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Janie hung the phone up dejectedly. She had been looking forward to Rhona coming over and thought she had detected an off tone in her voice. Janie felt a twinge of jealousy and began to wonder if Rhona had found a new playmate. They weren’t in a true relationship, they had discussed that early on, but still Janie felt affection for the fiery little redhead. Janie and Rhona had both dated men since they had started their friendship and later on their sexual relationship but Janie had never gotten sexual with her male dates much to their chagrin. It wasn’t really out of loyalty to Rhona, more the guys were insufferable bores. Already pre-charged thinking about her afternoon tryst with Rhona Janie felt her self reacting to the wish that she could find a decent penis attached to a man that knew how to use it and wasn’t a total ass after they were fucking. Her husband had ruined her. He was sexually liberated and was as adept at slow erotic making love as he was as banging her senseless when she felt an itch. He encouraged her to act on her sexuality and to not be ashamed or feel guilt for sexual thoughts. She was never unfaithful to him but he was her sexual confessor and confidant.

She had some complications when Jason was born and as a result she had to have some help around the house for a few weeks, since lifting and bending were discouraged by the doctor. Paul, her husband, found a young girl to help her out. Jung-hi was 18 and the step daughter of the local Army recruiter. She was Korean, her chipper smile and intelligence made her a pleasant companion as well as great domestic help. When Paul was around Jung Hi was very business like and would wear an outer covering like a jacket or over blouse. When he wasn’t around she was very cheerful and would shed her over garments do Janie could see she had rather large breasts for such a diminutive frame. Janie found herself thinking back to her sophomore year of college when she had gotten a new room mate.

Mattie was a junior college transfer from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She was only 5 ft 2 (157.5 cm) inches tall but her diminutive size was over shadowed by her boundless energy. Usually someone of Mattie’s size wouldn’t make a university basketball team but she had professional level ball handling skills, extreme on court awareness, and an unorthodox but deadly accurate outside jump shot. Janie was struggling, academically, in basketball, and personally. So the arrival of the little Cherokee girl from Oklahoma was a gift in disguise to Janie.

At 5 ft 9 in. (175.25 cm) Janie had been accustomed to playing power forward or center in high school but at the new level there were girls taller or stronger. It seemed no matter how hard she worked she felt one step behind. The resulting depression started to affect her personal life as well. That is until Mattie showed up.

They had been roommates a little over a week when Mattie asked her, “Why don’t you switch?”

Janie was confused because she had no idea what Mattie was referring to.

Mattie was lying on her back in her bed shooting mock foul shots and looked over at Janie, before continuing, “Why don’t you play guard or small forward?”

The thought never occurred to Janie but she knew why she couldn’t and told Mattie, “I have always been one of the tallest on the team until now and I was never really helped with ball handling skills.”

Mattie frowned before saying, “Piss poor coaching if you ask me.” and went back to flipping the ball.

A few minutes later she asked Janie, “Want to?”

Janie who was trying to get her head wrapped around College Algebra looked up bewildered and said , “Huh?”

Mattie still flipping her mock foul shots said, “If you want to work on your ball handling skills, I can help.”

Janie said “OK” and went back to her math.

The next morning Janie was shaken awake by Mattie, as she sat up she asked groggily “Wha-what’s wrong, what time is it.”

Mattie laughed and said 6 AM. Janie knew her roommate was an early riser but she usually kept quiet to keep from disturbing her, grabbing her pillow she started to roll back over as she said, “My first class isn’t till nine, I can sleep for two more hours.”

Mattie jumped on the taller blonde straddling her hips laughing as she said, “Not today, today is day one of ball handling drills.”

A brief wrestling match ensued and shortly into it Janie had felt her nightgown had ridden up over her hips and her thin panties were all that were between her vulva and the panty covered sex of her roommate. The jolt she felt wasn’t from the friction, she had played around with boys before and knew how pleasurable it could be to have your private parts rubbed. No the jolt was from it being caused by the cute well formed minx with the dark hair and hazel eyes.

For a second she wanted it to go on but then fear and confusion took over and she angrily flipped to the side and yelled, “STOP!”.

The snap of expression halted Mattie’s efforts and she slid off the bed onto the floor not sure what she had done to the girl. She had felt the friction too and ataşehir escort enjoyed it while it lasted but it wasn’t her goal for the day. And it wasn’t the first time she had felt another girl grinding against her.

Mattie asked hesitatingly “What’s wrong, you did say you wanted to improve.”.

Janie felt ashamed for snapping at her friend replied, “No, your right, I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to take place in the middle of the night.”

Laughing now Janie threw her pillow and caught the smaller girl off guard as it wrapped around her face. A short chase around the room ensued before Janie got to the safety of the bathroom locking the door behind her. A few minutes later the girls were out on the nearby basketball courts with Mattie starting at ground zero with Janie. Over the weeks Mattie developed drills and showed Janie techniques on how to handle the ball and how to keep your head up and watch for defenders and open teammates. Some days they practiced just the two of them, others they got involved in pick up games with some of the local guys on the court. One more than one occasion in these games Janie or Mattie would be backing the ball in or posting up under the basket and feel the hardness of the defender rubbing against their ass. Sometimes it made Janie get a little wet between her legs.

She was still a virgin, that’s what “good girls” did back then plus she didn’t want getting pregnant interfere with college. Since she arrived at college she hadn’t dated seriously enough to get to that point. But she had handled a few cocks and even taking one in her mouth at the insistence of Bobby Mann. He had come back to town on leave after joining the army. Janie just 18 and working the summer between high school and college at the local Tastee Freeze thought he was cute in his uniform, so they dated. Bobby had gotten to second base a few times. Janie knew Bobby was leaving in a few days so she didn’t want to get to serious with someone leaving so soon. It was on the Saturday before he was to go back to the Army that Bobby had told her,

He told her he was going to Vietnam and didn’t know if he was going to comeback. Janie felt the breath catch in her throat. Although she knew about the war it was kind of abstract. Something you saw for a few minutes on the TV newscast each night. This was the first time she would have a real connection to what was going on in the war. Bobby tried to tell her he didn’t want to die a virgin. Janie felt so conflicted she knew that he was going to war and that she wished she could make his wish come true but she didn’t love him. She liked him some, and he did manage to make the physical responses occur in her body but she just wasn’t ready for that.

That’s when Bobby brought up “French Love”. To Janie it sounded pretty gross, why would you put that in your mouth. She wasn’t sure if it was the sloe gin fizz or what but she finally ended up in the back seat of Bobby’s mother’s rambler with her legs spread and her panties gone. Bobby had craftily got her blouse open and begin licking her sensitive nipples. Janie felt her panties get damp and her legs separated on their own. It was somewhere between the nipple licking and fingering that she realized how exposed she was and that Bobby had now had his trousers off. He kept his boxers on so Janie could see the dark shadow of his cock sticking out of the slit of the white boxers. She reached down and grabbed it out of fear before he could lower his hips down to her steaming crotch. It felt hot, spongy and slimy.

Without thinking she did what she thought would be the only thing to save her virginity. She pulled the throbbing mass to her mouth. She wasn’t sure what to do so she did what she would do if there was a food she hated but had to eat. She popped the whole thing in her mouth. Bobby moaned and shoved in making her gag before she was able to pull off and push him back. He was still in her mouth and pumped twice more before he grunted and Janie felt the hot bitter liquid erupt in her mouth. She tried to get it out of her mouth but with her head on armrest and Bobby over her it was impossible. She felt waves of nausea wash over her. Fortunately he was done quick and he pulled back and flopped back to the other side of the car trying to catch his breath. Janie spit the mouthful of acidic sour mess onto the floorboard before dry heaving right after. She needed something to get the nasty taste out of her mouth so she gargled with the slow gin fizz.

Before Bobby could say anything Janie snapped, “Take me home!”

If was about a month after that Janie was worried about Bobby, they didn’t really say good bye and she didn’t get to see him before he left. She was at the grocery store when she saw Alyssa Mann, Bobby’s mother.

Walking up to her Janie inquired, “Hi Mrs. Mann, I hate to trouble you but I am friends with Bobby and I was just wondering if you have heard from him, I know you must be worried?

Alyssa Mann looked at the tall blonde and smiled politely, “Worried, I guess I am but not as much as some mother avcılar escort with son’s in uniform.”

She reached over and grabbed a box of Corn Flakes before adding “We were fortunate the Bobby was sent to Italy instead of Vietnam.”

The anger in the young girls face was accentuated by the blaze of red in her cheeks. Bobby’s mother deduced what her son had been up to wondered how far he had gotten with the walking wet dream.

Alyssa was no stranger to a little sapphic love and wouldn’t mind doing the young girl herself.

Alyssa poked at the young girl by asking, “What did you say your name was, would you like me to pass on your regards to Bobby.”

Janie answered “Janie, but no, no need as long as he was safe.”

Alyssa figured how ever her son had used the young girl, there wasn’t a pregnancy involved.

Janie learned a lesson that day about men and what they will do for sex.

Thanks to Mattie’s help Janie’s skills improved so much that she was moved from third sting forward on the verge of getting cut to second string guard often alongside if Mattie. With her height advantage she could see over players and was able to make some great passes and assists. Their teams winning season was as much as a result of the two girls as the rest of the team.

Over Thanksgiving the team was invited to an east coast tournament, Mattie and Janie were room mates for the trip as well. On the way there Mattie was excited because her cousin who Mattie hadn’t seen in a few years was going to come by and watch some games. Mattie’s cousin Lavelle had joined the Navy out of high school not having Mattie’s athletic or academic abilities.

Lavelle showed up the day of the first game. She was different from Mattie, where Mattie was short Lavelle was almost as tall as Janie, where Mattie was curvy, Lavelle was very boyish, and where Mattie was an extrovert and never met a stranger, Lavelle seemed almost withdrawn. Janie liked Lavelle, her shy smile and obvious affection for Mattie was enough for her, When Mattie asked Lavelle how long she was staying she had said she was leaving after the game to take the bus back to the base because she couldn’t afford to stay in town. The bus ride was at least two hours from the college, if it ran on time. It was during the third period of the game that night that Mattie hatched her plan to Janie. Lavelle would stay with them in the room, she would just stay hidden until coach made bed check. Janie was a little afraid. Not sure what would happen if they got caught but she owed so much to her roomie that she agreed. After all it’s not like they were hiding a boy.

It was hard fought game that night. Janie played most of it when her starting counterpart turned her ankle two minutes into the first period. The nerves quickly wore off as she worked as hard as she had ever in her life. Sprinting up the court on offense and defense sometimes breaking up a fast break or getting her own lay up as Mattie fired the ball up the court. When the final buzzer sounded Janie could say she left it all on the court. Her body was bruised and sore from the contact and her legs like jello from her effort. Everybody opted to skip showers at the arena and go back to the hotel. Once there Janie had a long hot shower while Mattie and Lavelle caught up and then ate a banana prior to climbing into bed. She didn’t even bother to turn out the light knowing the Mattie would. She was probably asleep before her head hit the pillow.

She heard the giggling through the fog of sleep. She knew Mattie and Lavelle were catching up and it really didn’t bother her. They didn’t have do anything until 10 tomorrow. Sometime later on the giggles changed and instead of words she heard husky whispers. Janie opened her eyes and at first was blinded by the crack of light coming from around the bathroom door that wasn’t pulled completely shut. Mattie’s bed was across from hers just a few short feet away but with her face pointed toward the bathroom she really couldn’t see what was going on.

She heard Mattie ask. “Are you sure she is asleep.”

Janie heard rustling on the other bed and quickly snapped her eyes close as a shadow crossed her closed eyelids.

Lavelle whispered out, “Yeah, she’s out.”

Janie laid there and listened to Lavelle climb back onto the bed and the covers rustle. A few seconds later you heard the wet clicks of kisses being placed on human skin. She could hear sighs and moans, some she could make out as Mattie’s some most likely Lavelle’s. Her curiosity getting stronger Janie act liked she was shifting her sleep tilting her head back and pulling her blanket up to her ear.

The girls gasped and froze at her movement and waited to see if they had been found out. To her credit Janie was able to suppress a nervous giggle and laid there with her eyes closed. After a few minutes the other girls felt it was safe to continue.

As the sighs and moans built Janie finally opened her top eye just a slit. The shadow from the blanket shrouded her face from the duo. Janie had to bite avrupa yakası escort her lip to keep from gasping so loud the girls would hear her. The tableau laid out before her was not only erotic but a little frightening. Mattie was leaning up against the head board with her breast bare and Lavelle was paying loving attention to them with her tongue. Janie has seen the young girls brown breast with the dark nipple before in showers at the gym or incidentally as they got dressed in the room. But this was the first time she saw them erotically.

The dark nipples and aureola puffed up like macaroons topped with berries. With the light from the bathroom she could see the wetness on her friends nipples and the wry grin on her face as her cousin bathed her nipples.

Mattie groaned, “Ohhhh, I’ve missed this.”

That was one more shock to the blonde, this meant this wasn’t a one time thing that Mattie and her cousin had done this before. She almost flinched when Mattie looked straight at her as if she could see in the dark shadow covering her face but if she was caught the young girl made no mention of it.

As Lavelle’s head tried to dip lower Mattie caught her head and whispered “No, I don’t..”

Lavelle put her fingers over Mattie’s lips and said “Let me, I love your taste and you don’t have to do it to me.”

Mattie lessened her grip on her cousins head, resting her hands on top her head as she trailed her face down. At first Janie was confused but then Bobby Mann and French Love popped into her head and she realized that what she did for Bobby, Lavelle was doing for Mattie.

Janie was on fire on the inside and outside. Her vulva was seeping liquids and building heat while her skin flushed in a sexual fever. She wanted so to reach down and touch her self but she didn’t dare. Mattie grunted and pulled her attention back to the girls. Mattie had her legs pulled up with her knees almost to her head and Lavelle’s face was hidden between her thighs. Mattie rocked her hips and legs as her moans turned to grunts and the interval between grunts got shorter.

Janie was listening to Mattie and her nipples puffed even more, all she heard was “Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, oh my god don’t lick my butthole…”

Mattie slammed her hand over her mouth as she tied to bury the scream. Janie was trembling under the blanket on the verge of cumming herself despite not being touched nor touching herself.

As Mattie came down she pushed her cousin off her and in a panic looked over at her sleeping roommate. She knew Janie was a sound sleeper and had a hard work out today but still. When she realized Mattie was looking her was Janie had managed to shut her eyes without detection and laid there afraid of getting caught. When Mattie was satisfied that Janie was still asleep she pulled her long lanky cousin up to the bed and climbed between her legs. Lavelle was similar in height and build to Janie, although Janie had a nice c cup tits and cute little round ass.

Plunging her fingers into Lavells twat she knew the girl didn’t need to be warmed up. The silky moisture was covering her dark pubic hair and the inside of her thighs. Mattie hadn’t taken to pussy eating like Lavelle did but would do is in reciprocation. She was glad her cuz had freed her from that.

Instead Mattie jacked Lavelle’s large clit like she would a small cock and watched as her blood relative squirmed under her fingers, Mattie like to have it rubbing between her lips and against her own clit. Feeling Lavelle ready Mattie laid her pussy over Lavelle’s pushing down trapping the taller girls clit between them. As Mattie ground against her cousin Janie began to tremble. She had a feeling of what the young girl felt as she remembered that short interval where Matties warm panty clad cunt had rubbed her own those few short strokes. As Mattie rode her cousin she looked over at her sleeping roommate. She has often had fantasies of riding Janie like this or rubbing her cunt against her round ass until she came. Of course she would never follow up on them. She wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her friendship with Janie and she knew this little white girl from middle America didn’t know anything about girls loving girls. From their conversations Mattie knew that Janie was only slightly sexually experienced and still a virgin. It didn’t stop Mattie from rubbing one out in the dorm shower as Janie slept a few feet away. Feeling the long muscular body beneath her Mattie let her mind wander and Lavelle slipped away to become Janie under her.

Janie felt the pressure building in time within her friends hip thrust. Janie was enraptured watching the girl’s breast sway and bounce and the curve of her ass flex while she humped against the young woman under her. That tingle Janie felt a few weeks ago became a buzz and soon a rumble as she watched Matties hair stick to her sweaty face and the beads of sweat roll across her breasts. She could smell the odor of sex as it permeated the entire room. Lavelle had long sense finished and was laying there under Mattie, her cunt being pummeled by the smaller girls flaming pussy. To Mattie she was fucking her roommate in her head. Mattie made one final grinding lunge locking her pussy to Lavelle’s as her grunting groan rolled out. Watching her friend climax pushed Janie to her own as she trembled under the blanket not having touched herself but still shivering in rapture.

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