking quickly to the door. “When should I come back to take over again?”

“You don’t have to,” he said. “Send one of the boys over later. No rush.”


“Don’t you want to freshen up a bit?” Albert asked, regarding her attire in an old blouse and shorts.

“What? Why?”

“Well, you’ve got baby puke on your shoulder, for one thing,” he pointed out, smiling.


The laughing girl hurried back to her room, and her father stood a moment thinking of what a wonderful family he really did have. Now that he was sending her off to the party, he felt that he was shirking his duty by not being there to protect her. She was so young, and, despite her intelligence, still vulnerable.

But, if he were really worried about her safety, he would never have put his cock in her, would he? It was a struggle to align lust with responsibility, and sometimes he felt that he had failed. But his feeling of failure was based on a double standard, wasn’t it? He had no great problem with handing his new bride over to his sons to impregnate, did he? And, having started sharing her, he couldn’t bring himself to object to continuing. Should he behave differently with his daughter? Was she less evolved than the boys? Didn’t she ask to be included?

There were too many questions. Too many variables. And there was nothing to be done to change it now, anyway.

When Laurel returned, clad in a light dress and low shoes with a pair of white knee socks, he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her quickly. Then he sent her on her way to join the debauchery.

Once alone, Albert turned on the television, got a bottle of ale, and settled in to watch the game. Sometimes, the pleasure of a baseball game could equal that of sex. Of course, if his team lost he’d be looking for someplace to vent his frustrations and sex would become a whole new priority.


The twins were inventive lads. They used up the binder clips on Doris’s breasts and labia while taking turns at her ass and mouth. When they tired of that they tied her down on her stomach to a wheeled secretary chair with her head held back by a rope tied from her forehead to her ankles. It was an awkward height, but they managed to roll her back and forth between them playing a form of catch on their dicks. There was only so much fun to be had that way, however, and kadıköy escort their thoughts returned to the double entry idea they’d entertained at the start.

It shouldn’t be that hard to get both cocks in her pussy while keeping her tied securely, should it? A rope behind her knees and tied tightly around the back of her neck might have worked if her feet didn’t get in the way, and they almost gave up and resorted to the regular old ass and cunt DP before deciding that keeping her tied didn’t necessarily mean she had to be tied just as they found her.


They tied her wrists to the ceiling fan and released her legs so that she could lay nearly flat on the greasy exercise mat. That did it. Tim was able to sit beneath her and enter her cunt so that Tom could move in on top and maneuver to get his slippery cock into the already well filled spot. It would have worked except for their liberal application of oil. As it was, Tommy’s cock was just too slick.

Doris helped by alternating between cursing them and laughing and wiggling herself whenever Tom started to gain entry so as to pop him out again. She was having a wonderful time and wondered why she hadn’t thought about fighting back before. Since she was tied the result was the same, but even better as their frustration grew.

Finally, Tom stopped and moved around to her head. Pulling at her hair, she put his cock into her mouth and pressed it purposefully all the way in so that his greasy balls dragged over her eyes. Then, holding her shoulders, he began humping her throat as hard and fast as he could. Her writhing at his treatment brought great pleasure to Timmy’s cock even though her weight threatened to pop his abdomen. Soon, both boys were whooping with delight and approaching a mutual orgasm.

Unfortunately, as often happens when kids are having fun, somebody’s mother shows up to spoil it. Betty Burton came bounding through the door saying, “Goodness, boys, what are you doing to her?”

Tom jumped back in shock, his cock popping out of Doris’s mouth, while Tim stared at the indignant semi clad woman in confusion.

“Well, the sign says . . .” Tom began.

“It doesn’t say to choke my daughter, does it?” Betty asked. “Doris, are you all right?”

Doris used her first complete breath in five minutes to glare at her mother and say, “Of course, Mom! Jesus, who told you to butt in? These limp dicks were just getting warmed up.”

“Limp dicks?” Tim asked, still quite hard within her.

“Butt in?” Betty blinked behind her glasses and then frowned. “Well, I see,” she said. “And, if that’s your attitude toward your mother, then I guess I know exactly what to do, too.”

Betty stormed out of the room, leaving the twins perplexed and Doris frustrated.

“Get her off of me,” Tim said. “She’s got a fat ass.”

Betty returned with a determined look on her face and a ping pong paddle in her hand. “I guess I’ll butt in real good now,” she said. She tried to pull Doris up but couldn’t get a grip on her wrist. “Jesus, boys, a little bit of oil goes a long way, you know. And don’t tie people to the ceiling fan. It’s not that strong.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Tom was laughing as he grasped the rope between Doris’s wrists and pulled her off of his brother and to her feet while Betty removed the slacks she had been wearing to join them in their nudity. The boys untied the rope from the fan and wrapped it back around her elbows and knees.

“Okay, Doris, if you want punishment I’m just the one to give it to you,” Betty said as she swung the paddle at her daughter’s upturned ass.

“Ow!” Doris rolled away from a second blow, but the boys took hold and held her still on the floor for Betty to administer several severe blows to her backside.

“You broke my grandmother’s vase when you were ten!” Betty shouted, spanking her. “You blamed Kent for that broken window when you were, were, well years ago.” Whack again. “You used to take money from my purse without asking.” Whack! Whack! “You whine too damn much!” Whack! “And you’re trying to chain your own boy to your bed like a pet!” Whack! Whack!

“Hey, Grandma!” Tom shouted. “Ya wanna fuck?” He’d been growing excited by Betty’s urgent actions and concerned by the bright red of Doris’s buttocks at the same time. Though he might not have described it as such, his offer was as much an intervention as a way to get himself off.

“Grandma?” Betty turned at him brandishing the paddle, her glasses crooked on her nose. “Grandma?”

Tom danced back, laughing. “Yeah, Grandma.”

“Fuck me, Grandma,” Tim said, throwing his arms around her from behind and lifting her from the ground. “Fuck us both!”

“It’ll take two of you, that’s sure,” Betty laughed as he dropped her onto the couch.

“Yes, and we know just how we want to do it.”

Tom pushed her onto her hands and knees on the couch and kneed her legs apart. A second later, he had slammed his pecker into her from behind and she’d reacted in kartal escort a very ungrandmotherly manner by pushing back on his eager dick and shouting, “Okay, boy, let’s make grandma cum!”

After several strokes, Tom turned to sit with Betty on top of him. Then they lay flat on the couch so Tim could climb on top of them. Betty knew what they wanted right away, and showed them the advantage of having a partner whose wrists weren’t bound by helping Tim squeeze himself in along side his brother’s thick cock.

“Okay, boys,” Betty panted, feeling a very nice orgasm on its way already. “Fuck me.”


The trio of gal-pals wasn’t having much luck finding a hard cock after leaving Doris and the twins. There is always a recovery time after orgasm (for men and women, of course, but mostly men) and their search for cock was taking place in that party-wide window. When they saw Tillman seated in the living room, they got their hopes up for a moment, but found that he was fully clothed and talking to Laurel Cassidy.

“Are you going to college around here?” he was asking as they entered the room.

“Yeah, the university,” she answered, looking much more like a girl sitting on a chair at the edge of a school dance than someone about to enter an orgy. “I hear it’s good, and my major isn’t so special that I need some fancy-ass degree.”

“What’s your major?”

“Business,” she said. “Like my old man.”

“Are you really talking about college?” Tania cut in as she came to stand beside her son.

Laurel looked at the family tableau for a moment. Tillman sat wearing jeans and a tee shirt, and his head was hip level with his naked mother as she stood beside him and patted the back of his head. The sight was more than a little bit crazy, and she found herself smiling.

“I think your friend might want to talk about something else,” Emily said. Also naked, she knelt beside Laurel and gave her a big kiss, her breasts brushing against Laurel’s forearm. “Hi, sweetie. Don’t be shy now. If Tillman won’t help you out, there are plenty of other men around.”

“Hey, I’ll help . . . well, we’re just getting acquainted,” Tillman protested. He was looking directly at Patty Trent’s butt as she stood beside Emily and looked down at Laurel. Damn, that was a nice ass.

“He just needs some time,” Emily said, standing. “Hell, he shot a load on Elaine and another one inside me. Anyone would need a rest after all that.”

“You guys . . .” Tillman protested.

“So what kind of party is going on out here?” Bobby Mosswell cut his younger brother off as he and his father entered the room. They were both naked and at half mast when they joined the group. “Till, you got a problem?” Bobby asked. “You’re all dressed. Going home or something?”

“No, I . . .”

“This must be Laura,” Robert said. “You’re Till’s little friend.”

“Laurel! Jesus, Dad, don’t be a dope!”

“What did I say?” he asked, genuinely perplexed as he stood beside Laurel headless of the increasing angle his cock was taking beside her face.

“I think Tillman wants us to leave,” Tania suggested.

“I just wanted to say hello to our new neighbor,” Robert said. He turned toward her and his cock nearly struck the top of Laurel’s head. “Whoops.”

Laurel grinned broadly, knowing it was up to her to either jump into the party with both feet or play shy. She was nervous, but she sure wasn’t shy, so she reached out to grasp Robert Mosswell cock and stroke it slightly.

“Hello, Mr. Mosswell,” she said as though she were shaking his hand. She stood then. “I’m Laurel Cassidy. I sure hope we can be friends.” The sudden rigidity of Robert’s cock seemed to be answering with a resounding “yes.”

“And you’re Robert Jr.?” she asked, taking Bobby’s cock in hand, too.

“Bobby,” he said, grinning as his pecker puffed up, too.

“We’re all going to be good friends,” Laurel said. “But I think Tillman was going to take me to see Elaine right now.”

“Yeah, that’s where we’re going.” Tillman bounded to his feet and took Laurel’s hand away from his brother’s cock protectively. “Let’s go.”

“Bye,” Laurel said as they hurried off.

“You guys got such nice hard cocks, why don’t you make yourselves useful?” Tillman said over his shoulder. “Get to know your neighbors.”

“Good idea,” Robert said when he was gone.

“Yes, but I’m the odd girl out, aren’t I?” Tania said.

“Andy Adams was looking a little lonely, dear,” Robert said, kissing his wife on the cheek. “He won’t leave his wife’s side, and she’s pretty well stuck in a lounge chair on the deck.”

“A rescue mission,” Tania said. “How nice.” She hurried off to the deck, leaving her men behind with Emily and Patty.

“So, who gets Bobby?” Patty asked, clearly comparing the father and son cocks before her.

“Bobby? So he’s the big prize here?” Robert asked, grinning. “What about me?”

“Been there, had that cock,” Patty said. “I want the new kid.”

“We could flip a coin,” Emily suggested.

“No, I want Bobby,” Patty insisted. “You’ll just have to make do.”

Emily rolled her eyes as grasped Robert’s cock firmly. “Make do my ass,” she said. “Come on, mister, let’s get busy.”


“Is she asleep?” Laurel asked, looking at Elaine where she still lay on the bench. “Dead, maybe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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