Plotting a Course Ch. 07

Big Tits

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Chapter 7: Winter

The mood around campus had changed as finals approached. I could tell Rob was stressed the last time I talked to him. Rob’s school had made it to the FCS playoffs. With football, training, and his classes he felt like he didn’t have enough time to study. I tried to help ease his stress when I spoke to him, but I don’t think I helped much. Our conversations were becoming briefer than I would have liked, but I shrugged it off and turned my attention to finals.

My roommate, Billy, was much calmer than Rob. Our team didn’t make the playoffs so the football season was over for him. Grumpiness was creeping in on the normally friendly campus. You couldn’t drop a pencil in the library without getting a handful of ‘shushes.’ Before each final I acted like a sponge, trying to absorb as much information as possible. When I exited the classroom and completed a final all of the previous classes’ information left my brain and was replaced with information for my next test.

Wednesday after my Health final I started gathering all of my notes for my Career and Life Planning final that was tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Billy was still taking a final and I decided to see how Rob was doing before I settled into my notes. Rob must have been busy, because he didn’t answer. I plopped on my bed with my notes and my book and started studying.

When Billy walked in about thirty minutes later I chatted with him for a few minutes. I noticed that I had a text message and was eager to hear back from Rob. The message wasn’t from Rob it was from Matt. ‘I’m gonna be at the library at 9:00 AM to study for the final. You in?’ I thought about it for a second before agreeing. Another set of notes couldn’t hurt. The omnipresent laughter, music, and general chatter was gone. Our suite was eerily quiet as everyone was focused on their studies.

Billy said he wasn’t hungry, so I grabbed a bite to eat with my suitemate Dave. After studying a couple more hours I gave up. I had done enough for the day, and hopefully I would fill in the gaps tomorrow morning at the library.

The library was packed when I walked in. Thankfully Matt had found a small table in one of the corners where we could quietly study and exchange notes. At around 12:30 Matt gave up.

“I think we’ve covered everything. Let’s go grab something to eat.” Matt suggested. We had gone over the notes several times and there really wasn’t anything else to go over. My stomach rumbled in response and I agreed.

We had some time to kill so we enjoyed a lazy lunch. I was finishing the last bite of my hamburger when the conversation took a more personal turn.

“We’re friends rights?” Matt asked.

“Yeah.” I answered, unsure where he was steering the conversation.

“So is it cool if we talk about shit?” Matt continued.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?” I rebuffed.

Matt laughed before speaking. “Yeah we are. I’ve never had a real relationship, or a gay friend to talk to. So do you mind if we talk about that kind of stuff?”

“Oh, yeah I guess that’s okay.” I shrugged.

“How many guys have you been with?” Matt asked.

“Just Rob.” I answered, smiling as I thought about Rob.

“Oh wow, I’ve been with seven.” Matt shared.

“Do you worry you’re missing out, just being with him?” I resented the question as it left his lips.

“Not one bit, Rob is everything I’ve ever wanted.”

“Are you a top or bottom?” He asked the question like he was asking about the weather.

“A little personal don’t you think?” I tensed in response.

“Yeah, but it’d be nice to talk about it. I’m versatile.” He was way too calm to be having this conversation, in a dining hall of all places.

“I don’t think we’re good enough friends to talk like this.”

“Oh come on, lighten up.” Matt laughed trying to make light of the conversation.

“I guess I’m a bottom, but I’ve topped before.” My cheeks flushed with heat and Matt laughed and grinned at me.

“See, it’s not so bad to talk about.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” I mumbled under my breath.

“You ever been to a glory hole?” Matt’s line of questioning was making me uncomfortable.

“No.” I kept my answer short.

“There’s a rush from having a stranger suck your dick through a small wooden barrier.” No wonder Matt hadn’t had a relationship.

“If you say so.”

“You ever used a butt plug?” Heat crept back up my neck and cheeks and I heard Matt chuckle.

“Good right?” Matt teased.

“They have their moments.” I admitted.

“Do you have anything you wanna ask me?” Matt questioned.

“Why haven’t gaziantep escort you been in a relationship?” Matt was a good looking guy, it was hard to believe he had never been serious with anyone.

“Well in high school everyone was in the closest, so no one wanted to talk about a relationship.” He started and his smile faded as he spoke. “In college everyone just wants to hook up. Kinda like I tried to get you to do.” I nodded in understanding, starting to understand why Matt was the way he was.

“Do you want a relationship?” I continued my line of questioning.

“Yes.” Matt’s bravado was chipping away. “More than anything.” He admitted with a solemn expression.

“Where are you from?” I asked trying to lighten the somber mood that had settled around Matt.

“Williamsburg. You?”

“Last year my family moved to the Eastern Shore, before that northern Virginia.”

“Rob goes to school in Williamsburg.” I added, noticing the connection.

“No shit? I applied to the college, didn’t get in.”

“Same here.” I admitted to Matt.

“So that’s why you didn’t head off to school together?” Matt asked, starting to figure out why Rob and I were apart.

“Yeah, we wanted to. I’m going to try to transfer there next year so we can be together.”

“You’re fucking with me?” Matt exclaimed. “Me too, that’s why I need to keep my grades up.”

“Small world.” I said, noticing the similarities in our situations.

“So this Rob guy, is he hung?” A mischievous grin spread across Matt’s face as he tried to suppress a laugh.

I laughed in shock at the question as I smacked his arm. “That’s inappropriate.”

“Oh come on, we’re friends.” Matt said grinning. “I’m seven inches, is he bigger or smaller.”

“Bigger.” I whispered the words but couldn’t stop the smile from forming on my face.

“Dammit.” Matt laughed; I was hoping I could have something over your Rob.

“Tough break.” I had started to feel at ease with this once awkward lunch.

“Alright last question.” Matt’s expression got serious and I braced myself for whatever he was about to throw at me. “Do you spit or swallow?”

“Alright, time to leave.” Matt erupted with laughter as he grabbed our trays and took them to the drop off. “You’re too easy to wind up, you know that don’t you Bobby.”

“Whatever.” I mumbled as he laughed and we headed off to take our final. I’ll give it to Matt, I was relaxed when I took the test and I think I did well on my penultimate final of the semester. I handed my completed final to the professor and headed back to my dorm. I was halfway across the quad when I heard a panting Matt behind me.

“Hey Bobby, hold up.” I stopped and waited for Matt to catch up. “What’d you think of that?”

“Not too bad, could’ve been worse.”

“Yeah, it was shorter than I thought too.” Matt looked at his feet a couple of seconds before he looked back at me. “So would it be cool if we keep chatting? I know we’re not in class together anymore. I think we can be good friends. I promise I won’t hit on you anymore. Maybe you can help me find a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, that’s alright. You’re a pretty good guy when you’re not trying to make out with me.” That response got a laugh out of Matt.

“Thanks asshole.” He added which caused me to laugh. “I have a little Christmas present for you. I think you and Rob will enjoy them.” I watched as Matt unzipped his backpack and handed me a thin clear plastic package. It held two black rings, they kind of looked like large gaskets. I know that I had turned bright red when I read the packaging. ‘Neversoft Cock Rings.’ Matt erupted with laughter as I tried to conceal the present. “I’ll call you to chat some time. Have a good break Bobby.” I could still hear Matt chuckling as he walked away.

“You too.” I called after him before quickly hiding the rings in my backpack.


Friday after my last final, I knew that Rob wouldn’t be surprising me when Billy’s mom picked us up for winter break. Rob’s football team would be hosting a first round playoff game on Saturday and he was required to stay on campus. Billy and I chit-chatted with his mom all the way home.

“Thanks Mrs. Knowles.” I said when I grabbed my bags and headed into my house. It was nice catching up with my family over dinner, but I couldn’t wait to see Rob. My bed felt empty, but I slept well. Katie, Becky and I headed to Williamsburg on Saturday to cheer on Rob. Rob had been playing a lot more since his first action in October. In addition to special teams he played some defense, spelling some of the inside linebackers. It was a rough game, and the number one school in the nation beat Rob’s team by three touchdowns. Rob still played great, he even blocked another punt.

It took a few minutes, but Rob was one of the first players out of the locker room. I saw a lot of somber players and coaches, but Rob flashed me his charming smile when he saw me.

“Sorry about the game Robbie. You played great hatay escort though.” I told him while he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Katie and Becky flanked us as we headed to my Jeep.

“What can you do?” I felt Rob shrug on my shoulder. I could tell Rob was upset that his season was over, but he was taking it in stride. We stopped and had a pleasant dinner before we headed home across the Chesapeake Bay. After dropping Katie and Becky off, Rob and I headed home. While Rob was catching up with my family I noticed that I had a message from Matt. ‘Tell your boyfriend I’m sorry his team lost.’ Rob nodded to me and I followed him up to our room.

“Matt wanted me to tell you sorry about the game.” I shared Matt’s message with Rob.

“You’re still talking to him?” Rob sounded perturbed as he plopped on the bed.

“Oh relax, we’re just friends.” I reassured him. “Oh, you won’t believe this.”

“Believe what babe?” Rob asked as I was shuffling through one of my bags.

“He got us an ‘I’m sorry I tried to make out with you’ present.”

“What?” Rob leaned up on his shoulders trying to figure out what I was talking about. I tossed the clear plastic package to Rob and his eyebrows rose as he studied the cock rings.

“These could be fun.” Rob said wiggling his eyebrows at me. Rob’s phone started ringing and he pulled it out of his sweats, looking at the screen he mouthed ‘Clint’ before answering it.

“Hey Bubba.” Rob answered and I couldn’t help but grin at the nickname. “Yeah it sucked, but they were damned good.” I decided that now would be a good time to unpack some things as I listened to half of Rob’s conversation. “Yeah we should do something.” I grabbed the bag that had my dirty laundry in it and started stuffing it into the hamper. “Oh yeah that would be cool. Let me know, and I’ll let you know.” I stuffed my now empty bag in the closest. “Yeah, I’ll talk to Bobby and see what he wants to do. Alright Clint, I’ll catch ya later man.” Rob hung up the phone and looked at me.

“Clint is trying to get a group of people together for New Year’s Eve, maybe rent a ski house for the night in the mountains.

“Oh, that could be fun.” I grinned thinking back to the last time Rob and I spent the night in the mountains. “Remember last time?” I asked as Rob stood up and wrapped me in a hug.

“That would be hard to forget babe.” He squeezed me tighter and kissed my cheek. “Let’s try out our new toys.” Rob was grinning as he turned around and picked the package of cock rings off of the bed. I watched as he opened the package and handed me one of the black rubberized rings.

“Close the door.” I told Rob and when I heard the lock click I let my pants fall to the floor. Rob was examining the other ring in his hand.

“I think it’s silicone.” He said as he dropped to his knees in front of me. “I think you need to be hard first.” I heard before the warmth of his mouth engulfed my quickly hardening cock.

“Oh shit Rob.” I whispered as I braced myself on his head. He pulled off and looked at me, his eyes full of mischief before I felt him rolling the ring onto the shaft of my cock. He rolled it down to the base.

“How does it feel?” He grinned watching my expression.

“Tight.” I answered. I heard a slight chuckle before his luscious lips slipped tightly around my engorged dick. Rob knew exactly which buttons to push to drive me crazy. His tongue was lightly tickling the underside of my cock, teasing my sensitive shaft. I felt his lips suck around the cock ring before I felt one of his fingers pressing against my puckered heat. He was lightly teasing my hole while he gave me an expert blowjob. The cock ring did its’ job, trapping blood in my engorged shaft. I had never had a problem keeping an erection around Rob. All I had to do was look at Rob, or get a hint of his scent and I was hard. This new gadget just intensified the pleasure. The constant pressure at the base of my dick was intense while Rob skillfully maneuvered his tongue and mouth around my dick. I was aching with need, delirious, filled with desire as Rob attempted to milk my balls.

“Robbie I’m close.” I heard Rob mumble around my erection, which sent delicious vibrations through my body. I thrust my hips further, feeling my dick hit the back of Rob’s throat as the floodgates in my balls broke, sending ropes of my essence into the furnace that was Rob’s mouth.

“I forgot how good you taste Bobby.” Rob licked his lips before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. My head hung lazily forward as he carefully slid the cock ring off of my softening organ. Rob pulled my pants up before standing up. I pulled him to me and as he was so prone to do, he left me breathless from a sweltering kiss. I pulled down Rob’s sweats and was happily greeted by Rob’s throbbing bone. I wrapped my lips around Rob’s bulging girth, loving the feel of his throbbing hardness between my lips. I slowly worked up and down his rigid shaft, leaving a trail of saliva as I pulled off.

“Don’t hatay escort stop babe.” Rob urged, but was silenced when I started sliding the ring down his stiff bone. Rob’s girth slowed the descent and I had to add more spit for lubricant to work it down to the base of his erection.

“Damn Bobby.” Rob moaned as he placed his hands on the back of my head, guiding me back on his engorged organ. I was drooling and leaking saliva as I worked more of Rob inside my mouth. I felt the tip of his head hit the back of my throat and swallowed deeply, allowing the rest of his hardness to seek refuge in my mouth. My lips were wrapped around the ring and Rob was moaning from the pleasure. I slowly worked my way back, just leaving his heart shaped head between my lips. I teased my tongue around his head as he urged me on with the whimpers and moans that were tumbling out of his mouth.

I let the fingers of my right hand ghost under Rob’s shirt, feeling the hairs under my finger as I rubbed the defined muscles on his abdomen. I could tell that he was stronger due to his training for collegiate football. I increased my suction as I continued working Rob towards orgasm. I found one of Rob’s nipples with my hand and pinched it. Rob grunted when he hit his tipping point. The first volley of Rob’s thick seed blasted into my mouth and I greedily gobbled it up, swallowing as more of Rob’s essence flooded my mouth. I gently suckled on Rob’s cock, only releasing him when I was satisfied that I had squeezed every drop from it. Using my fingers I slowly slid the ring over his softening dick.

“Damn you’re good at that.” Rob groaned as he pulled me to my feet. I grinned in response and was rewarded with a loving kiss.

“I guess that Matt kid isn’t so bad.” I broke out into laugher at Rob’s comment before he pulled me onto the bed with him.


I felt Rob’s weight on top of me and opened my eyes to see his handsome face. “Merry Christmas babe.” Rob said before peppering kisses all over my face.

“Merry Christmas Rob.” I yawned and smiled as he rolled off of me.

“I wanted to give you something before we head downstairs.” Rob reached under the bed and pulled out manila envelope. I sat up wondering what he was up to. “Look at it.” Rob urged putting the folder in my hands. I undid the metal clasp and pulled out the stack of papers. I glanced at Rob who was just watching me as I looked through the papers in my hand. It was his grades from his first semester, a page that was titled ‘transfer request,’ and a couple of other pages that he had signed that I didn’t quite understand.

“What’s this Robbie?”

“I wanna transfer to be with you.” I had always planned on transferring to be with Rob, I had never thought about him transferring to be with me.

“Robbie? I can’t let you do that.”

“I want to Bobby. Everybody is so serious; I think I’ll like a change of scenery.” Rob smiled before he pulled me onto my feet and into a hug.

“I don’t know what to say.” I rested my head on his shoulder while he just held me tightly. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure babe.” Rob answered. “I have to submit them by January, and I don’t know if coach will want me on the team, but either way I want to be with you.”

“Oh they’ll want you. Especially after they saw you play and block that punt against us.” I smiled, touched that Rob had decided this. “Rob, I’d be happy transferring to be with you. Are you sure this is something you want to do?”

“Not a doubt in my mind.” Rob placed a quick kiss on my lips before we headed downstairs to exchange gifts with the rest of the family.

“There you two are.” My mom said as we headed down the stairs. “Merry Christmas.” She kissed each of us on the cheek. “Rob your mom dropped this off a minute ago, she brought cookies too, and they’re delicious. Rob headed into the kitchen and found the tin of cookies. Opening it he grinned.

“Snickerdoodles, my favorite. ” Rob grinned and popped a cookie into his mouth with a satisfied sound. “Come try one Bobby.” Rob said handing me a cookie. It really was good and I nodded at him in agreement. Rob opened the card and looked at me with a small smile. He handed it to me so I could see it. It was a Christmas card that his mom had written a sweet note on, wishing the two of us a Merry Christmas. The significant part was that his dad had signed the card. He didn’t write a note, but it was his dad’s first attempt at reaching out to Rob. I smiled and gave him a quick hug before we sat down to breakfast.


My Jeep was the only four wheel drive vehicle that could haul the four of us to the mountains. Rob helped me put the hard top on my Jeep before we went to pick up Katie and Billy. Clint had a friend whose parents had a time share that they were letting him use for the weekend. We were just going up for the night. Rob asked Clint if we could invite a couple friends and Clint didn’t mind. Rob told me that I could invite Matt, which I did, but I doubted that he would be there.

We had a nice drive in the mountains. Unlike our last trip to the mountains, it wasn’t snowing. Rob handed me his phone so I could call Clint and make sure we knew how to get to the cabin.

“Hey roomie.” Clint answered and I laughed at his cheery voice.

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