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+{Noah’s Starship}+

-+-[Ch. 13]-+-

~By Emri~

I watched Navid’s chest rise and fall as light snores escaped his full, pink lips. He’d inhale with a low, rumbly snore and then his lips would close until the pressure built up. He’d blow out a “Puhhh!” It wasn’t too loud, and the rhythm of it always lulled me to sleep. I had raised my head off his heartbeat to see the sliver of morning sun poking through the hotel room drapes. I usually woke up before him and I’d spend the first few minutes gathering my bearings and watching his well-deserved rest.

He’d been down at the casino very late last night with his father. They’d bonded over card table games. He woke me by coming in around 3 AM reeking of that stale smoke smell that seeped into his pores. I hadn’t gone in the casino. I wasn’t of age, but just getting close to it made me cough and my eyes water. It wasn’t something I was used to. He came in last night and stripped off his clothes, that big cock that I’d milked earlier in the evening wagged happily as he launched himself onto the bed and tossed a pile of money towards me.

“I win big for you!” He glowed and pulled me against him for a deep kiss that left the taste of old man drinks in my mouth.

“No, Yuck!” I pushed him away. As much as I longed for his touch, the smells made my stomach turn.

“Oh! I forget… Yes, I shower.” His happiness was undeterred. He crawled off of me and went into the bathroom with a loud burp.

“Yuck,” I called as I sank back down into the warm bed.

“Oh! Bay-BEE!” He called loudly as he turned on the shower.

“Yeah?” I yawned groggily and sat up again.

“Count money for me. We buy you something pretty for it tomorrow. Ok, my love?” Navid called happily.

“Sure, sure,” I yawned again and sat up in the dim light of the side table lamp. I collected the hundreds until I had 14 of them and then there was an assorted wad of twenties and ones. I laid them out in neat piles and counted them up.

“MMM?” He popped his head out of the bathroom a few minutes later with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. He gave me a questioning nod as his fluffed cock dangled between his thick, furry thighs. Even in his drunken stupor he was truly a work of masculine art.

“One thousand, four hundred, forty-two,” I said and held the bills up in a splay. I’d never seen such big bills in my life. I felt like a king when he put two twenties into my wallet.

“I start with four hundred so I make good wins!” Navid said triumphantly as he swished the toothbrush around his mouth.

“Wow, you did awesome!” I congratulated.

“Is for you! Tomorrow we do what you wish. Money mean nothing!” Navid said with a wink. He retreated back into the bathroom and rinsed his mouth. He came out a few seconds later, still naked and swinging that fat cock I dreamed about. He turned and checked that the door was locked. His furry, muscled ass wiggled as he turned the locks and closed the closet.

“All locked. My Noah is secure.” He turned to me with an adoring look that said I was safe for the night and then dove into the bed beside me.

“Really? Anything? Can we do the waterpark? They have huge slides and five pools all connected!! You never have to get out of the water except to go up for a slide!” I was wide awake now and rambling on about the waterpark. He nodded happily and set the bills under his pillow. He laid back and pulled me against his chest, then covered me with the blanket as I prattled on.

“Yes yes, Why you think I pick this resort? I know what my Noah loves. You ask for waterpark and you get it. Nice waterpark for baby princess,” Navid said with a yawn and kissed my hair. I settled into his heartbeat, his strong arms holding me tightly. He really did care about me and what I wanted to do. He loved me.


It was tough getting going the next morning. I gave him a bottle of water when he woke up. His eyes were shot with red and he looked like regret.

“I don’t ever drink like this. My father, we have so much. I know my mother yell for him when he gets back to room last night. She does not like the temptation of this country to drink so much,” Navid said as he fished for the phone on the side table.

“I call room service,” he said and quickly kissed my forehead. He hit a random button and asked for the kitchen. He ordered us breakfast with coffee for him and orange juice for me. He ordered two dishes that he wanted knowing that I wouldn’t finish either and he could pick from both.

He was feeling better after eating. So much so that he started to kiss me and feed me the fruit bowl that came with “my” omelette. He pushed the breakfast aside and went to kiss me. We were full and he started to play around with my hole. His hand wandered down the back of my pajamas and he rubbed two fingers over my hole.

“I need be inside my boy,” Navid said as he kissed down my chest to suck on my nipples hardened by the cold room.

“It needs your attention, sir, so bad,” bahçelievler escort I heard myself whine at his touch.

“Oh look, Noah! They give us little butter in package. Maybe will be slippy enough for lube to Noah pussy?” he joked. He unwrapped a little pat of it and smooshed it between his fingers. I wrinkled my nose but didn’t take him seriously. I thought he wouldn’t actually try that. We hadn’t played around with food much before and he knew I don’t like to be messy.

Navid’s grin turned mischievous as he squashed the small piece of butter between his fingers. He’d already pushed down my pajama pants so my ass was exposed. He sprang towards me. He went to shove it inside me, but I crawled away screaming with laughter.

“Noooooo!” I squealed and crawled towards the edge of the bed. It left my hole exposed to him. He reached with his clean hand and pulled me back by the leg. I was laughing so hard, but trying to claw my way away from him.

“Don’t take my prize away, Noah. I love this hole. I search world to find most perfect one. I work so hard to please it,” Naveed laughed.

“Yuck! No!” I laughed as I tried helplessly to escape him. His clean hand held my leg firmly and I turned just in time to see the glob of butter head towards my hole. I felt a squishy warmth as he smeared it between my cheeks and rubbed two fingers over it.

“You are so mean!” I protested with fake outrage as he rubbed a little bit inside me. It actually felt good and my hole twitched expectantly as he pushed into it.

“Ah you know you love me,” Navid declared as he reached for one of the thick paper napkins. He wiped my cheeks and then used another on his buttered fingers before bringing me back to his chest and kissing me deeply.

“I have to shower now. My butt feels weird,” I pouted as I pulled away from his soft, warm lips.

“You always are my clean boy. What harms a little butter can do to my baby?” Navid gave me a look of fake sadness and rubbed my ass.

“I was clean before you put gross in there,” I whined.

“You don’t eat enough so I must get food in you somehow!” Navid joked with a look of feigned sincerity.

I bit his nipple.

“Ow! Strong bite! Ok, ok I lick it clean,” he said with a little guilt. We ended up playing around until his dad called him and asked why we weren’t at their room yet. We scrambled into the shower and his soapy fingers made sure I was back to pristine condition.

By the time we met up with his parents, Navid was looking almost normal. He kept on his dark sunglasses, and wore a small pair of blue swim trunks that hugged his muscled ass. His dark, hairy chest was ready for some sun and water. I was dressed in a long-sleeved t-shirt and longer swim trunks. He didn’t want me in the scorching desert sun.

“You will burn. Your skin is so delicate,” he’d reasoned when we were dressing.

His mom was covered as usual. She didn’t care for swimming, but brought a book to read.

His father pulled me in for a hug and my cheek rubbed against his hairy embrace. He looked completely recovered from their night of drinking. He wore regular swim shorts and showed his bare chest proudly. He had a little gray in his chest hair, but his body showed that he took fitness as seriously as his son did.

Navid carried our towels and sunblock down to the water park. We had to show our room keys to get in, and Navid paused to talk to the guy at the entrance while I looked out and decided which slide to do first. I was ready to get out there and enjoy the rare opportunity.

“Oh yes sir, we have everything ready,” he said in response. He called another guy over who led us to one of the fancy cabanas that made a half circle along the side of the larger pool. I’d never been in one. It was like a big square tent box that had flaps open on one side. It had a little area in front that had two lounge chairs and was roped off from the general area. Inside there were two, large L-shaped couches made of black wicker and big cushions.

I felt like we were in a movie. There are two very different Californias and I didn’t grow up in this one. Navid set out towels down and the sunblock on a side table before stretching out on one of the couches. His mother set up shop in the corner. There was just enough sunlight peering in for her to read, and she nodded happily at the luxury corner where she’d spend her morning.

She said something to Navid and he beamed with pride. His father translated that she was very impressed and so was he. Their son was making them proud and showing them what a success he was becoming in his new country. I’d do my best to help them see it too. I wanted him here, with me.

Navid and his father rubbed sunblock into their dark, muscled chests. A waitress came in and set down a tray of vegetables and assorted finger foods along with a plate of small desserts. The three of them ordered some icy cocktails but I was ok with the bottled water on the center bahçeşehir escort table. I was itching to get out and try the slides. They had some that went straight down, but I wanted the one that looped around and landed in the wave pool.

“We go soon to water, Noah. Let’s enjoy cabana for few minutes, ok?” Navid asked when I begged to get out there. I realized it was kind of rude of me to want to rush off and not spend time with his parents. The drinks came and they sipped as the conversation was translated between English and Persian. His mother was trying to tell me about funny things Navid did as a child. It was fun to hear.

They ordered another round of the drinks. It was only 11 AM. I didn’t realize his mother drank, they got funnier, happier.

“Ok we go to the slides now,” Navid said when he finished his second one. He made sure his mom was ok and then we stood to head out.

“Noah, you don’t want to leave that shirt in here? It’s very warm outside.” his father advised.

“He needs it for sun. Is too hard on skin for him,” Navid said and then added something in Persian.

“We have sunblock. Use plenty, it’s the waterproof kind,” his father urged.

“He does no feel comfort being exposed,” Navid countered in English so I’d support him… but I didn’t. I just stood there and let it play out.

“He has nothing to be ashamed of! He’s a handsome blonde boy. Let the girls look,” his father laughed. He waved me over towards him. I went and slid off my shirt. My pale, hairless chest was exposed and Navid had a look in his eyes as if he were the only one ever supposed to see it.

His father patted the couch for me to sit down and he squirted sunblock on my chest. I rubbed it in while he rubbed in some over my back and neck. I looked at Navid to see his discomfort. He wasn’t uncomfortable with his father’s touch on my skin, that was innocent and something fathers did. He was thinking about me being out of the cabana and having eyes on me. It was a slow day and there wasn’t much going on at the resort, but I’d never questioned his wardrobe requests for me.

“There, all good.” his father patted my head and I got up to follow Navid. He grabbed a towel and took it with us.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked as we made our way to the slide I had pointed towards.

“Mad at you? What? Why you think this? How I could ever be mad with my sweet Noah?” Navid said and paused by the side of a pool. He took my wrist in his hand and held me there to look at me.

“I took off my shirt… I didn’t argue,” I said.

“Why you think I want you argue with my father? You are not boy who argues with elders. You respect them like good boy shall do,” Navid said and I noted in his eyes a look of frustration. He was upset that i was upset.

“Oh, so you’re ok with this,” I said.

“No! I never want you uncovered, but that is my thing, Noah. Not yours. If you are uncomfortable. I go get your shirt. If you are ok then I will try to be ok. I know this country work different from Iran. In my country the weaker one’s body is only for stronger to enjoy and see, but here is different. I just… my father always try to put in the advising. He want that whatever I think is good I change my mind. Even if he agree with me, he want me change my mind for something else. Is hard to explain. Is how he can be and why I live here,” Navid lost his English as emotion took over.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to cause problems. I want them to like me but I also want you to be happy with me. I feel like I’m going to do something to cause a problem. I want to make you proud,” I said.

“No, my love. My perfect boy never cause problem! You are so innocent and sweet. This is between him and me. You don’t have struggle like this with your father. He almost never try to control your thoughts. This is not for you concern or ruin your day. I plan waterpark because I know you love so much. Is ok. I will be happy with you! I want only you are happy. You make me so happy,” Navid looked like he desperately wanted to kiss me, but he held back. We were in public, yards away from his parents.

“I think everyone struggles with their parents. I just really want them to be happy for you and see how well you’re doing here. I want them to be proud of you,” I noted.

“They are so proud. They see how well I do and how you support me… but is different here. Is why I want for America. You can be you. You can dream and do without ask government or father permission. To see him try to control you… My Noah… It hurt… You are my boy,” Navid got upset all over again.

“Sometimes you do that to me too though,” I said with sudden and unknown bravery.

“I do?” he looked stunned.

“You decide things for me. I don’t mind most times. I really kind of like it. I like how strong you are. You are like this big warrior and I kind of like being your princess,” I laughed.

“And other time?” he asked.

“Other times I feel like your bakırköy escort pet, your dog. It doesn’t feel good when I want my voice heard,” I noted.

“Oh Noah. I don’t want to be this way. Maybe is true we end up to be repeat of our parents. Right? But no, we can make different. Is why I always tell you speak up for yourself. I need know what you thinking. I will make try to ask,” Navid assured.

We went to the first slide and the guy asked if we wanted single or tandem. It had these little circle rafts you sit in and go down the loop-loop to the wave pool. We got a two-person one and Navid sat on the back with me between his legs. The guy pushed us off and Navid held me while we went through a crazy series of tubes spiraling downward. He kissed the back of my neck when we were covered and his hands rubbed over my tummy and pinched my nipples. I was rock hard by the time we hit the cold pool below.

“That was fun!!” He said excitedly. We landed in a shallow area of the pool that was lined with thick foam for people coming out of the chute too fast. We splashed around for a few minutes and then swam to the other side of the big pool to head for another slide.

We spent a solid hour going down every slide as many times as we could. We decided our favorite was this one where we laid on our stomachs side by side on either side of a raft and a jet of water sprayed us up a steep ramp and then we shot down a winding, half open tube that made my stomach flop. I didn’t like that feeling, but each time we went down it Navid got this happy look on his face and we were close enough to kiss as we went down.

“We need head back to put more sunscreen for your cheeks and shoulders, you get pink a little,” Navid advised when we paused by the side of a pool for a minute.

I touched my shoulder and it felt warm. I nodded and we started to swim back to the cabana. His father was swimming laps in the pool near the cabana.

“You need more sunblock, Noah. You’re pinking a bit,” His father said to me. I laughed because Navid had just told me that and even though they had different accents and levels of English, the look of concern and admonition were identical. He said something else in Persian to Navid.

“Of course! I tell him that already,” Navid said with sudden anger that made my smile fade quickly.

“Did I tell you this already, Noah? Are we not come here to put on for you?” Navid asked in a calmer tone.

“Yes… sir,” I said. His father just shrugged as if this wasn’t worth arguing over. He swam away.

“You see? He question my care of my own Noah!” Navid was agitated as we stepped out of the pool. I didn’t respond. I just nodded as he nudged me to go in front of him and towards the cabana.

His mother had abandoned her book by the time we stepped inside. She had discovered the television mounted to one post of the cabana and was sprawled across one couch. She was watching a cooking show which didn’t need translating. Navid sat on the other couch and talked to her about what they were making. The couch was wicker with outdoor cushions so our wet swimsuits wouldn’t hurt them. I sat on the other side of him and we picked at the trays of food while he explained the show to his mom.

“I don’t know why, I feel really tired,” I said to Navid. I stretched out next to him on the couch. He translated that to his mom as she looked at me with concern. She said something to him and he told me she thought I’d had too much sun.

“There is blanket here! You sleep. No more sun today” he said suddenly and jumped up. He brought over a basket that held a blanket made out of towel material and draped it over me. At the bottom of the basket he found several sleep masks wrapped in cellophane and printed with the resort logo over each eye. He unwrapped one for me and slid it over my head. It made my world go dark. He sat back down and I felt his hand rub my back. He talked with his mother in Persian as I drifted off.


I woke up with my nose pressed against something hard and furry. I reached forward and felt his thigh. I rubbed it slowly and then felt a strong hand lift my head and set it down on his lap. I draped an arm across his legs as he pet me again, rubbing my shoulder and upper back.

I slid my hand up his thigh and felt the hem of his swimsuit material. He was still a little wet so I hadn’t been asleep for too long. The room was quiet except for the tv. I couldn’t see it with the sleeping mask on, but I could hear a British voice announcing the news. I slid my hand up his thigh a little more, just under the hem of his swimsuit. He kept rubbing his hand over my back.

I guess I went too far with my hand. I was rubbing it slowly up his thigh. My finger barely grazed his shaft or balls when he suddenly took my hand and pulled it out of his shorts. He gently placed it back near his knee and gave it two soft pats. He’d never rejected my touch, but I guess with his parents nearby it was time for caution.

I reached for my sleeping mask and pushed it up into my hair so I could see what had caused his sudden modesty. To my horror though, the lap that held my head belonged to his father. He wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were focused on some news story and he kept right on petting me as though I hadn’t just tried to grab for his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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