Oh Man…Your Breath Smells Ch. 04


Wednesday morning, and I am so frigging horny.

Monday’s encounter with Miko had opened yet another doorway into depravity.

Tuesday, in my travels I had stopped at the local adult shop and purchased a double ended dildo similar to the one Miko had defiled me with.

I shuddered at the thought of being my wife’s bitch…sucking my wife’s big smelly dick…whimpering with pleasure as she thrust on, and on, and on…

But my bride was still on sabatical at the pampering pregnant lady spa, and not due home for another two days…leaving me with a yearning that needed to be filled.

In short I wanted more dirty nasty sex…I just love giving and recieving…I love submitting to sexual abandon…I love dominating a situation…I love it all, and I want some more.

So once again I am headed to the housing projects to seek out some satisfaction from these deliciously nasty ladies who have invaded my existance.

What I am missing this morning are the impossibly long tongues of Kendra and Sam, so pulling in I double check to make sure daddy’s car is gone, and grabbing my tools head in for yet another pleasure-filled apointment.

My dick is twitching already as I knock on their door anticipating a big long smelly kiss in moments…

Oh shit.

Oh my goodness…wow.

The door has opened and it is not Kendra, and it is not Sam.

He is HUGE.

I am staring into the bare chest of the largest black man, but not just black man; he is the largest man period that I have ever seen up close. He is the product of blessed genetics taken to the extreme of human limitations.

He is wearing a pair of lycra spandex biking shorts that accentuate massive thighs which taper into a chiseled waist line that then flares into an enormous V to impossibly wide shoulders that frame his equally massive pectorals.

My mouth is agape.

“How you doing boss?” comes a surprisingly smooth voice that startles me as much as anything, and I snap my head up to look in his face, which is smiling.

“You come to work on the phones?” he continues with his smile, setting me at ease.

“Yes sir” I sputter out.

“Well come on in my man” he grins as he holds the door open with an arm, and I walk right under his towering frame.

He has got to be at least 6′ 5″.

“I was just gonna have some coffee before my bike ride…you want some?” he asks me.

“Uhm…uh, yeah, sure…thank you” I stammer out. Man what am I doing here??

If my mind had been quick enough I would have been in immediate retreat mode, but the cloudy fog of my lust has stupified me for the moment, and I am hoping like crazy that Sam, or Kendra is going to be walking in any moment.

I follow the incredible hulk into the kitchen…and nope…nobody in the kitchen by way of a female…but if I just wait it out for a bit…this dude will be biking soon, and I will be snacking on whichever of the ladies is home.

“I’m James, by the way” he quips smiling back at me with raised brows.

“Peter” I reply as I settle in at the kitchen table.

“Cream…sugar?” as he stands with his back to me.

“Uhm I usually go with milk and splenda, but thats ok if you don’t…”

“My man”, James booms, “That’s what I’m talking about…one or two splenda’s?”

“Just one please” I am smiling now too as James brings me a big old mug and settles in next to me.

Man he is just massive, and I cannot help but tell him as he settles into the chair.

“Why thank you brother…I can see you work out yourself” he replies, and I modestly shake my head thanks.

We talk on for some minutes as we drink our coffee, and swap work out stories. I am surprised at how easy going James is for being so massive…he does not have any sort of cockiness to his demeanor.

Strangely I have almost forgotten what I was at this apartment for…

“Sam had to bring Kendra to work…case you were wondering” spoke James.

I feel like I have to pee the instant I hear the names, and the familiarity of the manner with which James addressed me.

Busted for sure.

I am left speechless…just staring at James, who is looking back at me with a blank expressionless face.

“You were wondering… weren’t you?” he asks me.

“James I uhm…” stuttering.

“You uhm what Peter?” comes James cool reply.

“I’m sorry” I whisper.

“What’s to be sorry for?” James replies as he stands and grabs our mugs turning to the sink, and I look at the sheer bulk of his back…just unbeleivably ripped.

“Mom told me all about you banging my little sister…but don’t worry I won’t tell Kendra that you are throwing it into my mother as well” he sais without smiling as he turns and leans against the counter, crossing his arms as he does so. The effect is very intimidating…

It occurs to me that James does not need to be cocky, and I could be in the most trouble of my life…serious trouble.

“My mom tells me everything Pete” he quips as he slowly makes his way over to me, ending up standing behind me.

I Bostancı Yabancı Escort feel smaller and smaller as he places his impossibly large hands on my shoulders, and leans down into my ear.

“Everything Pete. She told me how you fucked and sucked my sister, and then you fucked and sucked her some more” he breathes into my ear. I can smell the coffee on his breath as I shudder under the fear of this mountain of a man.

“Mom also told me how you pissed in her mouth!!!” james spat at me…and speaking of this I thought I was going to pee then as my head dropped in shame. I had no excuse to offer this man. I could do nothing. He had me cold.

“Guess what else she told me Pete?” he is whispering now, and I am starting to sweat as I just shake my head no.

“She told me your a little cum slut…that you like drinking your hot load out of her mouth you disgusting little pig” whispers James.

Oh man…how humiliating is this…I am wanting to sink into myself.

James starts to rub my shoulders in a lazy fashion, and I am just amazed at how huge his hands are.

“I gotta tell ya man…that is just about as nasty a habit as I can recall hearing” he states as he places his hand on the back of my neck. His paw is so large it just about encircles my 16 inch neck…this man could break me in a heartbeat is what my mind screams as my heart pounds in my temples.

James regrips my shoulders then and leans in so his lips are right against my ear and breathes “If you think a hot load of jism tastes good second hand…then you should try some right from the fountain.”

Whoa…what? No…no way…he couldn’t.

Folks let me tell ya. I have never given any thought to such activity.

Even being plowed in the ass by Miko’s lovely cock…was not what I considered to be gay…it was just nasty.

And tasting my own load? Equally nasty, but it’s mine…not someone elses.


Big difference here, as I begin to shake my head no at James remark.

“Mnmm yeah Peter… a nice hot creamy load is what you need. Slimy and sticky and gooey running out of your lips as you fight to gulp some more” James whispers, and I cannot help but squirm as his breath feels good tickling my ear.

“Big…HOT…cock between your lips Peter” his soothing whisper is feeling good…deny it I try. When James whispered hot into my ear I had to fight off the desire to hunch up and shudder.

“You love hard cock Peter” is his statement as he nips at my earlobe, and now I do openly shudder.

“Mnmmm” James moans as he starts to run his big lips over my neck flesh under the ear before bringing his mouth back to my ear.

“Big and hard and tasty Peter…so slimy and sticky” his continuous assault is breaking me down, and as he returns to my neck with his lips I lean my head to the side giving him better access to kiss my flesh.

His lips are big soft pillows and there is no denying the pleasure they are giving.

My mouth is paste, and my pulse is pounding, but my cock is beginning to uncurl.

My breathing is growing deeper by the breath as James continues to kiss my neck, nipping at the flesh with his lips and gently wetting me his tongue.

“Ohhhh” is my soft sigh as my head lazily rolls allowing him further access.

The kisses from his lips are just too good, and I give myself over to their soft caresses.

“Mnmm, oh yeah” I sigh as I roll my head back and James moves to the front of my neck under my chin, tickling along my windpipe with long soft smooches.

Wetly trailing kisses travel up over my chin and he has now covered my lips with his.

My lips are pressed together, but as he continuously nips at my lips it is only a matter of time and I respond, slowly parting my lips.

“Mmmmph” I moan as I open up and let my tongue sneak out for a taste of his.

James needed no further invitation from me, and promptly plunged his 6 inch tongue into my throat, literally choking me with it.

“Annngh” I choked out coughing.

“Easy there big…” James tried to ease me, but I cut him off with a groan as I threw my arms around his neck, and fought to get my lips back to his.

“Ungh, oh James, oh ungh, oh kiss me, ohngm” I was mewling as I rained my lips around his.

“Mnmmm” James hummed as he fed his monster digit back into now salivating lips.

I have never felt so much pleasure inside my mouth as this tongue.

James lifted up, and lifted me as well because I was not about to let go of him.

As he straightened up my legs went around his waist and we openly frenched in the kitchen.

“Ohnmm yeah, ohhnmnn yeah” I moaned as I dry humped against James, clutching to his massive neck.

“Mmmmnnm yeah…James, oh James…cumming, oh I’m cumming…cumming, cumming” i sputtered as I shook against him.

Releasing his tongue I sucked at his lips, “Ooh…I made a mess in my pants.”

“That’s ok babe” James responds with a lick, “I’ll clean you up.”

James eases me back onto the chair I had leaped out Bostancı Yeni Escort of, and steps back. The sight of him absolutely has my mouth watering in anticipation.

James is physically perfect. Huge, chiseled, hard. This is not that puffed up steroid look…this is rock hard…strong, and from the way he just lifted me up…

His cock is angrily trying to rip through his spandex as it fights it’s way skyward.

Mesmerized, I reach out and run my hand along it’s length. Again and again I rub it with a slow and steady hand.

This is fucking incredible…I cannot believe how long it is.

“Take it out Pete” he sighs, snapping me from my trance.

Getting to my feet I lean forward and suck his nipples, which are just above the level of my mouth.

“Unnggh yes” groans James, which just set me to sucking and slurping his nipples. I loved giving him this pleasure!!

Slipping my hands around I smoothed them over his buttocks as I leaned forward against his belly. Then I hooked my hands in his waistband and pulled down until I was on my knees, helping him lift is feet out of his shorts.

I started to slowly smooth my hands over his calf muscles as I worked my way slowly upward…now to the backs of his knees and on to his massive tree trunk thighs until I was sliding them into his groin area.

His tool was impossibly large…there was just no way I could fit this thing inside me, but thankfully it seems that James’ was aware of this.

You gotta hand it to the guy, he had amazing self control.

Reaching down, James lifted me back into the chair, and spread his legs so his cock was lined up with my face.

I reached out, and grabbing it with both hands there was still a couple of inches plus the bulbous head sticking out.

Squeezing it caused the skin to stretch tight across the head. I paused to sniff the head before I sank it into my mouth.

“Mmmmnm, ohmmmm, mmnnmnmn” I moaned around his head. James was right about the taste. I love to taste my dick in other’s mouth’s, but this was fabulous. Much better. I was hooked right away.

Releasing one of my hands I fought to take in more…and after some effort was able to swallow a good portion… I kept at it , and at it, and at it.

Steadily bobbing my head now as James started to tentatively match my tempo.

“Thats it Peter…suck it baby…oh you love my dick” James was starting to slowly moan as he sped his tempo.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm” my moans match his thrusts, and I can feel his head starting to expand as his boiling point is near.

“Oh fuck yes Pete” he grunts and grabs me around my head with his massive hands, locking my head in his grip as he starts to pump, and pump, and pump, and pump, and pump, and pump, and after his sixth jet into my mouth I am unable to keep up as I sputter, and he spits another 4 big shots all over my face before feeding his slimy tool back into my mouth.

Oh man, I am a mess as I continually gulp down his slimy jism.

James is rubbing his load into my face with his dick now as I moan lewdly fighting to get his dick back into my mouth without shame.

James then picks me up again, and my legs find their way around his waist once more as he helps to clean my face of his spunky load, trading spit and cum filled kisses with me as he carries me out of the kitchen and down the hallway eventually landing on a bed. I don’t care where I am at the moment as we share deep french after deep french.

James peels off my clothes, and devours my cock and balls with his massive lips and invasive tongue.

“Oh man, oh man, oh yeesss” I moan.

James has me ready to pop in no time, and then eases off and returns to my lips.

Staring into my eyes as he feeds me his impossibly large tongue he takes his finger and places it alongside his tongue allowing it to get lubed up. Still making out while looking into one another he trails his slimy finger down my body, and without hesitation slides it into my crack…working it deep.

“Unnnnngh yeah” I moan out around his tongue, while my legs start to involuntarily kick out.

We continue to french as James widens out my hole, until he rises up and lifts me with him as I am once again clinging to his neck.

Standing once more James fits my ass cheeks in his palms, and spreading my back door open gently lowers me onto his cock.

“Ooooohhhh no my goooodnessss James your dick its too big, oh James its too big, Oh James, oh James, aaaarggghg” I cry as I slowly slide down.

James lifts me slowly, then allows my weight to fall onto his pole again, and again, and again until half his incredible dick is repeatedly working into my asshole steadily and my cries have turned to mewls of delight.

Once again, there is just no way I could handle this whole package…lets be realistic…

James could easily put me in the hospital if he wanted to seriously ravage me, and the gratitude I felt for his control only made we want to please him all the more.

Slowly I am lowered to the Bostancı Masaj Salonu bed still full of dick, and James now slowly begins to pump my asshole. My eyes are squeezed shut as I enjoy this anal invasion.

It’s the smell of her breath that I recognise as I feel a gentle breeze on my face, and I dreamily open my eyes to find Sam’s face inches from mine. We are headed in opposite directions, and she giggles at my disorientation.

“Hi baby…did you miss me?” she breathes out before leaning froward and filling my mouth with her long tongue.

“Oh yes…missed you so much” I gasp as I lock my arms around her neck as we engage in an impossibly long french session…mewling, and gasping, and spitting all over each other.

Sam slowly crawls forward until she swallows my cock whole while rubbing her gash in my mouth, and we begin a sweet 69 as James repeatedly fills my ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes I’m cummmmmiiiiing” is my garbled cry with my mouth full of Sam’s thick juice.

Sam has the thickest pussy juice, and it is so slippery, and makes her crotch so soft as I grind my face all over her.

My face is about to get messier as Sam makes her way back up to my mouth and shares my spunk in a long sloppy french.

Sam is insatiable as she licks me like a pussy, and then she is gone.

Looking up I see James lean down and begin a long french with his mother. I can only imagine what it is like inside their mouths as 10 inches of tongue tangles and untangles. This continues for some time until I feel James withdraw his dick from my chute.

I rub my spent dick as I watch them kiss with abandon…

Suddenly James whispers something into his mother face, and hearing her gasp she turns so she is facing me, and puts her hands on either side of my crotch.

Sam is now in the form of the letter A as her ass is skyward, and her head is brushing against my crotch.

I watch as James lifts her legs skyward so she is now in a handstand, and James places her feet against his chest, and then leans down and licks her instep, which causes her head to grind into my groin.

This only lasts a moment as James grips her waist and hoists her skyward until her mouth is perfectly in line with his cock.

Wow…I cannot believe the strength of this man, as he now bends forward and drives his tongue into his mom’s gash as she slowly slides her head onto his shaft which is all shiny with the remnants of my greasy ass.

I see her legs lock themselves around James’ neck as she settles her sweet lips on her son’s tool with a lazy up and back, up and back.

What an incredible sight to see her sliding up and down this black monster cock.

Sam now opens her eyes and gazes at me, and it is almost as if she is looking, but not seeing as she continues her trek up and down on her son’s dick.

Just then I can see her eyes adjust, and focus on me, and it appears as though she smiles. This is confirmed when on the next pass up, she lifts herself off his dick and does just that, smiles at me before plunging back onto James dick.

Reaching the halfway point of his dick, Sam pauses, staring into my eyes now with a look that would give a dead man a woody and slowly pushes herself forward until about three quarters of James massive tool is gone.

Knowing what was coming, and I think this might have been planned all along James drops down onto his knees so his ballsack is inches from my face…

The smell is fantastic, and so is the view as I stare upward into the incredibly beautiful, and contorted face of Sam as she prepared herself to swallow her son.

Sam sits poised at the top of his towering shaft, and inhaling deeply, begins the long journey south.

Pausing at the halfway point, she takes another deep inhale, and pushes down, and down, and down, until she has consumed the entire length of her son’s impossibly long dick, and her nose is now only inches from my face as I look on with absolute awe.

“Nooo my goodness…so sexy, oh my goodness you are so incredibly sexy…just the best mouth baby…ungh how awesome you are” I continually breathe out into Sam’s face my nasty words of encouragement as I lick her stretched out cheeks and tongue her distended lips that rest at the bottom of her son’s massive shaft.

It all makes perfect sense though that she would be the one able to handle James’ monster cock.

Again she eases off to the peak of his manhood, and lifting her mouth completely off allows a massive load of spit to escape her throat and spill directly into my face bafore she immediately recaptures the massive weapon to repeat her swallowing act.

They must have done this before, because the moment she spat out the load of spit James lowered his crocth to my face and ground his balls without shame on my slimey mouth.

On and on they repeated their insane coupling, while they continued to use me for their spittoon, as I close my eyes and give myself to be their pleasure tool.

Finally I can here James deep groan, and looking again I see his mom really flying up and down his shaft with incredible speed.

James legs are visibly trembling as I here his mother start to mewl with his load in her mouth.

Watching I can see the beginnings of his juice forming around her lips, and then it just sarts spilling out and down and over his balls and onto my face.

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