Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 02


On my way to their RV, I stopped in the clubhouse and took a very thorough shower in anticipation of what the next hour might bring. All eyes were on me as I boldly walked through the pool area towards the campground. When Jill greeted me at the door of the RV, she looked quite different. She had on black fishnet thigh-high stockings and black patent leather high heels. She had done some sexy makeup including a glossy dark red lipstick that went well with her tan. Interestingly, she must have applied the same lipstick to her big nipples, which made them red and stand out even more against her flat boyish chest. In each of her nipples she had inserted a large silver ring about the size of a man’s wedding band. The fact that her nipples were pierced was a real surprise and a big turn-on. She looked sooo sexy. Todd was nowhere to be seen. I complimented her on her sexy appearance – and let her know how much I liked the way her nipples looked. She said that she was feeling really sexy today and wanted to dress up a bit, and.that because her breasts were so small, she liked to do things to show off her big nipples. She said she had noticed my big nipples and knew I would appreciate her bold nipple display.

Then, she said, ‘Let’s see if Todd’s ready’, and called for him. Much to my amazement, Todd came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of hot pink panties with lace around the edges. Jill explained that today she was in charge and that Todd had agreed to do whatever she demanded, and that he was only to speak when spoken to. After seeing me acting quite feminine in the woods, she decided that Todd Pendik Olgun Escort should do the same. The panties would help him get into his new role. She then asked me if I ever wore womens panties, and when I said I did, she produced another pair exactly like Todd’s and instructed me to put them on and walk around for her. I readily complied.

This was more than I had hoped for, but I was loving it and could feel myself getting aroused as my medicine kicked in. She then asked me to act very feminine like I had done in the woods and instructed Todd to mimic what I was doing. Todd obeyed and began taking on a very feminine behavior. I tested Todd by making some very femme gestures and even talking to him in a femme voice. To my amazement he followed my lead, wanting to please his sexy wife. As we modeled and posed for Jill, she walked around, playing off and on with her big painted nipples and her pussy. I was getting very turned on and noticed that Todd’s pink panties were also now sporting a large bulge. He was definitely excited by this feminine behavior.

After a few minutes of this ‘girlie’ showing off for Jill, she instructed Todd to go into the bedroom and prepare to be made smooth. I took a few minutes to gather my equipment and when we entered the bedroom Todd was laying on the bed with his cock standing straight up. His panties were gone. Hard, and now fully exposed, his hairy cock was bigger that I had expected – probably 9 or 10 inches and quite thick. I caught myself licking my lips as I envisioned that beautiful tool when I was finished with it – smooth Pendik Sarışın Escort and hair free –fully exposed! There was a large white towel under his hips and a bowl of water and wash cloth was on the night stand along with a pack of new disposable razors and some gel shaving cream. They were definitely prepared for this big event.

As Jill and I sat on down the bed, she told Todd how pleased she was that he was finally going to give up his pubic hair and be smooth. She had obviously been wanting this for a long time and meeting me had presented the perfect opportunity to live out this fantasy. As Todd lay on the bed fully aroused, she ran her tan hand around his pubic area savoring what would be her last sensation of hair there. His big cock was rock hard, but she did not give him the satisfaction of playing with it. She wanted to keep him in a turned on state, and obeying her every command.

Finally, she instructed me to begin and to make him totally smooth. I began with my barbers scissors – cutting away the bulk of his thick brownish hair, and being especially careful as I trimmed his big hard shaft, balls and thighs. After doing all I could with the scissors, I used my battery powered hair trimmer to take away the remaining short hairs. To get him perfectly smooth, I then applied the sweet smelling shaving gel and worked it to a full lather around his big cock. I wanted so badly to have my way with his tool, but decided to wait. I carefully used the razors for his final smoothing. The whole process took me about 20 minutes, and he was now hairless and smooth Pendik Şişman Escort – and still very hard. I had used a lot of will power to keep from stroking his cock unnecessarily during the shaving. Several times I was tempted to stroke his tool or even suck it, but I didn’t want to overstep my welcome and have Jill upset with me. Meanwhile my own cock was hard as a rock and straining against the lacy panties.

When I finally finished, Jill ran her hand over Todd’s new smoothness and complimented me on doing a fine job, but said I was not finished. She said she wanted Todd “totally” smooth and instructed me to remove Todd’s chest hair and to shave his legs so that he’d be real smooth and feminine. I complied with her request and in another 15 minutes he was totally hair free and smooth. She then produced a bottle of aloe lotion and told me to help her cover his new smoothness. I love the way his tight muscular body felt as I worked the lotion over his upper body, arms and legs. I decided to get a little bolder and applied a handful of the lotion directly to his erect cock, smoothing it around his smooth hairless tool and balls, finally feeling the full girth of his thick, hard member in my hand. Jill must have sensed that I was enjoying it, and let me continue far longer than was necessary to do the job. Todd was really enjoying it too, and he occasionally let out a small moan of pleasure.

Finally, she told us to stand up so she could look at us together. She told me to take to take off my panties and show her my fully hard cock. I was only too happy to be set free. She walked around admiring her two subjects with their smooth hard clits sticking straight out. As I stood there close to Todd, I was surprised to feel his strong hand caressing my ass. I knew then for sure, that this was going to be a day more exciting than I could ever have imagined.

(End of PArt 2)

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