Old Friends with New Benefits


Author’s notes:

Warning: This story contains bi-sexual sex. There is both hetero sex, and bi-sexual sex between both women and men. If you’re not into that, then kindly back out and find another story.

This is multiple-first-person point of view story.

Everyone in this story is over eighteen. I hope you enjoy it. Ratings and comments are always welcome, but please, only if you’ve read the story.



I’m lying in bed and dreaming. I’m in that semiconscious state, somewhere between sleep and awake. My semiconscious brain senses dawn is about to break, and yet the dream goes on.

~~~ I’m in a locker room at the gym. I’m walking out of the shower, drying myself with my towel as I approach my locker. Everything is in slow motion, as dreams often seem. I left the locker door wide open, as usual. My wallet and car keys are in plain sight. I should care more that my personal items might be stolen. Then, I see it, someone has left what appears to be a men’s clothing catalog in my locker, just on top of my shoes. It appears at first to be a typical men’s clothing catalog, 100 pages or so of glossy print, buff guys clad in the clothes they’re modeling, in poses like they’re ready for anything, ready to conquer the world.

I grab the catalog and open it up. WTF is this? My eye is immediately drawn to the crotch of each model. They’re all dressed in clothes as if they were modeling for any typical men’s clothing manufacturer. Their poses are the same as any of these types of catalogs; about to hike up a hill, jacket slung over shoulders, walking down to the sea on a white dock on bluebird day, in a barn feeding a horse, etc…, but one thing is different: all these models, their pants flies are open, and shooting out from their open pants flies are their rock hard cocks.

“What the fuck is this,” I utter out loud. I get the feeling other guys in the locker room are looking my way, so I shut up, and feel self conscious. I close the fake catalog so no one else can see it. When I think the coast is clear, I open it again and peruse the inventory. My own cock stiffens under my damp towel.

Who put this gay porn disguised as a men’s wear catalog in my locker, I wonder, and look around the locker room spying which guy is punking me. Or, does one of these dudes have the hots for me… ~~~

BUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ…the alarm goes off and I’m yanked out of my dream. Wow, that was an odd dream. What brought that on I wonder? Liz, my wife, is still asleep, she rolls over and mutters something incomprehensible. It’s early, 5:00AM. I have to catch a 7:00AM flight to San Francisco for a meeting with clients. Rick, my office partner-in-crime is tagging along.

As I’m showering, I can’t help but wonder about that dream I was just yanked from. I was looking at erotic art on the internet before bed last night, maybe that did it. The art was exaggerated genitalia art; men and women with huge cocks and pussies, pictured in various stages of fucking. Lot’s of gay and lesbian couples depicted too. An otherwise normal sized guy reclining on a bed, with a outsized, three foot long, thick and juicy hard cock. His male partner barely able to get just his tongue on the tip of the cock it was so big. Another one; a woman laying back, undressed, and in a vary erotic pose, in the throes of orgasm, as her male partner’s huge three foot cock is plowing her enormous gushing pussy. That sort of thing.

My cock stiffens as I wash my crotch and remember the art and my dream. I’m a non-practicing bisexual. Or at least that’s what I call myself. Maybe I’m just in the bi-curious-again camp. I had had a few experiences with the same sex. All back when I was in college, before I got married, but nothing since. Liz knows about my sordid past. We’ve talked about it here and there over the years. She’s confessed to me of her own explorations with her same sex, before me of course. We’ve even talked of bringing someone else into our bed to relive those old memories. Apparently it was only talk, in a lust filled moment, because neither one of us has pushed for that to really happen.


I pass the security checkpoint at the airport and head off to my gate. It’ll be a hot one, the haze outside the window is already building. This early, and there are already waves of hot air escaping the tarmac. The image of the planes through the oven-like atmosphere makes it look like their fuselage is wiggling.

Rick is already at the gate. Always the punctual one, he’s seated first row back from the gate reading a book.

“Anything good?” I say offhand, as I throw my jacket over the chair next to Rick and take the seat two down from him.

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” Rick answers softly, without looking up.

“Fifty Shades!” I blurt out. Rick, a little embarrassed now, closes the book and stuffs it in his laptop case.

“I want to see what all the fuss was about,” he says defensively.

“Don’t let me judge you man. You just don’t seem like the whips and chains kinda guy.”

“I’m not görükle escort the whips and chains kinda guy. I’m just reading it, Mitch…something different…that’s all.”

Rick isn’t easily rattled. I’m not use to seeing him like this. He’s a take charge kinda guy at the office.

“I’m just busting your chops, bud. Jeez, don’t go getting all defensive on me. Look, I read smut, watch porn and enjoy looking at erotic art, so I’m not judging you, OK?”

Rick, apparently doesn’t want to talk any further about it. He tilts his head and points his two thumbs to the right and says, “Coffee?”

“Sure,” I say, and now I’m the one feeling that I’ve divulged too much.



I’m in that semi-sleep state, somewhere between awake and dreaming. I can hear everything; the birds chirping, a truck passes outside, a plane flies over. I’ve been dreaming of fields full of flowers, and ocean waves, and nude bodies. All shapes and sizes of nude bodies, mostly female, tongues and fingers everywhere. I’m moist where I want to be.

Rick has already left the house, he’s on his way to another business meeting out of town, and I’m happy about that. He’ll be gone for two days. Two days to myself, and I’m elated. It’s not that I don’t love Rick, or want his cock, but I’ve been pushing him away lately. This double life I’m leading, its got me emotionally split, it has been hard to reconcile my feelings between my two lovers. I wish I could tell Rick and be done with it; I promised myself that I would months ago, but always lost my nerve the last minute. I’m scared for what he’ll say, and do. I don’t want to divorce him. I want to have my cake and eat it too, of course, who doesn’t.

It has been a year and a half since Liz and I started our sexual relationship behind the boys backs. The Boys, I still call them, jokingly, the four of us are now in our thirties.

It started innocently enough. The boys were away on one of their business trips. They were in Europe, and would be gone two weeks. At that time, Rick and I were having some work done at our house. The kitchen had already been gutted and the contractor was to begin installing new floors and cabinets that same week. Normally with these house projects, we would just camp out in the construction mess. We’d order take out, eat off paper plates, and made do. But, with Rick to be away for an entire two weeks, I told Liz I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the construction mess alone. She offered to put me up in their spare room, and I took her up on it.

Until this time, Liz, Mitch, Rick and I had been sort of friends, more like acquaintances really, for several years before this. The boys worked in the same office and so we got together once and a while. Liz and I got along OK back then, but until those two weeks that I stayed at her house, we weren’t all that close. I had always admired her though, but she was Mitch’s wife, and Mitch was Rick’s co-worker, and Rick felt we shouldn’t get too involved with people he worked with. We hung out with them when they asked us to join them, like for a picnic or dinner, just to be polite more than anything, and they were a fun couple, so we never stood them up, but at the same time, back then, we resisted getting too close.

It turned out however, that Liz had always wanted to get closer to me, and she loved the idea of me staying with her over for those two weeks during our kitchen remodel.

“It’ll be one long slumber party, girl,” she said, when I accepted her invitation.

We both worked day jobs, so Liz had made plans for the two of us each night that first week. The first night she wanted to go to a little theater in town that showed art house films, not the normal Hollywood tripe. The film was a foreign film, with French subtitles. It was about a rich woman who seduces her maid while her husband is off to war. It was fairly graphic, almost soft porn. Liz was flushed with excitement as we talked about the film over wine at a local cafe afterwards.

The next evening Liz arranged for us to attend a friend of hers sex toy party. I had never been to one of those and didn’t know exactly what to expect. The party was a hoot. It was an all girls party. A sex toy party hostess, Helen, was invited to the house of Liz’s friend, Julie. After much wine and giggling, Helen gave us a brief talk about how we women need to take care of our own sexual needs. To dress sexy, and if our men weren’t available, or up for the task, we should take our pleasure into out own hands. One by one, she showed us the line of lingerie and vibrators she had for sale. Each item she displayed, and explained the virtues of, was followed by laughter and jokes from the women in the room. There was plenty of wine flowing, and we were all encouraged to try on the sexy lingerie, and so we did. Everyone was feeling sexy by the time the vibrator presentation happened, and so, many of those were sold. Liz bought two new ones, to my astonishment. She told me she had several already, but they were bursa escort bayan losing their appeal and she needed an update. She also purchased a strap-on. Which, I was initially shocked about, but, at the time, didn’t ask questions. I hadn’t owned a dildo before that night, but with all the excitement in the room, I purchased one too, a Thunder Vibe. We both bought some lingerie. Me, a cup-less baby-doll, her a black sheer chemise.

We were both pretty buzzed by the end of the party, luckily we took a taxi. We continued the party back at Liz’s house. She opened another bottle of wine, and we sat on her couch and joked about the sex toy party. “Did you get a load of Marie?” Liz laughed. “The look of shock on her face when the hostess brought out the dildos. What did she expect from a sex toy party?”

“She never did lighten up. She was a stick in the mud. Who invited her any way?” I chimed in.

Liz and I sat on her couch close to one another, knee to knee. I could feel her body heat as we girl-talked our way through another bottle of wine. Every now and again, we’d hold a gaze in each other’s eyes a few seconds too long. Then it just happened. She leaned in, and I leaned in, and we kissed. Liz and I have been secret lovers ever since. Every Wednesdays for a noon-er at my place, or whenever the boys are out of town.

And, now that the boys were again away on business, Liz and I have made plans to spend this time together. I’m so horny thinking of having Liz in my bed tonight. I can’t stop myself, as my hand slides between my legs.



Mitch and I are seated next to one another on the plane, him in seat 13D, me 13E. Damn, I was hoping for a little separation. This plane ride is going to be longer than I wanted it to be. I had planned on reading my book, but now that Mitch made fun of my book choice back at the gate, I don’t feel like breaking it out with him sitting right next to me. I wasn’t really embarrassed, after all, I collect erotic art. The issue is more that Mitch and I, even though we’d consider each other friends, we hadn’t shared anything about our intimate lives before. Our friendship is mostly a work relationship. One-upmanship is the standard for an office friendship between males, not sharing intimate details of ones sex life. Back at the gate, he mentioned he enjoyed looking at erotic art himself, amongst other things, so maybe later I’ll tell him about my secret hobby.

I switch my thoughts to Eva, she has been distant lately and I can’t figure out why. She says everything is fine, she’s just not been in the mood most of the time. It seems that I only get laid once every two weeks these days. As Eva’s interest in sex waned, I needed something to scratch my itch, so I started reading erotic literature, and I began masturbating frequently, again, just like I use to when I was younger. I don’t want to cheat on Eva, but my hand is just not the same as another warm body; if something doesn’t give soon, I’ll be awful tempted.

“So, we have to share a room do we?” I say to Mitch, thinking about our company’s new cost cutting measures.

“Yeah, I know, it sucks,” says Mitch. “If I understand the rules correctly, if two employees of the same sex are traveling to the same meeting, and their stay is less than three nights, they need to share a hotel room. We’re only staying two nights, so…”

“We should have made an excuse to stay another night then.”

“It won’t be too a bad, Rick, at least we’re friends. Can you imaging sharing a room with Bob?”

“Thanks, Mitch, that’s an image I can’t un-see now. That stinky bastard would probably fart all night.”

I stare out the plane’s window and start dreaming of pussy. It has been a week and three days since Eva and I have done it. The stewardess working her way up the isle is not bad looking and she’s now in my day dream. She’s naked and I’m…

“Rick. Rick. Wake up. We’re landing,” I hear Mitch barking into my ear as he jostles my arm.


In the hotel lounge, we’re bellied up to the bar for a few cocktails. The meeting with our clients went well today. So well, we don’t need to meet again tomorrow. Instead of changing our flights, Mitch and I will spend the day tomorrow sight seeing, on the company’s dime.

Already a couple of drinks long, I feel brave and say to Mitch, “So, you mentioned earlier, this morning at the airport, that you enjoy viewing erotic art.”

“Yeah, sometimes I do. Why?”

“What type?” I ask.

“What type? What do mean what type?

“Well, the genre has various categories, depending on the period and local.”

“I’m not that much into it, Rick. I just like what I like when I see it. I like anything erotic, or salacious. I’m more of a porn guy, but I’m also into high art, so erotic art works for me too.”

“Well, I have a secret to tell you.”

“A secret?” Mitch said, as he looked at me askew.

“Yes, not many people know this, not even Eva. So I’ll need you to be discreet. OK?

I bursa escort have a little side business going on, I deal in a shunga art.”

“Shunga?” Mitch questioned.

“Shunga is Japanese erotic art. The art I deal in is mostly Japanese, but I own and have sold some western modernist versions of the form as well.”

“You’re an art dealer! I thought you worked with me, at the office,” Mitch blurts, in a doubtful tone and then takes another swig of his drink.

“This is something I do on the side, it’s a hobby.”

“Just how does one deal in erotic art as a hobby? And, why doesn’t Eva know about it?”

“I bought a few pieces on an impulse buy while on a business trip. They were expensive, and very sexually explicit. Eva is more conservative than I wish her to be, and when it came time to show her my new purchases, I froze. I held the paintings aside for a while. Finally, I showed her some images of the art on the internet. I told her I was interested in possibly obtaining a few pieces like those.”

“How did that work out?”

“It didn’t. She called me a pervert. So, I decided I’d sell them and never tell her I had already bought some. I sold most of them, and for nearly twice what I paid for them. When I realized I could make money with this stuff, I purchased some more, and sold those. Over the past five years, I’ve slowly developed a small network of buyers and sellers. My goal is to one day quit the company and open my own gallery.”

“Well, you son-of-a-bitch…I’m floored! You bastard! I’ve known you for how long now, and you’ve never even…”

“I told you, Mitch, Eva doesn’t even know.”

“I find it hard to believe that Eva is that much of a prude that you’d have to keep your erotic art collection a secret from her.”

“Look, I’m not proud of that, Mitch. She can be really judgmental, and she uses sex as both a reward and punishment. By that time, she had already started measuring out my access to her pussy.

Christ, Mitch, when we first got married, we were doing it every night. Then soon after, we settled in at three to four times a week, which was a nice pace. But, by the time I purchased my first erotic art piece, she was making excuses, and I was lucky to get it once a week. I didn’t want to piss her off, and lose my once a week access to her pussy. Look, Mitch, I often think I’ve made a mistake keeping my art dealings from her, but once I started, the secret just grew and grew.”

“Just how graphic were those images you showed her?”

“Usual shunga. Lot’s of sex acts, with enlarged genitalia, threesomes, some lesbian and homo scenes.”

“I’ve seen some of that stuff, just the other night in fact. So, let me ask you, Rick, Mr. Secret-Art-Dealer-Genius, just how are you going to quit your job and open a gallery if your wife doesn’t know about your secret collection, and all of your secret dealings?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet, Mitch.”

“And, just where to you keep your secret art stuff?”

“Mostly at the office.”

“At the office!”

“Don’t make me wish I didn’t tell you, Mitch.”

“Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Let me ask you, Mitch, now that I’ve divulged some personal information about my sex life, how about you giving me some personal info between you and Liz? How often do you and Liz do it?”

“Liz? Oh, she’s insatiable.”

“You bastard. You lucky bastard.”



It’s mid-day here at the office, and I can’t concentrate. My mind drifts to Eva, and tonight. It has been a while since we had an overnight, and now we’ll have two glorious nights. I knew the moment I met her that I would someday fuck her. It took a few years, but I finally got her.

Mitch and I have always had a great sex life, but I had had a few female lovers before Mitch, but that was a long time ago. My best friend Kathy, and then my college roommate Suzanne. But, with each passing year since my college years, I grew hungrier and hungrier for pussy. Mitch and I had talked about a threesome many a time, in passing during the heat of the moment, but I never knew if he meant a threesome with another guy or girl–I never had the nerve to ask. I should have pushed him for it, but something held me back. I guess I was scared that he was only joking around.

I often think about how Eva and I should proceed with this indiscretion. Continue in secret, but for how long? Tell Mitch and Rick, and then what? Have them join us in one big happy foursome? Or would there be hurt feelings, yelling and, other bad things; I don’t want to lose Mitch.

I stop by the wine store on my way to Eva’s to pick up some Prosecco. It’s a hot summer evening and I’m dressed in a sheer, almost see through, blouse with the sheerest of bras. I’m without panties under my miniskirt. My mind is so abuzz about this evening, I forget how I’m dressed as I reach the counter to pay for the wine. The male clerk, barely old enough to work at a liquor store, maybe twenty one in my estimation, does a double take as he stares wide eyed at my thinly veiled breasts. The air conditioning has added to the show. I give him a knowing smile that says–‘look all you want sonny, these are going to someone else’s waiting mouth.’ I sashay out of the store for exaggerated effect.

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