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I met Sharon a few years back. I was 35 when we got married. She told me she had two daughters- Mindy and Jenna. They were both living with their father.

Mindy and her father had some problems getting along, so she ended up moving in with Sharon and me.

She was a nightmare. She was spoiled, bratty, and had pierced herself places I didn’t think were possible. I couldn’t wait until she went off to college.

And when she turned eighteen, she did. I was thrilled. Unfortunately, a few months later, her father died. Sharon told me that Jenna would have to come move in with us.

I was sort of angry. I worked hard to keep my marriage and sanity together, and God knows how expensive it is to make car and house payments while accommodating a teenager.

I tried my best to convince Sharon to let Jenna move in with another relative, but she refused. I bought a new bed for Mindy’s old room, which had previously been the guest room, and straightened it up as best a straight man can.

When I heard the doorbell ring that Friday I was reluctant to answer. I sighed deeply and opened my front door to the new houseguest.

I was greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Hi! I’m Jenna. Thanks for letting me stay with you.”

She was really warm and her lips were really soft. She reminded me of the pretty little girls I used to date. She was tall and had long golden hair.

I smiled back at her and took all of her bags to her new room.

Sharon hadn’t gotten home from work yet so I was alone with the little beauty queen.

We talked a little about school, her Dad, and how her life was changing. I had to admit, I would definitely enjoy having her around.

As time went by, Sharon was growing concerned with the way I treated Jenna. Luckily, she hadn’t noticed my attraction to her, she was just worrying I might be spoiling her.

“Houston, you can’t be so soft with her.”

“What do you mean?”

“Last night Jenna was out past midnight. You know that’s past her curfew. Why didn’t you do anything?”

“Sharon, sweetie, she’s not my daughter.”

“Hey, we’re a team, remember? I want you to help me out a little with her.”

“What should I have done?”

Sharon looked at me with her dull, aging eyes. I used to think they were beautiful. “You’re afraid to punish her. She’s your daughter now, too.”

I pondered what she had said while I put away a can of beer or two. Was I really Jenna’s father now? Now that any affair with Jenna was out of the question, I realized I might have been fantasizing about her since the day she walked into my life.

That night Sharon and I were up at 2 in the morning watching a movie. During a quiet scene, we heard footsteps in the entryway.

Sharon put her mouth beside my ear, “Houston, is there someone in the house? Go check it out.”

I wanted to make her feel better so I stretched out some and followed the noises. There was Jenna trying to sneak back up the stairs in her party clothes. I was disappointed in her, but also nervous. I knew Sharon would expect me to do something about it. “Jenna, what are you doing?”

“Oh, hi, Houston. I was just going back up to bed.” She looked a little surprised.

Sharon appeared beside me and looked at me with encouragement. She knocked her arm beside me, “She’s calling you Houston.”

“My pendik escort name is Daddy to you.”

“What? Houston, what are you talking about?”

“You live in my house, I provide for you, and your mother is my wife. I think it’s quite appropriate. I’m not another one of your young friends.”

Jenna’s jaw nearly dropped. I felt really creepy. Here I loved Jenna a lot, and thanks to Sharon, Jenna would probably never want to speak to me again. I saw a tear in her bright green eyes. “Am I just supposed to forget my father?” She gave me a cold stare and stomped her feet up the stairs.

Sharon gave me another look. “She still hasn’t been punished.”

I couldn’t believe my wife was pushing me around like this. I walked up a few stairs and called, “Jenna, Jenna, get back down here!”

She didn’t answer, so I went upstairs and knocked on her door. “Open up. Come on, cut me some slack here.” She still didn’t answer.

I took out my key and for the first time, stepped into my stepdaughter’s room unwelcomed.

Oh crap. She was laying on her bed face-down masturbating. I was immediately hard. I felt my face become flushed. I didn’t know what to say, but it was hard not to throw myself on her.

When Jenna realized I was there she flipped over and stared at the floor, mortified. “Oh Jenna- I’m sor-“

“What’s going on in here? Are you putting your foot down or apologizing to her?” My wife asked. Well, I knew who I’d like to put my foot down on now, I thought.

“Sharon, you don’t understand. You see, Jenna was, well, and I…”

“Right. Save your breath and show her who’s in charge.”

Suddenly something clicked in my head. There was a golden opportunity right in front of me. “You’re right, Honey,” I said.

I turned to Jenna, who was shaking, and put her over my knee while I sat on the bed. Her hair was flowing to the floor. I put her skirt up to her back. “It’s time Daddy taught you the rules.”

Jenna’s butt cheeks were quivering. “Please Houston, this is really confusing me.”


I saw her jump involuntarily. Her panties were still on, but I knew she felt it because I’m a strong guy and my hand stung. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of power, control, and manliness. And now my stepdaughter was my doll. “Call me DADDY! We’ll see how confused you are once this is over.”


She was hysterical. Her skin was hot with her angry blood and sweat was starting up in her hair. I could feel how hot she was from her internal rage. “Why are you doing this?”

“You’re eighteen now. It’s time you started paying the rent.”


I loved watching the sides of her ass get hot pink from my male instincts. My cock was right under her stomach. It was like heaven.

Then Sharon nosed in, “Alright, Houston. That’s enough.” Oh, I could’ve killed her. I pushed Jenna off of me and left the room, slamming the door behind me.

I jacked off in the bathroom. I realized what a bitch Sharon was and how much I needed Jenna. I wanted to come up with a rational, logical plan, but my sexual urges were consuming me.

That week I established some changes in the house. I declared myself the head of the family, and spankings became a regulare occurence for Jenna.

I think Sharon was becoming jealous, but I really didn’t sefaköy escort care anymore. Soon Jenna would love me the way I loved her. She would surrender herself to me and we could start our own life together.

Every day I found a new reason that Jenna needed punishment. About three weeks after I first saw her touching herself I caught her again. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and roughly pulled her from her bed.

She looked at me with these big sparkly, bright eyes. They were as green as a grassy hill in Scotland. Innocent, sexy, and beautiful. I put my big hand and stroked my fingers through her long, fair hair. Her lips were pouting at me, begging for a kiss.

I put my arm around her waist and brought her to me. We gazed into eachother’s eyes and gave in to our desire. I loved it.

Then Sharon came in again, of course. I realized I had the key in my pocket and I just shoved Sharon out of the room and locked the door. She was asking for it.

I didn’t know what she was going to do, but I was determined to enjoy the angel in heat I had five feet away from me.

She was of legal age, so I couldn’t get in trouble for that. I didn’t shove Sharon hard enough to leave any marks. I figured I was clear.

I moved slowly towards Jenna, anticipating every moan I would squeeze out of her teenage body. Jenna laid down and undid her skirt for me. “Oh Houston, I’ve waited for this for so long.”

I raised my hand and held it over her face with a firm grip.

“I’m so-sorry. I meant Daddy, I swear!”

I laughed. “It’s okay, sweetie. Nothing can hurt you now. You can call me whatever you want.”

I kissed Jenna’s pretty face and undid her blouse. Our bodies were ahead of our minds, eagerly grinding.

I slid my hands down the curve of her upper body. She was rubbing her legs together. I could smell her sweet sex. I moved down and put my face in front of her soft pussy while she took off her bra. Inbetween licks I managed to remove my pants.

She wasn’t my stepdaughter anymore. She was just mine. Period. I was hers.

I lapped her juices up like a thirsty dog. I was thrilled at how tight her young hole was. I couldn’t wait to dig in. I forced my long tongue into her slick slit and twirled it the same way she twirled my heart everyday.

She was panting and trying to push my head into her with her little hands. It was just as I had pictured it.

I moved up and told her I couldn’t wait any longer. I rested my head on the side of her neck and worked on making a hickey. She clawed at my back trying to tear the shirt right off my back.

She was rubbing her hot pussy against me in desperation. “Oh baby, I’m so empty after your tongue left me.”

“Aw baby, let me take care of that for ya.” She brought her hands up to me and played with my balls like the good girl I knew she was. I put my shiny head and aimed it at her sweet tightness.

Her ass was nearly flying off the bed, she was trying so hard to take me in. “Shit you’re tight, sweetheart.”

“You’re my first.”

I smiled and felt another rush of hunger come over me, “Mmm, then I better make it memorable.”

I groaned deeply as I shoved myself into her bit by bit. Her pussy walls were protesting, but eventually they gave in under my power.

As I kissed her silivri escort neck I could smell the strawberry scent of her hair.

I reached down, stretching her skin to take me in. I wanted to bang her brains out, but I loved her too much.

When I reached a point she began to tremble, “You have to stop now. Please, I think I’m too small for you.”

“Aw baby, I’ll take care of that.” I moved my penis in a circle, hitting every private crevice she had. She was making this high squealing sound that really got me going. It sounded like she couldn’t breathe. Eventually it got so high that her voice cracked.

When I reached her cherry I didn’t stop. I could almost hear violins playing in my head. I might have been a little too careless during that moment, but it sure felt good. Her blood came down my thick shaft and made for a nice hot, slick feeling.

I pulled out and watched her writhe for a second. She was talking, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She tried to grab my cock and slam me back home, but I grabbed her and threw her over the bed, bent over, on all fours.

“Time for Doggy style, sweetie.”

I held her thighs open and watched her there, completely helpless and loving it. I yanked her hair and listened to her moan in slight pain. Her virgin juice was still dripping from her. I took my strong, rough hands and grabbed her little waist, holding her firmly in place. “You might want to scream while I do this baby.”

I dived in quickly. Her scream was ear-splitting. I hoped Sharon heard that. That bitch was so loose I could’ve slid a pickup truck in there.

Jenna’s tight pussy walls were squeezing my cock without mercy. My balls smacked hard against her ass as I watched my manhood appear and disappear inside my eighteen year old lover.

I was rubbing her thighs hard, the friction running like a stream upward towards her pussy. The noises she made were so expressive. Pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain. It was an endless cycle that kept us both on our toes.

When I felt her first contractions trying to milk me I put my hand over her mouth and moved my thumb over her nose to block her air. “You’ll thank me later, sweetie.”

I pushed my cock into her again. My other hand was keeping her against me and rubbing her sex organ while I used my entire body to pound and smother her into the side of her bed.

Her head was thrashing with her hair as she tried to take air in. Without air, her first orgasm was overwhelming her completely.

“I love you,” I whispered. I sunk my strong teeth into the young flesh on her neck and felt her orgasm choking my cock. I buried her to the hilt, slamming myself all the way home. My white hot sperm was swimming up inside of her eighteen year old womb while I continued to block her air.

The last bit of air came out of her in a labored scream, but it was muffled by my hand. Our juices streamed down her soft babygirl thighs and I realized she was about to pass out.

Right before she collapsed I released my hand. She continued contracting and whimpering her pleasure just the was a virgin does when you do her right.

We had quite a mess of juices, clothes, blood, and sweat. Instead of cleaning it up we slept right beside our first sex spot, enjoying the smell of our glorious intercourse.

My angel awoke the next morning with my big white teeth sinking into her hard clit. I pushed over her limit over and over again, and had her reach more climaxes is one day than her mother had managed in years.

Jenna cried in my arms, thankful for my endless sex drive.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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