New Place, New Women


This is a short scene I wrote to dip my toes into erotica. Do send me your feedback and suggestions.

Also a big thanks to pranaykatha for taking out time to edit the mess of a draft I wrote. Any mistake remaining is solely the result of my last minute tinkering.


The sun had barely begun to take on its orange hues as I trudged back to my place in Pragatinagar. Although I was warned about the atrocious Ahmedabad weather, I found it to be quite pleasant. Perhaps it was cooling in office that preempted me from any midday heat, or maybe just the time of the year. Either way, I had no qualms about this new place and even my new life. I was yet to be assigned any major responsibility in the team and my social life was beginning to take on some rudimentary form.

I walked down the lane to the bent where the house stood. All this while I was ruminating about Aanchal. I considered myself lucky to match with her on Tinder on the very day I moved into my new place, upstairs of Mishraji. She lived a few houses down from Mishraji’s in the same colony, and once the initial inhibitions were overcome, we wasted no time. The first few evenings were spent in relatively mild explorations in obscure corners of the gardens present plentiful here in Ahmedabad. And once that proved insufficient I booked rooms on Oyo to facilitate more elaborate shenanigans. Her departure to her father’s place in Bhavnagar a couple of days ago meant my evenings were free again. Though I had got a couple of matches, none had yet moved past the texting stage.

I saw Geeta bent over, sweeping away the fallen leaves in front of the house right beside the stairs. She looked to be in her mid-forties. Like a lot of women her age, she was slightly plus size, with a rather broad torso, part of it clearly visible as she bent down sweeping. The nature of her work meant that her torso though broad was rather flat, unlike the many of the middle women from the colony. She looked slightly shorter than Aanchal. Or maybe Aanchal’s taut body made her look taller.

I felt a slight shuffle in my pants as I remembered Aanchal’s account of Geeta’s extra-service to Narayan Dwivedi, a retired bank manager who lived right by the colony’s entrance. At that point I remember thinking that Geeta was probably making the best out of the situation. Even though I’d hardly exchanged more than some pleasantries with Narayan, he seemed like a guy who wouldn’t hesitate to get handsy. Geeta must have thought it better to willingly provide him services and earn a few extra bucks. Well, guessing by the libido of the middle aged uncles, Narayan might not be the only one availing her extra services. She’s probably making more from these services than she would earn by performing daily chores in people’s houses.

The thought of pleasure this full bodied woman before me could give made my brain look for excuses to indulge. The thought that she might be available without much effort and time made my brain work harder to rationalize my acts which it knew were coming. After all, she’ll be doing it voluntarily, a service like any other. I needed it badly, especially after Aanchal had gone to Bhavnagar. To get over my guilt of exploiting her, I resolved I’ll pay significantly more than whatever she demands. She needed money and if not me, someone else would be taking benefit of the situation. I’ll at least stay within limits. Once I was done mentally justifying, I was ready to approach her.

There seemed to be no one in the immediate vicinity. Latha aunty, Mishraji’s wife, must be in the kitchen for I could hear the faint clutter of vessels from the kitchen at the back end of the house. The absence of Punto meant Mishraji hadn’t returned yet and Aliya, their daughter was nowhere in sight. One house down the lane, an aunt was in conversation with someone but she was too far away to hear anything happening here. As I approached her, Latha auntie called out to Geeta to come to the kitchen. She straightened and twisted her body back and affirmed the call.

I could clearly see the outline of her cleavage as the sweat soaked blouse clung to her breasts. She had let her hair loose with a single clip behind her neck holding them together. Perhaps if things got messy with men, she would have to redo her hair and this was the easiest. Or perhaps the wives of the men wouldn’t notice her disheveled hair this way. My imagination was running wild. Aanchal had only passingly mentioned Geeta’s clandestine deeds without going into details. I wished she had. I was in the dark; I had no idea what Geeta did or how to proceed. Did I have to ask or would she initiate the proceedings? Or maybe I just had to order? I couldn’t imagine the uncles meekly asking her like I was about to ask.

Geeta now noticed me standing right in front of her as she turned to go to the kitchen. I don’t think she instantly recognized me. There’s no reason for her to take notice of the new tenant upstairs, that too a guy little more than half her age. She arched her eyebrows

“What?” aksaray escort she asked

I was blank for a moment. “I live upstairs. I was thinking maybe you could…” I trailed off.

Her demeanor changed as soon she realized that I was a potential employer. She put on that fake smile and pleased impression that maids wear around their employers.

“Sure! My work here will probably take another hour. I’ll come upstairs right after” she quipped.

I could see from her demeanor that she was clearly thinking about cleaning and perhaps some cooking job. No one my age might have ever asked her for the ‘other’ services. Or perhaps she thought someone whom she just met wouldn’t ask her for it. Anyway she clearly didn’t read the testosterone pumping in me.

Before I could think of any reply, she walked past me towards the back of the house through the space between the stairs and the compound wall. I gingerly went upstairs.


I wasn’t sure of what lay ahead. I was apprehensive about pushing it too much. But I was sure that I had to get my load out. I was already aroused and there was no way I would get to the next day without relieving myself. I thought of watching some porn and taking the easy way out. I wasn’t concerned about the money; I was earning way more than I needed. Only the thought of whether I was exploiting her in this situation made me jittery.

But my desire won over my morals. The scent of a ripe fruit within my grasp was too much to set aside. I had to have her. My bulge was growing too big to ignore. I went over to take a good shower. Since I had started my trysts with Aanchal, I had been taking extra care to maintain personal hygiene. Besides I didn’t know what to expect. Did she go all the way or was it a limited service? Or maybe somewhere in between? Perhaps she wouldn’t even agree to do it with a young guy like me and she might be charging the others only because they wouldn’t let go of her anyway. Either way I knew I was way past the state of mind where I could call it off.

A little past six thirty, Geeta entered through the open door into the drawing room. Privacy was no big deal anywhere in the country anyway. The sweat on her had dried by now but the day’s work had disheveled her sari and I could clearly see the white bra straps jutting out from her deep purple blouse. I sat up from the diwan in the drawing room and walked towards her, still unsure of what to say.

She looked at me briefly and then looked around. “Do you have a broom?” she enquired.

“Um, yeah. I’ll get it for you” I quipped without thinking. To say that I wasn’t sure on how to proceed would have been an understatement. I had expected her to ask what she was to do and had decided on taking it from there. I moved past her to the open kitchen attached to the drawing room and produced a broom that was kept behind the refrigerator.

“Have you bought flour? I’ll make chapatis after this,” she said, collecting the broom from me.

“No, it’s alright. I usually just have some fruits for dinner,” I said

She looked at me for a brief second and proceeded to the solitary room to begin her work.

My mind was rapidly stringing together words to start ‘the’ conversation. As a matter of fact, I have never been shy in asking a girl out. I’ve been in a couple of relationships and even a few one-night-stands. Hell, I’d even availed the services from an escort once in my college days. The fat stipend from internship in the final semester coupled with the glitz and glamour of Bombay was too much to resist for my raging hormones then. The girl had introduced herself as an uptown model and the time spent with her was quite rad even though I did splurge quite a bit.

But this was different. There was an element of power imbalance between us and I was not too comfortable with it, even though it was me on the favorable side. I didn’t want to cause her discomfort or make her life any worse. I’m sure she already had her hands full. And there was this issue of age difference. Apart from one half-drunk Spanish chick I met at Sunburn, I had never gotten into the pants of any woman over thirty. Perhaps that was why I found it way easier with Aanchal. Although we were worlds apart in our background she was my age, and of course it was not a service I elicited from her.

But here was a woman busy completing her work and probably looking forward to returning home as soon as possible. I wished Aanchal hadn’t mentioned the extra services provided by Geeta. I might still have jerked off to Geeta, like most guys do, without ever thinking of approaching her. Damn I wished Aanchal never left, albeit for a couple of weeks. I was too aroused to let the opportunity slip. And the fact that there was going to be zero element of coercion made it easier to rationalize. I decided to politely ask her and if she was unwilling that’ll be the end of it. No harm in offering her what she works so hard for, I thought.

While I stood thinking she almost finished her work. She approached me and shrugged “There were some clothes on the bed, I’ve put them into the almirah”. I nodded. Actually there wasn’t much to do; I usually clean the place myself every morning. Still she had perspired enough to make the inside edges of her blouse damp. The bulging cleavage caused a stir in my pants.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to make…” I didn’t notice that she had already begun speaking when I decided to go for it.

“Narayan had mentioned about your services…” I trailed off. I didn’t want her to know of my trysts with Aanchal. There was little chance of her questioning Narayan. The entrenched caste hierarchy ensured that.

For a split second I could see her face freeze mid-sentence. She clearly had not expected that. She immediately regained her composure and stood silently for a couple of seconds staring right into my eyes. I had no idea what was going through her mind. I half expected a tight slap on my left cheek as she shuffled the broom to her left and freed the other hand.

“You want the service?” she eyed me.

“Yes!” I said clearly with no sign of reluctance.

“What do you want?” Her question was a bit unsure.

“What do you…offer?” I threw the ball back into her court. I didn’t want to take a false step.

She stood silently for another couple of seconds evidently becoming conscious of her body and adjusting the sari which was a bit over the place after the day’s work. Few Beads of perspiration rolled down her caramel toned midriff. My eyes wandered around her slightly plump love handles for a moment. My mind had already begun to unhook her blouse from behind. I realized I would be a fair bit disappointed if she turned me down.

“It’s already late. I need to return home now.” Her eyes held mine as she spoke.

I could sense no anger in them. Probably years of experience had taught her to mask her emotions. Although now I clearly saw the exhaustion in her eyes. It was obvious that she was weary and tired after the whole day’s work. I made sure my face remained motionless and nodded, trying hard not to show my dejection. I turned about and walked to the dining table and returned with my wallet to pay for the cleaning. Her eyes remained glued on me the whole while, her mind clearly latched on to something.

“How much?” I asked.

“Six hundred” she replied.

I still couldn’t read her and had already begun thinking of logging onto Pornhub to relieve myself. She spoke up again as I handed over the cash.

“If you want I can perform something quick” she quipped, moving her right hand up and down to simulate wanking.

My eyes must have lit up for I could see a faint smile appearing on her face. Getting her to jerk me off was way better than me wanking off an array of pixels. Although I would’ve liked more, at that point I was happy to get anything.

“Yeah!” I said, moving my neck around to pick an appropriate place.

“That’ll cost you a thousand more,” she said.

I picked up four notes of five hundred and handed them over to her. I could see the confusion in her eyes.

“That’s all I will do,” she said, her nuptial bangle sliding over her shapely arms as she moved her curled fist up and down again.

“Keep it; consider the rest as the tip in advance.” I wanted her to know that she was more than a cheap toy for me and that I was genuinely interested in her. And of course, it was an attempt to lure her away from other men to me. I would treat her way better than the other noncomps. At least that’s how my brain rationalized it.

She put the notes securely in a small pouch that was tucked into the petticoat beneath her saree. My eyes kept savoring her and I could feel my shaft rising slowly. The scent of her sweat coupled with faint reminiscent of her perfume was intoxicating. I took a step forward to be within a few inches from her. She looked up and raised her palms to her chest to stop me in my tracks. I could see a hint of mischief even in her tired eyes. I was beginning to realize her expertise in men.

“Go and lie down on there,” she said, motioning to the wooden diwan on the far end of the room.

Her tone was gentle yet confident and I could sense her taking control. I was glad for the apparent shift of power. I wanted her to be frank with me. I wanted her to open up. I knew it’s only when a woman gives herself to you fully that you can derive the maximum pleasure. I knew I was not gonna stop with tonight. My heart lusted after her.

“Where do you keep the oil?” she asked as I walked towards the diwan.

“You’ll find the bottle in the washroom”.

I took a few deep breaths as I laid down flat on the light mattress on the diwan. I thought I’ll wait for her instructions to take off my clothes.

I was certainly no stranger with women, but I felt a different kind of excitement that night. Perhaps it was the fact that she was married and almost twice my age that fueled this strange excitement. The thought of doing her made my hormones rage. I knew it wouldn’t happen tonight, but I knew I would try my best to make it a reality.

I could notice a certain practiced rhythm in her steps as she walked towards me after bolting the front door, with a turkey towel draped over the saree around her waist and the oil bottle in her hand. A subtle whiff of sexuality oozed from her movements. She was certainly no stranger to men. I had to get to know her more, both from inside and outside.

She folded the turkey towel and placed it along with the bottle on the diwan. Pulling up a chair next to me, she sat on it, near my stomach. She had evidently washed her face and hands. She was a picture of calmness. Even if it were a façade, I couldn’t read a single thing happening underneath it.

The obvious bulge in my pants elicited a smile from her.

“Do you find me attractive?” she asked with a slight tease in her voice.

“Very much!” I liked the way things were going. I had a feeling that she was not seeing me in the same light as the middle-aged uncles.

“Then take the pants off,” I liked her boldness. The fact that she kept her eyes on me as I took off everything other than t-shirt further fueled the lust. I had an almost completely erect cock by now.

She was certainly not shy to take a good look at my erection and it pleased me for obvious reasons.

She cocked her head slightly back and removed the clip that held her hair together. She tied them into a bun behind her and looked back at me. It was a scene worth watching a thousand times over.

“So you ready?”

“Ever since I met you,” I smiled

This time she returned me a genuine smile.

She squeezed a modicum of oil onto one of her palms and rubbed both her palms together warming the oil up. Her actions were as fluid as the oil in her hands. I trembled a bit as her warm right palm folded around my shaft without an iota of hesitation. She certainly knew what she was doing.

“You like it?” The seduction in her smile was certainly growing.

“Oh God! Yeah, it feels great.”

She bent forward and started in a slow and steady motion, up and down along my shaft which was fully erect by now. I had gotten quite a few handjobs up until then and this was certainly a contender for the best one.

Watching her full figure lean into me was a big turn on. She had just the right mix of charm and sexiness and I was intent of exploring every nook and cranny of her body.

She brought in her left hand into the act, lightly caressing my balls with it and the other hand varied its pace along the shaft. I groaned. She seemed to be enjoying my sweet agony.

“You must be used to this reaction,” I muttered, immediately regretting it.

“No!” she shook her head.

I wasn’t going to let this opportunity to initiate a conversation pass up. I knew I couldn’t hold up for much longer.

“Why? The others don’t like your handjob?” I perused.

“Others? I don’t know what Narayan told you, but his is the only other cock I’ve touched and I certainly didn’t do him this way.”

I realized I’d grossly misjudged the situation. At least she didn’t seem to mind servicing me. That was a relief.

“I can’t believe no one else has asked you for anything extra. You certainly look hot, at least to my eyes.”

She pulled my foreskin back and ran a finger along the frenulum in response to my compliment. I involuntarily jerked my hip upwards in pleasure.

“Well he is not the only one who tends to get handsy… even the Mishra ji downstairs have groped me once.”

I certainly didn’t see that coming

She continued “I usually ignore or evade it as far as possible. But Narayan wouldn’t let up and I couldn’t quit that house since they are one of my main sources of income. It’s hard to find long term employers.”

She now slowed down the pace of sliding her palms around my shaft as she began talking. I was relieved as I was going to last longer this way. I’m sure if she wanted to, she could’ve finished me off within no time.

“So finally I told him that I’ll cooperate if he pays me, but he was to leave me alone at other times. Initially he was livid that a woman like me spoke up, but then he must have realized it’s better for him this way.”

“You didn’t tell his wife?” I asked.

“No, but I think she knows. Even if I were to complain, she’d probably blame me for seducing him and would fire me.”

“In that case, why did you agree to service me?”

She had picked up the pace by now. She must have realized that it’s getting late. Her left hand was now squeezing my balls gently but firmly.

She turned her head to look at me. “I don’t know, maybe because you asked me politely. Also because I was a bit tight on finances this month. After paying for Ankita’s entrance coaching, there’s barely enough left to get through the month”

“Your daughter?” I didn’t want the conversation to end. I was in heaven.

“Yeah, I’ve a son too, Akash. He must have finished his cricket coaching and come back home by now. Shall I finish it?”

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