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The next day James was showered and ready to go early like he planned. He wanted to make sure he made his new employer Anna happy so she would keep him around.

She was the woman of his dreams with massive boobs, beauty, and an amazon body like nothing he had ever seen before. On top of everything she was super cool to hang out with and smart.

He made his way from the servant quarters to the main house and let himself in using the key Anna gave him.

All was quiet as he walked in and made his way to the kitchen. There were 2 glasses and an empty bottle of wine from the night before. He took care of everything so the kitchen was nice and clean.

As he was finishing up, Anna came trudging in looking half asleep. She went straight to the coffee machine and made herself a cup of coffee immediately.

James was amazed he was able to keep his composure considering what she was wearing. As the coffee machine sprang to life she turned around to address him.

“Morning. You look like you are ready to go” She said sweetly.

“Hey, just want to be ready on my first day.” James said eagerly.

She smiled and turned her attention back to her coffee giving James a chance to take in the amazing site before him.

She was wearing extremely short cotton shorts that barely covered her big round butt. She had the most amazing hourglass shape. He could see her boobs pushing out on the sides from behind and her waist curved in till it reached its smallest point and immediately curved back out to her wide hips.

Her long legs were thick and toned. She definitely looked like she was carrying fat around her butt and hips, but her skin was smooth and firm.

She was wearing a t-shirt that looked like it was ready to tear apart from being stretched so much. What shirt could contain her James thought to himself. He couldn’t believe how big her nipples looked as they pushed through the thin material.

Her boobs weren’t as high and out as the day before and hung down lower. The t-shirt didn’t cover them completely and he could see a little bit of underboob. James thought she must have some amazing bras to be able to hold them up like yesterday.

The most remarkable thing was how flat and defined her fully exposed tummy looked. She looked very toned and had a nice six-pack.

With coffee in hand she took a couple sips and seemed to perk up a little.

“Ahhhh.” She said as she closed her eyes and visibly relaxed a little.

“The first thing you need to learn about me is that I don’t function until I have my first cup of coffee.” Anna said

“Noted. Can I get you anything for breakfast?” James asked.

“Sure, I usually just have fruit and yogurt or an english muffin.”

James got to work making breakfast while she had her coffee and was writing on a little notepad at the kitchen table.

James finished and slid the plate next to her as she worked.

“Thanks, can you get me the butter from the fridge?” She asked.

James got the butter and a knife and slid it next to her. She stopped writing and attended to her breakfast. She motioned for James to have a seat.

“I have a little list here for things to do today.” She said as she slid the notepad over to James.

He looked it over. It seemed pretty straight forward as he started to think about how to plan his day. If he planned it right he would be done with this before lunch.

“If you have any questions you can ask or call. I usually get my workout done first thing and then I will be in my office for most of the day.” She said.

“Okay, sounds good.” James replied.

He looked the list over carefully trying to see if he had any questions.

“Where is the dry cleaners?” He asked.

“It’s a small shop right downtown called John’s Cleaner.” She replied.

“It looks pretty straight forward, I will get to work on it.” He said.

“Thanks sweetie.” She said casually.

That didn’t take long, James thought to himself. She was already using pet names. Somehow it just sounded right when she said it. He never thought he could get away with calling her something like that.

He decided to get the errands done and out of the way which only included picking up her dry cleaning and some groceries.

James found the shop easily like Anna told him and had no problems picking up her clothing. The shop owner seemed disappointed that Anna might not be picking up her own clothes anymore. It sounded like she created quit the buzz when she was downtown.

There were 2 bundles of clothing that he picked up from the cleaner. One was standard with about 8 articles wrapped in plastic and hanging from wire hangers. The second bundle was very bulky and was inside a cardboard box with the hangers sticking out of the top.

The bundle wasn’t heavy but it was bulky as he awkwardly carried them to his car and deposited them inside.

After picking up the groceries and some essentials for himself he was back in his new house putting away his stuff before running the items up to Anna’s house.

The dry cleaning was sitting on escort ataşehir the island as he put away items in his kitchen. James kept glancing at the bulky box wondering what was inside.

He finished up and examined the box a little closer, shaking it like it was a present under the Christmas Tree.

Finally curiosity got the better of him and he carefully popped the tabs free at the top of the box so he could peer inside.

He still couldn’t make out what he was looking at through the clear plastic that it was wrapped in. It was easy enough now to lift the contents out of the box so he thought why not just go all the way.

As he lifted the garments out of the box he could see now why it was packaged the way it was. They looked like corsets of some sort but bigger. As he held one up he could see the shape of Anna’s bosom forming the top. It was rigid like it was made of plastic with silky fabric wrapped around it.

Seeing the large platform where Anna’s breasts must rest blew his mind. It must wrap around her waist like a corset and her massive boobs rest on the ledge giving them support. It looked like an ingenious design, something he had never seen before.

This also may explain how her breasts look so high and round yesterday and when he saw her this morning they were much lower.

He carefully wrapped everything back up and placed them back in the box the way he found them. Seeing the under garment with the massive void where Anna’s breasts should be gave James another massive erection.

He was finding it harder and harder to keep his lust under control. His penis was starting to ache from the number of erections she was constantly giving him.

He took a couple of deep breaths, gathered up the stuff and made his way to the main house.

As he walked into the house James announced his presence to see if Anna was around. All was silent, so he put the dry cleaning down and made his way to the kitchen to put away the groceries.

There was a small mess by the sink from breakfast, but right now he had to put away groceries, so he got busy with that.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside as he looked out the window. He looked over to the pool area and was shocked to see Anna fully naked on one of the lounge chairs soaking in the rays.

She was laying on her back with her massive boobs sticking up in the air looking big and round. Even laying down couldn’t make her breasts look any smaller as they seemed to defy gravity.

Anna looked amazing as she lay motionless on the chair with her incredible body on full display. James stood frozen, unable to take his eyes off her. She was like nothing he had ever seen.

Even from here he could see her big nipples sticking straight up in the air with a perfect sized areola. James never liked it when the areola was too big, but Anna’s boobs are so big that her 2 inch looking diameter seemed small.

Her whole body was shiny from the sunscreen and she must shave all over because her vagina looked completely hairless and smooth.

James tore his eyes away so he could focus on his duties, but he couldn’t stop himself from looking out the window periodically to take in her beautiful form.

He finished putting away the groceries and stood up to look out the window and just like that she was gone. He almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the patio door open and the still naked Anna was walking into the kitchen.

“Oh perfect, hey James, I need your help.” She said as she closed in on him.

All James could do was stare at her massive boobs as she walked up to him. He knew he shouldn’t stare, that he should be looking up into her eyes, but he couldn’t stop looking at her tits.

The sheer size was incredible. Each one looked like it was the size of a basketball as they stood out big and round. Given their size they still looked firm as they hadn’t yet succumbed to gravity.

Her cleavage was amazing and looked like you could easily hide a cell phone in it. With no support at all her breasts were pressing hard against each other and still had plenty of boob that pushed well out past her waist.

“James! James!” She said loudly trying to get his attention.

“…aw…aww…” He managed to say as he looked up at her.

“Okay, the next thing you need to know is there is no modesty in this house. You are going to need to get used to seeing me naked.” She informed him.

He was trying with every fiber of his being to maintain eye contact, but he kept glancing at her boobs that were basically eye level with him.

“It’s okay. Get a good look, I know they are spectacular. Most guys would have fainted by now.” She said as she reached her hands up and rubbed his arms in a consoling manner.

When she brought her arms up, it caused her massive breasts to heave up as they were squeezed together.

She could see his massive erection pushing on his pants and smiled to herself. She loved the effect she was having on him.

James came out of his trance and realized he had to calm down and not act so weird.

“I’m kadıköy escort sorry, I just didn’t expect…you surprised me.” He said trying to collect himself.

“It’s fine, I get it. So I was hoping you could spread my sunscreen lotion on my back for me.” She said as she handed the bottle over to James.

“Me, seriously?” He stammered.

“Yeah. Please, it’s too hard for me to rub it in.” She said not waiting for him to protest anymore. She turned around so her back was facing him and pulled her ponytail to the front.

He could still see plenty of her round orbs from behind as her boobs curved out on the sides. Now he also had a view of her amazing ass as she backed up toward him.

James squirted a generous amount into his hands and nervously rubbed it into the middle of her back.

“Ummmm, that feels good.” She said in a sexy low voice.

This gave James a little more courage as he got into it more and started working the sunscreen in like he was giving her a massage.

He could hear another moan of pleasure coming from Anna as he worked her shoulders. He realized now that maybe he was too generous with the sunscreen and he put on way too much.

“Um, Anna, I may have put too much sunscreen on your back.” James said timidly.

“That’s okay, just spread it out more. I’ve got plenty of surface area on my butt.” She giggled.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. James didn’t need to be told more than once and eagerly started to massage the sunscreen down the small of her back and around her tiny waist.

He kept working the sunscreen down until he was rubbing it into her big round butt. Her ass was incredible as he felt all over massaging it.

“Your hands are so big and strong.” She said again in a low sexy voice. “I’m going to need to add massage’s to your to-do list.”

He kneaded her butt with his hands like he was making bread as she continued to moan with pleasure. Her butt was so firm and smooth as his hands glided all over feeling every inch.

“God that feels so good. Do you think you have it all rubbed in?” She asked.

“Uhhh…yeah.” James managed to say having been lost in the moment.

She spun around so she was facing him again and leaned down to kiss James on the cheek.

“Thanks stud, I’m going to finish getting my sun. Can you make sure you are back here in an hour after I am finished?” She asked.

“Sure.” He responded still in a daze.

“Okay see you then.” She said and turned to head back outside to the pool.

James stood there dumbfounded by the whole interaction and watched her out the window as she laid down on her tummy to tan some more.

As always with her, he had another raging erection that was all too obvious as it pushed against his pants begging to be released.

He decided he was going to stop worrying about hiding his erection around her. It was all too obvious and he was starting to get the idea that she enjoyed driving him crazy.

James was thinking that two can play at this game. She said modesty doesn’t exist in this house. He wasn’t ready to walk around naked, but he was definitely going to start showing more skin.

He cleaned up the kitchen so it was ready for Anna when she came in for lunch and headed back to his house so he could eat.

He made himself a quick protein rich meal and changed into a more comfortable outfit. He opted for tight fitting bodybuilding shorts that were basically no bigger than boxer briefs. His package made a nice big bulge and left little to the imagination.

For his top he took one of his smallest muscle shirts and tucked it in so it didn’t cover up his bulge and butt. The shirt left most of his entire upper body exposed except for the two small pieces of fabric that went over his shoulders to hold it on.

He had about 20 minutes before she wanted him back at the house so he spent the time doing pushups and pull up. He did 100 pushups and 100 pull ups giving himself a nice upper body pump.

He flexed in the mirror admiring his big bicep peak, then flexed his chest which had chiseled definition all along the surface. Pleased with himself he made his way over to her house.

“Hey Anna, I am back.” James announced as he walked in the front door.

“In the kitchen.” Came the response from Anna.

He came into the kitchen to find her sitting at the table eating a healthy lunch. She was wrapped in a sheer white satin robe. It was tied in the middle but the v opening came all the way down the length of her breast, only covering about half of them.

Her legs were crossed with the robe opening up revealing her left leg all the way up to her hip. With the light streaming in he could see the outline of her breasts and nipples through the translucent material.

She looked up from her meal and flashed him a beautiful smile

“Hey, so how did the errands go this morning?” She asked.

“Great, I think I have everything taken care of. The dry cleaning is sitting in the entry and I put away all the groceries. I left the receipt there on the table.” maltepe escort bayan He said.

“Okay. I looked the receipt over, it looks like you got everything.” She said.

He nodded, unsure what to do next he leaned against the counter and waited for her to finish her lunch.

She was basically done as she got up and brought her dishes over to the sink. He hurried over to take care of it for her.

“You are doing a great job so far.” She commented.

“Thanks.” He said as he rinsed the plates and put them in the dishwasher.

“Hey about earlier, I am sorry I surprised you, I forget myself sometimes. I was serious though, you will need to get used to seeing me naked, I am kind of a free bird that way.”

“Okay, but I don’t know that I will ever get used to it. On a scale of 1 to 10 you are like an 11.” He said fondly.

“Ahh, thanks. You are sweet. Can you get the dry cleaning and meet me in my bedroom?” She asked.

“Sure.” He said as he went to go get the clothes.

He walked into the bedroom to find her in her massive walk-in closet. It was a large room the size of most peoples bedroom with fancy built-in cabinets along the walls.

There was an island in the middle and a bench seat along the window. One of the walls was devoted entirely to shoes with little cubbies holding each pair.

She was laying out her outfit for the day on the island as he walked in.

“From now on you can just bring the dry cleaning directly in here. There will always be a spot here for you to hang everything up.” She said as she pointed to a rod that was mostly empty.

Hanging on the rod were more of the corsets like the ones that were in the box he was holding.

“You can just hang the clothes like they are, but you will need to take the corsets out of the box to hang them.” She said pointing to the box.

She took the box out of his hands and started unpacking the contents. James hung the clothes that he had like she instructed him. He watched with interest as she pulled out the custom corsets and inspected them.

“They look good, so what do you think of my invention?” She asked.

“Your invention?” He responded back with confusion.

“Yeah, like many big breasted women I really struggled with getting a bra to fit comfortably and not tear into my shoulders. When my bra grew to a cup size of “Q” I figured I could think of something better.” She said proudly.

“Really.” James responded trying not to let the shock of her cup size show too much in his facial expression.

“Yup, I got a guy who does special effects in movies to make me a mold of my body. I still have the original over here, I use it as a mannequin.” She pointed to the busty mannequin in the corner.

“From that we were able to make a plastic part that matched my body perfectly. I got my tailor to sew it into these corsets and bingo. Most of the weight of my boobs sits on the padded part and then the weight is distributed to my torso.” She showed him by holding the corset up for him to see.

“Wow that’s incredible.” He said with admiration.

“You wouldn’t believe how much this helps, I usually wear it most of the day. Believe it or not these babies weigh 15 pounds each.” She declared as she took one of her boobs and hoisted it up for emphasis.

“Wow.” Was all James was able to say as he marvelled at the size of her breasts. She talked so openly about her boobs and body it made James extremely horny.

“Speaking of modesty, you might want to prepare yourself.” She declared.

“For what???” James started to ask as the answer was immediately answered for him. Anna undid the knot on her robe and let it drop to the floor giving James another amazing show for the day.

“I need you to do me a favor. I am having a special dress made for an event coming up and my tailor needs updated measurements.” She explained.

Then she opened up a drawer and fished out a small soft measuring tape like what a seamstress would use.

“Seriously.” James said, a little surprised.

“Yeah, my boobs still haven’t stopped growing, and I think I was able to lose a little weight since he last measured me. Here, it’s no big deal, you will be done in no time.” She said as she pushed the measuring tape into his hand.

“Where do I start?” James stammered a little.

“It’s easy, first I will need you to measure my bust.” As she said that she raised her arms up so he could wrap the tape around her back. “Go ahead, wrap it around my back.” She prompted.

James got closer, still unsure. Anna was so tall that her breasts were almost eye level as he took in her massive size. Just one of them seemed like it was the size of a watermelon.

“Come on, don’t be shy.” She said as she took one of his arms and wrapped it around her pulling him even closer where his body was only an inch from her boobs.

He took the cue and wrapped his other arm around her back to grab the measuring tape to bring it around. He tried carefully to reach around without touching her but found the sheer size of her boobs made that impossible.

She was looking down at him the whole time with an amused smile. Without warning she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in tight. Her boobs mashed against his chest and rose up under his chin. They felt soft and plush as she held him there in a tight embrace.

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