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The bed that Rory and Janey usually slept alone in was crowded with Mark and Anna added in. Rory laid Anna on her back and her legs parted eagerly. He knew that the other two were wanting to taste each other’s treasures but it had been too long since he had fucked his sweet girlfriend. As he positioned himself to penetrate Anna’s pussy, he felt his mother and Anna’s father move into the classic 69 position. Rory’s dick sank into Anna and they both sighed, content to be back together.

There were sighs from the other side of the bed that indicated that the parental units were also getting along fine.

Anna brought her knees up, giving Rory a nice angle to fuck her deeply. The two screwed gently as they listened to the other couple get to know each other with their tongues and their sexual organs.

All four of them had experienced enough sex the previous night, parent to child and none of them were in a hurry to finish. Rory and Anna slowed to a nice even pace as they kissed and fondled and relished the feeling of being together again. Beside them wet slurping sounds became moans and then the bed shook harder as Janey came on Mark’s talented tongue. She stopped sucking his dick briefly until his thrusts indicated that he too would orgasm soon. As he groaned and then grunted his completion into Janey’s mouth, Anna’s orgasm hit her. Rory paused to let her ride it out and then doubled his pace as their parents watched. He bit down softly on one of Anna’s nipples as he ejaculated into Mark’s daughter right in front of the man’s staring eyes.

All four were flat on their backs, panting.

“That was the hottest thing ever.” Mark said after catching his breath.

“What if I licked my son’s cum out of your daughter’s cunt?” Janey inquired.

“Well if you’re going to do it with another woman, at least you’ll be close by. I love that word too. Makes me just about boil over.”

“Cunt? You can fuck my cunt while I clean out your daughter’s cunt if that will help you boil faster.”

“Well what the fuck am I gonna do?” Rory asked.

“Anna’s mouth is free.” Mark stated.

Rory lay beside Anna and kissed her deeply while squeezing her boobs. Janey settled between the pretty girl’s legs and zeroed in on her son’s sperm dribbling out of Anna’s slit. Anna fondled Rory’s cock and it began to stiffen. Mark pulled his cock a few times to re-harden it so he could enter Janey from behind. Her legs were widely splayed and her sweet ass swayed gently, waiting for him to plug in.

As Mark slid his cock into Janey slowly, he was peering at her little brown pucker. He could smell her pungent aroma from this position and as he fucked her slowly so as not to distract her from her cleaning duties between Anna’s legs. He thought about what he had heard last night and wondered if she’d let him take her in the ass. Maybe it was something special reserved for Rory only. When the woman came up for air, he stilled his motion stationed deep inside her.

Tentatively he asked. “So, you take it in the ass Janey?”

“Mmm. Not today honey. My heinie hurts from Rory’s buggering last night. Someday you’ll get to take Mommy in the ass.”

“Am I clean now?” Anna asked.

“Did you cum?”

“Not yet. Mommy.” There was a smile in Anna’s voice.

“Wow, everyone wants to fuck Mommy huh?” Rory sounded a bit possessive.

“What did you learn in school today honey?” Janey asked her son with a grin.

“I guess I need to share my toys huh?” Rory sounded a little hurt.

The four all shared a laugh and then everyone got back to what they were supposed to be doing.

Everyone was tired and very hungry when all the activity was finished. They went back to Anna’s place of employment. A good breakfast with papaya and mango with eggs and sides of rice and nice Kona coffee was just what they all needed.

Anna got her schedule and saw that she’d have to be back to work the next day and for many days hence. Payback for her extended vacation. Since they were in the shopping complex, Mark picked up applications for the hardware and grocery stores. Janey and Rory had been lucky to have a couple of days off to show the father daughter couple around town but they both had to return to work the next day too.

The house that Mark and Anna wanted became theirs and Rory and Janey helped them get all of their stuff moved in and put away.

One night after they were all situated, the father and daughter were in their bed together. Mark had come in Anna’s mouth and she was working on his dick so that they could fuck for a while and get her a good cum too. She thought of something that would help speed the process.

“I bet Janey’s butthole is tight huh Daddy? Rory said that she taught him how she liked it and that he should always clean himself after knocking on her backdoor.”

Mark’s dick expanded quickly. “Oh Daddy, do you think about fuckin’ Janey’s ass?”

Mark was at full mast by now and he squeezed his daughter’s boobs as he kneed her legs apart.

“Yes. topkapı escort I want to fuck her in the butt so bad.” He rolled atop his sweet girl and she helped guide him into her pussy.

“Uh oh Daddy. You should be able to do that soon if she’s not sore from her son doing her there.”

Mark slid in and out of his baby girl’s wet puss. “Oh fuck. If I never got to do it, you’d be enough. I love fucking you sweetie. Mmmm.” He went into her deeply and held there while she rocked against him.

“Oh Dad, you always make me cum sooo good. Janey deserves to have you to fuck too. Rory’s good too but it’s always great to have a different partner do you once in a while.” Anna grabbed her father’s ass and slid her middle finger toward his sphincter. Mark started really pumping into her as he felt her finger enter him. Anna moaned as she approached a nice long orgasm. She slid her finger in and out of his ass and was rewarded with his ecstatic grunts and moans and then shots of hot sperm being imbedded in her womb.

At the same time that it was happening in Mark and Anna’s place, Rory was behind his mother. Janey was on all fours on their bed and Rory’s cock was planted firmly in her pulsing vagina. He held her swinging tits and pumped into her steadily.

“Mommy, it was so hot watching you lick my load out of Anna. Then when her dad got behind you like I am now and fucked you, I couldn’t believe how turned on I got.”

“Yes! Oh, honey that was so hot. We’re going to need to have them over again soon. I think Mark wants my backdoor. Now that he knows that I like that sort of thing, I don’t think he will take no for an answer much longer.”

“I’ll stay out of there until the next time we’re all together.”

“I think that maybe you and Anna should have a fucking date at their house or maybe just a date and I’ll give Mark some good boy sex here where I know that there’s lube and such.”

Rory gave Janey’s breasts an extra hard squeeze and ejaculated into his mother.

“Did imagining Mark’s dick in your mother’s ass make you cum baby?”

“Oh fuck. On the spot. Are you sure me and Anna can’t watch?”

“Not the first time Baby.”

Mark landed a job at a Kona coffee plant a few miles away and he decided to commute by bicycle. It had the added benefit of toning his body and the small group now got free coffee.

He’d only been there a week or so when he and Janey were alone in Janey and Rory’s house. The kids had gone out for dinner in Kona and the two grownups had the place to themselves. Janey cooked up a meal with rice and chicken. There were lots of fresh veggies with the meal and tropical fruit for dessert. The two enjoyed each other’s company and felt comfortable together. After all he had been inside her more than once. Exchanging fluids can bring people much closer. Once the meal was finished and Mark had helped with the cleanup, they sat and started kissing and fondling.

“Mmm. You’re so nice Mark. Have you ever heard anything about ‘good boy sex’?”

“Anna told me that that is what Rory calls it when he gets to put his dick up your butt.”

“That’s right. God that girl has no filter at all does she?”

“Not that I’ve ever seen.”

“In our room I have everything we need for me to give you some good boy sex.” Janey said as she loosened her pants and slid them off. With no panties visible, Mark got a good look at her from the waist down. She shed her top and headed for the bedroom that she and her son shared most nights. She knew that their children would spend the night in the bed that Mark usually shared with his daughter.

With her tits jiggling, Janey walked toward the door to the other room. Mark watched her ass swing for a moment and then he was behind her trying to shed his clothes as he walked. Janey calmly laid herself on the bed and watched as Mark finished getting naked.

He got on the bed beside her and they embraced. Feeling her bare tits against him and squeezing her naked ass had Mark as hard as a stone.

“A bit excited about this are you?” Janey chortled, rubbing her snatch against his missile.

“Mmmm.” Mark nuzzled her neck and slid a finger across her tiny pucker.

“Oh! We’re going there are we?”

“Janey, may I fuck your ass tonight?”

“Well… Yes, but I think I need to get my pussy licked, first don’t you?”

“But of course, my lady.”

Mark took his time on his journey south. He stopped off at her breasts and treated them both to a lot of licking and sucking. Janey felt her pussy juicing up as his tongue flicked over her sensitive nubs. As he sucked and squeezed her boobs, his fingers traced her wet folds. Eventually he was pressing his lips to her navel and then continued across her trimmed pubes and buried his face in her cunt. With her knees over his shoulders she felt his tongue penetrate her deeply. He licked her that way for a few minutes and then dipped down to rim her gently.

“Oh, fuck Mark.” Janey cried. “You really tuzla escort know how to earn good boy sex.”

He moved back up and raked his tongue across her clit over and over. Just when she was heading toward a good cum, he returned to her sphincter. Mark felt her tiny hole quiver on the tip of his assaulting tongue and even with her thighs covering his ears he heard her moan out in ecstasy.

As he came up to examine her panting body, his face shiny with her cum, Janey moaned. “Holy fuck You are good at that.”

Still breathing hard, Janey rolled to her belly and reached to her nightstand. She grabbed a pump bottle of gel lubricant and a very slim dildo. She positioned herself in front of Mark and handed him the lube. As he gelled his fingers up, he watched Janey slip the little glass cock into her sopping puss.

Mark greased up her asshole and his dick and pressed the head against her. Janey moaned as he penetrated her.

“OK?” Mark asked.

“Feels good. Uh. Keep going.”

He did. Relishing her tightness and feeling the pressure from the little dildo against his most sensitive spot. He was trying for gentle but his hips betrayed him and his thrusts sent him deeper and his rate sped up. Janey grunted and pushed back onto him again and again.

“Oops. Oh shit.” Mark yelled and ejaculated. Moments later their motions stopped and after another minute, Mark withdrew his softening cock from Janey’s rectum.

“Sorry Janey.” Mark frowned.

“Why sorry Babe? That’s how anal is supposed to work. Hard fast and furious. Made to get a guy off in very short order. I think Rory lasted about 45 seconds the first time I gave him my butt. That’s why I usually have a guy get me off first.”

Anna’s mother was coming for a visit.

Peggy and her new wife Maggie had gotten in touch with Anna and her dad and asked if they could come and visit.

There was a moment of panic among the foursome and they sat and discussed options. Janey was sitting next to Mark and Anna and Rory sat together. None of them wanted Anna’s mom and Maggie to share either house and they finally decided to rent a nearby VRBO for them. They’d be close enough to come and visit but at night they would have their own place to be. The four would be able to couple together in any configuration they chose.

With all of that settled and the reservation made, Janey started kissing Mark. He responded as the kids sat and watched for a few minutes then Anna rubbed Rory’s thigh, moving higher she felt his hardening rod and slipped to the floor in front of him. Rory opened his pants and gave her unfettered access to his cock. As Anna started licking the head of

Rory’s dick, He watched his mother loosen her sarong and show Mark that she had neglected to wear panties again today.

As Anna’s father moved to go down on Rory’s mother, pausing to uncover her tits and pay a bit of attention to her nipples, Rory felt Anna’s warm mouth engulf his whole cock.

Rory had the best seat in the house. He could watch Anna giving him a wonderful blowjob or he could move his eyes up just a bit and watch his mother get her pussy eaten while she rubbed her own tits and pinched her nipples.

The young man moaned as his girlfriend hummed around his leaking phallus. He listened to his mom grunt and squeal while Mark’s tongue performed its magic on her cunt. All too soon Rory was over stimulated enough to cum and he warned Anna who kept her mouth firmly on him and took several squirts of sperm and swallowed them all down.

Meanwhile, Mark had Rory’s mother on the verge of a big orgasm and she moaned and panted her way through her peak.

After a few moments rest, they all got up and headed toward Janey and Rory’s big bed. It was obvious that the two who had not yet cum wanted to fuck each other. Mark and Anna went to one side of the bed and came together quickly in the classic missionary position.

Rory spooned his mom so they could watch father and daughter make love. Mark started slowly enough but Anna goaded him on and he was soon pumping into her hard. It was obvious that they had been lovers for a while and both knew what the other wanted to achieve their climax.

Rory’s dick stiffened and slowly humped his mother’s ass.

“Want to fuck me from back there while we watch this lovely scene?”

Rory didn’t need to answer as he positioned his rock-hard cock at the entrance to his mom’s pussy. In he slid and they soon were sharing the rhythm of the other two who occupied the bed.

Mark slowed and Rory slowed and the creaking of the bedsprings slowed. Both of the women tensed their internal muscles, squeezing their men’s tools until both men felt the need to go for it. Squeaking and moaning and grunting increased apace and then several climaxes happened in quick succession. Rory was looking into Anna’s eyes as he ejaculated into his mother’s womb and Anna had to cum just from seeing his face at that moment. Janey orgasmed while feeling her son’s pendik escort hot sperm flowing into her and Anna’s tightening pussy caused Mark to shoot inside her.

“Whew. Hope we can do that a couple of times while Mom’s here.” Anna exclaimed.

“We’ll figure something out.” Janey said.

“At least the nights will be ours, right?” Rory sighed.

There was only a light snore from Mark and everyone else laughed quietly so as not to wake him.

Anna was the only one available to pick her mom up at the airport and deliver the two women to the vacation rental.

“You guys didn’t have to rent this place for us you know. We’re grownups who can fend for ourselves.” Maggie told her stepdaughter, Anna.

Having just met her an hour before, Anna was still trying to get the feel of the woman who had married her mom. “Oh, it’s alright. Rory and his mother Janey went in on it. Rory is my boyfriend and he and his mom and me and Dad do lots of things together. There’s not really a lot of room in either of our houses for guests. We all know the owner of this place from the where all work and he gave us a good deal since it’s not peak season.

“I know, it’s actually pretty nice weather at home but this was the best time for both of us to be away from work.” Anna’s mother said.

“That looks like a path down to the water.” Maggie sounded excited.

“Oh, it is.” Anna told her. “Nice gentle walk through Papaya and Mango trees to a nice Palm tree break before the beach. Why don’t you explore while I help Mom get your stuff put away?”

“I think that sounds lovely. You two will get some time to talk.” Maggie kissed Peggy on the lips and hugged Anna, then headed out to the Lanai and off down the path.

“She seems nice Mom.” Anna said.

“Oh, she is. I’ve never felt like this Honey. So, tell me about this Rory boy. Where’d you meet? Is he good to you?”

“Well, he and his mother both work in the same shopping center where the café is. They ride to work together and sometimes one or the other of them has time to kill and they come in for coffee or a smoothie while they wait. I got up the guts to ask the cute boy out. We’ve been having a lot of fun ever since. Dad really likes them both too.”

“That’s good. Your dad needed to make some new friends. Good that you got him out of Kansas too. This is such a beautiful place to live. Maggie would love to move here and get out of the cold and snow. Winter is really hard on both of us.”

“You could move here you know Mom. We could all be a very eclectic island family.”

“Are you and your dad and your new friends a family?”

“In some ways. We’re very close and loving with each other.”

“Oh. Does your father have sex with Rory’s mother?”

“Ah Mom, I should tell you a story first. Remember how you and Dad had that computer in your bedroom?”

“Yes?” Peggy looked a bit confused at her daughter’s non-sequitur.

“Well you didn’t realize that it had a webcam built in. You two weren’t too tech savvy but I had a lot of training in school. I was able to remotely access that camera and watch what was going on in there.”

As understanding dawned on Peggy, her face colored and then became two shades darker as she thought of something else.

“Did you see me and your dad together?”

“Together and alone.”

“Oh no. It’s bad enough that you saw what your father and I did together but you watched me get myself off too?”

“Yep. Checked your browser history. Both you and Daddy. Daddy’s got a nice cock, doesn’t he? Don’t you ever think about it when you and Maggie are together?”

“Sometimes.” Peggy admitted sheepishly. “You shouldn’t think about your dad’s cock young lady.”

“I have to think about it when it’s inside of me don’t you think?”

“What? I’ll have that bastard arrested for molesting you.”

“More like me molesting him. I started it. It’s how I convinced him to move here with me. In case you haven’t figured it out yet I like to watch. I also like to do. Sometimes we all get together and watch each other and do each other. Once Janey and Dad were doing oral for each other and Rory fucked me. When we were finished, Janey cleaned her son’s sperm out of my snatch. Not her first taste of her son’s sperm either if you take my meaning.”

Peggy’s mouth was hanging open and Anna told her to close it.

“Seriously, some of the things I watched you and Daddy do in your room, it’s not too big of a step to do those things with someone as close as a son or daughter.”

“Did Janey get you off when she cleaned you?”

“I went off like a rocket. Thinking about her eating her own son’s cum and the way she treated my clit sent me to heaven. I like getting my cunt eaten out and it doesn’t seem to matter who’s doing it.”

“That’s good to hear.” Maggie said from the doorway. “Your mother and I have talked about having an all-girl threesome.”

“Oh, you snuck up on us. How much did you hear?” Peggy expressed her surprise.

“Enough to know that there is a pretty kinky situation here. I love kinky as you well know. We could definitely explore some options while we’re here for two weeks. Right Honey?” The last was spoken a bit forcefully to Peggy.

“Yes Dear.” Peggy sounded contrite then both of them cracked up laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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