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They had been married a month when Jack told Jeanie that his parents would be coming over for Sunday dinner. Jeanie was delighted, she liked his folks and they seemed to like her. She fussed over the menu to make it a good dinner that they would enjoy. She had to admit to herself that she wanted to show off her cooking skills. She planed a salad and chicken with all the trimmings mashed potatoes with gravy, string beans and an apple pie for desert with their coffee.

Saturday night after dinner and after she had performed her “wifely duties” as she lovingly called them in her head, she realized that, of course, they would be suspended until after Jack’s parents had gone home and thought of how she could make it up to Jack for having to wait. Just the thoughts of what she would do made her excited and so she snuggled up to Jack in bed and ground her naked crotch against his leg till she left juices streaked along his leg and drifted off to sleep. What a wild woman she was becoming.

Jack was up and mowing the lawn and pruning the hedges when she arose from her slumber. She began working on the pie so she could have it ready to bake while they ate their dinner that night and then set out to making her house spick and span. At around one she started dinner, cooking the stuffing in a pan and cleaning the sting beans in a colander in the sink. They would arrive at three for an early Sunday dinner, as was the custom in their family. With the bird cooked and cooling on the sideboard and the veggies steaming on the stove, she when off to take a quick shower and dress nice for them. Jack had spent the day watching the ball game on television and was very cheery as the Yankee’s had won. He slipped into the shower as soon as Jeanie was out, so much so that they pressed together for a kiss as he went in and she came out.

They arrived on time, and dinner went well. Jeanie got compliments on her cooking from her mother-in-law Maria, and Jack’s dad Giovanni hummed with every bite. Jeanie did notice that they ate sparingly and Vanni, as her mother-in-law called Jack’s dad, mentioned he was anxious for desert. Jack must have raved about her apple pie.

When ataşehir escort the entrée was over Jeannie got up to take the dinner plates into the kitchen. Usually she would have been removing her dress and giving her Jack his after dinner reward for being such a good husband and provider. When she returned to the dinning room her mother-in-law was conspicuously missing and Jeanie assumed she was using the bathroom as Jeanie returned to the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven and get the plates for desert.

As soon as she had rested the pie on its rack to cool a bit, Jack called to her from the dinning room and Jeanie darted in to see what he needed. “Here I was telling my parents what a good wife you are and then you go and make me look bad.” Jeanie was confused and noticed that Maria had not even returned to the table. That is when she noticed the look on her father-in-laws face. A nervous tingle ran down her spine and she instinctively dropped down to look under the table. There was Maria, naked, with her wide ass facing Jeanie servicing Vanni as Jeanie had done for Jack every night since they got back from their honeymoon. “Aren’t you going to remove your dress first?” said Jack, assuming she had caught on sooner than she did. Jeanie was flabbergasted, was she expected to perform in the presents of her in-laws? She arose and looked at her husband with question in her eyes but his response was unyielding as he scooted his chair back from the table to reveal he had already removed his pants and was sporting an erection. Jeanie removed her clothes under the gaze of Jack and his father and quick dropped down, out of site, to give Jack his nightly oral pleasure.

At first she was upset and confused by it all. But as she performed the act she had learned that she loved doing for Jack she calmed down and gave it her all. Surprise was the next emotion to overtake Jeanie as she felt a hand, presumably Maria’s, slide along the crack of her ass and stop to lodge the blade of an index finger along her vulva with a thumb pressing into her asshole. Jeanie almost knocked crystal off the table as she jumped avcılar escort up with surprise and her back struck the edge of the table pushing it backward to expose more of her to the room.

Marie was doing an excellent job of working her hand into Jeanie’s vagina as her now naked father-in-law pulled the table back so he could see Maria in action. He moved behind his wife and shoved his tongue in her nether region, licking her from clit to crack and back again. Jeanie turned to see what was happening behind her. Marie took this as an opportunity to turn Jeanie around and feast on her vulva, Jeanie reached down to manipulate the nipples of Maria’s large breasts. Soon Jack got up and moved around in front of Jeanie straddling his mothers back and leaning forward with his hands stretched out to support himself on the edge of the table. As Jack watched his father’s talented tongue work on his sweet “Mama” Jeanie moved to hold Jacks hip and bury her tongue in his ass pushing her pussy tighter against Maria’s busy mouth.

While erotic, this position was tiring and Jack pulled Jeanie to her feet. This gave Jeanie the chance to look back as his parents rose to follow them, Vanni was a fit man, smaller than Jack in stature but just as well equipped in the penis department. Marie was a zaftig woman with a tiny waist and gray streaked black hair and womanly hips that made her look even wanton, her pussy was well kempt but not shaved as Jack had made Jeanie do. Jack led her into the living room, sitting with his ass just on edge the cushions of the “loveseat” and drew his wife to his crotch so she could have full access. Jeanie went back to sucking and licking Jack as she felt herself being entered from behind. Jack’s father’s cock was thick and even though she was dripping wet he had to push hard to get the meatiest area of it in her. He was pounding her so hard it was all she could do to control her movement enough to lick at Jacks nuts. Then Maria was suddenly straddling Jack and facing Jeanie so that Jeanie found herself licking Maria’s pussy as well. Jeanie was beside herself with pleasure and then she thought about avrupa yakası escort what a slut she must be to enjoying these things with her husband and his parents. But then she thought, ”Who cares, this is great!” and licked her mother-in-law’s pussy with purpose. Vanni exploded first pulling out to deposit his cum on Jeanie’s ass and back. Maria immediately got off of Jack and set to cleaning off, first, her husband, as was her duty, and then Jeanie’s, licking her ass in long cum loving strokes.

Jack slid off the couch while this was happening and filled Jeanie’s mouth with his cock still dripping with his mothers juices. Jeanie loved the flavor and resolved to get more from the source. Jack fucked her face hard and fast, impressing his father greatly with Jeanie’s cock sucking abilities. Jeanie put a finger in Jack’s ass, working it in deep to his prostate to bring him to orgasm and he covered her face with his semen, which Maria quickly licked off her face, then spit it into Jeanie’s mouth for her consumption. Vanni cock had revived and Marie straddled him there on the floor for she had not been totally satisfied yet. Jeanie decided to take the initiative and squatted over Vanni’s face. As she roughly ground her pussy into his mouth and place her hand on Maria’s pussy rubbing her clitoris. Jack moved between the two women and they took turns sucking his cock in deeply in a sort of a “who could take it all in” contest. Jeanie had the talent while, Jeanie suspected, Maria had more practice sucking Jack’s cock but Jeanie was easily the winner. Jack stood with both feet now on each side of his father’s prostate form and fed his mother his cock while Jeanie licked his entire ass to a shinny glow. She climaxed hard under the onslaught of Vanni’s talented tongue and flooded his mouth with so much of her juices that Vanni was surprised even with all his years of experiences. This made him cum just as Marie was reaching her climax and when Jack felt her tremble with his cock clamped between her lips he too spewed his load deep in the back of her throat, which she hungrily consumed. The lay spent on the living room floor until Vanni suggested “ Letsa ‘ave soma thata pie!”

They sat naked as Jeanie served the second desert of the evening and Jeanie sat admiring Maria’s large breasts as they sat resting on white tablecloth adorned with pie crumbs. “Jack,” Jeanie would later say “we must invite my mother and Aunt Colleen over for dinner next Sunday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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