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I love my husband. We married over 20 years ago and we are still best friends and exclusive lovers. Our life together has been difficult or at least challenging at times, but it has always been a good life. We’ve raised three wonderful children, the youngest of which entered high school this year. My husband works hard and has become a very successful real estate broker. I’ve run the household and worked in the healthcare field. We have always been a very busy family.

Last week my husband left for work without taking his iPad. He never goes anywhere without it so I couldn’t help but notice it sitting on the charger on his nightstand. I looked at it curiously for a minute before giving in to the temptation. I pulled it off the charger and opened the screen.

I’d like to say I was shocked by the site that opened up, but the reality is I was half expecting it.

My husband and I have a love life that has been fine with me for a number of years. We tend to have sex once a week or so and we are not very adventurous anymore. I can’t honestly remember the last time I had an orgasm but I’ve tried to take care of his needs as much as possible. I’ve long suspected that he was masturbating when he went to bed earlier than me, but I’d opted to ignore that possibility because as long as he was happy and not cheating on me it was fine, he was saving me the trouble of entertaining him. I thought I could better use my energy for what I’d come to believe were the more important tasks of running the household.

I began to read the words on his screen. It was a story about a couple similar to my husband and I, but much more sexually adventurous. The couple written about in this story dabbled in kinky escapades that would never have crossed my mind if I hadn’t been reading this. The story talked about butt plugs, dildos and role reversal. My first impulse should have been to be repulsed but instead I found myself overcome with curiosity.

The story was well written with an emphasis on the loving relationship between the subject husband and wife, but the descriptions of the intimacy while performing what I would consider wild sex acts, was captivating. I was soon caught up in the story and was in fact somewhat aroused. I needed to know more about these deviances that my husband was so interested in…

I opened his browsing history and took notes. I’d have some time later in the day to continue investigating. My curiosity was definitely sparked.

When I got home that afternoon I had a few hours to myself so I got comfortable on my bed and opened my laptop to explore some of the sites that my husband had been looking at. Some were filled with pictures of people engaged in various sex acts and positions, some were video sites, some were shopping sites for erotic enhancement toys etc. but the site I settled on – the site my husband visited most regularly – was a sex story site.

My husband’s history on the site showed he was most interested in stories relating to the use of butt plugs and an act called “pegging.” Again, my first instinct should have been disgust, but again it was curiosity instead. I read a short story about a young lady that liked to wear her butt plug while shopping and she was found out by a lover who happened to be shopping too. Cute and kind of hot story but I kept reading. There were also stories about men using butt plugs in themselves to enhance the power of their orgasm when they fucked their wives. My husband was obviously very interested in this because there were at least a dozen different stories revolving around a butt plug stimulating a man’s prostate. I found some of these stories very interesting as well and I couldn’t help but notice the moisture beginning to pool between my legs. By now bahis firmaları I knew that my time would be running short and soon family members would be home. I felt like rubbing out a quick solo orgasm (for the first time in years!) but I was still curious about the stories in the “pegging” category.

I started reading one about a couple named Randy and Peggy and I was soon completely drawn into the plot line. They were a couple similar to my husband and I in that they’d raised their family and Peggy was rediscovering her sexuality. Randy had been handling himself just like my husband. In the story they were obviously still very much in love, they were very kind to each other throughout the story. I liked that. One day Peggy was cleaning and came across a box of Randy’s “toys.” She found butt plugs, vibrating bullets and prostate massagers. Most intriguing of the toys that she found was a giant rubber penis with a large bulb jutting up from the balls and containing a vibrating bullet behind the balls. Peggy said nothing to Randy about her discovery. As the story went on Peggy reached behind Randy’s butt the next time they made love, and wiggled her fingers on the butt plug he was wearing. The cat was out of the bag for them!…But I’d have to read the rest of the story later as my time alone was up and now I must resume my duties as the homemaker. I went downstairs and got busy with dinner.

I spent my free time for the rest of the week perusing the sites on my list and reading more of the story about Randy and Peggy. I was caught up in the descriptions of Peggy’s growing fascination with anally arousing Randy and her exploration of his anal cavity and prostate gland. Prior to now I would have gagged at the thought of anal stimulation but now I’m finding the possibilities very erotic. I even put my middle finger up my own butt when I masturbated (which was fast becoming a habit again…) I found myself looking at butt plugs and wondering which ones my husband might be willing to try. I found a website that specialized in butt plugs and the like…and that’s where I found the feeldoe! It was the big fake penis with the bulb and the vibrating bullet from the story of Randy and Peggy. I had to get one and use it on my husband. I knew he’d love it because by now I’d read enough of his favorite stories to get a pretty good idea of what he was dreaming about.

I ordered a plug and a feeldoe and anxiously awaited their arrival.

That night I confessed to my husband that I’d read his browsing history. I apologized for snooping and also for paying too little attention to his sexual needs. He ended up telling me some of his deepest dark secrets and desires. We made love and I actually came! I didn’t fulfill his dark fantasies that night but it was still the best sex we’d had in years.

The next Friday I made arrangements to have the kids visit their grandparents. I put my husband’s dinner in the oven and headed out on the long drive to drop them off. I left my husband a note explaining where I was and when I’d be back. I also told him to be bathed and ready for a sexy surprise when I got home. “Wash yourself really good!” I wrote.

When I arrived home again later that evening the house was quiet. I assumed my husband was in the bath so I quietly opened my new toys and gathered some lube for my special surprise. I crept upstairs and peeked into the bathroom to see if he was in the bath.

He was not. In fact, he was completely dried off. He was standing in front of the mirror admiring himself. He was naked and beside him on the counter was a small bottle of lube and a plug called a “booty call.” (I looked at that one on line…) He proceeded to lube his fingers and begin stretching his sphincter and finger fucking what he later kaçak iddaa told me is his “man-pussy.”

“Starting without me?” I asked, startling him more than just a little bit.

He did his best to disguise what he was doing but we both knew.

“Give me five minutes and meet me in the bedroom” I said.

I went to the bedroom and took off my clothes. I got out the feeldoe and spread lube all over the bulb and my pussy. I inserted the bulb slowly into my pussy. Gawd it felt good. It was slightly larger and a different shape than my husbands penis and it was so firm. I turned and looked towards the mirror. There I stood with a big purple hard-on of my own! No wonder men like to look at themselves! Gawd I’m hot and my cock is soooo impressive! I rubbed and squeezed my breasts and waved my “cock” around wildly! “Gawd I just wanna FUCK somebody!” I thought to myself! I turned on the little bullet and the party in my pussy really started! I stroked my new cock as I watched myself in the mirror. I was so turned on that I could feel my juices beginning to run down between my thighs…

Regaining my composure I crawled under the covers to wait for my husband. I hid the fact that I now had a cock of my own. It would be a surprise.

He walked into the room with a shy, curious look on his face so I waved him over to the bed and reached out to cup his balls in my hand and pull him close. His balls were hot and his sack was soft. Jutting out from just above my handful of balls was his beautiful hard manhood, just staring me in the eyes. It was rock hard and wagging back and forth as I massaged his ball sack. A small droplet was just beginning to form at the tip as my husband bent down and began to kiss me. He started to pull the covers off but I stopped him once my breasts were exposed. It wasn’t time to show him my cock yet. He continued to kiss my face, ears and neck. He began slowly making his way to my nipples as his hand slipped around my waist and began to caress my lower back and butt cheeks. He bit and suckled my breasts and nipples and I could feel the need for attention build in my pussy. I was so aroused that I thought I might be cumming just a little from the action on my nipples combining with his kneading of my butt muscles. My breathing had become deep and labored, I was beginning to sweat. My pussy tightened around the bulb that was inserted deep inside of me. The vibration from the bullet was giving my clitty all she could take!

I took hold of my husband and pulling him onto the bed I instructed him to lie on his back. I sat up and started kissing him, still covered to my waist by the blankets. I took the same path he had just taken and watched his cock jump, flinging a thread of pre-cum onto his belly, as I began to nibble and suck his nipple. I continued to suckle and watch his cock dance for me. Until this moment I had no idea that guys liked to have their nipples played with. What fun I was having.

Eventually there was such a pool of pre-cum on my husband’s belly and my pussy was raging with heat and flowing with my juices, that I had to adjust my position and move this process forwards. I repositioned myself between my husband’s legs. His eyes were closed and I could tell he was in heaven as I took his throbbing cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked his jizz off the head of his cock and licked and kissed his belly. I was actually feeling hungry for the taste of my husband’s cum.

I gave his cock one more trip down my throat and slowly sucked on his pee-hole as I released it and sat up. I was now positioned between his knees as I grasped his stone-hard cock with my left hand. With my right I found the butt plug that I knew he’d be wearing and began to wiggle it around. Then I started pulling in kaçak bahis out and pushing it in, just a little at first but building…

“You’ve prepared yourself perfectly” I said with a grin.

He opened his eyes and my eyes guided his down until he saw my feeldoe. It was sticking up in a way that nearly mirrored his own real cock. He didn’t even try to hide the thrill he was getting from this sight. His eyes were wide and the grin on his face glowed!

“That’s right, Honey. I’m going to pop your beautiful cherry!” I said as I pulled his plug from his butt.

It made a loud POP! as it came out of him.

Our eyes locked again and I began to move forward. I paused and looked down at my cock. I grasped it in my hands and began to stroke it like a man would do to his own. Each time I stroked the ribbed part wiggled against my clitty, the bulb pushed into my g-spot and the act of jacking myself off in front of my husband was causing me another mini-orgasm. I bit my lip and moaned as pressure released in my pussy. I cried out in pleasure just a little and then I reopened my eyes.

My husband’s eyes were focused on my face now as I applied some lube to my cock. His look of anticipation was intense. I jerked myself again pulling hard on my now slippery penis. I was ready to go in!

I pressed the head of my cock against his awaiting rosebud. Our eyes were locked as I began to rock and apply ever-increasing pressure. I worked my cock in circles while pushing in slightly and pulling back. I began pushing harder as I watched my husband bite his lower lip. Our eyes remained locked as the head of my feeldoe popped past my husband’s sphincter. He gasped. I froze for a moment. His eyes rolled back in his head for a moment and when they returned I resumed my gentle assault on his virgin “man-pussy.” I used the look in his eyes and on his face as a guide. I worked my cock into my man slowly but forcefully. His face relaxed as my thighs met his buttocks. I was in. I was in all the way. I had totally taken my husband’s ass. This was no longer about HIS fantasies or his pleasure, this was MINE now! I began to pull out. I pushed back in before popping out and I began to move just as he’d always moved in me. In and out. Deep. I was actually fucking my husband and he was moaning his approval! I watched my purple cock as I pushed it deep into my husband. I watched as I pulled back and was amazed by how much of this monster my husband could take!

I pulled his knees up and rested his ankles on my shoulders as I continued to pound his pretty ass. I reached down, grasped his cock and began to stroke. I could feel him harden as my own orgasm built once again. This time my orgasm was strong. I was completely lost in the moment. My pussy convulsed as I pounded and stroked my husband. I began to cry out in ecstasy. I screamed as I climaxed. I screamed and I pounded and I stroked. I felt like I could black out at any moment it was so intense! My pussy fluids gushed and streamed down my thighs. My entire body convulsed and shook with pleasure. Oh my gawd…I have never cum like this before!

As I opened my eyes I felt my husband violently release his own orgasm. He shot a huge glob of cum that flew through the air and splashed on his face and into his open mouth. What a thrill to watch!! He shot spurt after spurt on his face, mouth and chest.

As our orgasms faded and this magical moment concluded we melted together in a ball of sweaty flesh on our bed. I laid my head next to his and just smiled as I looked at his cum-splattered face. He began to reach out and lick his cum into his mouth with his tongue.

“Hey! That’s mine!” I said as I leaned in and began to lick the remaining droplets of jizz from his face.

We finished with a deep passionate cummy kiss before drifting off to sleep.

My cock was still in my husband’s ass as we drifted off.

We’ll definitely do this again.

I love my perverted husband!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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